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China voices firm opposition to U.S. politicization of securities regulation

A U.S. bill targeting Chinese companies listed in the United States is clearly discriminatory, China's top securities regulator said Friday, expressing firm opposition to the U.S. politicization of securities regulation.

Source: ecns | 6 Dec 2020 | 3:49 am(NZT)

Court orders return of stolen Zhang Gong Patriarch statue

A Chinese court on Friday ordered that the Dutch collector of the famous Zhang Gong Patriarch-a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue containing the mummified remains of a famous monk-must return the stolen relic to its original owner: two village committees in Fujian province.

Source: ecns | 6 Dec 2020 | 3:48 am(NZT)

China commissions new-generation 'artificial sun'

The HL-2M Tokamak, China's new-generation "artificial sun," went into operation on Friday and has achieved its first plasma discharge, according to the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

Source: ecns | 6 Dec 2020 | 3:00 am(NZT)

China calls for international solidarity to face COVID-19

To defeat COVID-19 and keep the global economy afloat, China called upon countries around the world to "focus on the issue at hand, strengthen solidarity and expand consensus to reinforce cooperation", according to President Xi Jinping's special representative Wang Yi.

Source: ecns | 6 Dec 2020 | 2:35 am(NZT)

Lunar orbiter prepares for rendezvous

The next major maneuver for China's Chang'e 5 robotic mission will be an orbital rendezvous and docking between the probe's ascender and reentry capsule, which will be quite challenging, according to project insiders.

Source: ecns | 6 Dec 2020 | 2:35 am(NZT)

Four Chinese companies respond to U.S. blacklist

The U.S. government's decision to add four Chinese companies, including chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp, to a blacklist suggests Washington's insecurity toward the rise of Chinese companies and will only hurt U.S. investor interests.

Source: ecns | 6 Dec 2020 | 2:35 am(NZT)

Fauci accepts Biden's offer to be his chief medical adviser

Anthony Fauci, a top U.S. infectious disease expert, said on Friday that he has accepted President-elect Joe Biden's offer to be his chief medical adviser.

Source: ecns | 6 Dec 2020 | 2:21 am(NZT)

WHO calls for sustained efforts to control COVID-19 transmission

The COVID-19 pandemic has not settled down into a predictable pattern, as the situation of transmission and cases in different countries varies a lot.

Source: ecns | 6 Dec 2020 | 2:21 am(NZT)

China accounts for largest proportion of UK imports of goods in Q2: ONS

For the first time on record, Britain imported more goods from China than from any other country in the second quarter (Q2) of 2020, Britain's Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said.

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 9:27 pm(NZT)

Spokesperson condemns foreign politicians' meddling in Hong Kong's rule of law

A Chinese central government spokesperson on Friday condemned "a small number of politicians" in the United States and Britain for making groundless accusations against the sentencing of Joshua Wong and two other persons by Hong Kong judicial organs, warning they must stop supporting those who disrupt Hong Kong and antagonize China.

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 9:18 pm(NZT)

UN chief calls for renewed multilateralism to boost cooperation with AU

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday called for "a renewed multilateralism" to boost cooperation between the world body and the African Union (AU).

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 8:54 pm(NZT)

Xi meets representatives to military conference on ideological, political education

President Xi Jinping on Friday met with representatives from the armed forces attending a conference on ideological and political education work in the military, which was held from Thursday to Friday.

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 8:50 pm(NZT)

China's first cold chain logistic service ready for COVID-19 vaccines

Alibaba's logistics arm Cainiao Global has established the country's first cross-border cold chain route with Ethiopian Airlines, ready for the future shipment of COVID-19 related drugs and vaccines.

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 5:34 pm(NZT)

Hong Kong holds symposium to mark national Constitution Day

The relationship between the Constitution and national security and its significance to maintaining national sovereignty, security and development interests were enthusiastically discussed at a symposium in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Friday.

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 5:31 pm(NZT)

China slams new U.S. visa rules targeting CPC members

A spokesperson for China's Foreign Ministry on Friday slammed the United States' new visa rules for members of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and said that several U.S. politicians and their anti-China rhetoric were "ridiculous" and "pathetic."

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 5:29 pm(NZT)

China firmly opposes U.S. designation of Chinese companies as 'military enterprises': FM

China firmly opposes the United States' groundless suppression of Chinese enterprises, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said Friday, slamming the U.S. Department of Defense which designated four more firms as "controlled by China's military."

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 4:39 pm(NZT)

China says trade volume with EU shows resilience of bilateral economic relations

China replaced the U.S. and became the largest trading partner of the EU in the first three quarters of the year amid COVID-19, demonstrating the resilience and potential of China-EU economic and trade relations, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said on Friday.

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 1:55 pm(NZT)

Hong Kong to cancel New Year Countdown fireworks, Chinese Lunar New Year parade due to COVID-19

4 (Xinhua) -- Hong Kong will cancel its annual New Year Countdown fireworks display and Chinese Lunar New Year parade due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said the events' organizer the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) on Friday.

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 1:54 pm(NZT)

COVID-19 vaccine could be ready in India in a few weeks: PM

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that a COVID-19 vaccine could be ready in the country in a few weeks.

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 1:09 pm(NZT)

Chang'e-5 lunar probe erects Chinese national flag on moon

The lander-ascender combination of the Chang'e-5 lunar probe erected a small Chinese national flag before the ascender was launched Thursday.

Source: ecns | 5 Dec 2020 | 12:57 pm(NZT)


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