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中国-新西兰工艺美术教育年会在奥克兰隆重启动 (with English version)

   人气: 4059    日期: 2019/4/8


本报讯(记者高允亮)4月6日下午,中国-新西兰工艺美术教育年会启动仪式在奥克兰铂尔曼酒店隆重召开。年会由新西兰毛利王室后裔、新西兰毛利工艺美术学院董事Tamiaho与新西兰工艺美术协会、新西兰中华传统文化体验艺术中心、新西兰江苏总商会共同提议,并联合两国工艺美术大师共同发起的民间文化外交活动。首届年会的主题是“毛利木雕牵手中国紫砂”。新西兰国家党议员杨健、中华人民共和国驻奥克兰总领事馆文化领事周立、奥克兰市议会议员Paul Young、Howick区议员Peter Young、新西兰毛利工艺美术学院董事、新西兰工艺美术协会荣誉会长Tamiaho、国家党新林恩选区主席Alston、新西兰工艺美术大师Rei Mihaere、新西兰著名陶艺家Peter Lange以及新西兰各华社主席、著名侨领近百人出席并见证了年会的启动。




周立领事和毛利王室后裔Tamiaho分别为新西兰工艺美术大师Rei Mihaere和高级工艺美术师戴非凡颁发“新中工艺美术传播大使”荣誉证书。同时,两国代表互赠了代表新中工艺美术的“毛利木雕”和“中国紫砂”友好礼物。

新西兰国家党议员杨健、中华人民共和国驻奥克兰总领事馆文化领事周立、奥克兰市议会议员Paul Young、新西兰毛利工艺美术学院董事Tamiaho、国家党新林恩选区主席Alston、新西兰著名陶艺家Peter Lange、新西兰中华传统文化体验艺术中心主席廖小雪、新西兰工艺美术协会秘书长戴非凡共同剪彩启动年会。

活动还举行了“工艺美术传承与创新、国际交流与合作”圆桌论坛,四位论坛嘉宾新西兰工艺美术学院董事Tamiaho、奥克兰国际艺术空间总裁宗元、毛利木雕艺术大师Rei Mihaere和著名雕塑艺术家卢波分别从工艺美术的教育者、经营者、手艺人、传播者等不同的角度对“现代科技在工艺美术领域应用的影响”“新中工艺美术国际交流如何突破”发表了自己的见解。


中国高级工艺美术师戴非凡先生与Christ King Primary School 的小学生耗时2个月共同完成的一对“Kiwi鸟紫砂花瓶”在启动仪式上亮相。其中,兽耳花瓶被当做国礼赠送给毛利王室永久收藏。年会发起人代表游有志先生为参与绘画的小学生颁发了“新中友谊大使”荣誉证书。




China-New Zealand Arts and Crafts Education Conference was solemnly launched in Auckland

In the afternoon of 6th April, the opening ceremony of the China-New Zealand Arts and Crafts Education Conference was solemnly held at Pullman Hotel in Auckland. The annual conference was proposed by Tamiaho, a descendant of the Maori Royal Family of New Zealand and Director of Te Rakau Humarie school of arts, together with the New Zealand Arts and Crafts Association, the NZ Multicultural Exchange & Experience Centre and the Jiangsu General Commerce Association in New Zealand, and jointly initiated by the masters of Arts and crafts of the two countries, folk cultural diplomacy activities. The theme of the first annual meeting is "Maori wood carving hold hand in hand with Chinese purple Clay".

Jian Yang, MP of the New Zealand National Party; Zhou Li, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Auckland; Paul Young, Councillor of the Auckland City Council; Peter YoungBoard member of Howick Local Board; Tamiaho Herangi-Searancke, Director of Te Rakau Humarie school of arts, and Honorary President of the New Zealand Association of Arts and Crafts;Rei Mihaere, Master of Maori arts and crafts; Alston, Chairman for the National Party New Lynn Electorate; Peter Lange, New Zealand well-known ceramist; and nearly 100 well-known overseas Chinese attended and witnessed the convening of the opening ceremony.

"New Zealand is a natural extension of the Maritime Silk Road in the 21st century. During Premier Li Keqiang's visit to New Zealand in 2017, China and New Zealand declared 2019 the 'China-New Year of Tourism' and held a grand launching ceremony at the New Zealand National Museum on March 30. " Zhou Li, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Auckland, said in his speech that China-New Zealand Arts and Crafts Education Conference is a part of the China-New Zealand Year of Tourism, which will provide new ideas for strengthening the cultural exchanges between the two countries and building a "one belt and one Road".

Next, Zhou Li and Tamiaho awarded Rei Mihaere, a master of Arts and crafts in New Zealand, and Devin Dai, a Chinese senior arts and crafts artist, the honorary certificate of "New China Ambassador for Arts and Crafts Communication". Meanwhile, the representatives of the two countries exchanged friendly gifts of "Maori woodcarving" and "Chinese purple Clay", representing the arts and crafts of New China and China.

Subsequently, the New Zealand National Party MP Jian Yang; the People's Republic of China in Auckland Consul General Zhou Li, the Auckland City Council Councillor Paul Young, Howick Local Board member Peter Young, Te Rakau Humarie school of arts Director Tamiaho,New Zealand New Linn District Chairman Alston, New Zealand famous pottery artist Peter Lange, the NZ Multicultural Exchange & Experience Centre Chairman Jennifer Liao and New Zealand Crafts Art Association Secretary-General Devin Dai jointly started cut the annual conference of the ribbon, officially announced the start of the annual conference.

The event also held a Round Table Forum on "Inheritance and Innovation, International Exchange and Cooperation of Arts and Crafts". The four distinguished guests were Tamiaho, Director of Te Rakau Humarie school of arts, Zong Yuan, President of Auckland International Gallery, Rei Mihaere,  Master of Maori Wood Carving, and Lubo, a famous sculpture artist.

As different roles of Arts and crafts, like educators, operators, craftsmen, and disseminators, they have expressed their views on the topics of "The influence of the application of modern science and technology in the field of Arts and crafts" and "How to break through in the international exchange of Arts and crafts between New Zealand and China"

A pair of Kiwi Bird Purple Clay Vases, completed by senior Chinese arts and crafts artist Devin Dai and primary school students Christ King Primary School in two months, appeared at the opening ceremony. Among them, the Beast Ear Vase was presented as a national gift to the Maori royal family for a permanent collection. Mr Charles You, the sponsor of the annual conference, awarded the honorary certificate of "New China Friendship Ambassador" to the pupils who participated in the painting.

Tamiaho, Honorary President of New Zealand Arts and Crafts Association, said that the theme of the first annual meeting was "New Zealand Maori Wood Carving Hold Hand in Hand with Chinese Purple Clay". The organizing committee plans to hold a series of grand exhibitions, evaluations, donations and charitable auctions of Arts and crafts between the two countries in Auckland in September this year. "The relationship between Maori woodcarving and Chinese purple clay is like husband and wife, complementing each other and developing harmoniously." Rei, a Maori master of Arts and crafts, said he would work hard for the September art exhibition.

"We hope that artists from the two countries can learn from each other, learn from each other and make progress together in their artistic creation. We look forward to furthering mutual understanding, friendship and cultural trust between the two peoples through each other's traditional arts and crafts. Yang Jian, MP of the New Zealand National Party, said that cooperation in the field of Arts and crafts can promote cultural exchanges between New Zealand and China, enhance mutual understanding and continue the friendship between the two countries.




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