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In 2018, Matty Ma, formerly Harcourts’ top real estate agent and a successful business owner within the company, launched a new venture in Albany: Mars Realty. This new independent real estate brand has rapidly distinguished itself in the market. Mars Realty is created with the idea of looking forward to the future of Real Estate, changing the way we think towards asset opportunities and turning vision into reality. Since its inception, Mars Realty has swiftly built an enviable reputation and an impressive sales record, with mutliple land subdivisions sales north and south of Auckland within the future urban development areas including Wainui, Karaka and West Auckland.
2018年,Matty 马,前Harcourts的顶级房地产经纪人,公司内部成功的企业主,在奥尔巴尼成立了一家新企业:火星地产 Mars Realty。这个新的独立房地产品牌迅速在市场上脱颖而出。玛氏地产的创建理念是展望房地产的未来,改变我们对资产机会的思考方式,并将愿景变为现实。自成立以来,火星地产迅速建立了令人羡慕的声誉和令人印象深刻的销售记录,在奥克兰北部和南部的未来城市开发区(包括Wainui,Karaka和West Auckland)内进行了多个土地细分销售。

Mars Realty offers a robust professional platform designed to empower both national and international clients to showcase their residential homes, land developments and commercial assets. A key differentiator for Mars Realty is its team’s multi-lingual proficiency and multi marketing platforms, which allows them to seamlessly engage with clients from diverse backgrounds. Mars current networking and collobrating with a number of property related professionals and company business associates within the community to facilitate growth and opportunities,.with the likes of The Property Release Magazine, not just another real estate company.

Experience is a cornerstone of Mars Realty’s successes with a sound track record. The company boasts a collective century of expertise, making it a leading force in its niche market. This wealth of experience, combined with a high-performing team of professionals, provides clients with unparalleled support and reassurance. Mars Realty’s agents are committed to prioritizing clients’ best interests throughout the entire process. They offer valuable feedback and leverage their deep knowledge to assist clients in making informed decisions.

The company’s rise in the competitive real estate market reflects the effective leadership of Matty Ma and the concerted efforts of her dedicated team. Backed by decades of experience, Matty’s remarkable ability to anticipate trends positions her as the go-to professional for developments, off-the-plan sales, commercial projects, and land subdivisions. Throughout her extensive 25-year career in real estate, Matty’s unyielding determination has propelled her to achieve an outstanding record of over $1 billion in settled sales.
该公司在竞争激烈的房地产市场中的崛起反映了Matty 马的有效领导和她敬业团队的共同努力。凭借数十年的经验,Matty 预测趋势的非凡能力使她成为开发、期房销售、商业项目和土地细分的首选专业人士。在她 25 年的房地产职业生涯中,Matty 不屈不挠的决心推动她取得了超过 10 亿纽币的结算销售额的出色记录。

Her history of previous accolades include the 2013 Residential Sales Person of the Year award from REINZ and consistent placement among the top 10 real estate consultants from 2006 to 2017. Additionally, she earned the prestigious title of No.1 International Sales Consultant in 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015 for one of New Zealand’s largest real estate companies. In 2017, Matty continued to shine, garnering multiple awards, including No.1 International Sales Consultant, No.1 Top National Exclusive Lister, No.2 National NAI Sales Consultant, and No.3 Lifestyle & Rural Sales Consultant and her involvement in landmark sales on Auckland’s North Shore, such as the Gulf Harbour land sale ($35 million), Sentinel Penthouse ($5.4 million), 50 Rosedale Road development project ($6 million+), Kowhai Road, Orewa ($12.5 million), Pine Valley ($18 million), and Albany Commercial Land ($35 million), has solidified her reputation as a top-tier professional in any marketing.
她之前获得的荣誉包括 2013 年 REINZ 颁发的年度住宅销售人物奖,以及 2006 年至 2017 年连续跻身十大房地产顾问之列。此外,她还在 2011 年、2013 年、2014 年和 2015 年为新西兰最大的房地产公司之一获得了国际第一销售顾问的著名头衔。2017 年,Matty 继续大放异彩,获得了多个奖项,包括排名第一的国际销售顾问、排名第一的全国独家上市者、排名第二的全国 NAI 销售顾问和排名第三的生活方式和乡村销售顾问,并参与了奥克兰北岸的地标性销售,例如海湾港土地销售(3500 万纽币)、Sentinel Penthouse(540 万纽币)、珀丽路 50 号开发项目(600 万纽币+), Kowhai Road、Orewa(1250 万纽币)、Pine Valley(1800 万纽币)和 Albany Commercial Land(3500 万纽币)巩固了她作为任何营销领域顶级专业人士的声誉。

Despite her numerous accolades, Matty remains approachable and trustworthy, attributing her success to “being herself, having a vision, maintaining ethical standards, and collaborating within the team to lead the market.” Operating with a focused mindset and an unwavering work ethic, she dedicates seven days a week to her business, ensuring continued growth and even greater results for her clients in the future in any market circumstance
尽管她获得了无数赞誉,但 Matty 仍然平易近人且值得信赖,将她的成功归因于“做自己、有远见、保持道德标准以及在团队内合作引领市场”。她以专注的心态和坚定不移的职业道德运营,每周七天致力于她的业务,确保在任何市场环境中都能为她的客户带来持续增长和更大的成果

In 2018, Matty Ma, formerly Harcourts’ top real estate agent and a successful business owner within the company, launched a new venture in Albany: Mars Realty. This new independent real estate brand has rapidly distinguished itself in the market, drawing on Ma’s extensive industry experience and leadership.

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