AEQ Furniture庆祝 King’s Birthday推出全新家具系列!

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AEQ Furniture盛装庆祝新西兰King’s Birthday,呈现出华丽时尚的全新家具系列!

 AEQ Furniture celebrates King’s Birthday in New Zealand with a gorgeous and stylish new furniture collection!

在新西兰庆祝”King’s Birthday”!之际,AEQ家具隆重推出一系列令人瞩目的新品,以此纪念这个特殊的节日。

As New Zealand celebrates “King’s Birthday”! AEQ Furniture is proud to mark this special occasion with a series of eye-catching new products.


The AEQ brand presents stylishly simple leather sofas, warm and inviting fabric beds, and luxurious velvet Italian design sofas, all of which are designed to showcase prestige and class. Exquisite marble dining tables, luxurious Italian light suites and various crystal-clear glass foyers are perfectly integrated into this new festive atmosphere.


AEQ Furniture offers you a range of quality furniture at affordable prices that showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of China’s leading furniture manufacturer.

“King’s Birthday”的庆祝活动中,AEQ家具的新系列将为您营造一个令人向往的家居环境,让您感受宫廷式的尊贵与舒适。

For the “King’s Birthday” celebrations, AEQ Furniture’s new collection will create a desirable home environment that will make you feel the comfort of a palace.




顾家白色高贵真皮全电动功能沙发1+2+3 原价$9097,现价$4999




AEQ Furniture展销地址:

AEQ Furniture is available at:

1,中区旗舰店 /Central Flagship Store:Harvery Norman Center,21-54 Mt Wellington Highway,Mt Wellington, Auckland.

电话 / Phone:09-9491788


2,东区Botany 店 /East  Botany Store:451 Ti Rankau Drive,Botany Downs, Auckland.

电话 / Phone:09-5791918

欢迎亲临 AEQ Furniture 两家门店来逛逛,也可以上网 来浏览我们的产品。


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