(15日)(中英) 新西兰社区新增173例, 奥克兰163例,怀卡托7例,北地2例, 陶波1例

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There are 173 Covid-19 cases in the community today.

今天社区中有 173 例 Covid-19 病例。

One hundred and sixty-three cases are in Auckland, seven in Waikato, two are in Northland, and one is in Lakes district.


There are 90 cases in hospital – 26 are in North Shore, 21 in Middlemore, 39 in Auckland, two in Waitākere and one each in Whangārei and Waikato.

医院有 90 例病例,其中北岸 26 例,米德尔莫尔 21 例,奥克兰 39 例,怀塔凯尔 2 例,旺加雷和怀卡托各 1 例。

Ministry of Health officials also say there is a new case in Wairarapa.


There two Northland cases are both in Kaitaia and linked to known cases.


Of the seven Waikato cases, three are from Ōtorohanga, two from Hamilton, one from Kawhia, and one from Huntly. Five of today’s cases are linked. Interviews with the remaining two cases are continuing to determine any links to existing cases.

在怀卡托的七个病例中,三个来自 Ōtorohanga,两个来自汉密尔顿,一个来自 Kawhia,一个来自 Huntly。 今天的五个病例相互关联。 对其余两个病例的采访正在继续以便确定与现有病例的任何联系。

One of the unlinked cases is in Huntly and undergoes regular surveillance testing so isn’t thought to explain the recent positive Covid-19 detection in wastewater in the area. However, interviews with the case today will also help discover any other potential cases in the area.

其中一个未关联的病例发生在 Huntly,并接受了定期监测测试,因此这不能解释最近在该地区的废水中检测到 Covid-19 呈阳性。 然而,今天对病例的采访也将有助于发现该地区的任何其他潜在病例。

The new case in Lakes district is based in Taupō, after two cases were announced yesterday.


The case is a household contact of a known case and is isolating at home.


There ae 90 cases in hospital – 26 are in North Shore, 21 in Middlemore, 39 in Auckland, two in Waitakere and one each in Whangarei and Waikato.

医院有 90 例病例——北岸 26 例,米德尔莫尔 21 例,奥克兰 39 例,怀塔克雷 2 例,旺格雷和怀卡托各 1 例。

The North Island is on tenterhooks, awaiting word on whether Covid infections have spread further in the past 24 hours after a record number of 207 new daily cases were announced yesterday.

在昨天宣布了创纪录的 207 例每日新增病例后,北岛正处于紧张状态,等待关于 Covid 感染是否在过去 24 小时内进一步传播的消息。

The latest covid update will come in a statement today, ahead of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield giving a post-Cabinet press conference at 4pm.

在总理杰辛达·阿德恩 (Jacinda Ardern) 和卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德 (Ashley Bloomfield) 博士于下午 4 点举行内阁会议后的新闻发布会之前,最新的 COVID 更新将在今天的一份声明中发布。

Delta is starting to spread across the island with confirmed cases in Taupō, Rotorua and Tararua districts emerging at the weekend.


There was also Covid detected in the wastewater in Bay of Plenty on Saturday night, however health officials believe it could be a recently recovered case shedding the virus.

周六晚上在丰盛湾的废水中也检测到了 Covid,但卫生官员认为这可能是最近发现的一例感染病毒的病例。

Meanwhile, a major change in MIQ has taken place, with the length of time international arrivals to New Zealand must spend in managed isolation now halved from 14 days to seven, followed by self-isolation until a negative day 9 test is received.

与此同时,MIQ 发生了重大变化,国际抵达新西兰的国际旅客必须在管理隔离中度过的时间现在从 14 天减半至 7 天,然后是自我隔离,直到第 9 天测试结果为阴性。

Joint head of MIQ Brigadier Rose King called the shortened stay a significant milestone in reconnecting the country with the world.

MIQ Brigadier Rose King 的联合负责人称,缩短逗留时间是重新连接该国与世界的重要里程碑。

There were 207 new cases in the community announced on Sunday. Ninety people were in hospital, and officials announced the death of a woman in her 90s, linked to the Edmonton Meadows care home in Auckland.

周日宣布的社区新增207例。 90 人住院,官员们宣布一名 90 多岁的妇女死亡,与奥克兰埃德蒙顿梅多斯养老院有关。

The cases reported on Sunday were in Auckland, Waikato, Northland, Rotorua and the Tararua district.


On top of yesterday’s the record 207 cases, health officials confirmed the death of an Edmonton Meadows Care Home resident in North Shore Hospital.

除了昨天创纪录的 207 例病例外,卫生官员还证实了北岸医院埃德蒙顿梅多斯护理之家的一名居民死亡

The woman was aged in her 90s and as well as contracting Covid-19, had a number of underlying health conditions, according to officials.

据官员称,这名妇女 90 多岁,并且感染了 Covid-19,有许多潜在的健康问题。

There were 90 people in hospital with Covid yesterday, seven of whom were in an intensive care or high-dependency unit.

昨天有 90 人因新冠肺炎住院,其中 7 人在重症监护室或高度依赖病房。

The average age of those in hospital is 50.

住院患者的平均年龄为 50 岁。

Meanwhile 12 police staff are self-isolating after coming into contact with two people who tested positive for Covid-19 in Rotorua.

与此同时,在罗托鲁瓦与两名 Covid-19 检测呈阳性的人接触后,12 名警察正在自我隔离。

Monday marks day 90 of Auckland’s lockdown, and is also the deadline for health workers and teachers to have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

周一是奥克兰封锁的第 90 天,也是卫生工作者和教师至少接种一剂 Covid-19 疫苗的最后期限。

Cabinet will review the alert level settings for parts of Waikato at alert level 3 this afternoon.

今天下午4点,内阁将审查怀卡托部分地区的3 级警报级别设置。


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(14日)(中英) 新西兰社区新增207例,奥克兰192例,怀卡托7例,北地2例,罗托鲁瓦和塔拉鲁阿确认了4例新病例,奥克兰新增1例死亡