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Photos of the Week: Masked Monks, Windmill Walk, Birthday Parade (35 photos)

Lockdown in Nepal, a drive-up church service in Tennessee, urban deer in Sri Lanka, a porch concert in California, a medical isolation booth in Boston, a medical detection dog in England, a sanitizing tunnel in Mexico, the arrival of the USNS Comfort hospital ship in New York City, and much more.

Tiahne O'Loughlin-Johnson, 18, stands inside the doorway of her home on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, on March 31, 2020. Tiahne says she misses spending time with her friends, many of whom have cancelled birthday celebrations. "I was hoping to travel and work in the UK next year but now I feel really anxious about the future—being able to get work." Public gatherings are now limited to two people after the Australian Government introduced tougher restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ( Lisa Maree Williams / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 3 Apr 2020 | 5:30 pm(NZT)

Photos: The Volunteers (28 photos)

At a time when so many folks are in so many kinds of need, volunteers are stepping up around the world to give—to donate their time, skills, materials, and much more. To meet shortages, people are making masks and other personal protective equipment at home. To feed those in need, people are working at food banks and charities. People are shopping for and making deliveries to the more vulnerable, and producing and distributing sanitizers to prevent the spread of the virus. People are donating facilities, money, food, and even their own blood to help their neighbors make it through tough times. Below, a collection of images capturing some of the generosity that this pandemic has inspired.

Coronavirus-crisis volunteer Rhiannon Navin greets local residents arriving at a food-distribution center at the WestCOP community center in New Rochelle, New York, on March 18, 2020. ( John Moore / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 3 Apr 2020 | 6:52 am(NZT)

Wild Goats Roam Through an Empty Welsh Town (14 photos)

Lockdown measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have left the streets of cities and towns vacant for weeks now. In the seaside town of Llandudno, Wales, a small herd of wild Kashmiri goats that normally roam nearby rocky hillsides has taken advantage of the moment, and ventured into the town to feed on hedges and rest in grassy areas. The herd has previously appeared in the town during bad weather events, but now it seems to be drawn by the unusual quiet. The BBC quoted a town councillor, who said, “They are curious, goats are, and I think they are wondering what’s going on like everybody else.”

Wild Kashmiri goats roam the streets of Llandudno, Wales, on March 31, 2020. The goats normally live on the rocky Great Orme but are occasional visitors to the seaside town. A local councillor told the BBC that the herd was drawn this time by the lack of people and tourists due to quarantine measures related to the COVID-19 outbreak. ( Christopher Furlong / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 1 Apr 2020 | 4:27 am(NZT)

A Moment for Drive-In Movie Theaters (18 photos)

With movie theaters around the world closed or empty because of the ongoing pandemic, drive-in theaters appear to be having a momentary comeback. People looking for a big-screen movie experience can drive up, show their tickets without opening a window, and enjoy the show as an isolated family unit. Some drive-in owners are opening early in the season, hoping to provide people with something entertaining to do outside their homes—together with others, yet safely apart. Below, recent images of moviegoers in Germany, South Korea, and the U.S.

The Bills family get comfortable in the back of their truck, with temperatures in the low 30s, before the movie "Onward" starts at the Basin Drive In in Mount Pleasant, Utah, on March 27, 2020. The Basin Drive In opened early this year, despite cold temperatures, because of the closure of indoor movie theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ( George Frey / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 31 Mar 2020 | 6:53 am(NZT)

North Dakota: Images of the Peace Garden State (33 photos)

North Dakota is home to about 760,000 people—the fourth-smallest population of any state in the U.S. It is primarily farmland, with about 90 percent of its area used for agriculture. North Dakota is also home to a recent oil boom, based on new drilling technologies like fracking, which has changed both the landscape and the population. Here are a few glimpses of the terrain of North Dakota and some of the animals and people calling it home.

This photo story is part of Fifty, a collection of images from each of the United States.

An eastbound coal train swings through the curves at Sully Springs, North Dakota, passing an oil well in the process. ( Mike Danneman / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 30 Mar 2020 | 4:40 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Masked Bunnies, Beach Meditation, Village Pyramid (35 photos)

A drive-in theater in South Korea, sunshine in Blackpool, a temporary hospital in Serbia, applause events in India and France, toilet-paper cake in Germany, volunteer mask making in Maryland, snowfall in Turkey, isolation in New Zealand, and much more

Father Scott Holmer of St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church makes the sign of the cross while holding confession in the church parking lot on March 20, 2020, in Bowie, Maryland. Holmer, who sits six feet away from those in cars, holds drive-through confessions daily in the parking lot of the church because of the COVID-19 pandemic. ( Rob Carr / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 27 Mar 2020 | 5:30 pm(NZT)

The Visual Landscape of a World Shaped by Pandemic (32 photos)

The drastic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak have changed nearly every aspect of daily life, leaving a visual impact on the world around us. Grounded aircraft, deserted beaches, temporary hospitals, idle buses, quiet streets, empty shelves, and socially distant behavior have quickly become common sights. Gathered here, a few more glimpses of our new reality as billions of people stay home.

Delta Air Lines passenger planes are seen parked at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Birmingham, Alabama, on March 25, 2020, due to flight reductions made to slow the spread of the coronavirus. ( Elijah Nouvelage / Reuters)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 27 Mar 2020 | 8:05 am(NZT)

Music and Encouragement From Balconies Around the World (27 photos)

From its beginnings in January, the coronavirus outbreak has driven millions of people to shelter at home for long days of anxiousness and boredom. In country after country, people have responded by taking to their balconies, windows, and rooftops to sing to one another, to applaud and show gratitude to their health-care workers, to play music, and to lift one another’s spirits. Collected below are images of some of the musicians and grateful neighbors in Spain, Iraq, the U.S., France, Italy, Lebanon, India, Germany, and more, socializing from a safe distance.

People gather on a balcony of a residential building to clap and make noise with kitchenware to thank essential service providers during a one-day Janata (civil) curfew imposed amid concerns over the spread of COVID-19, in Amritsar, India, on March 22, 2020. ( Narinder Nanu / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 25 Mar 2020 | 7:54 am(NZT)

We Need Puppies Right Now (20 photos)

When so much of the world is focused on stories that can create anxiety, it might be helpful to take a breather and enjoy a few photos of adorable pups on National Puppy Day. The date, March 23, was first set aside in 2006 by the author Colleen Paige, before other groups and organizations followed suit. The idea is to call attention to puppies in need of adoption and the abuses found in puppy mills, but also to celebrate these furry little companions. In the spirit of the day, I am once more obligated to share some images of pups from around the world.

A young Samoyed enjoys a day at the beach along the Baltic Sea. ( Zanna Pesnina / Shutterstock)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 24 Mar 2020 | 4:08 am(NZT)

Utah: Images of the Beehive State (35 photos)

The rugged and varied terrain of Utah is home to more than 50 national and state parks, as well as more than 3 million residents, most of whom live in the north-central part of the state, near the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. Here are a few glimpses into the landscape of Utah, and some of the animals and people calling it home.

This photo story is part of Fifty, a collection of images from each of the United States.

Sandstone rock formations in Bryce Canyon's Amphitheater, viewed at sunrise on November 8, 2018, in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. Bryce Canyon National Park, located two hours north of Zion National Park, features spectacular geologic formations including mountains, canyons, spires known as hoodoos, buttes, mesas, monoliths, rivers, and natural arches. ( George Rose / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 23 Mar 2020 | 5:23 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Social Distancing, Hurdle Race, Masked Tango (35 photos)

Coronavirus-prevention measures around the world, online yoga in Brazil, farm-horse racing in Japan, a glass sculpture of the coronavirus in England, disinfecting Jordan's city of Petra, drive-through COVID-19 testing in Seattle, empty beaches in Florida, spring blooms in France, and much more

A dog plays outside after a heavy snowfall in Ankara, Turkey, on March 19, 2020. ( Evrim Aydın / Anadolu Agency / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 20 Mar 2020 | 5:30 pm(NZT)

Photos: The Quiet Emptiness of a World Under Coronavirus (28 photos)

Closures, travel restrictions, and self-isolation measures due to the new coronavirus have cleared public squares, roads, and travel destinations across the globe. Places built to accommodate thousands have become virtual ghost towns, as tourists and locals remain at home. Photographers in France, India, the U.S., Italy, China, Australia, and more have been capturing the eerie stillness of these public spaces, recently emptied of the crowds they were built for.

The reflecting pool and National Mall, normally filled with tourists, shown nearly empty due to the impacts of the coronavirus, on March 17, 2020, in Washington, D.C. ( Win McNamee / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 19 Mar 2020 | 6:26 am(NZT)

Photos: Life in the Coronavirus Era (36 photos)

In an all-out effort to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, health and government officials worldwide have mandated travel restrictions, closed schools and businesses, and set limits on public gatherings. People have also been urged to practice social distancing in public spaces, and to isolate themselves at home as much as possible. This rapid and widespread shift in rules and behavior has left much of the world looking very different than it did a few months ago, with emptied streets, schools, workplaces, and restaurants, and almost everyone staying home. Gathered below, some recent scenes from this pandemic, and of people coping with the many problems it is causing.

Expatriates returning from Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon wait to be retested in a Kuwaiti health ministry containment and screening zone for COVID-19 in Kuwait City on March 16, 2020. ( Yasser Al-Zayyat / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 17 Mar 2020 | 6:33 am(NZT)

Oklahoma: Images of the Sooner State (34 photos)

Oklahoma, home to nearly 4 million residents, is a geologically diverse state. The territory shifts from high plains to rolling mountain ranges, from mesas to marshland, and from wide-open prairies to dense forests. Here are a few glimpses into the landscape of Oklahoma, and some of the animals and people calling it home.

This photo story is part of Fifty, a collection of images from each of the United States.

Cloud-to-ground lightning, captured during a thunderstorm near Boise City, Oklahoma, on May 21, 2017 ( Jason Weingart / Barcroft Media / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 16 Mar 2020 | 3:51 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Hungry Deer, Homer Homer, Arabian Oryx (35 photos)

Coronavirus prevention measures around the world, cherry blossoms in England, snowshoeing in New York, the “burial of the sardine” on Tenerife, Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland, the Crufts dog show in England, Holi festival in India, and much more.

Workers place a mask on a figure made for the Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain, on March 11, 2020. The festival, which was scheduled to take place on March 13, has been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. ( Alberto Saiz / AP)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 13 Mar 2020 | 5:30 pm(NZT)

Large-Scale Disinfection Efforts Against Coronavirus (21 photos)

As health workers and governments around the world work to slow the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, large-scale disinfection efforts are becoming commonplace. Using methods ranging from simple hand-wiping to mobile spray cannons, workers and volunteers are attempting to halt the transfer of the virus by touch. While there are questions about the efficacy of some of the broader spraying tactics, disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces can help stop the spread of the virus. Collected here, images of recent efforts in Iran, China, Italy, South Korea, and more.

A worker sprays antiseptic solution from atop a fire truck on a street in Manila, Philippines, on March 11, 2020, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. ( Ezra Acayan / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 12 Mar 2020 | 7:23 am(NZT)

When Everyone Stays Home: Empty Public Spaces During Coronavirus (25 photos)

In cities and regions hard-hit by the coronavirus crisis, quarantine measures and self-isolation efforts have left many public spaces deserted. Classrooms, plazas, malls, sports venues, cafes, houses of worship, and tourist destinations appear eerily empty as people stay home, cancel plans, and await further news.

An aerial view shows an eerily empty white-tiled area surrounding the Kaaba in Mecca's Grand Mosque, on March 6, 2020. Attendance at Friday prayers was hit by measures to protect against the deadly new coronavirus. ( Bandar Aldandani / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 10 Mar 2020 | 7:42 am(NZT)

Michigan: Images of the Great Lakes State (35 photos)

Michigan is unique, surrounded by Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie, the state touts the longest freshwater coastline in the United States—3,288 miles, including islands. Here are a few glimpses into the landscape of the state of Michigan, and some of the animals and people calling it home.

This photo story is part of Fifty, a collection of images from each of the United States.

The steam engine Pere Marquette 1225, known as the North Pole Express, speeds by an abandoned grain elevator in Carland, Michigan, on December 9, 2017. ( Craig Sterken / Shutterstock)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 9 Mar 2020 | 5:32 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Model Vostok, Super Tuesday, Fur Rondy (35 photos)

New growth in bushfire-affected Australia, coronavirus precautions around the world, a birthday party in isolation in China, migrants on the Turkey-Greece border, heavy rains in Brazil, a wet world-record attempt in Russia, mule deer in flight above Utah, Tennessee tornado damage, and much more

South Korean soldiers wearing protective gear sanitize a street in front of city hall after the rapid rise in confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Daegu, southeast of the capital Seoul, South Korea, on March 2, 2020. ( Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 6 Mar 2020 | 6:30 pm(NZT)

Finalists From Smithsonian Magazine’s 2019 Photo Contest (15 photos)

The editors of Smithsonian magazine have just announced the 60 finalists in their 17th annual photo contest, selected from 36,000 entries sent in from 145 countries and territories. They have once more allowed me to share here a selection of images from the competition’s six categories: Natural World, American Experience, Travel, People, Altered Images, and Mobile. Captions were written by the photographers. Be sure to visit the contest page at to see all the finalists and vote for your favorites.

Adélie Penguin on an Iceberg. Finalist, Natural World. Ice-dependent animals are in perilous danger of losing their habitats. This photo shows an Adélie penguin standing on an iceberg off Devil Island, Antarctica. I like how the half-lit, sea-eroded iceberg gives the scene a sense of dichotomy. Perhaps the penguin's indecision on which way to go, or perhaps ours. (© Copyright Conor Ryan. All rights reserved.)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 6 Mar 2020 | 5:07 am(NZT)

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