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China stands ready to establish and grow bilateral relations with Honduras: FM

We stand ready to establish and grow bilateral relations with Honduras on the basis of equality and mutual respect, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Thursday.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 3:14 pm(NZT)

U.S. should respond to widespread concerns of global community about SVB collapse: Chinese FM

Wang pointed out that the U.S. dollar is an international currency. Given this, the U.S. should not simply anchor its monetary policy to domestic economic regulation goals. Instead, it needs to assess with caution any potential ensuing negative spillover.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 3:02 pm(NZT)

Students in Hebei learn traditional martial art to keep fit

Shi Tongding, an inheritor of Six Harmonies Boxing, led students to carry out routine training of this traditional martial art at Zhangzhuangzi Middle School in Botou City, north China's Hebei Province.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 2:31 pm(NZT)

Nanjing opens shared spaces to ease parking problems

Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, opened 3,561 shared parking spaces in 327 public institutions for citizens to ease the city's parking problems.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 2:31 pm(NZT)

Yak Buzkashi game held in NW China's Xinjiang

A yak Buzkashi game was held in Taxkorgan Tajik autonomous county, northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on Wednesday.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 2:09 pm(NZT)

Lifelike panda dolls made by young man in Sichuan exported to over 50 countries and regions

Workers were stuffing, shearing, and shaping semi-finished panda dolls at a panda doll studio in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 2:01 pm(NZT)

China's telecom industry expands steadily in Jan-Feb

China's telecommunication industry logged a steady expansion in the first two months of this year, with a strong expansion of emerging businesses and new infrastructure, official data shows.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 1:13 pm(NZT)

Hong Kong passengers wait in long lines to buy tickets of cross-provincial trains

The Hong Kong Section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link will offer cross-provincial train services directly to Beijing, Changsha, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan and other cities starting from April 1 and add five new stops.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 1:11 pm(NZT)

Macao's daily visitor arrivals set new high in 3 years

Visitor arrivals in Macao reached 96,000 on Saturday, a daily record high in three years, the Macao Special Administrative Region's (SAR) statistical agency said on Thursday.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 10:02 am(NZT)

ASEAN secretary-general to visit China

At the invitation of Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang, ASEAN Secretary-General Kao Kim Hourn will pay an official visit to China from March 24 to 29, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin announced Thursday.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 10:02 am(NZT)

Culture Fact: Traditions during leap month

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, for every 19 years there will be seven leap months. "Leap month" refers to a repetitive month and, this year, there will be two Februarys.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 10:00 am(NZT)

Chinese scientists build world's first Geminiviridae-Plant-Insect Database

A Chinese team of the Institute of Plant Protection(IPP) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS) has established the world's first GPI Base (Geminiviridae-Plant-Insect Database), in collaboration with other domestic research teams, according to CAAS.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 9:40 am(NZT)

560 million people affected by strong sandstorm: Chinese administration

The strong sandstorm sweeping China recently has affected over 560 million people in a wide range of areas, said China’s National Forestry Grassland Administration on Thursday.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 9:16 am(NZT)

China's higher education enrollment ratio reaches 59.6 pct in 2022

The gross enrollment ratio in China's higher education reached 59.6 percent in 2022, up 1.8 percentage points from 2021, the Ministry of Education said Thursday.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 8:42 am(NZT)

PLA experts hold emergency medical training for China-Laos Railway

The eighth medical expert team sent by Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) to Laos has organized training on emergency medical response for the staff of the Laos-China Railway Co., Ltd. (LCRC) here in the Lao capital.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 8:33 am(NZT)

U.S. warship warned off after entering Chinese waters

The People's Liberation Army's Southern Theater Command mobilized its air and naval forces on Wednesday to monitor the unlawful entry of a United States warship into China's territorial waters and warned it off, the command's spokesman said.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 7:47 am(NZT)

Australian senator slams AUKUS nuclear submarine deal

Australian Senator Jordon Steele-John has slammed the government's nuclear submarine agreement.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 6:52 am(NZT)

China reveals logos for three manned space missions in 2023

The China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) has revealed logos for three missions of China's manned space program this year, namely the launches of the cargo craft Tianzhou-6, and the crewed spaceships Shenzhou-16 and Shenzhou-17.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 6:28 am(NZT)

PLA expels U.S. destroyer trespassing Chinese territorial waters off Xisha Islands

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) expelled a U.S. destroyer when the latter trespassed into Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea on Thursday amid continued U.S. attempts to destabilize the region.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 6:13 am(NZT)

Goat grabbing competition held to greet start of spring in Xinjiang

Tajik herdsmen ride yaks to catch a goat to greet the start of spring on the Pamir Plateau in Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County in Kashgar prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, March 21, 2023.

Source: ecns | 24 Mar 2023 | 6:11 am(NZT)


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