(11月5日) (中英直播内容)社区新增病例 163 例,奥克兰 159 例,怀卡托 4 例,新增死亡1例 – 新西兰新冠Delta疫情

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There are 163 new community cases. 


Of these, 159 are in Auckland and four are in Waikato.
其中,159 个在奥克兰,4 个在怀卡托。

There are now 4034 cases in this outbreak – 1723 have now recovered.
在这次疫情中,现在有 4034 例病例 – 1723 例现已康复。

There are four new cases in MIQ to report.

Breaking: There’s been another death in the community of someone self-isolating with Covid-19. 

突发:社区中又发生了一起因 Covid-19 自我隔离的人死亡事件。

The man was recently treated in hospital and was found in his home in Mt Eden.

Circumstances around his death are being investigated.

This death and the death reported earlier this week were both being investigated to identify any improvements that may be needed to the self-isolation system.

There are 69 people in hospital with Covid-19, all but one are in Auckland, the other is in Waikato Hospital. Six of these patients are in ICU/HDU.
有 69 人因 Covid-19 住院,除了一名在奥克兰,另一名在怀卡托医院。 其中 6 名患者在 ICU/HDU。

There were over 28,000 tests processed across the country yesterday.
昨天,全国共进行了 28,000 多检项测。

Anyone with symptoms is encouraged to get tested, no matter where you are based.


Labs are prioritising tests of contacts, those who are symptomatic and those who visited locations of interest.

Back to Auckland, given the number of new and active cases, they won’t list all the locations of interest, just high-risk events. Low risk exposure events like drive-throughs and supermarkets are no longer being reported as locations of interest in Auckland because the public health risk is very low.
回到奥克兰,鉴于新病例和活跃病例的数量,他们不会列出所有暴露轨迹点,只列出高风险事件。 由于公共卫生风险非常低,诸如免下车和超市等低风险暴露事件不再被报告为奥克兰的关注地点。

McElnay said they’re looking at providing a better map function so it’s easier to see hotspots.
McElnay 表示,他们正在寻求提供更好的地图功能,以便更容易查看热点。

Casual exposure events in the rest of the country will still be published. This change is just to Auckland reporting.

该国其他地区的偶然暴露事件仍将发布。 此更改仅适用于奥克兰报告。

There are 10 community testing centres in Northland and nine vaccination clinics. Locations for both can be found on Northland DHB website.
Northland 有 10 个社区检测中心和 9 个疫苗接种诊所。 两者的位置都可以在 Northland DHB 网站上找到。

Over 1000 tests were taken across the region yesterday and over 1000 vaccinations, including 380-odd first doses.
昨天在该地区进行了 1000 多次检测,接种了 1000 多次疫苗,其中包括 380 多次第一剂。

Now in Waikato, three new cases are linked to other known cases. One case is still being investigated.
现在在怀卡托,三个新病例与其他已知病例有关。 一个病例仍在调查中。

Anyone with symptoms should get a test.

On testing in Waikato, there were 3351 tests processed and 2958 vaccinations administered.

在怀卡托的检测中,进行了 3351 次检测,并接种了 2958 次疫苗。

An update on Taranaki, the ministry was notified of the wastewater detection last night. It hasn’t been linked to a known active case.
关于塔拉纳基的最新消息,该部昨晚收到了废水检测的通知。 它没有与已知的活跃病例相关联。

Anyone with symptoms in Taranaki is urged to get tested.

McElnay said this is important to determine if there’s undetected transmission in the community.
McElnay 说,这对于确定社区中是否存在未被发现的传播很重要。

The wastewater result is a reminder to get vaccinated, she said.


Lastly, McElnay is pushing for everyone who got their first dose during Super Saturday should come back for their second shot.
最后,McElnay 敦促在超级星期六期间接种第一剂的每个人都应该回来进行第二次接种。

Eden Park in Auckland will be open for vaccinations this weekend.

Anyone over the age of 12 who hasn’t yet been vaccinated is being encouraged to get the shot.
鼓励尚未接种疫苗的 12 岁以上的任何人接种疫苗。

Robertson shared his condolences to the friends and family of the person who died.


The Government has paid out $5.3b through the wage subsidy and economic resurgence payment.

993,733 wage subsidy applications have been approved with over $9b paid out.
993,733 份工资补贴申请已获批准,支付金额超过 $9b。

The seventh round of the wage subsidy will open next Friday.

The first double payment of the resurgence support payment will also begin next Friday. As of yesterday, they’ve paid out $1.75b, covering 471,566 applications.

复苏支持金的第一次双倍支付也将于下周五开始。 截至昨天,他们已支付 $1.75b,涵盖 471,566 份申请。

The seventh round of the wage subsidy will open next Friday.

The first double payment of the resurgence support payment will also begin next Friday. As of yesterday, they’ve paid out $1.75b, covering 471,566 applications.
复苏支持金的第一次双倍支付也将于下周五开始。 截至昨天,他们已支付 $1.75b,涵盖 471,566 份申请。

Robertson acknowledged the economic impact this outbreak has had in Auckland.

They’re still gathering information on the death reported today.

They were admitted to hospital on November 1 and discharged themselves on November 3. There was contact with them on November 3 and 4. An ambulance was called to the person’s Mt Eden location on November 5.

他们于 11 月 1 日入院,11 月 3 日自行出院。 11 月 3 日和 4 日与他们有过接触。11 月 5 日,救护车被叫到该人所在的伊甸山所在地。

Robertson is confident in the self-isolation system, it’s being continually monitored.

Various government departments are looking into these two deaths and the wider system.

Details around the cause of death for this case are still being determined.

Robertson said they assess a person’s location – can they safely self-isolate there? A second assessment, this one medical, is done to determine the person’s ability to self-isolate.

罗伯逊说他们会评估个人的位置——他们可以在那里安全地自我隔离吗? 进行第二项评估,即这项医学评估,以确定该人的自我隔离能力。

The location this case was self-isolating was a block with other dwellings, Robertson said.

McElnay didn’t know how many doctors are involved in the self-isolation assessments.
McElnay 不知道有多少医生参与了自我隔离评估。

These assessments take into account health and welfare needs.

Robertson said they’re not in a position to say what the cause of death was for either patient.

McElnay said these situations are sad and they’ll learn from findings from them. Feedback from others being managed at home is all taken on board as well.
McElnay 说这些情况令人难过,他们将从他们的调查结果中吸取教训。 来自在家管理的其他人的反馈也全部被采纳。

Robertson said they’ve been looking at what they’d need to do for Aucklanders to be able to safely travel around at Christmas.

He said they’re looking at options, no decisions have been made. But overall, they want to ensure that Aucklanders can leave at Christmas, that’s the commitment they’ve made. The best way for that to happen is for everyone to get vaccinated.

他说他们正在考虑选择,还没有做出任何决定。 但总的来说,他们希望确保奥克兰人可以在圣诞节离开,这是他们做出的承诺。 最好的办法就是让每个人都接种疫苗。

Robertson said they’re working through contingency plans as well.

This is a massive logistical exercise, he said. “It’s a big job, we’re working through the options on it.”
他说,这是一次大规模的后勤演习。 “这是一项艰巨的工作,我们正在研究它的选项。”

Vaccine certificates would be important in this space. They’re working through requiring vaccine certificates and testing requirements.
疫苗证书在这个领域很重要。 他们正在努力解决要求疫苗证书和检测要求的问题。

More on Taranaki, McElnay said they’re not aware of any known cases in the area. Wastewater testing could show a recovered case in the area, but they need to ramp up testing to rule out any undetected community spread.

更多关于塔拉纳基的信息,麦克埃尔奈说,他们不知道该地区有任何已知病例。 废水检测可能会显示该地区已康复病例,但他们需要加强检测以排除任何未被发现的社区传播。

767 cases are currently isolating at home, McElnay confirmed.
McElnay 证实,目前有 767 例病例在家中隔离。

Robertson said some numbers might be higher because household members are self-isolating as well but aren’t Covid-positive.
罗伯逊说,有些数字可能更高,因为家庭成员也在自我隔离,但不是 Covid 阳性。

The 90 per cent fully vaccinated goal for each DHB was to ensure there were high levels in all areas and groups.

每个 DHB 90% 完全接种疫苗的目标是确保所有地区和群体的疫苗接种率都很高。

Robertson said they’ve committed $120m to lift Māori vaccination rates. He said the 90 per cent is a benchmark that they believe has equity inside it.
罗伯逊说,他们已承诺 1.2 亿纽币来提高毛利人的疫苗接种率。 他说 90% 是一个基准。

McElnay thought the health providers checking in with the case who died would have had access to their medical records.
McElnay 认为检查死者病例的医疗保健提供者可以访问他们的医疗记录。

Robertson said they discharged themselves from hospital on Wednesday and were followed up with on Wednesday and Thursday. As far as he’s aware, medical records of a case would be part of the check-in system.
罗伯逊说,他们于周三出院,并在周三和周四接受了随访。 据他所知,病例的医疗记录将成为登记系统的一部分。

Rich lister Murray Bolton won the right to bypass MIQ and isolate at home, Robertson is being asked about this.

富豪榜上的默里博尔顿赢得了绕过 MIQ 并在家隔离的权利,罗伯逊正在被问及此事。

Robertson said they’ve indicated home isolation will be available next year.

Regarding Bolton’s case, he said the circumstances are specific to him as not everyone can travel in this way – on a private jet.

Robertson appreciates there’s a “great desire” of people wanting to come home but they’re going to work cautiously in this area.

They are still working through how to make self-isolation work well.

While we have this Delta outbreak in the community, and parts of the country Covid-free they will continue moving forward cautiously.

虽然我们在社区中爆发了这种Delta疫情,并且该国部分地区没有 Covid,但他们将继续谨慎地前进。

Regarding exemptions to leave MIQ to see a sick or dying loved one, McElnay said this tool was put in place last year and has been used well since. It was updated last week because of signals given around the shortening of the MIQ stay going forward. She said this was an appropriate time to change it.
关于离开 MIQ 去看望生病或垂死的亲人的豁免,麦克埃尔奈说,这个工具是去年实施的,从那以后一直很好地使用。 它于上周更新,因为有关 MIQ 持续时间缩短的信号。 她说现在是改变它的合适时机。

McElnay didn’t have details around the ethnicity of the two cases who died this week.

McElnay 没有提供有关本周死亡的两个病例的种族的详细信息。

Of today’s cases, 35 per cent are Māori, 28 per cent Pasifika, 9 per cent Asian, 24 per cent European.
在今天的案件中,35% 是毛利人,28% 是太平洋岛民,9% 是亚洲人,24% 是欧洲人。

Of the casse in hospital, 22 per cent of cases are Māori.
在医院的病例中,22% 的病例是毛利人。

Robertson said people are travelling to and through Taranaki. The best thing for people in the region to do is get tested.

罗伯逊说,人们正往返于塔拉纳基。 该地区的人们要做的最好的事情就是接受检测。

Robertson said it’s not easy to identify exactly where international arrivals want to go to self-isolate.

He said they’ve already announced changes to the MIQ system – a shorter stay, for example.
他说,他们已经宣布对 MIQ 系统进行更改——例如,缩短逗留时间。

It’s all about accumulation of risk and if they can manage the limit on some areas of risk, they will.

McElnay said they’ve been reassured the health system in Auckland can cope with the current level of hospitalisations.
McElnay 说,他们确信奥克兰的卫生系统可以应对目前的住院水平。

Robertson added the system is set up to deal with these kinds of increases. The system is coping and senior medical staff are comfortable, he said. The number of cases in ICU is still very low, this is the area where people were concerned.

罗伯逊补充说,该系统的建立是为了应对这些类型的增加。 他说,该系统正在应对,高级医务人员感到很舒服。 ICU的病例数仍然很低,这是人们关注的领域。

Regarding the change in approach to reporting locations of interest in Auckland, McElnay said they’ve looked at the risk of people being infected in places like supermarkets and found it to be low. She said it made sense to make this change in Auckland due to the volume of cases and locations, and there’s a danger that the people who need to be targeted get lost in the detail.

关于报告奥克兰暴露关注点的方法的变化,McElnay 说,他们已经研究了人们在超市等场所被感染的风险,发现风险很低。 她说,由于病例和地点的数量众多,在奥克兰进行这种改变是有道理的,而且需要成为目标的人有可能迷失在细节中。

Back to MIQ and self-isolation, Robertson said people are coming from all over the world and they don’t know where they want to end up in the country.
回到 MIQ 和自我隔离,罗伯逊说,人们来自世界各地,但他们不知道自己想在这个国家的哪里结束。

They could build a system to manage this, but they don’t have one at the moment.

Taking a step back, Robertson said they’re trying to create a manageable system. MIQ still serves its purpose at the moment, but they will move, as indicated, to a system that allows for self-isolation.

退后一步,罗伯逊说他们正在尝试创建一个可管理的系统。 目前,MIQ 仍在发挥其作用,但如所示,他们将转向允许自我隔离的系统。

More on the case who died who discharged themself from the hospital.

McElnay didn’t have details of the nature of the discussion between the individual and clinicians caring for them in the hospital. Unless there are specific reasons to stop someone from leaving the hospital, they can make that decision themselves.
McElnay 没有详细说明个人与在医院照顾他们的临床医生之间讨论的性质。 除非有特定理由阻止某人离开医院,否则他们可以自己做出决定。

Everyone who tests positive and is in self-isolation in the community is given an oximetre – a device that measures oxygen levels in blood.


Neither McElnay nor Robertson knew how many of these devices have been handed out.

McElnay 和 Robertson 都不知道这些设备已经分发了多少。

Robertson said the person who died was living in an apartment block that had a mixture of housing – transition housing and rentals. He didn’t know which category this person fell into.
罗伯逊说,死者住在一个混合住房的公寓楼里——过渡住房和出租屋。 他不知道这个人属于哪一类。

McElnay said household transmission is the highest risk transmission, based on this outbreak.
McElnay 说,根据这次疫情,家庭传播是风险最高的传播。

About 60 per cent of cases in this outbreak are secondary cases through household transmission.
本次疫情中约有 60% 的病例是通过家庭传播的继发病例。

Robertson said the booster shot programme is still being developed, but immunocompromised people are given the opportunity to get a third dose – not a booster.


Each DHB has plans to ensure they have rooms available, should they need them. This is a manageable situation at the moment, Roberston said, regarding the levels of hospitalisations.
每个 DHB 都有计划确保他们有可用的房间,如果他们需要的话。 罗伯斯顿说,就住院治疗的水平而言,目前这种情况是可以控制的。

The more testing in Northland the better. An assessment of the situation will take place on Sunday morning, McElnay said.
在北地进行的测试越多越好。 McElnay 说,对情况的评估将在周日早上进行。

Yesterday, over 1000 tests were performed, she said that’s a good number that she wants to see sustained. But it’s also about testing in the right places.
昨天,进行了 1000 多次检测,她说这是一个很好的数字,她希望看到持续。 但这也与在正确的地方进行检测有关。

They’ll also look at wastewater testing and follow up with the cases and contacts.

And that’s it for today’s press conference.




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