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Thoughts of peace and charity


The victims of the Christchurch tragedy have been laid to rest, but the survivors and the families of the 50 loved ones lost will continue to live with the consequences of hate.

As wider New Zealand society struggles to set things right in the aftermath, there have been acts of love, compassion and support from kind-hearted Kiwis.

People are also digging deep to provide financial support.

While donations cannot bring back lives — as Auckland Mayor Phil Goff stated recently — it can help relieve the financial pressure of the victims’ families for the next few years. Love can help victims’ families healing from the pain; donations can help get them through this tough period.

This is why our group is keen to help out. The Chao Shan General Association of New Zealand is a government-registered charity. We have supported the likes of St Johns Ambulance, Auckland City Mission and autistic children in recent times.

This terrible act of terrorism coincided with the start of a conference we are hosting in Auckland – the 20th Convention of Teochew International Federation.

While the vast majority of federation members are not citizens of China, all consider Teochew in China’s Chao Shan area in ​​Guangdong Province to be their spiritual home.

Some left as refugees years ago, finding new homes around the world in places such as France, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, the USA and New Zealand.

With Teochew International Federation convention delegates being here during this terrible time for New Zealand, it was understandable that many were eager to help out with the Our City, Our People fundraising drive set up by the Christchurch mayor to support the families and Muslim communities impacted.

More than $2 million dollars was raised from the Teochew community during a convention dinner.

Those of us who arrived as refugees are certainly thankful for being welcomed in when we had nowhere else to go.

The promise of a peaceful, multicultural society is the reason many people migrate to New Zealand.

This terrible event has threatened to shatter that dream.

We are eager to help our New Zealand home heal.



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