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Superyacht denied entry to New Zealand heads to Australia

By Amy Williams of RNZ The largest superyacht destined for New Zealand in time for tomorrow's America's Cup has confirmed it has been denied entry because Immigration NZ considers its crew too big a bubble.The 85m-long pleasure...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 7:50 pm

Covid 19 coronavirus: Large-scale vaccination clinic opens in South Auckland

The country's first large-scale Covid-19 vaccination clinic opened in South Auckland today, marking another step forward in New Zealand's vaccine roll-out plans.Director general of health Ashley Bloomfield said around 150 people...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 6:37 pm

Snake found on Papakura construction site

A snake has been found on a South Auckland construction site where contractors were flushing out a new pipe.The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) said the snake was dead and there was "no evidence of any further snakes and there...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 6:34 pm

Political Roundup: Jacinda Ardern's unsurprising search for favourable media

OPINION: By Bryce Edwards, Local Democracy Reporting It's not entirely surprising that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has quit her weekly Newstalk ZB interview with Mike Hosking. After all, it was a tough interview each week,...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 5:48 pm

Baking in lockdown helped top student get into one of the world's best medical schools

A top student from Auckland's Pinehurst College says embracing time in lockdown helped her get into her "dream medical course" at one of the world's most elite universities.Pinehurst College principal Kieran Verryt says Linda Tang,...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 5:36 pm

'Revenge porn' law change to criminalise posting intimate recordings without consent backed by all parties

Posting revenge porn online is on track to become a criminal offence, with the proposed law change being supported by all parties.The amendment to the Harmful Digital Communications Act seeks to explicitly make posting of intimate...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 5:22 pm

Victim furious, sickened after man who filmed her without consent during sex gets away with police warning

A woman who caught her ex filming her during sex without her permission says she will never recover from the humiliation, shame and shock - made worse when police would not charge the man with a crime.The Hawkes Bay woman is furious...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 5:09 pm

Covid 19 coronavirus: Huge leap in mothers in distress and financial hardship in Auckland's lockdown

A charity supporting mothers has seen a dramatic spike in mothers in need during Auckland's level 3 lockdown last week.The Mums Clique charity says 37 per cent of the 716 mothers it helped last week had lost jobs or income in...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 5:09 pm

Covid-19 coronavirus: What we know about the 'Russian variant' contracted by Air NZ flight attendant

Scientists are investigating how a infected Air New Zealand crew member contracted a little-known variant of the coronavirus.However, they say there's no great cause for concern over the lineage B.1.1.317, which has been called...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 5:04 pm

Parents' protest saves Campbells Bay School pōhutukawa trees

A parents' protest has saved five historic pōhutukawa trees that had been planned to be axed at Auckland's Campbells Bay School.The school's board of trustees says the Ministry of Education has agreed to move a planned new...

Source: - National | 9 Mar 2021 | 4:57 pm



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