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The pandemic has created a second crisis in India — the rise of child trafficking

One evening in August, a 14-year-old boy snuck out of his home and boarded a private bus to travel from his village in Bihar to Jaipur, a chaotic, crowded and historical city 800 miles away in India's Rajasthan state.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 25 Oct 2020 | 2:15 pm

Europe's clocks are going back. Here's how to stay positive as the nights draw in

The clocks are turning back one hour across Europe at 2am on Sunday October 25, giving everyone across the continent an extra hour in bed, and signaling the start of winter.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 25 Oct 2020 | 7:22 am

Scotland tells families not to trick-or-treat this Halloween because of Covid-19

The Scottish government says families should celebrate Halloween at home this year instead of going trick-or-treating to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 25 Oct 2020 | 7:02 am

Analysis: Boris Johnson's credibility takes a hit

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 25 Oct 2020 | 3:59 am

Bellingcat: Russian scientists secretly developing Novichok nerve agent

The investigative group Bellingcat has uncovered new details about Russia's development of the Novichok nerve agent, which was used against the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal in England in 2018 and the Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny in August.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 24 Oct 2020 | 8:19 am

Why it's so hard to dethrone Google

If you use the internet, Google is practically inescapable. This is most evident in how we search for almost everything online — so much so that "Google" is synonymous with search.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 23 Oct 2020 | 8:13 am

Lily Allen launches sex toy, encouraging women to talk confidently about pleasure

Lily Allen has teamed up with a German sex toy brand to launch her own sex toy -- and start a discussion about female sexuality.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 23 Oct 2020 | 5:29 am

Bitcoin surges after Paypal jumps into the cryptocurrency business

PayPal is launching its own cryptocurrency service, allowing people to buy, hold and sell digital currency on its site and applications.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 22 Oct 2020 | 4:33 pm

Short-form video app Quibi is shutting down after just six months

Much like its content, Quibi didn't last very long.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 22 Oct 2020 | 11:48 am

Kim Kardashian West at 40: Looking back at her style evolution

Scrolling through images of outfits worn over the years by Kim Kardashian West, who turns 40 today, one thing remains consistent throughout: how confident she looks in even the most questionable of them.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 21 Oct 2020 | 8:15 pm

This car just smashed through speed records at 316 mph

A little-known American automaker has just snatched the title of world's fastest production car.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 21 Oct 2020 | 5:47 pm

Why the image of first lady is judged so harshly

The role of first lady of the United States is one of the most visible public positions in the world. From the moment votes are counted, and often during campaigning in the preceding months, the spouse of a newly elected president is thrust into the spotlight, where she remains for the duration of his term.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 17 Oct 2020 | 10:25 pm

Forget silicon. This material could be a game-changer for solar power

Solar energy is poised for what could be its biggest transformation in over half a century.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 14 Oct 2020 | 11:54 pm

Can antimicrobial fashion protect you from the coronavirus?

With no end to the global pandemic in sight, fashion and sportswear brands have been quickly adapting their lines to include face masks decorated with logos and stylish patterns.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 14 Oct 2020 | 2:24 pm

Italian islands become 'sex pilgrimage' sites

They're pristine, wild and extremely hot -- and not just because of the high temperature and the stunning volcanic landscape with constant little eruptions.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 7 Oct 2020 | 2:39 am

Meet the designer making technicolor adult playgrounds

Over the enduring pandemic, designer Yinka Illori's studio has shared the spirit of hope through two inspiring murals pasted in London this summer.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 19 Sep 2020 | 1:42 am

US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here's why it matters

If you're looking for a reason to care about tree loss, the nation's latest heat wave might be it. Trees can lower summer daytime temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a recent study.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 19 Sep 2019 | 4:44 am

Miami's Little Haiti wasn't a target for developers. Until the seas started to rise

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 13 Jul 2019 | 3:14 am

How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis

Rich people don't just have bigger bank balances and more lavish lifestyles than the rest of us -- they also have bigger carbon footprints.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 12 Jul 2019 | 9:20 pm

Seven leading African photographers from across the continent

Contemporary photography in Africa appears to be thriving, bolstered by the emergence of new arts initiatives, prizes and platforms showcasing the continent's best image-makers.

Source: - RSS Channel - World | 29 Apr 2019 | 10:37 pm


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