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Newcastle United 1-0 Chelsea: Magpies continue winning run

Newcastle boost their European ambitions with a statement win over Chelsea thanks to Joe Willock’s delightful goal.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 8:45 am(NZT)

Ethiopia and Tigray rebels ready to speed up aid

After two years of war, millions are hungry in Tigray – and finally a deal may ease their suffering.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 8:35 am(NZT)

Tottenham Hotspur 4-3 Leeds United: Rodrigo Bentancur’s two late goals earn Spurs dramatic victory

Two late goals from Rodrigo Bentancur earn Tottenham a remarkable victory over Leeds, who surrendered the lead on three separate occasions.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 7:45 am(NZT)

England 26-27 Samoa: Shaun Wane’s side suffer golden-point Rugby League World Cup semi-final defeat

England fall to a shock semi-final defeat as Samoa win a golden-point thriller to set up a meeting with Australia in their first World Cup final.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 6:49 am(NZT)

Liverpool 3-1 Southampton: Darwin Nunez scores two as Nathan Jones loses first Saints game

Nathan Jones’ Southampton reign gets off to a losing start as Liverpool sign off for the World Cup break with a comfortable win at Anfield.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 6:22 am(NZT)



Hunt plans billions in spending cuts for UK

Jeremy Hunt will reveal on Thursday how he will plug an estimated £55bn gap between revenue and spending.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 6:08 am(NZT)

Ukraine war: Celebration in Kherson – but war ‘far from over’

Jubilant scenes are continuing after Ukraine took back the city of Kherson from Russia.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 5:55 am(NZT)

King gives up to £600 to staff to help with cost of living crisis

The monarch will use part of his private income to fund the single payment on top of his staffs’ salaries.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 5:44 am(NZT)

Ros Atkins on… Is the 1.5C climate target still possible?

The BBC’s analysis editor looks at whether the UN’s target to limit global warming can still be reached.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 4:16 am(NZT)

Ukraine forces receive rapturous welcome in Kherson

Footage from social media shows a Ukrainian soldier shouting “Greetings from Kherson”.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 3:22 am(NZT)

‘Black Panther’ premiere: ‘This feels like massive progress’

“Wakanda Forever,” the sequel to “Black Panther,” Marvel Studios’ award-winning $1.3 billion grossing movie, had its African premiere in Nigeria — the first time Marvel has held an African premiere there.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 13 Nov 2022 | 2:30 am(NZT)

Senate race neck and neck as Democrats win Arizona

Mark Kelly’s victory means Democrats only need to win one of two final races to control the US Senate.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 1:37 am(NZT)

Midterm elections results: This is where the races stand

Control of Congress remains in the balance as the final results of the 2022 midterms trickle in.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 1:13 am(NZT)

New Zealand 34-31 England: Black Ferns win World Cup with dramatic victory

England’s winning streak comes to an end as New Zealand win the World Cup for a sixth time on a historic night for women’s rugby at Eden Park.

Source: BBC News – Home | 13 Nov 2022 | 12:12 am(NZT)

Dalgety Bay: How do you clean all the sand on a radioactive beach?

Experts are using diggers and a purpose-built scanner to remove radioactive particles from the Fife coastline.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Nov 2022 | 10:09 pm(NZT)


Joni Mitchell says her music upset male artists in the 1970s

The star says she did not get the recognition she deserved in the 1970s due to music industry sexism.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Nov 2022 | 7:03 pm(NZT)

Iranians mark ‘Bloody Friday’ as thousands protest in southeast flashpoint

Thousands of Iranians protested in the restive southeast on Friday to mark a Sept. 30 crackdown by security forces known as “Bloody Friday” as the country’s clerical rulers battled persistent nationwide unrest.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 12 Nov 2022 | 6:16 pm(NZT)

Banksy unveils Ukraine gymnast mural on building shelled by Russia

The anonymous graffiti artist paints murals on buildings destroyed by Russian artillery attacks.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Nov 2022 | 5:57 pm(NZT)

G20 in Bali: Trouble in paradise as leaders gather

Host and Indonesian president Joko Widodo wants to play dealmaker at the G20. Can he pull it off?

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Nov 2022 | 2:15 pm(NZT)

Chennai rains: Can the city withstand another urban flood?

The southern Indian city of Chennai recorded its heaviest rainfall in more than 30 years in November.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Nov 2022 | 2:07 pm(NZT)

Sicily’s rich olive pickings – the fruit of Italy’s migrant exploitation

The African migrants living in squalor and picking produce for gangmasters in Italy.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Nov 2022 | 2:01 pm(NZT)

AI reunites Holocaust survivor with childhood photos

Google engineer develops technology to help identify Holocaust victims in archive photos.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Nov 2022 | 1:54 pm(NZT)

Why this southern European country is a hot place to move

With “work to live” rather than “live to work” as the unofficial lifestyle mantra, more than 1,100 miles of coastline to explore and delicious pastéis de nata all over the place, putting down roots in Portugal sounds pretty appealing.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 12 Nov 2022 | 11:47 am(NZT)

Ugandan university drops mandatory pregnancy tests for students after outcry

A university in Uganda has withdrawn a requirement for female nursing and midwifery students to take a pregnancy test before sitting their exams, after facing a backlash.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 12 Nov 2022 | 5:53 am(NZT)

Netanyahu to be invited to form government, paving way for return of Israel’s longest-serving leader

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog announced Friday he will invite Benjamin Netanyahu to form Israel’s next government, paving the way for him to take the country’s top job for a record sixth time and extend his record as the nation’s longest-serving leader.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 12 Nov 2022 | 4:47 am(NZT)



Apple curbs AirDrop file sharing on devices in China

Apple has limited the use of the AirDrop wireless file sharing function on devices in China, just weeks after reports that some protesters had used the popular feature to spread messages critical of the Chinese government.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 12 Nov 2022 | 1:36 am(NZT)

The dark origins of Denmark’s psychiatric brain collection

For years, there had been whispers. Rumors swirled; stories exchanged. It wasn’t a secret, but it also wasn’t openly discussed, adding to a legend almost too incredible to believe.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 12 Nov 2022 | 12:45 am(NZT)

Analysis: Elon Musk’s Twitter faces its ‘Titanic’ moment as executives and advertisers flee while trolls run rampant

The world is watching the world’s richest man single-handedly destroy one of the world’s most powerful and important communication platforms, just weeks after acquiring it for $44 billion. And of course, the world is watching the dramatic spectacle unfold on — where else? — Twitter.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 11 Nov 2022 | 4:07 pm(NZT)

据乌克兰国家电视广播公司当地时间12日报道,赫尔松军政管理局负责人亚努舍维奇宣布在赫尔松市实施宵禁,宵禁时间为每天17时至次日8时。(总台记者 王斌)
2022-11-13 01:44:01
据塔斯社报道,俄罗斯总统普京当地时间12日与伊朗总统莱希通电话,双方就发展两国在政治和经贸等领域的合作进行了讨论。(总台记者 王德禄)
2022-11-13 01:43:17
尼泊尔发生5.4级地震 暂无人员伤亡
据尼泊尔国家地震监测研究中心通报,当地时间12日20时12分,尼泊尔西部巴章(Bajhang)县发生里氏5.4级地震。截至目前没有人员伤亡的报道。(总台记者 张玥)
2022-11-13 00:05:25
2022-11-13 00:03:17
中新网11月13日电 (记者 孟湘君)一对全世界斗得最厉害,“掰手腕”快掰到极限的“老对头”,要坐下来围桌对话了?
2022-11-12 23:01:07
2022-11-12 22:42:24
2022-11-12 21:53:11
中新社曼谷11月12日电 (记者 王国安)“APEC能源智库论坛”12日在泰国曼谷以线上线下方式举办。与会人士围绕绿色经济复苏以及能源转型、生态文明建设等议题展开探讨。
2022-11-12 21:38:36
俄乌局势进展:乌军进入赫尔松市 多方就俄乌谈判发声
中新社北京11月12日电 综合消息:当地时间11日,乌克兰宣布重新控制赫尔松州首府赫尔松市。俄罗斯国防部通报称,俄军在赫尔松地区已完成重新部署。俄媒当地时间12日报道称,格尼切斯克成为赫尔松州临时首府。当地时间12日,联合国秘书长古特雷斯在柬埔寨首都金边呼吁俄乌双方为逐步展开对话创造条件。
2022-11-12 19:59:12
全球新冠累计确诊超6.3亿例 美官员称将延长公共卫生紧急状态
(抗击新冠肺炎)全球新冠累计确诊超6.3亿例 美官员称将延长公共卫生紧急状态
2022-11-12 15:42:36
斐济群岛地区发生6.9级地震 震源深度600千米
中新网11月12日电 据中国地震台网正式测定:11月12日15时09分在斐济群岛地区(南纬20.05度,西经178.25度)发生6.9级地震,震源深度600千米。
2022-11-12 15:24:53
中新网11月12日电 据中国地震台网自动测定:11月12日15时09分在斐济群岛地区附近(南纬20.11度,西经178.27度)发生6.8级左右地震(深源),最终结果以正式速报为准。
2022-11-12 13:32:09
中新社圣保罗11月11日电 (记者 莫成雄)巴西咖啡出口企业委员会(CECAFE)当地时间11日发布的数据显示,今年前10个月,巴西咖啡出口额达76.05亿美元,同比增长56.8%;出口量为3229.4万袋(每袋60公斤),同比减少3.6%。
2022-11-12 13:30:51
中新社北京11月12日电 东京消息:据日本广播协会电视台(NHK)报道,日本法务大臣叶梨康弘11日因不当言论向日本首相岸田文雄提出辞呈,日本政府决定辞去其职务。
2022-11-12 13:29:15
巴西今年9月服务业产值环比增长0.9% 连续五个月增长
中新社圣保罗11月11日电 (记者 莫成雄) 巴西国家地理统计局(IBGE)当地时间11日发布的数据显示,经季节性调整后,今年9月巴西服务业产值环比增长0.9%,为连续五个月环比增长。
2022-11-12 13:26:49
“和平方舟”号医院船开展医疗服务首日 印尼就诊民众点赞中国“大白”
中新网雅加达11月12日电 (孙飞)11月11日上午,印尼雅加达丹戎不碌港码头医疗服务现场热闹非凡,华侨Eunice激动地告诉记者:“非常感谢‘和平方舟’号医院船提供的服务,为我们带来健康。”当天是“和平方舟”号医院船开展医疗服务的第一天,大家纷纷点赞中国“大白”医术精湛、服务周到。
2022-11-12 11:41:08
2022-11-12 10:43:05
2022-11-12 09:35:35
2022-11-12 09:26:42
【环球时报驻埃及特派记者 黄培昭 环球时报特约记者 王逸】当地时间11日,美国总统拜登在《联合国气候变化框架公约》第二十七次缔约方大会(COP27)上发表演讲。他在演讲中宣布了新的气候倡议,意图加强美国在应对气候危机方面的领导作用。

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