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North Korea launches 9th missile test of the year

North Korea fired at least one unidentified projectile into waters off the east of the Korean Peninsula on Saturday, believed to be a ballistic missile, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 5 Mar 2022 | 7:20 pm(NZT)

Winter Paralympics: Ukraine’s Grygorii Vovchynskyi wins biathlon gold

Ukrainian biathlete Grygorii Vovchynskyi wins his nation’s first gold of the Beijing Winter Paralympics.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 6:40 pm(NZT)

War in Ukraine: Zelensky slams Nato over rejection of no-fly zone

Zelensky said Nato has given Russia “a green light” to continue bombing Ukrainian towns and cities.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 6:28 pm(NZT)

Winter Paralympics: Millie Knight and Brett Wild win downhill bronze

Great Britain’s Millie Knight and guide Brett Wild win women’s visually-impaired downhill bronze on day one of the Beijing Winter Paralympics.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 6:22 pm(NZT)

Meggan Dawson-Farrell: ‘I said I would run away from sports camp’

Meggan Dawson-Farrell was a shy teenager, but with a love of athletics and now curling she’s ready to show the world her talents

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 6:00 pm(NZT)

Women’s World Cup: An India v Pakistan cricket match minus fireworks

The arch rivals face each other on Sunday in the Women’s ODI cricket World Cup in New Zealand.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 2:29 pm(NZT)

Ukraine invasion: Can China do more to stop Russia’s war in Ukraine?

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, many are looking to China’s response.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 2:19 pm(NZT)

Ukraine war: The TikToker spreading viral videos

A Ukrainian 20-year-old has had tens of millions of views on videos she’s shared of fighting there.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 2:09 pm(NZT)

War in Ukraine: The Russians leaving Russia for Finland

People are leaving Russia, as rumours abound that President Vladimir Putin may impose martial law.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 1:59 pm(NZT)

Was moral campaigner Mary Whitehouse ahead of her time?

Samira Ahmed assesses the legacy of decency campaigner, whose name became a byword for prudery and censorship.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 1:39 pm(NZT)

European peace seems as fragile as ever

The shifting of European history’s tectonic plates is not really that unexpected, explains Kevin Connolly.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 1:36 pm(NZT)

Russia oligarchs: The mega-rich men facing global sanctions

President Putin has for years warned Russia’s richest to protect themselves against sanctions.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 1:34 pm(NZT)

Ukraine war: Ukraine can absolutely win against Russia – Blinken

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tells the BBC the Ukrainian people’s defeat is not inevitable.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 1:16 pm(NZT)

Week in pictures: 26 February – 4 March 2022

A selection of powerful images from all over the globe, taken in the past seven days.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 1:13 pm(NZT)

The flat-pack water heater that fights climate change

A simple water heater powered just by the Sun is being tried out in Africa.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 1:11 pm(NZT)

War in Ukraine: UK woman on husband barred from leaving Ukraine

Nicola’s husband home was barred from returning home to London from Ukraine due to martial law.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 1:08 pm(NZT)

Ukraine: Refugees fleeing war find sanctuary in Poland

Polish communities have been opening their homes to those fleeing war in Ukraine.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 1:04 pm(NZT)

French designer giants suspend sales in Russia

Chanel, LVMH and Hermes announced on Friday they would temporarily suspend sales in the country.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 12:11 pm(NZT)

‘I’m crying… it’s everything in my head’ – Zinchenko thanks world for standing with Ukraine

Oleksandr Zinchenko thanks the world for standing with Ukraine in an emotional interview with BBC Sport.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 11:02 am(NZT)

Facebook hits out at Russia blocking its platforms

The Russian communications regulator said on Friday that Facebook has been blocked in the country.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 10:50 am(NZT)

‘That’s another win for Ukraine’ – Yastremska into Lyon semis

Ukraine’s Dayana Yastremska has reached the semi-finals of the Lyon Open a week after fleeing the Russian bombing of her home city of Odessa.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 10:49 am(NZT)

Cummins, Root & Strauss lead tributes to ‘greatest showman’ Warne

Australia Test captain Pat Cummins calls Shane Warne a “once-in-a-century cricketer” as he leads tributes to the iconic leg-spinner who died on Friday aged 52.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 9:52 am(NZT)

Ukraine conflict: Your guide to understanding day nine

Europe’s largest nuclear plant seized. Here’s what you need to know after day nine of the war.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 9:28 am(NZT)

‘Adulation and scandal… but arguably cricket’s best bowler’

Why Shane Warne was one of cricket’s greatest ever players, and also one of its most colourful characters.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 8:33 am(NZT)

How dangerous was the attack on nuclear plant?

After Russia seizes two nuclear plant sites, experts weigh the risk to Ukraine and the world at large.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 8:32 am(NZT)

Ukraine: Apartment block just outside Kyiv shelled

Video footage from Irpin, just outside the capital, shows multiple projectiles hitting an apartment block.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 8:16 am(NZT)

Nigerian Afrobeats star Davido: Other things excite me more than music

The Nigerian Afrobeats star talks to the BBC about his future plans, and why he won’t take up politics.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 8:00 am(NZT)

Australian cricket legend Warne dies aged 52

Legendary Australia leg-spinner Shane Warne, one of the greatest cricketers of all time, dies of a suspected heart attack aged 52.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 7:50 am(NZT)

Ukraine war: ‘My city’s being shelled, but mum won’t believe me’

These Ukrainians say their Russian relatives only trust the narratives they see on TV at home.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 7:32 am(NZT)

Ukrainian refugees fleeing conflict urge UK to offer more support

Ukrainians with family in the UK say the government should make more effort to provide refuge.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 7:18 am(NZT)

War in Ukraine: Russians on boycotts, sanctions and cancellations

Russia is being hit by a global backlash after it invaded Ukraine. How does it feel to be shunned?

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 7:17 am(NZT)

Why doesn’t Ukraine attack the Russian convoy? And other questions

Correspondents and experts answer questions from readers on the BBC News website

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 7:04 am(NZT)

China will not broadcast Premier League matches over support for Ukraine

China’s rights holders have pulled Premier League coverage for this weekend over support for Ukraine.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 6:43 am(NZT)

‘The world must be a place for sharing, not dividing’ – Winter Paralympics open in Beijing

Ukrainian athletes participate in the 2022 Winter Paralympics opening ceremony as officials passionately reiterate their calls for peace.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 6:39 am(NZT)

Supreme Court reimposes death penalty for Boston bomber

The US Supreme Court has reversed an earlier decision to void Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death penalty.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 6:30 am(NZT)

Ukraine war: ‘Russian soldiers killed my family while they fled’

The Fedko family was trying to flee fighting when Russian troops allegedly opened fire on their car.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 6:30 am(NZT)

Ukraine crisis: Kharkiv residents still sheltering underground a week on

The BBC’s Sarah Rainsford reports from a metro station where people have been sheltering from attacks.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 6:14 am(NZT)

War in Ukraine: BBC suspends its journalists’ work in Russia

The temporary suspension comes in response to a new Russian law which threatens reporters with prison.

Source: BBC News – Home | 5 Mar 2022 | 5:30 am(NZT)

Winter Paralympics set to get underway in Beijing following exclusion of Russia and Belarus

A record number of Para athletes — around 700 — were expected to compete in this year’s Winter Paralympics in Beijing, but much of the focus the day before the Opening Ceremony fell on the 83 who won’t.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 5 Mar 2022 | 4:12 am(NZT)

Dozens killed in blast at Shia mosque in Pakistan’s Peshawar

A blast struck a Shia mosque during Friday prayers in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar, killing at least 30 people, police and hospital officials said.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 5 Mar 2022 | 2:01 am(NZT)

2022-03-05 14:21:56
中新社首尔3月5日电 (记者 刘旭)韩国联合参谋本部当地时间5日说,朝鲜当天向东部海域方向发射一枚疑似弹道导弹的发射体。
2022-03-05 14:17:34
白俄罗斯国民议会共和国院(议会上院)当地时间3月5日发声明呼吁西方政客和议员停止对白俄罗斯和白俄罗斯民众实施鲁莽和不人道的政策。双方关系必须建立在平等对话、相互信任和尊重的基础上。(总台记者 曹胜济)
2022-03-05 14:15:34
2022-03-05 14:12:25
2022-03-05 14:12:05
2022-03-05 14:11:29
当地时间3月5日,俄罗斯驻巴西大使拉别茨基表示,尽管面临着西方国家的大规模制裁,俄方仍计划维持和扩大与巴西的双边贸易额。(总台记者 王德禄)
2022-03-05 13:57:32
2022-03-05 13:44:57
新华社日内瓦3月4日电(记者陈俊侠 徐驰)曾在美国国防部长办公室工作多年的富兰克林·斯平尼日前在博客文章中说,俄罗斯与乌克兰之间的冲突让美国一些人开香槟庆祝,美国军工产业等在这一冲突中赚得盆满钵满……
2022-03-05 13:38:41
北约再次拒绝在乌设立禁飞区 乌总统抨击其决定
中新网3月5日电 综合报道,当地时间4日,北约再次拒绝在乌克兰设立禁飞区,乌克兰总统泽连斯基强烈批评北约的决定。
2022-03-05 13:30:36
2022-03-05 13:05:05
当地时间5日最新消息,澳大利亚东部洪灾已导致昆士兰州和新南威尔士州至少16人死亡。(总台记者 王聪)
2022-03-05 13:02:08
针对日前有媒体发布的有关乌克兰总统泽连斯基已经离开基辅或者乌克兰的说法,泽连斯基当地时间3月5日发布最新视频表示,他本人仍在基辅。同他一起出现在视频中的还有乌克兰总统办公室主任叶尔马克。(总台记者 王德禄)
2022-03-05 12:21:20
北约再次拒绝在乌克兰设立禁飞区 泽连斯基:你们还能保卫谁?
2022-03-05 12:18:30
双语观两会 | China’s main targets and major tasks for 2022
2022-03-05 12:04:19
中新网3月5日 据韩联社报道,4日是韩国第20届总统选举的缺席投票的第一天。韩国中央选举管理委员会消息称,当天投票率达17.57%,创下历届缺席投票首日之最。
2022-03-05 11:40:23
据多家外媒5日消息,韩国三星公司将停止向俄罗斯供应电话类通信设备和芯片。此前,三星公司发声明表示,鉴于当前地区局势,已暂停发往俄罗斯的货船。三星公司说,停止对俄供应商品的原因是物流运输出现问题,目前公司正在积极关注当前复杂情况并制定应对和解决方案。(总台记者 王德禄 唐鑫)
2022-03-05 11:39:39
俄罗斯交通部消息人士当地时间3月5日表示,俄罗斯南部地区领空将关闭至3月14日。(总台记者 王德禄)
2022-03-05 11:38:51
韩国发生大面积山火 消防部门发布最高级火灾警报
2022-03-05 11:36:37
安理会就乌克兰核安全召开紧急会议 呼吁尽一切努力避免灾难性核事故
2022-03-05 11:28:26
中新社柏林3月5日电 (记者 彭大伟)德国工业巨头博世集团董事会主席史蒂凡·哈通(Stefan Hartung)4日表示,今年是德中建交50周年,在过去的半个世纪里,德中成为彼此重要的贸易伙伴。随着德中伙伴关系迈入崭新的篇章,坚信两国之间还有更多领域可以进一步合作并共同发展,特别是在交通出行、物联网、人工智能以及应对气候变化等方面。

2022-03-05 05:32:23
2022-03-05 05:32:07
2022-03-05 04:48:28
2022-03-05 04:16:42
七国集团呼吁俄罗斯从乌撤军 否则将面临进一步制裁
当地时间3月4日,七国集团(G7)成员国的高级外交官联合发出警告,呼吁俄罗斯立即停止在乌克兰的军事行动并撤出部队,否则可能会面临进一步制裁。(央视记者 刘骁骞)
2022-03-05 03:51:00
普京:俄罗斯愿与乌克兰对话 前提是满足俄方要求
中新社莫斯科3月4日电 (记者 田冰)俄罗斯总统普京4日应约与德国总理朔尔茨通电话,双方就乌克兰局势发展交换了意见。
2022-03-05 03:49:46
中新社联合国3月4日电 (记者 马德林)联合国安理会4日就乌克兰境内核设施安全问题举行紧急公开会。联合国负责政治及和平建设事务的副秘书长迪卡洛和国际原子能机构总干事格罗西向安理会通报有关情况。
2022-03-05 02:35:07
联合国安理会就乌克兰核安全召开紧急会议 呼吁尽一切努力避免灾难性核事故
2022-03-05 02:32:01
2022-03-05 01:33:10
俄军控制乌扎波罗热核电站 美俄开设军事联络热线
最新动态:俄军控制乌扎波罗热核电站 美俄开设军事联络热线
2022-03-05 00:21:19
印尼累计确诊近570万例 官员称第三波疫情将得到控制
(抗击新冠肺炎)印尼累计确诊近570万例 官员称第三波疫情将得到控制
2022-03-05 00:11:08
杜特尔特签署菲《外国投资法》修正案 放宽外国投资限制
中新社马尼拉3月4日电 (记者 关向东)菲律宾政府4日发布了菲律宾共和国11647法案(Republic Act 11647 ),该法案对1991年的菲《外国投资法》进行了修正。菲总统杜特尔特2日签署的该法案,放宽了菲律宾对外国投资的限制。
2022-03-04 22:46:02
中新网3月4日电 据俄罗斯卫星网消息,当地时间3月4日,乌克兰总统办公室方面称,俄乌第三轮谈判可能在3月5日或6日举行,双方会直接进行联系。
2022-03-04 21:55:33
印尼累计确诊近570万例 中资基金会捐百万抗疫药品
(抗击新冠肺炎)印尼累计确诊近570万例 中资基金会捐百万抗疫药品
2022-03-04 21:54:55
2022-03-04 21:54:15
俄乌局势进展:双方第二轮谈判达成部分共识 乌方称扎波罗热核电站机组正常
中新社北京3月4日电 综合消息:俄乌第二轮谈判已于3月3日结束,双方就建立人道主义通道达成共识,并同意尽快举行第三轮谈判。4日,位于乌克兰的欧洲最大核电站扎波罗热核电站附近起火,核电站核心设备未受影响,目前火灾已被扑灭。
2022-03-04 21:53:37
中新社约翰内斯堡3月4日电 (记者 王曦)南非总统拉马福萨4日通过总统府官网宣布,将南非派驻在莫桑比克北部地区的国防军部署时长延长三个月,以防止该地区再次遭到恐怖分子的破坏。
2022-03-04 21:47:58
中新社首尔3月4日电 (刘旭 刘婧妮)当地时间4日6时,韩国第20届总统选举缺席投票在全国3552个投票站正式启动。根据规定,选民若无法在选举日(3月9日)参加大选投票,可在4日与5日6时至18时参加缺席投票。
2022-03-04 21:47:24
泰国2月份CPI同比上涨5.28% 创近13年新高
中新社曼谷3月4日电 (记者 王国安)泰国商业部4日表示,受能源价格上涨推动,泰国2月份居民消费价格指数(CPI)较去年同期上涨5.28%,创下近13年来新高。
2022-03-04 21:18:18
当地时间3月4日下午,巴基斯坦开普省首府白沙瓦的一座清真寺发生爆炸袭击,截至目前,爆炸已造成56人死亡,194人受伤。(总台记者 崔如)
2022-03-04 21:17:32
欧盟委员会当地时间3月4日宣布,将分别停止与俄罗斯和白俄罗斯在“欧盟邻邦机制”(European Neighbourhood Instrument)和“泛波罗的海地区计划”(Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program)这两个跨境合作计划中的项目。