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Virus forges rare accord among bitter Venezuelan rivals

Bitter political rivals in Venezuela have agreed to work together in a battle against the coronavirus pandemic, opening a window of hope for more cooperation to benefit millions of suffering citizens

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 4:44 am(NZT)

Severe cyclone bears down on Mumbai, India’s coronavirus hot spot

Cyclone Nisarga is the second major storm to hit India in two weeks.

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 4:24 am(NZT)

Is it time to call Trump the f-word?

If Trump is against “anti-fascism,” then what is he for?

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 4:00 am(NZT)

Cristobal makes landfall in Mexico, set to target U.S. Gulf Coast over weekend

Residents from Texas to the Florida Panhandle could deal with tropical storm impacts.

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 3:57 am(NZT)

An investigation into fake news targets Brazil’s Bolsonaros, and critics fear a constitutional crisis

Rivals accuse the president’s sons of coordinating online smear campaigns from an “office of hate.” The family denies the allegations.

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 3:52 am(NZT)

Rebel threats, secret burials and shuttered hospitals mask spread of Yemen’s epidemic

Official coronavirus deaths are in the dozens. Health experts warn they could reach tens of thousands.

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 3:20 am(NZT)

Robots, lampshades and mannequins: How restaurants around the world are adapting to the coronavirus

In some cases, a return to business does not look like a return to the way things were.

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 2:53 am(NZT)

Latin America had time to prepare for the coronavirus. It couldn’t stop the inevitable.

Most leaders took early and aggressive action. The region is still the new global hot spot.

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 2:22 am(NZT)

Thousands in Europe decry racial injustice, police violence

Thousands of people demonstrated in London against police violence and racial injustice following the killing of George Floyd in the United States

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 1:20 am(NZT)

Rescued migrants stranded on chartered Maltese tourist boats

More than 400 migrants are living in limbo aboard four pleasure cruise boats chartered by Malta’s government

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 1:06 am(NZT)

Bank of England reminds banks of ‘no deal’ Brexit risk

The Bank of England is reminding British banks to prepare for the possibility that the U.K. and the European Union will fail to agree a trade deal by the end of the year, amid few signs of progress in discussions between the two sides

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 12:45 am(NZT)

Johnson offers U.K. citizenship path for nearly 3 million Hong Kongers

London will allow holders of British National Overseas passports to live and work in Britain, in response to China’s crackdown on freedom in the Asian financial hub.

Source: World | 4 Jun 2020 | 12:40 am(NZT)

As Middle East tensions mount, he may be the last one left with any shot at brokering peace

As the United Nations’ envoy for the “Middle East Peace Process,” the Bulgarian-born Nikolay Mladenov acknowledges that the process he is responsible for may be nothing more than a fading memory.

Source: World | 3 Jun 2020 | 10:00 pm(NZT)

Trump administration bans flights by Chinese airlines

The move came amid Beijing's refusal to allow U.S. carriers to resume service to China.

Source: World | 3 Jun 2020 | 6:57 pm(NZT)

Gambia calls for ‘credible’ investigation of U.S. police-shooting death of its citizen

Momodou Lamin Sisay, 39, was fatally shot by police just outside of Atlanta.

Source: World | 3 Jun 2020 | 6:46 pm(NZT)

Active-duty troops deployed to DC region start to leave

 Senior defense officials tell the Associated Press that U.S. active-duty soldiers brought in to help if needed with the civil unrest in the nation’s capitol are beginning to return to their home base, after two days of more peaceful demonstrations in Washington, D

Source: World | 3 Jun 2020 | 5:38 pm(NZT)

The global race for a coronavirus vaccine could lead to this generation’s Sputnik moment

The nation that produces the first safe and effective vaccine will gain not only bragging rights but also a fast track to put its people back to work, a powerful public health tool to protect its citizens and a precious resource to reward allies.

Source: World | 3 Jun 2020 | 5:07 pm(NZT)

Why the U.S. protests matter to the world

The outpouring of international solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters reflects a particular hold America has on the global imagination.

Source: World | 3 Jun 2020 | 3:47 am(NZT)

Iran’s Zarif says Iranian scientist deported from U.S.

Sirous Asgari was acquitted last year of stealing U.S. trade secrets.

Source: World | 3 Jun 2020 | 2:04 am(NZT)

North Korea eases coronavirus lockdown because even totalitarian states need trade

The country may have been spared the worst of the pandemic, but it hasn’t escaped the economic pain.

Source: World | 2 Jun 2020 | 11:26 pm(NZT)


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