(16日) 新西兰 Covid-19 实时更新 – 中英双语全面报道Delta爆发

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Ministry of Health Covid-19 update

卫生部 Covid-19 更新

The Ministry of Health is providing an update on two of the cases who tested positive for COVID-19 today currently being investigated by public health staff.

卫生部正在提供目前正在接受公共卫生人员调查的两个 COVID-19 检测呈阳性的病例的最新情况。

Truck driver 卡车司机

Auckland Regional Public Health has now completed its initial interview with the truck driver who returned a positive test result as confirmed earlier today. This case has been linked to the existing outbreak.

奥克兰地区公共卫生部门现已完成对卡车司机的初步采访,卡车司机今天早些时候确认了检测结果呈阳性。 该病例与现有的疫情有关。

A small number of exposure events are in the process of being worked through by public health staff. Any that are locations of interest will be listed on the Ministry of Health website. We anticipate the first of a handful of Auckland locations, expected to be supermarkets and dairies, to be published this evening. Where we can readily identify contacts, these exposure events will not be listed.

公共卫生人员正在处理少数暴露事件。 任何暴露关注地点都将在卫生部网站上列出。 我们预计将在今晚发布少数奥克兰地点中的第一个,预计将是超市和杂货店。 在我们可以轻松识别接触者的情况下,将不会列出这些暴露事件。

There are four other household contacts who are in self-isolation and are being tested.


New locations of interest


Several new locations of interest have been added to the Ministry of Health’s list tonight, including Z Bombay and locations in Clover Park, Papakura and Mangere.
今晚卫生部的名单中增加了几个新的关注地点,包括 Z Bombay 以及位于 Clover Park、Papakura 和 Mangere 的地点。

Middlemore patient 米德尔莫尔医院患者
The patient who tested positive at Middlemore hospital on Wednesday evening has also been interviewed, and is now in isolation at home awaiting transfer to MIQ.
周三晚上在 Middlemore 医院检测呈阳性的患者也接受了采访,目前正在家中隔离,等待转移到 MIQ。
The individual is in a household where no other cases have been identified at this stage. All household members are in isolation and we continue to look for links to other cases.
该人所在的家庭在此阶段未发现其他病例。 所有家庭成员都处于隔离状态,我们将继续寻找与其他病例的联系。
The other five previous cases identified through exposure events at Middlemore hospital have all been linked to the outbreak on further investigation.
有待进一步调查后,确认 Middlemore 医院通过暴露事件确定的其他 5 个先前病例均与疫情有关。
More information on both these cases will be available tomorrow.



One of today’s new community cases was a truck driver who has travelled across the Auckland border, Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield has revealed today.

卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德 (Ashley Bloomfield) 今天透露,今天其中的一个新社区病例是一名穿越奥克兰边界的卡车司机。

There were 13 new cases reported today, including the truck driver who crossed the border to make essential deliveries, Dr Bloomfield said.

布卢姆菲尔德博士说,今天报告了 13 例新病例,其中包括越过边境进行必要交付的卡车司机。

The truck driver has recently travelled to Hamilton, Tauranga and Cambridge.


The driver was previously tested on 22 August. They work for food provision services and their contact was limited to deliveries and drop-offs.

该司机于 8 月 22 日接受了测试。 他们为食品供应服务工作,他们的联系仅限于送货和送货。

Dr Bloomfield said the driver was tested after isolating as a household contact and health authorities are now trying to determine any locations of interest.


“There may be exposure events,” Dr Bloomfield says. He says this underlines the importance of testing at the Auckland border, which becomes mandatory tonight.


Police will be checking on that requirement at the borders tonight and those who cannot provide confirmation of testing will be turned back.



The blessing of New Zealand’s first vaccination buses is currently underway at Auckland Airport.


After the fleet of six is blessed, they’ll be sent to areas where vaccination numbers are low, or where communities find difficulty in accessing services.


The first vaccination trip is scheduled for Pukekohe this afternoon.

第一次疫苗接种之旅定于今天下午在 Pukekohe 进行。

Associate Minister of Health Aupito William Sio said this morning inoculations will occur outside the buses during alert levels 4 and 3, after which door-to-door visits will become available.

卫生部副部长奥皮托·威廉·西奥 (Aupito William Sio) 表示,今天早上,在 4 级和 3 级警报期间,将在公共汽车外进行接种,之后将可以进行上门探访。



Russia’s Putin to self-isolate – report


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he would have to spend “a few days” in self-isolation after dozens of people in his entourage fell ill with Covid-19, the TASS news agency reported.
据塔斯社报道,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京周四表示,在他的随行人员中有数十人感染 Covid-19 后,他将不得不在自我隔离中度过“几天”。

Three in custody at ski field over breach


OneNews is reporting that a person from Auckland on a travel exemption and two other people have taken into custody on Tūroa ski field this afternoon.

OneNews 报道称,今天下午,一名来自奥克兰的旅行豁免人和另外两人在 Tūroa 滑雪场被拘留。
The trio were allegedly transferring back to work in Christchurch and made an unauthorised stop at the ski field.


Glacier business owners feeling pinch


Franz Josef business owners say they are struggling to keep their heads above water after losing Aucklanders and international visitors.
Franz Josef 的企业主表示,在失去奥克兰人和国际游客后,他们正在努力保持头脑清醒。

Auckland entrepreneur and employee cleared after flying to Wānaka on chartered plane

Police are satisfied an Auckland entrepreneur and his employee who flew to Wānaka on a chartered plane were permitted to do so. A spokesperson said enquiries were made about a possible Covid-19 travel breach by police following a complaint about two people who flew from Auckland to Wānaka on Saturday.
一名奥克兰企业家及其雇员乘坐包机飞往瓦纳卡,警方对此感到满意。 一位发言人表示,在接到两人周六从奥克兰飞往瓦纳卡的投诉后,警方对可能发生的 Covid-19 旅行违规进行了调查。

Surge in need for mental health aid


Mental Health Foundation CEO Shaun Robinson is predicting a growth in demand for mental health services in south Auckland as people grapple with the pressures of the latest Covid-19 lockdown.
心理健康基金会首席执行官肖恩·罗宾逊(Shaun Robinson)预测,随着人们应对最新的 Covid-19 封锁带来的压力,奥克兰南部对心理健康服务的需求将会增长。

The area has been hit hard by the latest outbreak of the pandemic, with 381 cases linked to a church in Māngere.
该地区受到最近爆发的大流行病的严重打击,有 381 起病例与 Māngere 的一座教堂有关。

Rugby players allowed to break Auckland L4

橄榄球运动员被允许打破奥克兰 4级封锁

New Zealand Rugby top brass has ordered a please explain from several unions who let players travel out of Auckland to five other regions.


The players were given exemptions to head to their National Provincial Championship teams and travelled in the last six to 10 days.

在过去的 6 到 10 天内,球员们被豁免前往他们的全国地区冠军队并旅行。

UNICEF calls for schools to reopen in pandemic-hit nations


The United Nations children’s agency UNICEF has urged education authorities to reopen schools as soon as possible in countries where millions of students are still not allowed to return to classrooms 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic.
联合国儿童基金会已敦促教育当局尽快在 COVID-19 大流行 18 个月后仍不允许数百万学生重返课堂的国家重新开放学校。

Schools in around 17 countries remain fully closed, while those in 39 countries remain partially closed, according to a report released by UNICEF on Thursday.
根据联合国儿童基金会周四发布的一份报告,大约 17 个国家的学校仍然完全关闭,而 39 个国家的学校仍然部分关闭。

Goff: Let’s reach 80% vaccinated

Goff:让我们达到 80% 的疫苗接种率

Auckland’s mayor Phil Goff wants at least 80 percent of Aucklanders to have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine within the next week.
奥克兰市长 Phil Goff 希望至少 80% 的奥克兰人在下周内至少接种一剂 Covid-19 疫苗。

Organisation ‘disappointed’ by rider’s Wānaka visit

组织对骑手访问Wānaka “感到失望”

Equestrian New Zealand is yet to decide if disciplinary action will be taken against international rider William Willis, following his trip last week from Auckland to Wānaka, breaching lockdown rules.
新西兰马术协会尚未决定是否会对国际骑手威廉·威利斯(William Willis)采取纪律处分,此前他上周从奥克兰前往瓦纳卡(Wānaka),违反了封锁规定。

Both Willis and his partner apologised for their trip, while police are still considering whether to charge the pair under the Covid-19 Health Response Act.

威利斯和他的搭档都为他们的旅行道歉,而警方仍在考虑是否根据 Covid-19 健康应对法对这对夫妇提出指控。

Buses ‘to correct mistakes’


The Minister for Maori Development says the new Covid vaccination buses are testament to the government’s determination to reach everyone in Maori and Pasifika communities.
毛利人发展部长表示,新的 Covid 疫苗接种巴士证明了政府决心覆盖毛利人和太平洋岛民社区的每个人。

The fleet of six buses are going to areas where vaccination numbers are low, or where communities find it difficult to access services.


Help for those leaving isolation


Up to 20 transitional homes will be provided to families of the Assembly of God subcluster, who’ve faced financial uncertainty upon their release from managed isolation.

最多 20 间临时住所将提供给上帝会子群的家庭,这些家庭在解除管理隔离后面临财务不确定性。

They’ll be placed at a complex in Otahuhu for four weeks, after which it’ll be determined as to what further support they need.


Police continue to monitor borders


An Aucklander who tried to take a back road to Raglan, and another who failed to stop at the Mercer checkpoint, were handed infringement notices at Auckland’s lockdown boundaries yesterday.
一名试图从后路前往 Raglan 的奥克兰人,以及另一名未能在 Mercer 检查站停留的奥克兰人,昨天在奥克兰的封锁边界处收到了违规通知。

The police say 99 percent of drivers are following the rules by showing proof their travel is essential. Just 148 vehicles were turned around at checkpoints north and south of the city yesterday, while more than 16,000 were allowed through.
警方表示,99% 的司机都通过证明他们的旅行是必要的来遵守规则。

昨天,只有 148 辆车在该市北部和南部的检查站掉头,而超过 16,000 辆被允许通过。

Rapid-antigen kits arrive 快速抗原试剂盒到货

More than 100,000 rapid antigen testing kits for Covid-19 have arrived in the country.
The Director-General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield, says the kits give earlier indications of positive test results.

超过 100,000 个用于 Covid-19 的快速抗原检测试剂盒已运抵新西兰。卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德 (Ashley Bloomfield) 表示,这些试剂盒提供了阳性检测结果的早期迹象。

There’s been yet another possible lockdown breach from Auckland to Wānaka to report.


Auckland entrepreneur and employee flew to Wānaka on a chartered plane
Police are investigating a possible Covid-19 travel breach when an Auckland entrepreneur and his employee flew to Wānaka on a chartered plane. A police spokeswoman says it is investigating if there has been any breach of the health order. The Ministry of Health also confirmed it has received a complaint about the flight but would not release any further details.
当一名奥克兰企业家和他的员工乘坐包机飞往瓦纳卡时,警方正在调查可能发生的 Covid-19 旅行违规行为。 警方发言人表示,正在调查是否有任何违反卫生令的行为。 卫生部还证实已收到有关该航班的投诉,但不会透露更多细节。

NSW records 1351 Covid-19 cases and 12 deaths
新南威尔士州记录了 1351 例 Covid-19 病例和 12 例死亡
NSW recorded 1351 new locally acquired Covid-19 infections in the 24 hours to 8pm yesterday. Another 12 deaths in the reporting period, 10 of whom were not vaccinated, brought the number of deaths from the state’s Delta outbreak above 200 since it began in June.
新南威尔士州在昨天到晚上 8 点的 24 小时内记录了 1351 例新的本地感染 Covid-19病例。 报告期内又有 12 人死亡,其中 10 人未接种疫苗,使该州Delta 疫情自 6 月开始以来的死亡人数超过 200 人。

During the 1pm briefing Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern provided a list of vaccination centres in Auckland which do not require any booking to receive a vaccination. Here is that list:
在下午 1 点的简报会上,总理杰辛达·阿德恩 (Jacinda Ardern) 提供了奥克兰的疫苗接种中心名单,这些中心不需要任何预订即可接种疫苗。 这是那个清单:


South Auckland
  • Manurewa Vaccination Centre, 81 Finlayson Avenue, Clendon Park, Manukau City
  • Ōtara Vaccination Centre, 5 Ōtara RoadŌtara
  • Pukekohe Vaccination Centre, 6 Roulston Street, Pukekohe
  • Takanini Vaccination Centre, 8 Great South Road, Takanini
  • Airport Park and Ride Drive Through COVID-19 Vaccination Centre
East Auckland
  • Highbrook Vaccination Centre, 31 Highbrook Drive, East Tāmaki, Auckland


Central Auckland
  • Auckland CBD Vaccination Centre, 35 Graham Street, Auckland
  • Mt Wellington COVID-19 Vaccination Centre, 95-105 Leonard Road, Mount Wellington
  • Tāmaki (Glen Innes) Vaccination Centre, 261 Morrin Road, St Johns, Auckland
  • Epsom Vaccination Centre, 382 Manukau Road, Epsom


North Auckland
  • Birkenhead Vaccination Centre, 1 Cnr Highbury Bypass &, Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead
  • Albany Vaccination Centre, End of Oaklands Road, Albany
  • North Shore Airport Drive Through Vaccination Centre, 272 Postman Road, Dairy Flat

West Auckland
  • Henderson Vaccination Centre, 28 Catherine Street, Henderson
  • Westgate Vaccination Centre, 11 Westgate Drive, Westgate
  • The Trust Arena COVID-19 Vaccination Centre
You can find more information on these vaccination centres here.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield are due to provide a briefing at 1pm on the latest news regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.

总理杰辛达·阿登 (Jacinda Ardern) 和卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德 (Ashley Bloomfield) 博士于下午 1 点就有关 Covid-19 爆发的最新消息提供简报。

The Ministry of Health has reported 13 new community cases of Covid-19, three border cases and two historical cases in managed isolation.
卫生部报告了 13 例新的 Covid-19 社区病例、3 例边境病例和 2 例管理隔离的历史病例。
This takes the number of community cases in the current outbreak to 996, while 460 of these cases have now recovered.

这使当前爆发的社区病例数达到 996,而其中 460 例现已康复。




Health experts say talk of vaccination targets unhelpful


Countries around the world are starting to imagine a future living with Covid-19 as vaccination benchmarks are reached. But is there a magic number and when will New Zealand reach it? For critics of New Zealand’s pandemic response, Denmark is the shiny, new poster-child.
随着疫苗接种基准的达到,世界各国开始想象与 Covid-19共存 的未来。 但是有没有一个神奇的数字,新西兰什么时候能达到呢? 对于新西兰大流行应对措施的批评者来说,丹麦是闪亮的新典范。

The government’s $26 million support package aimed at the Pacific Covid-19 response is expected to benefit 25 five Pacific health providers. The funds are yet to be released, but about $18m is expected to go to providers.

政府针对太平洋 Covid-19 应对措施的 2600 万纽币一揽子支持计划预计将使 25 家太平洋医疗保健提供者受益。 这些资金尚未发放,但预计约 1800 万纽币将流向供应商。

 A man is surprised Air New Zealand suggested travelling out of Auckland’s lockdown to Hamilton to take advantage of the offer of a free-of-charge flight change.


The man was helping a family member enquire about cancelled flights from Auckland to Wellington.


He was shocked when Air New Zealand then offered a free change to a flight out of Hamilton.


The first vaccination buses are being sent out into Auckland communities to assist in achieving the government’s goal of offering every Aucklander the chance to have had their first shot of the vaccine by the end of the week.
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff stands in front of one of the first vaccination buses
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff stands in front of one of the first vaccination buses 奥克兰市长 Phil Goff 站在第一辆疫苗接种巴士前  credit: Mariner Fagaiava-Muller

US Food and Drug Administration scientists say booster doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine may not be needed, even though the third shot generates a higher immune response in recipients.

美国食品和药物管理局的科学家表示,可能不需要加强剂量的辉瑞 Covid-19 疫苗,尽管第三针会在接受者体内产生更高的免疫反应。

The FDA staff members said in a document prepared for outside advisors that it is still unproven that the efficacy of Comirnaty – the Covid-19 vaccine Pfizer developed with Germany’s BioNTech SE – is declining.

FDA 工作人员在为外部顾问准备的文件中表示,Comirnaty(辉瑞与德国 BioNTech SE 开发的 Covid-19 疫苗)的功效正在下降,这一点仍未得到证实。

“Some observational studies have suggested declining efficacy of Comirnaty over time against symptomatic infection or against the Delta variant, while others have not,” they said in the document.

“一些观察性研究表明,随着时间的推移,Comirnaty 对有症状的感染或 Delta 变体的疗效会下降,而其他人则没有,”他们在文件中说。

“However, overall, data indicates that currently US-licensed or authorized Covid-19 vaccines still afford protection against severe Covid-19 disease and death in the United States.”

“但是,总体而言,数据表明,目前在美国获得许可或授权的 Covid-19 疫苗仍然可以预防严重的 Covid-19 疾病和死亡。”

The FDA staff did say the booster dose met pre-specified conditions the regulator had set to show that the shot was generating an immune response.

FDA 的工作人员确实表示,加强剂量符合监管机构设定的预先指定的条件,以表明注射会产生免疫反应。

A Covid-19 modeller says the virus could cause massive problems for the country’s health system even if 80 percent of people are fully vaccinated.

一位 Covid-19 建模师表示,即使 80% 的人已完全接种疫苗,该病毒也可能给该国的卫生系统带来巨大问题。

“Even 80 percent would create some massive challenges for our healthcare system.”
“即使是 80% 也会给我们的医疗保健系统带来一些巨大的挑战。”
“At 80 percent you’d still see potentially thousands of fatalities in a year and many many more people requiring hospitalisation so we really need to be ambitious with our vaccination targets, we need to be aiming more at 90 percent.”
“在 80% 的情况下,你仍然会看到一年内可能有数千人死亡,还有更多的人需要住院治疗,所以我们真的需要雄心勃勃地制定我们的疫苗接种目标,我们需要将目标定在 90% 以上。”

However, Professor Hendy says higher vaccination rates mean lockdowns could be shorter and less severe.


Covid-19: Weekly tests for essential workers crossing Auckland border come in tomorrow


Essential workers crossing Auckland’s level 4 border will not have to show they have tested negative for Covid-19, only that they have had the test. From tomorrow, the Ministry of Health will require all workers crossing the boundary to have had a Covid-19 test in the previous seven days.
跨越奥克兰 4 级边境的基本工作人员不必证明他们对 Covid-19 的检测呈阴性,只需证明他们已经进行了检测。 从明天开始,卫生部将要求所有越过边界的工人在过去 7 天内进行 Covid-19 测试。


Sports teams, business people and entertainers using MIQ spots

使用 MIQ 点的运动队、商务人士和演艺人员

The Bangladesh cricket team will have been able to visit New Zealand twice this year, before many New Zealanders abroad have been able to return at all. Also coming through the hotly contested MIQ system is the Netherlands cricket team, who are ranked lower than Afghanistan in the International Cricket Council (ICC) One Day International (ODI) rankings.

孟加拉国板球队今年将能够两次访问新西兰,之前许多在国外的新西兰人根本无法返回。 同样通过竞争激烈的 MIQ 系统的还有荷兰板球队,他们在国际板球理事会 (ICC) 一日国际 (ODI) 排名中的排名低于阿富汗。

The Prime Minister has named four finallists for the name of the vaccination bus.


In a Facebiook post, Jacinda Ardern invited people to choose between four options – Shot Bro, Jabba Waka, Jabbin Wagon and Vaxi Taxi.

在 Facebook 的一篇帖子中,Jacinda Ardern 邀请人们在四个选项中进行选择——Shot Bro、Jabba Waka、Jabbin Wagon 和 Vaxi Taxi。

In the Facebook poll, currently Shot Bro is in the lead.

在Facebook民意调查中,目前Shot Bro处于领先地位。


Middlemore Hospital testing every ward patient for Covid-19

Middlemore 医院对病每位房患者进行 Covid-19 检测
Middlemore Hospital has begun testing every ward patient for Covid-19. Mobile testing teams are going bed to bed offering tests to all patients staying there, even asymptomatic ones, and they will do the same for new patients.

Middlemore 医院已开始对病房每位患者进行 Covid-19 检测。 移动检测团队正在为所有留在那里的患者提供检测,即使是无症状的患者,他们也会为新患者做同样的事情。


Robertson:sympathy for pensioner stuck overseas, buyer beware


“It’s all about cumulative risk, what we’re trying to do is reduce the amount of people who are moving around and we had to set boundaries somewhere for what that was and so that largely originally related to what you could purchase in the supermarket or wholefoods and so on.


NZ Covid-19 ‘passport’ raises questions about discrimination, inequality and coercion

新西兰 Covid-19“护照”引发了关于歧视、不平等和胁迫的问题
With Covid-19 causing extraordinarily intrusive and expensive lockdowns, vaccine “passports” or certificates are increasingly seen as key to getting out of them. Decision-makers and gatekeepers – from border guards to maître d’s – will have a means of knowing who can safely engage with others.

Covid-19 导致异常侵入性和昂贵的封锁,疫苗“护照”或证书越来越被视为摆脱封锁的关键。 决策者和看门人——从边防警卫到领队——将有办法知道谁可以安全地与他人交往。



What you need to know:


  • There were 14 new community cases on Wednesday, all of them in Auckland and epidemiologically linked to the current outbreak.
  • 周三有 14 例新的社区病例,全部发生在奥克兰,在流行病学上与当前的疫情有关。
  • There are 983 cases in the current outbreak, 456 of these cases have now recovered.
  • 本次疫情共有 983 例病例,其中 456 例现已康复。
  • 20 people are in hospital, with four in ICU or HDU.
  • 20 人住院,其中 4 人在 ICU 或 HDU。
  • The pause on MIQ bookings will be lifted on 20 September, starting with 3000 rooms released through a new lobby booking system that day.
  • MIQ 预订的暂停将于 9 月 20 日解除,从20日开始将通过新的大堂预订系统预定释放的 3000 间客房。
  • Auckland is at alert level 4 until at least Tuesday 21 September. Cabinet has made an in-principle decision that the region will then move to level 3, but will consider alert levels again on Monday.
  • 奥克兰至少在 9 月 21 日星期二之前处于 4 级警戒状态。内阁原则上决定该地区随后将降至 3 级,但将在周一再次考虑警戒级别。
  • The rest of New Zealand is level 2.
  • 新西兰其他地区为 2 级警戒。
  • Vaccine buses will start operating in Auckland on Thursday to deliver vaccinations to areas where people have not been able to access them easily, or where immunisation rates are low.
  • 疫苗巴士将于周四在奥克兰开始运营,为人们无法轻松获得疫苗或免疫率低的地区提供疫苗接种。
  • People in seven suburbs are encouraged to have a test even if they don’t have symptoms. Those areas are Mt Eden, Massey, Māngere, Favona, Papatoetoe, Ōtara and Manurewa.
  • 鼓励七个区的人们进行检测,即使他们没有症状。这些地区是 Mt Eden、Massey、Māngere、Favona、Papatoetoe、Ōtara 和 Manurewa。
  • Contact tracing locations of interest are being updated throughout the day
  • 接触者追踪的暴露关注点全天都在更新
  • Testing location details are here.
  • 测试地点详情在此处。
  • If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or a cold or flu, stay home and call Healthline on 0800 611 116
  • 如果您有 Covid-19 或感冒或流感的症状,请留在家中并拨打 Healthline 0800 611 116

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