(双语)旅游网红讲述了印度 8 名男子的可怕轮奸——丈夫被迫观看

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A battered Brazilian Spanish travel influencer has detailed being horrifically gang-raped in India while her husband was forced to watch — as police revealed Tuesday that eight men have been arrested over the sick attack.
【澳纽网译】一名被殴打的具有巴西西班牙双重国籍的旅游网红详细介绍了在印度被可怕的轮奸,而她的丈夫被迫观看 – 警方周二透露,八名男子因病态袭击被捕。

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The couple, who go by Vicente y Fernanda on their social media pages, allege they were set upon by the gang of men while camping in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand last Friday night.
这对夫妇在他们的社交媒体页面上被称为维森特·费尔南达(Vicente y Fernanda),他们声称他们上周五晚上在印度东部贾坎德邦露营时被这伙人袭击。

The influencers, who had been documenting their cross-country motorcycle trip for more than 300,000 Instagram followers, told Spanish TV channel Antena 3 that the men raped Fernanda and repeatedly beat Vicente during the brutal ordeal.
这对网红一直在为超过30万Instagram粉丝记录他们的越野摩托车之旅,他们告诉西班牙电视频道Antena 3,这些人强奸了费尔南达,并在残酷的折磨中多次殴打维森特。

The bruised couple, who go by Vicente y Fernanda on their social media pages, allege they were set upon by the gang of men while camping in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand last Friday night.
这对伤痕累累的夫妇在他们的社交媒体页面上被称为维森特·费尔南达(Vicente y Fernanda),他们声称他们上周五晚上在印度东部贾坎德邦露营时被这伙人袭击。

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Vicente y Fernanda
The couple documented their motorcycle journey across India for their followers, before they were brutally attacked last Friday.

“They raped me, they took turns while some watched and they stayed like that for about two hours,” Fernanda said in the interview.

At some point in the ordeal, the men also threatened to kill them, she said.

The couple also detailed the alleged savagery in a string of Instagram videos posted over the weekend, which showed a bruised and swollen Fernanda saying: “Something happened to us that we wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

“We were assaulted in the tent. We were beaten. They put a knife to our necks and she was raped by seven guys,” her husband continued.


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“My mouth is destroyed, but my partner is worse than me. They hit me with the helmet several times, with a stone on the head. Thank goodness she was wearing the jacket and that stops the blows a little.”

Police say eight men have been arrested over the alleged gang rape.
AFP via Getty Images
Vicente and Fernanda
Vicente and Fernanda posted photos of their dream trip across the world’s most populous nation before they were attacked.

Police confirmed they were flagged down by a couple, who are Spanish citizens, on a roadside in the state’s Dumka district at about 11 p.m. Friday.

Dumka police superintendent Pitamber Singh Kherwar told reporters the tourists, who appeared to have suffered a beating, were taken to a nearby hospital, where the woman told doctors she had been raped by a group of men.
Dumka警察局局长Pitamber Singh Kherwar告诉记者,这对似乎遭到殴打的游客被送往附近的一家医院,这名妇女告诉医生她被一群男人强奸了。

“The couple were speaking in a mixture of English and Spanish so the patrolling team could not understand them initially,” the superintendent said, according to BBC News.

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“But they appeared visibly injured, so they were taken for treatment.”

Vicente y Fernanda
The pair are Spanish and Brazilian and spoke about the gang rape to a Spanish TV station.
Police pose with the other five suspects taken into custody over the attack.
Police pose with five additional suspects taken into custody over the attack.
Dumka Police 杜姆卡警察局

Cops didn’t disclose the identity of the victims or give further details on the attack.

In a statement on X on Tuesday, Dumka police said eight men had been arrested over the weekend.

“All eight criminals involved in the incident of rape of a foreign woman under Hansdiha police station area were arrested and strictest action is being taken against all the criminals,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Foreign Ministry revealed on Sunday it had sent staff to the area and had been in touch with authorities, while Brazilian authorities said they had sought to contact the victims.

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