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   人气: 2547    日期: 2020/1/2

The New Zealand Environmental Protection Association launched the "Make the city look cleaner and the air cleaner" to welcome the New Year with great love.

In order to let the citizens have a cleaner city appearance and welcome the New Year, at 10 am on December 30, 2019, members of the New Zealand Environmental Protection Association gathered on time at the library door of Henderson in the West End. Today they are going to pick up garbage, so that citizens have a clean environment during the festival. They decided to use this special way to welcome the New Year.

They split their groups into three sections and carried out garbage collection operations in different areas. Whether it's deep in the jungle or on the side of a flower trough, or on a drainage trail, wherever they go, they quickly become clean and tidy. In addition to the members of the Environmental Protection Association today, there are also several "new members" who are 6 years old Zoey, 5 years old Jayden, and 4 years old Erik. Today they are going to experience for themselves how their parents-in-law and mother-in-law dedicated their love for the cleanliness of the environment.

The children saw that it was very difficult for the parents-in-law and elders to clean up the rubbish in each place, and the children couldn't help saying, "We later found that someone littered, and told them that they cannot littered. It should be placed into the trash. At the same time, the children actively and seriously used their hands and tools to pick up the discarded garbage one by one and put them in the special garbage bag. This scene is very moving.

What a moral and social lesson ... This is not only a lesson of environmental protection, but also a profound education course of dedication and love. I believe that this lesson is more significant, more profound and more impressive than the theoretical education courses taught by children in the classroom. I believe that children can convey their awareness of environmental protection and dedication through this personal experience of picking up garbage.

Here, I want to pay tribute to this group of elders in their 60s to 80s who have been serving as "environmental protection angels" for seven years! Because of your inconspicuous actions, you have attracted New Zealanders and local mainstream media. It is precisely because of your "environmental protection actions" over the past seven years that it has attracted the attention and support of the New Zealand government, and because your unselfish dedication has attracted the New Zealand Prime Minister to personally meet you. The Chinese are proud of you!

Here, I also call on New Zealand overseas Chinese leaders and Chinese media friends. I hope that in your busy schedule, you will turn your attention to this group of elders who silently give great love to the environment. I believe that this group of elders deserves public attention. They did it because of their faith! Their belief is "persist in doing one thing well and not let it become a joke halfway." They are worthy of recognition and praise from society!











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