(19日)(中英)新西兰今天新增 198 个社区病例,奥克兰152例,怀卡托30例,北地5例,丰盛湾6例, 首都惠灵顿有1例弱阳性

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There are 198 new cases of Covid-19 in the community today.

今天社区中有 198 例新的 Covid-19 病例。

There are 191 new community cases –  152 in Auckland, 30 in Waikato, five in Northland, six in Bay of Plenty, two in Lakes, one in MidCentral, one in Wairarapa, and one in Canterbury.
新增社区病例 191 例——奥克兰 152 例,怀卡托 30 例,北地 5 例,丰盛湾 6 例,湖区 2 例,中部中部 1 例,怀拉拉帕 1 例,坎特伯雷 1 例。
There are 76 people in hospital – 6 in ICU/HDU.

医院有 76 人,其中 6 人在 ICU/HDU。

The pandemic has been creeping south. A weak positive result has been returned from a person in Wellington but it is under investigation because the viral load is low.

疫情向南蔓延。 惠灵顿的一个人返回了微弱的阳性结果,但由于病毒载量低,因此正在调查中。

Wellington weak positive


Last night, a weak positive Covid-19 result was picked up as part of routine surveillance testing in Wellington.

昨晚,作为惠灵顿常规监测测试的一部分,有人Covid-19 呈弱阳性结果。

This was for an essential worker from Auckland working in the city.


The result could indicate a historical case or a case in the earlier stages of infection.


The worker is having a repeat test today and follow-up with the workplace includes tests of co-workers.


Auckland update


There are 152 new Covid-19 cases to report in Auckland today.

今天奥克兰有 152 例新的 Covid-19 病例要报告。

There are 18 community testing centres available for testing across Auckland today. The Pukekohe community testing centre is open until 5.30pm today and over the weekend. Northcote, Balmoral, Wiri and Ōtara testing centres continue to operate extended hours.

目前奥克兰有 18 个社区检测中心可供检测。 Pukekohe 社区测试中心今天和周末开放至下午 5.30。 Northcote、Balmoral、Wiri 和 Ōtara 检测中心继续延长营业时间。

In the past week there have been 112,511 community tests for Covid-19 received at labs across Auckland. This is an incredible effort – especially for all front line testing staff who are out in all weathers, and the laboratory teams who are working tirelessly to process these swabs.

在过去的一周里,奥克兰的实验室共收到了 112,511 次 Covid-19 社区检测。 这是一项令人难以置信的努力——尤其是对于所有在各种天气中外出的前线检测人员,以及不知疲倦地处理这些拭子的实验室团队而言。

Public health staff are now supporting 5,200 people to safely isolate at home, which includes 2,035 cases.

公共卫生人员现在正在支持 5,200 人在家中安全隔离,其中包括 2,035 个病例。

The Ministry can confirm the woman in her 80s who died yesterday at Middlemore Hospital was a resident of Edmonton Meadows Care Home. Our condolences are with her family and friends at this sad time.

卫生部可以确认昨天在 Middlemore 医院死亡的 80 多岁妇女是埃德蒙顿梅多斯护理之家的居民。 在这个悲伤的时刻,我们向她的家人和朋友表示哀悼。




Today we are announcing two new cases in Lakes, bring the region’s total to 17.

今天,我们在湖区宣布了两个新病例,使该地区的总数达到 17 个。

One case is in Taupō and is a household contact of a known case. They are self-isolating at home.

一个病例在陶波,是已知病例的家庭联系人。 他们在家里自我隔离。

A second case being reported today in Lakes DHB is being investigated and may reside outside of the district.

今天在 Lakes DHB 报告的第二起病正在调查中,可能居住在该地区以外。

Anyone with Covid-19 related symptoms in the region, is encouraged to get tested – even if the symptoms are mild.

鼓励该地区任何有 Covid-19 相关症状的人接受检测——即使症状很轻微。

Testing is available today in Rotorua and Taupō. Please check the Healthpoint website for details

罗托鲁瓦和陶波今天可以进行检测。 请查看 Healthpoint 网站了解详情

Yesterday, 555 tests were carried out across the region.


Across the region, 86 per cent of eligible people have had at least one dose of vaccine and 75 per cent have had two doses.

在整个地区,86% 的符合条件的人至少接种了一剂疫苗,75% 的人接种过两剂疫苗。

Waikato update


There are 30 cases of Covid-19 to report in Waikato today, bringing the total number associated with this outbreak to 214.

今天在怀卡托报告了 30 例 Covid-19,使与此次疫情相关的总数达到 214 例。

One new location of interest was added for Cambridge.


There is one case currently receiving care at Waikato Hospital.

目前有 1 例病例在怀卡托医院接受治疗。

Across the Waikato there are eight pop-up and dedicated testing centres operating today at Hamilton, Otorohanga, Huntly, Ngāruawāhia, Thames, and Te Kuiti.


There were 3100 tests processed in the Waikato yesterday and 2293 vaccinations given.

昨天在怀卡托进行了 3100 次检测,并接种了 2293 剂疫苗。

In the Waikato region, public health staff are supporting 300 people to isolate at home, including 115 cases and 185 contacts.

在怀卡托地区,公共卫生人员正在支持 300 人在家隔离,其中包括 115 例病例和 185 名接触者。


Northland update


There are three cases to report in Northland; one is a close contact in Kaitaia, one is a close contact in Whangarei with a clear link to an Auckland case, and one is in Waipu with Public Health interviews underway this morning.


We urge everyone in Northland to remain vigilant and get tested if you have any symptoms that could be Covid-19. We also ask people in Northland to regularly check the locations of interest webpage.

我们敦促北地的每个人保持警惕,如果您有任何可能是 Covid-19 的症状,请接受检测。我们还要求北部地区的人们定期查看暴露关注地点的网页。

A pop-up testing centre will be stood up at the Ruakaka race course today to increase testing capacity in the area, in response to the Waipu case.

为应对外普病例,今天将在 Ruakaka 赛马场设立一个随到随检检测中心,以提高该地区的检测能力。

The Centre will be open today from 1pm-5pm, and 9am-2pm on Saturday and Monday. Further testing locations in Northland can be found on the Northland DHB website.

该中心将于今天下午 1 点至下午 5 点开放,周六和周一上午 9 点至下午 2 点开放。可以在 Northland DHB 网站上找到 Northland 的更多检测地点。

Vaccination is Northland’s best defence against COVID-19, especially as cases continue to be detected throughout the region.

接种疫苗是 Northland 抵御 COVID-19 的最佳手段,尤其是在整个地区不断发现病例的情况下。

If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, do yourself and your whānau, and get your first dose today. It could save your life, and theirs.



Here’s an update on vaccinations:

Yesterday, 20,663 doses were administered – 6635 first doses and 14,028 second doses.
昨天,施打了 20,663 剂——6635 剂第一剂和 14,028 剂第二剂。

In total, 91 per cent of the eligible population in New Zealand have had one dose, 82 per cent have had two
总共有 91% 的新西兰符合条件的人口接种了一次疫苗,82% 的人口接种了两次

Here’s the regional breakdown (percentage of eligible population):
* Northland DHB: 83 per cent first doses, 73 per cent second doses
* Auckland metro DHBs: 93 per cent first doses, 87 per cent second doses
* Waikato DHB: 90 per cent first doses, 80 per cent second doses
* Taranaki DHB: 88 per cent first doses, 77 per cent second doses
* Canterbury DHB: 94 per cent first doses, 84 per cent second doses
* MidCentral DHB: 90 per cent first doses, 80 per cent second doses
* Bay of Plenty DHB: 87 per cent first doses, 77 per cent second doses
* Wairarapa DHB: 90 per cent first doses, 80 per cent second doses

* Northland DHB:第一剂 83%,第二剂 73%
* 奥克兰地铁 DHB:93% 的第一剂,87% 的第二剂
* 怀卡托 DHB:第一剂 90%,第二剂 80%
* Taranaki DHB:88% 的第一剂,77% 的第二剂
* 坎特伯雷 DHB:第一剂 94%,第二剂 84%
* MidCentral DHB:第一剂 90%,第二剂 80%
* 丰盛湾 DHB:第一剂 87%,第二剂 77%
* Wairarapa DHB:第一剂 90%,第二剂 80%



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