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New Zealand left off the map on John Lewis tablecloth

We're used to the rest of the world forgetting about us, but that doesn't mean it doesn't still sting. 

Source: - Travel | 25 Jun 2017 | 4:54 pm

Legal threat forces re-write of proposed freedom camping bylaw

Legal threats have flipped the Taupo District Council's proposed Freedom Camping Bylaw on its head.

Source: - Travel | 25 Jun 2017 | 10:59 am

Escape winter for these sun-drenched destinations

As winter rolls in, escape the dreary grey weather and head to one of the following destinations.

Source: - Travel | 25 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Expat Tales: Chicago has vibrant international DNA

Daniel Thomas believes Chicago is a magical city to live and work in because it has a little bit of everything – the architecture, the outdoors and world-class attractions.

Source: - Travel | 25 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Where to go when you're not into snow

Winter holidays don't have to be all about adrenaline-rush, adventure activities: skiing and snowboarding is fun but so is sitting back all warm and cosy and letting the joys of the season come to you.

Source: - Travel | 25 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Family ski holidays for beginners

It has been said working with children and animals is bad news in the movie industry – well, just try kids and wintry conditions on a mountain top.

Source: - Travel | 25 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

World famous in New Zealand: Onsen Hot Pools, Queenstown

These hot and steamy pools are magical on a cold, snowy day.

Source: - Travel | 25 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Leah McFall: Kindest regards

OPINION: Have you ever sat in the back row of a domestic flight? In the planes with 29 rows? I totally recommend it.

Source: - Travel | 25 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

River cruising, where the living is easy

The flamboyant and courageous among us demand oceans. The more introspective prefer rivers: slow moving, intimate landscapes, centuries of history.

Source: - Travel | 25 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Nelson College for Girls learn languages through virtual reality

What if you could practice foreign languages in school while talking to real people, in a real situation?

Source: - Travel | 24 Jun 2017 | 12:30 pm

New Zealand voted the fifth most wish-listed travel destination

Another day, another piece of recognition that we live in paradise.

Source: - Travel | 24 Jun 2017 | 10:05 am

Etihad wants you to pay for its empty seats to boost sales in tough market

Etihad Airways will let economy passengers coveting more elbow room bid online for adjacent seats as the Middle Eastern carrier explores new ways to generate revenue in a tough market.

Source: - Travel | 24 Jun 2017 | 8:13 am

Rotorua: Five epic views to inspire you

Rotorua might not jump to the top of people's bucket lists when they are looking to capture those famous New Zealand views.

Source: - Travel | 24 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Hot Spot: Pilton

Ah, Glastonbury. The list of performers who have rocked idyllic Worthy Farm near the normally peaceful parish of Pilton in England's Somerset spans generations of popular music: Bowie, Stevie Wonder, The Smiths, Radiohead, Beyonce, Jay-Z, The Chemical Brothers...

Source: - Travel | 24 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Ask an Expert: Malaysia with the family

Q: I am planning a stopover in Malaysia for about seven days in late November to early December. We are a family of two adults and two teenage boys and would like to do a mix of sightseeing, amusement parks and shopping. I also enjoy open markets. Where would be the best place to stay and what's the best way to get around?

Source: - Travel | 24 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Smugshot: Readers' travel photos of the week

Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!

Source: - Travel | 24 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

The real cost of a family ski holiday

Photos of squinting kids in  fluoro onesies, crazy beanies and epic bails are a hallmark of many family albums. A rite of passage for Kiwi families: Can we get through a ski trip with fewer than five tantrums, an empty bank balance and a lost glove? It's the best of the New Zealand outdoors – but chairlifts and rosy cheeks don't come cheap ... especially in the school holidays.

Source: - Travel | 24 Jun 2017 | 5:00 am

Jetstar apologises to female doctor after flight booking system assumes she is a man

Jetstar has apologised to a female doctor who lashed out at the low-cost airline when her gender appeared as male on a ticket booking.

Source: - Travel | 23 Jun 2017 | 8:00 pm

$50,000 funding to consider return of Christchurch-Invercargill passenger train service

A Christchurch to Invercargill passenger-train service is a step closer to making a historic comeback.

Source: - Travel | 23 Jun 2017 | 4:54 pm

Kayak is letting travellers search for travel deals using emojis

Planning to book your winter holiday? Just type in an emoji to kick off your flight or hotel search on Kayak.

Source: - Travel | 23 Jun 2017 | 3:53 pm

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