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即将上任的总理坚称他的政府将减税。 National, Act, NZ First coalition talks cast uncertainty over Nats’ foreign buyers tax

The incoming prime minister maintains his government will reduce taxes.

开发商因在Porirua未经授权进行土方工程和排放而被罚款超过 93,000 纽币Developers fined over $93,000 for unauthorised earthworks and discharge in Porirua

科罗曼德半岛的 SH25a 将于圣诞节期间重新开放 Coromandel’s SH25a to reopen in time for Christmas

验尸官称亨特在阿斯帕林山的死亡是可以避免的 Hunter’s Mt Aspiring death was preventable – coroner

奥克兰机场查获近2公斤冰毒后男子被指控  Man charged after nearly 2kg methamphetamine seized at Auckland Airport

飞入高压电线的皇后镇直升机飞行员在 CAA 起诉后被罚款 3500 纽币Queenstown helicopter pilot who flew into high tension wire fined $3500 after CAA prosecution

以色列与哈马斯战争:前奥克兰市长多夫·迈尔·罗宾逊爵士的雕像在亲巴勒斯坦集会后遭到纳粹党徽破坏 Israel-Hamas war: Former Auckland mayor Sir Dove-Myer Robinson’s statue vandalised with swastika after pro-Palestine rally

受害者损失高达 10,000 纽币后,怀卡托 Facebook 用户警告要小Tiny house 诈骗者

Waikato Facebook users warned about tiny house scammer after victims lose up to $10,000

Pukekohe警方抓获 12 岁蒙面劫匪

奥克兰南部小镇Pukekohe发生严重抢劫案,七名青少年被捕。12yo among masked robbers caught in Pukekohe – police

Seven teenagers have been arrested after an aggravated robbery in the southern Auckland town of Pukekohe.

警方在南奥克兰围攻 Killer Beez 团伙,缴获毒品、枪支和弹药

两天来,警方拦截了 117 辆汽车,扣押了 5 辆。 Police swarm on Killer Beez gang in South Auckland, seizing drugs, a firearm and ammunition

Over two days, the police stopped 117 vehicles and impounded five.

汽车撞上北帕默斯顿市中心咖啡馆墙壁 Car crashes into cafe wall in central Palmerston North

布伦海姆 Main St 发生车祸,三人被送往医院,一人被捕 Three people taken to hospital and one person arrested after crash on Main St in Blenheim

首次购房者:普基科希 (Pukekohe) 的首次购房者二手房,配有三张床和一间卧室,价格不到 87.5 万纽币First-time buyer: A first-time buyer hand-me-down in Pukekohe, with three beds and a sleep out for under $875K

陶朗加垃圾箱:83 岁被控毁坏公共垃圾箱出庭

该指控最高可判处七年监禁。 Tauranga rubbish bins: 83-year-old accused of destroying public bins appears in court

The charge has a maximum penalty of seven years’ imprisonment.


最近几周,废水中检测到的病毒含量增加了一倍多。 Christmas Covid-19 wave looms, ‘notable increase’ of people contracting virus

The levels of the virus detected in wastewater have more than doubled in recent weeks.

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基督城电动汽车博览会将成为新西兰最大的电动汽车展览会 Christchurch EV expo to be the largest display of electric vehicles in NZ


NZ ship stranded in Fiji as tropical cyclone barrels towards islands

三名男子因在麦肯齐非法钓鱼而被罚款 6700 纽币Three men to pay $6700 over illegal sportfishing in Mackenzie

蓝桥渡轮撞上码头几天后,岛际渡轮 Kaiarahi 与码头相撞,船体上留下一个大洞。Second ferry in a week smashes into Wellington wharf
Interislander ferry Kaiarahi has collided with a wharf leaving a large hole in its hull, days after a Bluebridge ferry hit a wharf.

11名新西兰人通过拉法过境点离开加沙 – MFAT
外交和贸易部已确认 11 名新西兰人连夜通过拉法过境点离开加沙。 11 New Zealanders leave Gaza via Rafah crossing – MFAT
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has confirmed 11 New Zealanders left Gaza via the Rafah crossing overnight.


尽管经济形势严峻,澳新银行利润仍增长 10%
新西兰最大的银行今年盈利 22.62 亿纽币。ANZ profit up 10% despite tough economic times
NZ’s biggest bank made $2.262 billion in profit in the year.

男子被指控在挥舞枪支之前偷了无叶风扇 Man accused of stealing bladeless fans, before waving firearm

Trade Me 数据显示,今年的租金比去年高得多。Here’s how much extra Auckland tenants have to pay in rent
Rent bills are a lot bigger this year than last, Trade Me data shows.

诈骗者去年从新西兰人那里骗走了近 2 亿纽币——报告Scammers took almost $200m from Kiwis last year – report

北岛下部周一有震感 4.2 级地震A 4.2 magnitude earthquake was felt in the lower North Island on Monday

克里斯托弗·卢克森 (Christopher Luxon) 的 APEC 会议最后期限越来越近,只剩下几天了。 National, Act, NZ First coalition talks: Christopher Luxon says negotiations could take another week
Christopher Luxon’s APEC deadline draws closer with only days left.

奥克兰法沃纳的联排别墅发生火灾 Fire damages townhouses in Auckland’s Favona

一份报告发现,该国去年为解决大流行期间暴露的弱点而建立的全国公共卫生系统正在举步维艰。Report reveals new health system struggled with ‘confusion and delays’
The country’s nationwide public health system set up last year to address weaknesses exposed during the pandemic is struggling, a report has found.

奥克兰抗议活动中遭铲子袭击男孩正在医院康复 Boy recovering in hospital after attacked with shovel at Auckland protest

工作和薪酬:Seek 数据显示,专家们对薪酬透明度存在分歧
新数据显示,以薪资为特征的职位列表一年内上涨了约三分之一。 Jobs and pay: Experts at odds over salary transparency as Seek data revealed
New figures show job listings featuring salaries have risen by about a third in a year.

以色列-哈马斯战争:男孩在离开奥克兰亲巴勒斯坦抗议活动时被挥舞铲子的男子袭击,警方在集会上逮捕了三人 Israel-Hamas War: Boy hit by shovel-wielding man while leaving Auckland pro-Palestine protest, police make 3 arrests at rally

新西兰慈善机构救济援助组织的两名工作人员在加沙房屋被炸中丧生 Two workers for NZ charity Relief Aid killed when homes bombed in Gaza

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德里 AQI:排灯节后印度首都有毒雾霾

尽管由于高污染而禁止燃放烟花,但许多人还是燃放鞭炮庆祝排灯节。 Delhi AQI: Toxic haze in India capital after Diwali festival

Many people burst crackers to celebrate Diwali despite a ban on fireworks due to high pollution.

美国共和党参议员蒂姆·斯科特退出总统竞选 US Republican Senator Tim Scott pulls out of presidential campaign

马来西亚凶手从澳大利亚移民拘留所获释 Malaysian killer released from Australian immigration detention

DP World:澳大利亚网站在网络攻击后重新上线 DP World: Australia sites back online after cyber-attack

印度一隧道坍塌 40人被困Tunnel collapse in India traps 40 people

这些军人在美国加强行动的地区发生的直升机坠毁事故中丧生。Five US troops die in training air crash in eastern Mediterranean
The service members died in a helicopter crash in a region where the US has boosted operations.

数十万逃离炸弹袭击的人现在正在被污染的海水中洗澡,睡在拥挤的帐篷里。In Gaza, fleeing refugees face hunger and disease: ‘We are in the Dark Ages’
Hundreds of thousands who fled bombs are now washing in polluted seawater and sleeping in packed tents.

彼得·尼加德(Peter Nygard):时尚大亨犯有性侵犯罪
这位 82 岁的老人仍在蒙特利尔面临审判并被引渡到美国。Peter Nygard: Fashion mogul guilty of sex assaults
The 82-year-old is still facing a trial in Montreal and extradition to the US.
逃跑的马戏团狮子在被捕前在意大利小镇闲逛 Escaped circus lion roams around Italian town before capture

以色列总统否认袭击加沙的希法医院Israel’s president denies it is striking Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital

英国警方谴责抗议当天的极右暴力行为 UK police condemn far-right violence on day of protest

法国警方挫败价值60万欧元的香槟抢劫案 French police thwart €600,000 champagne heist

法国反犹太主义游行震撼极右翼和极左翼 French march against antisemitism shakes up far right and far left

以色列总统称哈马斯战士身上发现了(希特勒)《我的奋斗》 Israeli president says Mein Kampf found on Hamas fighter

马斯克谈对中国印象: 专注自身发展,人们聪明勤奋


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Xi-Biden meeting overshadowed by conflicts in Ukraine and Israel – and US stance on Taiwan

Chinese and US presidents meeting amid a deteriorating geopolitical climate, with the countries on opposing sides of two major conflicts

One year after their last in-person talks, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden will come face to face once again on Wednesday in San Francisco, in an encounter that will dominate events at the Apec summit as the Chinese and US presidents seek to stabilise relations in an increasingly fraught geopolitical climate.

The meeting, which could last several hours, is the culmination of months of lower level dialogues which took place over the summer, with Washington sending more delegates to China than Beijing did to the US.



China’s carbon emissions set for structural decline from next year'Emissions by world’s most polluting country could peak this year after surge in clean energy investments

China’s carbon emissions could peak this year before falling into a structural decline for the first time from next year after a record surge in clean energy investments, according to research.

Emissions from the world’s most polluting country have rebounded this year after the Chinese government dropped its Covid restrictions in January, according to analysis undertaken for Carbon Brief.

当阿尔巴尼斯会见习近平时——在与中国的外交重置中——播客When Albanese met Xi – inside the diplomatic reset with China – podcast

上周,安东尼·艾博内塞开始了澳大利亚总理自 2016 年以来的首次中国之行,并会见了中国国家主席习近平。这一刻标志着澳大利亚和中国在多年的动荡之后外交上的重置。

Last week Anthony Albanese embarked on the first trip to China by an Australian prime minister since 2016, meeting with China’s president, Xi Jinping. This moment signals a diplomatic reset between Australia and China after years of


Beijing’s data and spy laws threaten to spur decoupling with Europe, says business group

BusinessEurope claims that anti-espionage amendments make the relationship with China ‘challenging’


China’s matchmaking mums have a powerful ally: The Party
Chinese leaders add to parental pressure, urging young Chinese to marry and have babies.


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