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Court of Appeal declines former iwi leader Sir Ngatata Love's appeal

Disgraced Maori leader Sir Ngatata Love has failed in his appeal against his conviction and sentence.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 10:32 am

Siah Hwee Ang: Aean is becoming a sound investing alternative to China

OPINION: Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised its growth forecast for the Asia Pacific region to 5.5 per cent in 2017, up from the 5.3 per cent projected six months ago.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 10:14 am

Motueka hazelnut business 'dead in the water' due to regular flooding

A frustrated Motueka couple whose hazelnut orchard is regularly flooded due to a council installed drain are threatening to fill it with concrete.

Toni Elliot and Smoky Fry say the flooding has occurred on their property near Nelson as a result of a stormwater drain installed by the Tasman District Council and they have had no luck trying to resolve the issue.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 10:13 am

Shed serves up lessons on value of wool

No matter who is crowned champion at Wimbledon, New Zealand wool is a star performer on centre court every year.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 9:32 am

New Zealand's apartment fire regulations 'best in the world' - but too many apartment blocks have cut corners

A lack of "passive" fire-stop measures and lazy building managers are a worse risk to New Zealand apartments than risky cladding, experts say.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 9:10 am

Sky-Vodafone merger canned but businesses will keep working together

Sky Television and Vodafone have dropped a proposed merger of the two companies.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 9:08 am

No one is guaranteed safety on a networking or dating app

Rachel Hutchinson, 25, found herself bored with no company on the last night of her holiday in Sydney, Australia.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 9:05 am

Chart of the day: How big is Southland's economy per person?

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 8:15 am

Five luxury car brands from mainstream makers that failed to fire

Toyota's Lexus premium brand has had a pretty rough time establishing itself as a serious player in the luxury segment, but is largely there now.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 8:00 am

Quality versus quantity - tourism shares dairy's challenge

Head of an international marketing company says that going for quality over quantity is the real challenge for New Zealand tourism.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Support grows for drone register as CAA undertakes consultations

Supporters of a registration scheme for drones have won over one of the local industry's leading innovators.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Wellington company Chrometoaster wins top Australian design award for educational game

Dave Turnbull's creative juices started flowing in a high school classroom in Queenstown 20 years ago.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Languishing malls must develop or die, say retail experts

Suburban shopping malls aren't dead but it's not hard to kill them off, retail experts say.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

EDITORIAL: Barriers to Christchurch commuter rail service

EDITORIAL: Just one month ago, another proposal for a commuter rail service into Christchurch was turned down by the committee which plans the region's public transport. Now, a Labour Party election pledge has resurrected the idea, proposing a commuter train from Rolleston to the central city.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

E-commerce opens door for ethnic communities: Alibaba

The Internet has made New Zealand is a great place for ethnic minorities to grow a business, according to Chinese mega-company Alibaba.

Source: - Business | 26 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Redundancies mooted at Westland Milk Products' major processing plant

Officials from New Zealand's second largest dairy co-operative have met with staff at its West Coast headquarters to discuss job losses.

Source: - Business | 25 Jun 2017 | 6:31 pm

The mystery of Christchurch's moving church dedication stone

Contractors working on the Metro Sports Facility in Christchurch have discovered a displaced piece of an historic church.

Source: - Business | 25 Jun 2017 | 6:07 pm

CuriousCity: Inside Wellington's Bolton Hotel as they ready for a week of rugby revelry

After weeks of Lions fever around the country, it's finally Wellington's turn to host the British and Irish side and thousands of dedicated fans. Ruby Macandrew takes a peek inside one of Wellington's 5-star hotels as staff prepare for their busiest week to date.

Source: - Business | 25 Jun 2017 | 3:48 pm

First-home buyers' guide to getting a mortgage

The time is right for first-home buyers to strike – but how?

Source: - Business | 25 Jun 2017 | 12:54 pm

Sue Finley, 80, was hired by Nasa in 1958 as a 'computer'

Sue Finley, 80, has worked at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory outside Los Angeles for more than 50 years. She was first hired in 1958 as a "computer," an employee who calculated mathematical equations, such as rocket or spacecraft trajectories, by hand. She has worked on a number of projects throughout her career, including the Venus Balloon Project, Mars Exploration Rover missions and the Juno mission. Today, she is a subsystem and test engineer for Nasa's Deep Space Network.

Source: - Business | 25 Jun 2017 | 12:39 pm

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