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Economic saviour or white elephant? What COVID-19 can teach us about delivering big infrastructure projects

Governments are banking on infrastructure projects to help the Australian economy recover from the coronavirus recession, but not everyone is convinced it will be worthwhile.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 10:10 pm

Asbestos removalist who 'lost the plot' avoids jail over assault on environment officers

SA waste removalist Gavin Piller receives a suspended sentence for assaulting two environment protection officers, as his company is fined $49,000 for illegally storing more than 17 tonnes of asbestos.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 8:06 pm

Fears Fremantle will lose 'heart and soul' if port moves to Kwinana

Plans to build a new container port in Perth's industrial south spark criticism over the potential environmental impacts on the nearby waterway and raised fears Fremantle could lose its "heart and soul" if its port shuts shop.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 7:03 pm

Network Ten axes high-profile presenters as part of sweeping job cuts

Network Ten's major restructure will see sweeping changes to on-air presenters, major state news bulletins broadcasted out of Sydney and Melbourne and all weather presenters replaced.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 5:48 pm

Hungry Jack's closes two Ballarat stores after staff member tests positive to COVID-19

Fast food giant Hungry Jack's closes two stores in the regional Victorian city after a staff member tests positive.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 5:12 pm

Huge increase in cost of humanities degrees has 'glaring flaw', Nationals say

The National Party calls for changes to the Federal Government's planned overhaul of the university system, warning a "glaring" design flaw may leave country students worse off.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 4:12 pm

Here are the key points from Daniel Andrews's latest coronavirus update

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he is confident the state's coronavirus strategy will work, as he also details new case numbers, infections among healthcare workers and a dramatic drop in road traffic.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 4:09 pm

Border bubble confusion as tradies go bust and patients struggle to get treatment

It is feared lives will be lost as a result of Queensland's border bubble confusion with builders worried about the mental health of tradies and cancer patients struggling to access necessary treatment.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 4:02 pm

Victorian coronavirus outbreak drives renewed slump in business confidence

Business confidence turns sharply negative again, around the country, amid Victoria's strong wave of coronavirus infections.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 2:16 pm

'Cactus-mad' gardener's hobby grows into tourist drawcard

Along the backroads of one regional WA town, a unique "Insta-famous" garden of giant cactuses has flourished in the tropical climate and become an accidental tourist attraction.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 10:34 am

This obscure supply chain theory has conquered the world — but has it gone too far?

Just-In-Time supply chains were supposed to save money and cut down on storage space, but critics say they now threaten our economic and social wellbeing. So have we taken the theory too far?

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 10:00 am

ASX jumps to two-month high before late retreat

Australian shares jump to a two-month high before giving up some ground in late afternoon trade to finish moderately higher.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 9:52 am

Mauritius PM warns stricken ship behind oil spill 'will fall apart' as cracks appear in hull

A Japanese ship that ran aground on a reef off Mauritius two weeks ago has now stopped leaking oil into the Indian Ocean, but the island nation is preparing for "a worst-case scenario", with several cracks seen in the tanker's hull.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 9:32 am

Renewables company proposes 'grid-strengthening' battery for Rockhampton

A clean energy company wants to build a lithium-ion battery facility, worth about $50 million, in Central Queensland to support the state's electricity grid.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 9:00 am

Pandemic 'double whammy' for paper mill but optimism for future

As magazines and newspapers fold or move online, Australia's only newsprint and magazine mill is battling to survive and while the pandemic has made things worse, it may also hold the answer.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 7:54 am

Unions want working holidaymaker visa axed, urge farmers to hire unemployed Australians

Unions claim the backpacker program is rife with exploitation, calling for more Australians to work on farms as well as an expansion of the seasonal worker program.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 7:50 am

There's a job-shedding fear bubbling under the work-from-home revolution

Through necessity, the coronavirus pandemic has shown many jobs can be done outside the office. While that opens up possibilities for regional remote working, it also shows how many jobs could head offshore.

Source: Business | 11 Aug 2020 | 6:47 am

'I can't keep on going': Second COVID-19 shutdown sees businesses closing for good

With Melbourne back in lockdown, many business that struggled through the stage 3 shutdown say they won't survive the new, tougher stage 4 restrictions.

Source: Business | 10 Aug 2020 | 10:11 pm

NSW Premier backs her Treasurer over iCare scandal as audit launched

Gladys Berejiklian says she has "confidence" in Dominic Perrottet after an audit is launched into his office over the iCare scandal which forced his Chief of Staff to quit last week.

Source: Business | 10 Aug 2020 | 4:05 pm

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under national security law

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai is arrested over suspected collusion with foreign forces under the new national security law, in what is the highest-profile arrest yet under the legislation.

Source: Business | 10 Aug 2020 | 2:24 pm

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