(10月3日)新西兰 DELTA 爆发:社区新增33例, 今晚午夜怀卡托部分地区升 3 级。内含中英新闻发布会直播内容。

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Breaking: There are 33 new cases of Covid-19 in the community to report. The ministry has just put out its statement. 32 are in Auckland, 1 is in Waikato.

突发:社区中有 33 例新的 Covid-19 病例需要报告。 卫生部刚刚发表声明。 32个在奥克兰,1个在怀卡托。

Of today’s new cases, 18 have been epidemiologically linked.

在今天的新病例中,有 18 例与流行病学有关。

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield are here.

总理杰辛达·阿德恩 (Jacinda Ardern) 和卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德 (Ashley Bloomfield) 博士在这里。

Breaking: There are 33 new cases of Covid-19 in the community to report. The ministry has just put out its statement. 32 are in Auckland, 1 is in Waikato.

突发:社区中有 33 例新的 Covid-19 病例需要报告。 卫生部刚刚发表声明。 32个在奥克兰,1个在怀卡托。

Of today’s new cases, 18 have been epidemiologically linked.

在今天的新病例中,有 18 例与流行病学有关。

Ardern is speaking about the two new cases. They’re connected to each other but at this stage, they have not been connected to the outbreak in Auckland.

Ardern 正在谈论这两个新病例。 他们相互联系,但在现阶段,他们还没有与奥克兰的疫情有关。

Bloomfield is talking about the 33 new cases announced today. The second Waikato case will be included in tomorrows figures due to the time it was discovered today.
布卢姆菲尔德正在谈论今天宣布的 33 例新病例。 由于今天发现的时间,第二个怀卡托病例将包含在明天的数字中。

15 are yet to be linked. Two have a possible link, and 3 are from one family.
15 个病例尚未相关。 两个可能存在联系,其中 3 个来自一个家庭。

Of yesterday cases, just 4 remain unlinked.
在昨天的病例中,只有 4 个没有联系。

There are 5 active subclusters now in Auckland.

奥克兰现在有 5 个活跃的子集群。

Waikato cases

The two people are known contacts but they haven’t been linked to the Auckland outbreak as of yet.

The family of the Raglan case will be moved to a MIQ facility in Auckland. The Hamilton case is currently in hospital, the hospital used prevention measures to receive this person. Family of this person are currently isolating.
Raglan 病例的家人将被转移到奥克兰的 MIQ 设施。 汉密尔顿病例目前在医院接受治疗,医院采取预防措施接收此人。 此人的家人目前正在隔离。

Anyone in Hamilton with symptoms are asked to please get tested.

Truck driver update

This person has two household contacts who are self-isolating and have returned initial negative results, as have three close contacts.


26 people are in hospital with Covid-19, all in Auckland apparent from the 1 person in Hamilton. 3 are in ICU.

有 26 人因 Covid-19 住院,从汉密尔顿的 1 人可以看出,他们都在奥克兰。 3人在ICU。

Breaking: Parts of Waikato to go into level 3
突发:怀卡托的部分地区进入第 3 级

Ardern says in light of the positive cases in Waikato – level 3 restrictions are being implemented from 11.59pm tonight for specific areas for the next 5 days.
Ardern 说,鉴于怀卡托的阳性病例,从今晚 11 点 59 分开始,将在接下来的 5 天内针对特定地区实施 3 级限制。

This includes Raglan, Huntly and Hamilton City. A detailed map will be published on the ministry’s website. We’ll share this when we can.
这包括拉格伦、亨特利和汉密尔顿市。 详细地图将在该部网站上公布。 我们会在可以的时候分享这个。

This is similar to what they did in the upper Hauraki when cases popped up there. It gives officials time for testing, wastewater testing etc to rule out transmission, Ardern said.
这与他们在上豪拉基地区出现病例时所做的类似。 Ardern 说,这让官员有时间进行测试、废水测试等以排除传播。

Wastewater testing for Hamilton City to date has been negative, but more will take place.


Ardern: Please get vaccination today to avoid level 3

“Vaccination makes a difference,” Ardern said, as the virus is finding unvaccinated people.
“接种疫苗会有所作为,”Ardern 说,因为病毒正在寻找未接种疫苗的人。

If we have a vaccination rate at 90 or above, it’s unlikely that today we’d be announcing restrictions. While we are still vaccinating, restrictions are being used.
如果我们的疫苗接种率为 90 或更高,那么今天我们就不太可能宣布限制措施。 虽然我们仍在接种疫苗,但正在使用限制措施。

Please get vaccination today to avoid level 3 in your community, Ardern says.
Ardern 说,请今天接种疫苗,以避免您所在社区出现 3 级警报。

Many people are still yet to get vaccinated, however 79 per cent of those eligible have had their first dose. 许多人仍未接种疫苗,但 79% 的符合条件的人已经接种了第一剂疫苗。

There will be more info coming next week regarding our road map. On Tuesday, there is another step up in vaccination campaign.

下周将有更多关于我们路线图的信息。 周二,疫苗接种运动又迈进了一步。

They’re now answering media questions

There will be locations of interest announced, including likely for the Hamilton case. These will be published on the ministry’s website.
将宣布涉疫关注地点,包括可能与汉密尔顿病例有关的地点。 这些将在卫生部的网站上公布。

Truck driver – “we know the source” of this case, Ardern said. The person came from Auckland. With the Waikato cases, they have not been able to link these cases to the Auckland outbreak at this stage, that’s the difference between these cases.
卡车司机——“我们知道这个病例的来源”,Ardern 说。 此人来自奥克兰。 对于怀卡托病例,现阶段他们无法将这些病例与奥克兰疫情联系起来,这就是这些病例之间的区别。

The Palmerston North case, the truck driver, was not vaccinated, but the person’s household contacts were vaccinated and they have not yet tested positive for the virus.

The virus is finding unvaccinated people, Ardern said.


Announcements today

Ardern said they’ve announced their intentions for non-citizens to be fully vaccinated to be able to enter NZ. Ardern also mentioned Air NZ’s announcement.
Ardern 说,他们已经宣布他们打算让非公民完全接种疫苗后才可以进入新西兰。  Ardern 还提到了新西兰航空公司的公告。

She said these shouldn’t come as a surprise. Why should NZ carry the burden of unvaccinated people coming here, “and it is a cost”.
她说这些不应该让人感到意外。 为什么新西兰要承担来这里未接种疫苗的人的负担,“这是一种成本”。

Dr Ashley Bloomfield got his second jab today.
Ashley Bloomfield 博士今天接种了第二剂疫苗。

Auckland is carrying a huge burden for NZ

“We need all of New Zealand to be vaccinated.”

Auckland is currently under level 3 restrictions to contain the outbreak to give the rest of the country time to get their vaccination rates up.
奥克兰目前处于 3 级限制之下,以控制疫情,让全国其他地区有时间提高疫苗接种率。

Ardern said Auckland is carrying a huge burden and weight for NZ. A way to thank them, is to go get vaccinated.

Ardern表示,奥克兰为新西兰带背负巨大的负担。 一种感谢他们的方式,就是去接种疫苗。

Traffic over the boundary

Ardern didn’t have exact figures, but they haven’t seen a significant increase.
Ardern 没有确切的数字,但他们没有看到显着增加。

She had some data regarding Waikato, this was 5000-7000 people moving in and out of the area in recent times.
她有一些关于怀卡托的数据,最近有 5000-7000 人进出该地区。

Thousands of individuals for very legitimate reasons, most of which is freight, are moving over the boundary, Ardern said.

About 83.5 per cent of eligible people in Auckland have had their first dose to date.
迄今为止,奥克兰大约 83.5% 的符合条件的人已经接种了第一剂疫苗。

Protest a ‘slap in the face’ to Aucklanders

Ardern said the protest which took place in Auckland is a matter for police, and police are looking at this. She said she has faith in the police.
Ardern 说,发生在奥克兰的抗议活动是警方的事,警方正在调查此事。 她说她对警察有信心。

She has a personal view on the protest, and that was that “it was wrong”, morally wrong.

Aucklanders are working hard to keep safe, and for them “it was a complete slap in the face” for them.


Further details on Waikato cases

The Hamilton case is a person in their 40s, the Raglan case is a person in their 50s. Ardern said the family members have been really helpful regarding this situation.

Hamilton 病例是一个 40 多岁的人,Raglan 案是一个 50 多岁的人。 Ardern 说,在这种情况下,家人真的很有帮助。

Could Auckland move back to level 4?
奥克兰会回到 4 级警报吗?

That is not part of our consideration, Ardern said. More information will be provided tomorrow.Ardern 说,这不是我们考虑的一部分。 明天将提供更多信息。

Higher vaccinations, fewer restrictions

We’d have different options regarding today’s restriction announcements if we had higher vaccination rates.

“Higher vaccination rates mean lower restrictions. Please get vaccinated,” Ardern said.



Wastewater testing from Hamilton City taken on September 29 and 30 have returned negative test results. They’ll do more testing in this area.
汉密尔顿市于 9 月 29 日和 30 日进行的废水检测结果呈阴性。 他们会在这方面做更多的测试。

Hamilton, “please get tested” and get vaccinated, Ardern said. Testing helps with upcoming decisions.
阿德恩说,汉密尔顿“请接受检测”并接种疫苗。 测试有助于做出即将做出的决定。

That’s it for the press conference. Thanks for joining us!
以上就是发布会内容。 感谢您加入我们!


Parts of Waikato to go into level 3
怀卡托部分地区进入3 级警报

Parts of Waikato is going into level 3 at 11.59pm tonight following two positive cases being reported – one in Raglan, and one in Hamilton East.
怀卡托的部分地区将于今晚 11 点 59 分在报告两例阳性病例后进入3 级警报——一例在拉格伦,一例在汉密尔顿东。

The areas that restrictions are increasing in include: Raglan, Te Kauwhata, Ngāruawāhia, Hamilton City and Huntly. This is a bespoke lockdown and will be in place for five days’ time before being reviewed. We’re expecting a boundary map to come from the ministry to show these bespoke level3 areas.
限制增加的地区包括:Raglan、Te Kauwhata、Ngāruawāhia、Hamilton City 和 Huntly。 这是一项定制的锁定措施,将在进行审查之前实施五天。 我们期待卫生部提供边界图来显示这些定制的 3 级区域。


突发:怀卡托确认了两例新的 Covid-19 阳性病例

(10月2日)新西兰 DELTA 爆发:社区新增27例, 过去两周未关联病例达到10个