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There are 23 new community cases. 


What you need to know / Kia mōhio mai koe:
你需要知道的 / Kia mōhio mai koe:

* 23 new Covid-19 community cases have been found, all in Auckland, with 22 linked to the outbreak.
* 已发现 23 例新的 Covid-19 社区病例,均在奥克兰,其中 22 例与疫情有关。

* Another 3000 MIQ rooms will be released on Tuesday.

* Auckland high school students will get extra NCEA credits for time spent in lockdown.
* 奥克兰高中学生将获得额外的 NCEA 学分,因为他们在封锁期间度过了一段时间。

* 80 per cent of Auckland’s eligible population have been vaccinated with at least one dose
* 80% 的奥克兰符合条件的人口已接种至少一剂疫苗

* 奥克兰是进入 3 级警报的第一天。以下是主要规则。

* The part of Waikato with three recent cases is in a “bespoke” set of temporary restrictions until Friday.
* 怀卡托最近出现3个病例的地区在周五之前处于“定制”的临时限制范围内。】

* The rest of the country is at level 2.
* 该国其他地区处于 2 级。

* All residents in Auckland’s Clover Park have been urged to get tested, even if they don’t have symptoms.
* 奥克兰 Clover Park 的所有居民都被敦促接受检测,即使他们没有症状。

* 在这里找到所有暴露关注的最新地点。


Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins and director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield will take the stage at a 1pm media conference to reveal any new cases in the community.

Covid-19 响应部长 Chris Hipkins 和卫生总干事 Ashley Bloomfield 博士将在下午 1 点的媒体会议上登台,披露社区中的任何新病例。

There are 23 new community cases. 


All are in the Auckland region. THere are now 1108 cases in this cluster, over 800 have recovered.
全部都在奥克兰地区。 该集群中现在有 1108 例病例,其中 800 多例已经康复。

There’s also one new case in MIQ.
MIQ 也有一个新病例。

22 of today’s cases are linked – 11 are household contacts, five are known contacts.
今天的病例中有 22 例相互关联——11 例是家庭接触者,5 例是已知接触者。

Yesterday’s one unlinked case remains under investigation.

There are 13 people in hospital, two are in ICU.


Swabs taken in the upper Hauraki region have all come back negative.

The Upper Hauraki region is now in alert level 3 with Auckland.
上豪拉基地区现在与奥克兰一起处于 3 级警戒状态。

Residents must adhere to the usual level 3 restrictions – stay home as much as possible, don’t expand your bubble, and only go out when you need to.
居民必须遵守通常的 3 级限制——尽可能多地待在家里,不要扩大你的圈子,只有在需要的时候才出去。

The Section 70 order applies to people in the area between September 8 and 20.
第 70 条命令适用于 9 月 8 日至 20 日期间该地区的人们。

People covered by Section 70 can leave home to get a Covid vaccine or to preserve their own safety or life.

第 70 条涵盖的人可以离开家去接种 Covid 疫苗或保护自己的安全或生命。

The move to level 3 for Upper Hauraki has happened thanks to widespread testing.
由于广泛的测试,Upper Hauraki 已降至 3 级。

93 of the 99 school contacts have tested negative, just six results are pending.
99 名学校联系人中有 93 名检测结果呈阴性,只有 6 个结果待定。

The requirements to isolate under Section 70 remain in place until 11.59pm this Friday.
根据第 70 条进行隔离的要求将持续到本周五晚上 11 点 59 分。

Personal travel across the level 3 boundary is still limited.
跨越 3 级边界的个人旅行仍然受到限制。

However, now people can apply for an exemption if they want to cross the boundary one way into Auckland to provide support for a child.

THere are strict conditions for this – there must be no one else available locally.

这有严格的条件 – 本地必须没有其他人可用。

If crossing, they must stay until the region moves to level 2.
如果穿越,他们必须停留,直到该地区移动到第 2 级。

A high number of applications have already been received.

On the vaccine rollout, the WHO is still warning about the infodemic.

Bloomfield said false information can be harmful because it creates uncertainty that can create hesitancy.

53,000 vaccine doses were administered across the country yesterday.
昨天在全国范围内接种了 53,000 剂疫苗。

40 per cent of eligible kids have received a second dose.

40% 的符合条件的孩子接受了第二剂。

For Pacific people, 67 per cent have had their first dose and around 30 per cent their second.
对于太平洋地区的人来说,67% 的人接种了第一剂,大约 30% 的人接种了第二剂。

For those aged between 40 and 64, 80 per cent have had one jab, 44 per cent two jabs.
对于年龄在 40 至 64 岁之间的人,80% 的人接种了第一剂,44% 的人接种了第二剂。

Health workers are at greater risk of contracting the virus. Vaccination rates in this area are pretty good, Hipkins said.
卫生工作者感染病毒的风险更大。 Hipkins 说,该地区的疫苗接种率非常好。

At least 75 per cent of the total DHB workforce of around 80,000 have been fully vaccinated. This includes clinical and non-clinical staff. This number is likely to be higher now as this data was a bit outdated.

DHB 约 80,000 名员工中,至少有 75% 已完全接种疫苗。 这包括临床和非临床人员。 这个数字现在可能更高,因为这个数据有点过时了。

Vaccination rates need to be “very high” in this workforce, he said.

The Ministry of Health is putting together a proposal that would require the majority of health workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19. This includes emergency departments, primary care and those working in aged residential care facilities.
卫生部正在制定一项提案,要求大多数卫生工作者接种 Covid-19 疫苗。 这包括急诊科、初级保健和在老年护理机构工作的人员。

This proposal would bring health workers in line with MIQ and port worker vaccine requirements.
该提案将使卫生工作者符合 MIQ 和港口工人的疫苗要求。

The next MIQ release will be September 28 at 6pm NZT. The lobby will open at 5pm.

下一个 MIQ 预定将于新西兰时间 9 月 28 日下午 6 点发布。 预定大厅将于下午 5 点开放。

This will be for approximately 3000 rooms across October, November and December.
这将在 10 月、11 月和 12 月提供约 3000 间客房。

There will be more releases after this. Hipkins said they’re not releasing all the rooms at once.
在此之后会有更多释放。 希普金斯说他们不会一次释放所有房间。

Now to students. Hipkins is increasing the entitlement Auckland students will get for learning recognition credits.
现在关于学生。 Hipkins 正在增加奥克兰学生获得的学习认可学分的权利。

These changes bring support available to Auckland students in line with the support received in 2020.
这些变化为奥克兰学生提供了与 2020 年获得的支持一致的支持。

Hipkins thanked schools, teachers and whānau in Auckland for supporting students through lockdown.
Hipkins 感谢奥克兰的学校、老师和家庭在封锁期间支持学生。

Bloomfield said they want to see northward of 90 per cent of the eligible population vaccinated.
Bloomfield 表示,他们希望northward  90% 的符合条件的人口接种疫苗。

He said it’s no good for anyone if there are communities or groups with low vaccination rates. They’re aiming to have equal rates across the board.
他说,如果有疫苗接种率低的社区或团体,对任何人都没有好处。 他们的目标是全面实现平等的接种率。

Bloomfield quipped “there’s not much relaxation in this role at the moment”.

Hipkins added 90 per cent would give us some of the highest vaccination rates in the world.
Hipkins 补充说,90% 将使我们成为世界上最高的疫苗接种率。

He invited every New Zealander to come forward and be part of this effort.

The 90 per cent goal isn’t an invitation for 10 per cent to not roll their sleeves up.

90% 的目标并不是邀请 10% 的人不要卷起袖子。

Hipkins said they’re not giving up on getting back down to zero cases, that’s why Auckland is still in level 3. That’s what everyone is striving for.
他们不会放弃将病例降至零,这就是奥克兰仍处于第 3 级的原因。这也是每个人都在努力的目标。

“It is still within reach.”

Moving to level 3 doesn’t mean they’re not still pursuing elimination.
降到第 3 级并不意味着他们不再追求淘汰。

Hipkins said they’re well-positioned in level 3 to continue the road down to zero.

Hipkins 表示,

Hipkins 表示,他们处于第 3 级的有利位置,可以继续下降到零的道路。

Bloomfield added it’s a possibility we might not get down to zero, but we’re still working on it.

Regarding the six-week gap between doses, Bloomfield said the advice remains the same.

In levels 3 or 4 there are hard boundaries, but they typically have softer boundaries at levels 2 and 1.

在第 3 或第 4 级有硬边界,但在第 2 和第 1 级通常有较软的边界。

They’re keeping transmission down because 80 per cent of eligible Aucklanders are vaccinated with at least one dose. Bloomfield said there’s no doubt the vaccine is playing a role here.
他们正在控制传播,因为 80% 符合条件的奥克兰人至少接种了一剂疫苗。 布卢姆菲尔德说,毫无疑问,疫苗在这里发挥了作用。

There’s an ad campaign running with people sharing their reasons for being vaccinated.

Hipkins said they’re sending this a bit further to reach more groups that weren’t initially covered. They’re using media that will reach younger people, it’s also skewed towards Māori and Pasifika communities.
Hipkins 表示,他们正在进一步发送此信息,以覆盖更多最初未涵盖的群体。 他们使用的媒体可以覆盖年轻人,也偏向毛利人和太平洋岛民社区。

Some people might not see the ad campaigns that much, which means the spending is being targeted to specific groups.

The goal has been to vaccinate around 50,000 people a day.
目标是每天为大约 50,000 人接种疫苗。

Earlier, the campaign was targeting everyone, now they’re being more specific.

The Section 70 notice in Hauraki is under daily review, but for the time being, is in place until 11.59pm Friday. The region is in alert level 3 with the rest of Auckland.
Hauraki 的第 70 条通知每天都在接受审查,但目前会持续到周五晚上 11 点 59 分。 该地区与奥克兰其他地区处于 3 级警戒状态。

Hipkins said it’s “absolutely dishonest” for National’s Chris Bishop to say they’ve purposefully delayed vaccinations.

希普金斯说,国家党的 Chris Bishop 说他们故意推迟接种疫苗是“绝对不诚实的”。

Some employers have been encouraging staff to get vaccinated by offering their own incentives. Hipkins welcomes this kind of action – he pointed out efforts by The Warehouse.
一些雇主一直在通过提供自己的激励措施来鼓励员工接种疫苗。 Hipkins 对这种行动表示欢迎——他指出了 The Warehouse 的努力。

He said the Government will look at further opportunities to incentivise vaccinations – Taranaki DHB today offered a free bacon butty with a jab this morning.

Bloomfield reminded Aucklanders to follow the rules in level 3. The only reason to leave home is to go to work or get food. Wear a mask, scan and maintain physical distancing.
Bloomfield 提醒奥克兰人遵守 3 级规定。离开家的唯一原因是去上班或买食物。 戴上口罩,扫描并保持身体距离。

Hipkins is taking into account the opposition from iwi for more MIQ facilities in Rotorua.
Hipkins 正在考虑 iwi在罗托鲁瓦设立更多 MIQ 设施反对意见。

Bloomfield didn’t know anything about the student who travelled from Auckland to Otago Boys’ High School.

In Clover Park yesterday there were over 500 swabs. The area has the highest testing rates in all of Auckland. Anyone in the region who hasn’t been swabbed in the last couple of weeks – regardless of symptoms – is advised to go and get a test.
昨天在 Clover Park 有超过 500 个拭子。 该地区的检测率是奥克兰所有地区中最高的。 建议该地区任何在过去几周内没有接受过拭子检查的人——无论症状如何——都应该去接受检测。

The vaccination buses might appear in spots where Aucklanders will be frequenting in level 3.
疫苗接种巴士可能会出现在奥克兰人在 3 级时经常光顾的地方。

Hipkins said wherever there are bigger groups of people, the overall risk of contracting Covid increases.
希普金斯说,只要有更多的人群,感染 Covid 的总体风险就会增加。

He’s had feedback there has been good cooperation from those under investigation. That’s what Hipkins said when asked if he’s concerned about the spread of Covid in gangs in Auckland.
他得到了反馈,接受调查的人合作良好。 当被问及是否担心 Covid 在奥克兰的帮派中蔓延时,Hipkins 是这么说的。

Bloomfield said they want to find contacts and they want to find cases.

Alert level 4 was designed to give us the best start and to position us to get back to zero.
警报级别 4 旨在为我们提供最佳开始,并使我们能够回到零。

With Delta, they decided to go straight to level 4 to maximise the chance of elimination.

The time Auckland spent in lockdown put us in a “strong position” to be able to stamp out Covid, Hipkins said.
希普金斯说,奥克兰在封锁期间度过的时间使我们处于能够消灭 Covid 的“有利地位”。

We’ve been living with uncertainty for the last 18 months and people are tired, but elimination is still being pursued and it’s still the right move.
在过去的 18 个月里,我们一直生活在不确定性中,人们也很累,但仍在追求消除,这仍然是正确的举措。

Hipkins advised people to hold their nerve and hold on. He said the future will be better.

希普金斯建议人们保持冷静并坚持下去。 他说未来会更好。

The first dose rate gives them an idea of how many people will be full vaccinated in the future.

Even one dose provides protection, it’s the full course that gives around 95 per cent protection.
即使一剂也能提供保护,但完全接种可提供约 95% 的保护。

“Watch this space” was Hipkins response when asked if vaccinated returnees could be prioritised with MIQ.
当被问及已接种的人是否可以优先使用 MIQ 时,Hipkins 的回答是“注意这个空间”。

And that’s it from today’s press conference.