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Auckland will move to alert level 3 ​at 11.59pm tomorrow night.

奥克兰将于明晚 11 点 59 分进入 3 级警报。

Covid-19 NZ update: Alert level decision from Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield

Covid-19 NZ 更新:Jacinda Ardern 和 Ashley Bloomfield 的警报级别决定

Ardern said they were delayed because her computer froze.

Ardern 说他们被推迟是因为她的电脑死机了。

She’s running through the new cases announced today.

The majority of today’s cases are known contacts, five are unlinked. Three of these are within one family with a tentative link.
今天的大多数病例都是已知的接触者,五个没有联系。 其中三个属于一个家庭,具有暂时的联系。

More interviews are happening with an update expected tomorrow.


They’ve tested around the case in the Waikato. Household contacts, corrections staff, court staff and police staff have been tested.
他们已经在怀卡托的病例周围进行了测试。 家庭联系人、惩教人员、法院工作人员和警察工作人员都接受了检测。

There are only three positives.

Widespread testing is happening in the community still.

Over 300 swabs have already been taken in the relatively small community.
在相对较小的社区中,已经采集了 300 多个拭子。

Bloomfield said in addition to the testing, contact tracing and isolation, a Section 70 notice is being put in place in the area north of Highway 2. This will extend the road boundary to the east.
Bloomfield 说,除了检测、接触者追踪和隔离之外,还在 2 号高速公路以北的地区发布了第 70 条通知。这将使道路边界向东延伸。

Anyone who visited households in this area since September 8 is being asked to stay at home.
任何自 9 月 8 日以来访问过该地区家庭的人都被要求呆在家里。

This is also for people who live and work there. They should stay home and check for symptoms.

这也适用于在那里生活和工作的人。 他们应该待在家里并检查症状。

This is until Friday, so far.

The Ministry of Health just sent this update through:

The final household member of the northern Hauraki house where the remand prisoner stayed has now been tested and results are pending.


An investigation into the epidemiological link (exact route of infection) is ongoing – our working hypothesis being that the individual was infected in Auckland after leaving prison, rather than by someone in the local community where he was staying.


Further tests, including whole genome sequencing of the first close contacts, are due tomorrow.


The ongoing investigation from Auckland Regional Public Health is looking to establish epidemiological links to the wider Auckland outbreak, guided by the whole genome sequencing results as they become available.


The five further household members isolating at home returned negative results yesterday, giving us confidence that they have not been infectious in the community.


All three positive cases, and an accompanying adult caregiver, have been moved to a quarantine facility.


To date negative results have been returned from testing of close contacts among prison staff, other prisoners, police and court staff.


A pop-up testing centre in the northern Hauraki town of Wharekawa marae in Whakatīwai has been busy today testing locals. Waikato DHB reports 340 tests have been taken as of 2pm today.

位于 Whakatīwai 的 Hauraki 北部小镇 Wharekawa marae 的一个临时测试中心今天一直忙于测试当地人。 怀卡托 DHB 报告说,截至今天下午 2 点,已经进行了 340 次测试。

A map of the region will be published later today.

This is a bespoke level 4 situation, Ardern said.

Ardern 说,这是一种定制的 4 级情况。

They’ve used a boundary and section 70 approach to cover those who might not live there but who travel there for work.
他们使用边界和第 70 条方法来涵盖那些可能不住在那里但因工作而前往那里的人。

This gives them an extra layer of comfort for the community that they are creating a level 4 environment for those most likely affected. This will allow for extensive testing and tracing.

这让他们为社区提供了额外的安慰,因为他们正在为最有可能受影响的人创造 4 级环境。 这将允许进行广泛的测试和追踪。

Ardern said a strong local approach will make all of the difference. She thanked those in the region who have supported the response so far.
Ardern 表示,强有力的本地方法将使一切变得不同。 她感谢该地区迄今为止支持响应的人。

We’re one month and four days in from when we learnt of the first case in this outbreak.

Delta meant we couldn’t take chances, Ardern said. Level 4 was the right move and has worked.
Ardern 说,Delta 意味着我们不能冒险。  4 级警报是正确的举措,并且奏效了。

If they waited one more week, there would be around 5000 cases, modelling shows.

模型显示,如果他们再等一个星期,就会有大约 5000 个病例。

Ardern said level 4 has been tough but it’s made a difference.
Ardern 说 4 级很艰难,但它有所作为。


Almost 67,000 tests have been carried out, 1.4m doses have been administered, and 660,000 people have had their second dose.
已经进行了近 67,000 次测试,接种了 140 万剂疫苗,660,000 人接受了第二剂。


They’re confidence there isn’t significant undetected transmission, but Delta has a long hard tail, Ardern said.



They looked at the details of recent cases.


Cases have been “dominated” by close contacts.


The next stage of the plan must be to keep bubbles tight.


Level 4 has done what they needed it to. It’s helped contain the outbreak.
4 级警报已经完成了他们需要的工作。 它有助于控制疫情。


Level 3 still provides the strict rules needed to keep up that important work.
3 级警报仍然提供了保持重要工作所需的严格规则。


Auckland will be in level 3 for at least 2 weeks. The settings will be reviewed on October 4.
奥克兰将在至少 2 周内处于 3 级。 设置将在 10 月 4 日进行审核。


The rest of the country will remain in level 2 while Auckland is in level 3.
该国其他地区将保持在 2 级,而奥克兰处于 3 级。


But gatherings in level 2 will be amended to be a max of 100 people indoors.

但 2 级的聚会将被修改为室内最多 100 人。

Level 3 for Auckland means “caution” Ardern said.
奥克兰的 3 级意味着“谨慎”,Ardern 说。

Bubbles remain, you can’t visit friends or neighbours. You shouldn’t share food, talk across the fence or have kids playing together.
泡泡仍然存在,你不能拜访朋友或邻居。 你不应该分享食物,隔着栅栏交谈或让孩子们一起玩耍。

You can make minor and small extensions to your bubble to people isolated, like an elderly relative. Another carer or family member can also be brought in to care for kids.
您可以对与世隔绝的人(例如年长的亲戚)进行细微的扩展。 也可以带另一名照顾者或家庭成员来照顾孩子。

Bubbles must remain small and exclusive, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,泡泡必须保持小而独特。

If you break your bubble, the consequence may be spreading Covid back into your house and to your loved ones, Ardern said. She implored everyone to take it seriously.

Ardern 说,如果你打破泡泡,后果可能是将 Covid 传播回你的房子和你所爱的人。 她恳请大家认真对待。

Businesses should put all necessary rules in place and support staff who are sick to get a test and stay home until they’re well. She also asked businesses to make time for staff this week to get vaccinated.
企业应该制定所有必要的规则,并支持生病的员工接受检测并待在家里直到他们康复。 她还要求企业在本周为员工腾出时间接种疫苗。

Keep working from home and keep kids at home, where you can.

Schools are still closed, only taking kids whose parents have no other option.

Face coverings are now mandatory at high schools indoors while in level 3. This is an added precaution, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,现在高中在 3 级时必须在室内戴面罩。这是一项额外的预防措施。

Events and gatherings in level 3 are still off limits.
3 级的活动和聚会仍然是禁止的。

Delta has been a real game changer.
Delta 是一个真正的游戏规则改变者。

Ardern is running through the rules again. Everyone should wear a mask in any indoor setting.
Ardern 再次遵守规则。 在任何室内环境中,每个人都应该戴口罩。

Delta can spread through the air so masks make a big difference.

Delta 可以通过空气传播,因此口罩有很大的不同。

Business owners can now go on site to prepare their store for opening in level 3.
企业主现在可以去现场准备他们的商店在3 级警报下开业。

The advice for anyone over 65 is to stay home until you’re vaccinated. Ardern said this will give an extra layer of protection.
对 65 岁以上的人的建议是待在家里直到您接种疫苗。 Ardern 表示,这将提供额外的保护层。

A letter was sent to over 65s in Auckland who they had details for. They’re now starting an outbound call campaign to support older New Zealanders to be vaccinated. This will average about 8000 calls a day.
一封信被寄给了奥克兰的 65 岁以上的人,他们有详细的信息。 他们现在开始进行外呼活动,以支持年长的新西兰人接种疫苗。 这将平均每天大约 8000 个电话。

On the boundary rules, Ardern said they’re tight for a reason. Most people aren’t permitted to travel.

关于边界规则,Ardern 说它们很严格是有原因的。 大多数人不允许旅行。

Anyone travelling over the boundary must show evidence of a negative test in the last 7 days.
任何穿越边界的人都必须出示过去 7 天内检测结果呈阴性的证据。

“We are not stepping out of level 4 because the job is done,” Ardern said.
“我们不会因为工作已经完成而退出第 4 级,”Ardern 说。

The move down to level 3 is because it still provides a cautious approach. It means staying in your bubble, contactless transactions and thanking Auckland.
降到第 3 级是因为它仍然提供了一种谨慎的方法。 这意味着留在您的泡泡中,进行非接触式交易,感谢奥克兰。

The decision to keep Auckland in level 4 earlier gave them extra time to determine if there was the level of containment they thought they had.
早些时候将奥克兰保持在 4 级的决定让他们有更多时间来确定是否达到了他们认为的控制水平。

Level 4 has done the job they needed it to do, she said. It allowed them to get a sense of the degree of transmission and establish a ring around it.
她说,Level 4 已经完成了需要做的工作。 它使他们能够了解传播的程度并在其周围建立一个闭环。

Level 3 isn’t a situation where they’re opening up completely. Bubbles and distancing requirements remain.
3 级并不是他们完全开放的情况。 泡泡和距离要求仍然存在。

They moved to level 4 quickly because of how infectious Delta is.
由于 Delta 的传染性,他们很快就升到了 4 级。

Level 3 is a continuation of stamp it out, not a “cutting loose” of restrictions, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,第 3 级是继续消除限制,而不是“放宽”限制。

Infection prevention protocols should remain in place in level 3. Schools don’t open. You can’t go into eateries.
感染预防协议应保持在第 3 级。学校不开放。 你不能去餐馆。

Ardern said everyone is asked to play their part.
Ardern 说,每个人都被要求发挥自己的作用。

They’re moving to level 3 now because there’s not widespread transmission in Auckland.

他们现在正在降至 3 级,因为奥克兰没有广泛传播。

Bloomfield said testing and modelling gives them confidence there’s not a “pool” of undetected transmission.

Cases that pop up with no link initially are eventually linked.

He said elimination is about zero tolerance for the virus in the community, that’s what level 3 is about. Level 3 this time around has high and increasing vaccination rates.
他说,消除是对社区中的病毒零容忍,这就是 3 级的含义。 这次的第 3 级疫苗接种率很高,而且还在不断增加。

Ardern said we haven’t had that tool supporting our restrictions before.
Ardern 说,我们之前没有使用过该工具来支持我们的限制。

In level 4, everyone is staying home except for groceries. In level 3 there will be more movement, that’s why over 65s who haven’t been vaccinated are asked to stay home and be cautious.
在第 4 级,除杂货店外,每个人都待在家里。 在第 3 级会有更多的活动,这就是为什么没有接种疫苗的 65 岁以上的人被要求待在家里并保持谨慎。

The advice to Cabinet around mask use in primary schools is to encourage it, not mandate it.

It’s now required for secondary students indoors in level 3.

现在要求 3 级的中学生在室内使用。

The whole point of the zero tolerance approach isn’t that there’ll be zero cases, but when cases do arise you aggressively contact trace and stamp them out.

They’ve always said this, Ardern clarified.
他们一直这么说,Ardern 澄清道。

They would want a level of comfort that cases are well under control in a level 2 environment.
他们希望在 2 级环境中能够很好地控制病例的舒适度。

The region will be in level 3 for at least two weeks.

该地区将在至少两周内处于 3 级。

To move to level 2, they want to be in a situation where they know the outbreak is well contained.
要进入第 2 级,他们希望处于一种他们知道疫情得到很好控制的情况。

High vaccination rates will be a “game-changer” for the country. The keyword there is “high”.
高疫苗接种率将成为该国的“游戏规则改变者”。 那里的关键词是“高”。

Bloomfield is aiming for 90 per cent and over of eligible Kiwis being vaccinated.
Bloomfield 的目标是让 90% 及以上符合条件的新西兰人接种疫苗。

They know the exact movements of the prisoner who moved to the Waikato. This helps with contact tracing.
他们知道搬到怀卡托的囚犯的确切动向。 这有助于接触者追踪。

The “more or less” needed to take a direct route. They’re still working to see if the person who was directed to take them to the bail address did so.

“或多或少”需要采取直接路线。 他们仍在努力查看被指示将他们带到保释地址的人是否这样做了。

Once someone is bailed or released from prison, they can go back home. This is the same approach to people being released from MIQ.
一旦有人被保释或出狱,他们就可以回家。 这与从 MIQ 释放人员的方法相同。

Bail conditions set say you have to go back to that address. They’re checking to see if that person fulfilled those conditions by the way they were transported there.
保释条件规定,您必须返回该地址。 他们正在检查那个人被运送到那里的方式是否满足这些条件。

A small number of people took them to their place of residence.

Corrections and Police staff are looking into this.


Ardern said they have a reasonable picture of what happened and this person wasn’t infectious during the trip back to their bail address.
Ardern 说他们对发生的事情有一个合理的了解,这个人在返回他们的保释地址的旅途中没有传染性。

They’re still waiting on whole genome sequencing of all people involved in this. The person on remand was likely infected by a person who transported them.
他们仍在等待所有参与其中的人的全基因组测序。 还押人员很可能被运送他们的人感染。

He remained at home, as was required of him, and infected other members of the family.

It has been more than a year since those outside Auckland have been at alert level 3. Here’s a reminder of what you can and can’t do.

奥克兰以外的人进入 3 级警报已经一年多了。这里提醒您什么可以做,什么不能做。

The person had been in prison for well over 14 days and there wasn’t Covid in the prison. It’s clear they contracted the virus en route to their bail address.
这个人已经在监狱里呆了 14 天多,监狱里没有新冠病毒。 很明显,他们在前往保释地址的途中感染了病毒。

Contact tracing is the key here. They also want to see if rules were broken and if they need to tighten the rules.
接触者追踪是这里的关键。 他们还想看看规则是否被打破,是否需要收紧规则。

They’re confident there’s not widespread community transmission, Ardern reiterated.

The R0 is still “well under one”, Bloomfield said.
布卢姆菲尔德说,R0 仍然“远低于 1”。

The R0 is the reproductive number that explains how many people a single case will infect.

R0 是再生数,它解释了单个病例会感染多少人。

They will constantly review the needs of those affected by these restrictions, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,他们将不断审查受这些限制影响的人的需求。

Vaccination is a key message, so is testing. There are seven suburbs in Auckland where they still want to see high testing rates.
疫苗接种是一个关键信息,测试也是如此。 奥克兰有七个郊区仍然希望看到高检测率

They’ll be launching initiatives to keep those testing rates up.

Some cases are being linked retrospectively because they’re coming through these focus suburbs.


No-one in level 3 should be under the illusion that they can move about freely, it’s a strictly controlled environment still.


Bloomfield said they have the ability to use an order under the Act as well as a Section 70 notice.

Bloomfield 表示,他们有能力使用该法案下的命令以及第 70 条通知。

Level 3 is highly restrictive. They’re confident these restrictions plus testing, isolating and tracing will give them the tools needed to continue to contain and stamp out this outbreak.
3 级警报是高度限制性的。 他们相信这些限制加上测试、隔离和追踪将为他们提供继续控制和消灭这次疫情所需的工具。

Bloomfield isn’t planning on giving Cabinet advice anytime soon that the region should move back to level 4.
布卢姆菲尔德不打算在短期内向内阁提出该地区应该回到第 4 级的建议。

He’s confident Aucklanders will continue to support the effort.


Ardern said they’ve seen, despite the length of time Auckland has been in level 4, “really good compliance”.
Ardern 表示,尽管奥克兰处于 4 级警报的时间很长,但他们已经看到“非常好的合规性”。

She said no contact is trivial, even a conversation with a neighbour. A significant number of cases have been young people, so there’s a need to worry about them as transmitters.
她说,没有接触是微不足道的,即使是与邻居的交谈。 大量病例是年轻人,因此有必要将他们视为传播者。

Anyone not vaccinated in Auckland is encouraged to roll up their sleeves over the next two weeks in level 3.

奥克兰鼓励未接种疫苗的任何人在接下来的两周3 级警报下内卷起袖子接种疫苗。

Even a single dose provides protection.

Bloomfield said 90 per cent is the minimum of the eligible population he wants to see vaccinated.
布卢姆菲尔德说,90% 是他希望接种疫苗的合格人群的最低要求。

When booking your vaccine appointment, you have the option of the six week standard interval or shorter periods. That’s up to individuals.

预订疫苗预约时,您可以选择六周的标准间隔或更短的时间间隔。 那要看个人了。

The reasons for travel remain in place from level 4 to 3. They’re not expecting a big change to the boundary. THere’s still no regional travel, MBIE must approve essential work, testing is still required.

旅行的原因从 4 级到 3 级仍然存在。他们预计边界不会有太大变化。 仍然没有区域旅行,MBIE 必须批准必要的工作,仍然需要进行测试。

The prisoner was transported by three people. They believe the infected person was in the car with them.

囚犯由三个人运送。 他们相信感染者和他们一起在车里。

We had 5364 people who secured MIQ vouchers today, Ardern said. A few thousand more vouchers will be released early next week. The most popular time for vouchers was around Christmas and New Year.

Ardern 说,今天我们有 5364 人获得了 MIQ 房间券。 下周初将发布数千张房间券。 房间券最受欢迎的时间是圣诞节和新年前后。



West Auckland businesses might collapse in prolonged level 4

奥克兰的西区企业可能会在长期的 4 级警报下倒闭

West Auckland may see a small surge of businesses collapse, should Auckland remain in level 4 longer than Tuesday.

如果奥克兰保持在第 4 级的时间比周二长,奥克兰西区可能会出现少量企业倒闭。

Kumeū Business Association chairman, Mark Dennis believes a prolonged level 4 would be “disastrous” for business owners who have already suffered damage from the August 31 floods.

Roughly half of Kumeū and Helensville businesses are trade and industrial, many of which could operate under level 3 restrictions.

大约一半的 Kumeū 和 Helensville 企业是贸易和工业企业,其中许多企业可以在 3 级限制下运营。