新冠疫情 滚动新闻 澳纽资讯 编辑精选

There are 13 new community cases, all are in Auckland.


Ten of today’s cases are epidemiologically linked to the outbreak, three are not.
今天的病例中有 10 例在流行病学上与疫情有关,而 3 例则不是。

In the past fortnight, there have been 10 unlinked cases.
在过去的两周里,有 10 起无关联的病例。

There are 19 cases in hospital – three in North Shore, six in Auckland and 10 in Middlemore. Four of these cases are in ICU.

医院有 19 例病例——北岸 3 例,奥克兰 6 例,米德尔莫尔 10 例。 其中四个病例在ICU。

Contact tracers are actively managing 963 contacts.
联系人追踪器正在积极管理 963 名联系人。

90 per cent of all contacts have received at least one test result.
90% 的接触者至少收到了一项检测结果。

There are now 996 cases in this outbreak – 979 in Auckland, 17 in Auckland.
此次疫情目前有 996 例病例——奥克兰 979 例,奥克兰 17 例。

So far, 445 in Auckland and 15 in Wellington have recovered.


Five of yesterday’s cases were infectious in the community.
The one unlinked case is being interviewed. They presented to Middlemore Hospital with no Covid symptoms.
正在采访一个没有关联的案例。 他们在没有 Covid 症状的情况下就诊于 Middlemore 医院。

Another of today’s new cases is a truck driver who crossed the Auckland boundary to deliver goods.

Locations of interest are still being determined, if there are any they will be put on the Ministry of Health website.
Exposure events may not result in a location of interest being publicised.
They were tested after being identified as a household contact of another case.


Surveillance testing at the Auckland boundary doesn’t require people to self-isolate.
Bloomfield thanked employers of permitted workers for ensuring staff are complying.
There are saliva testing pick up and drop off points at the Auckland boundary. They are operating from 7am to 7pm weekdays.

奥克兰边界的监控测试不需要人们自我隔离。布卢姆菲尔德感谢允许员工的雇主确保员工遵守规定。在奥克兰边界有唾液检测的接送点。 他们的营业时间是工作日的早上 7 点到晚上 7 点。

100,000 rapid antigen test kits purchased by the Ministry of Health have arrived. They will trial these at Middlemore Hospital to those getting PCR test who consent to another test. This is done through a swab at the front of the nose. The trial will test the efficacy of these tests.

卫生部采购的10万套抗原快速检测试剂盒已到货。他们将在 Middlemore 医院对那些接受 PCR 测试并同意另一项测试的人进行试验。 这是通过鼻子前部的棉签完成的。该试验将测试这些测试的有效性。

The second pilot will take place at the international airport arrival hall. Bloomfield said these trials will help them understand how these tests fit into the country’s response in the future.
Bloomfield acknowledged district nurses working on the front line in Auckland in level 4.

第二次试点将在国际机场到达大厅进行。 布卢姆菲尔德说,这些试验将帮助他们了解这些测试如何适应该国未来的反应。 Bloomfield 感谢在 4 级警报下来奥克兰前线工作的地区护士。

Back to Ardern. 回到阿登。

The first mobile vaccine buses were launched this morning in parts of Auckland.

Three buses went out, one went to the supermarkets in west Auckland.

Another three will be deployed in the next couple of days.

They want to focus on suburbs where they need to ensure vaccines are accessible.

While in level 4, they’ll allow for physical distancing. In future, they will be more mobile and more residential in where they go and how they operate.
在4 级警报时,他们将允许保持物理距离。 未来,他们将在他们去的地方和他们的运作方式上更具移动性和去更多的民房区。

Over 70 per cent of the eligible population has received at least one dose. This is a significant milestone, Ardern said.
超过 70% 的符合条件的人口至少接种了一剂。 Ardern 说,这是一个重要的里程碑。

Nearly 37,000 first doses were delivered in Auckland in recent days. Ardern encouraged those who hadn’t yet gotten the jab to book in and roll up their sleeves.

最近几天,在奥克兰近 37,000 接种剂第一剂疫苗。 Ardern 鼓励那些还没有接种的人预订并卷起袖子。

Here is yesterday’s vaccination data: 62,782 doses were administered in total – 1st doses: 39,775; 2nd doses: 23,007

这是昨天的疫苗接种数据:总共接种了 62,782 剂 – 第 1 剂:39,775; 第二剂:23,007

Ardern reminded people that vaccinations are free。 She said vaccinations are “incredibly helpful” now and into the future. Delta is more dangerous and difficult, she said, which is why they updated the country’s response.

Ardern 提醒人们接种疫苗是免费的。她说疫苗接种现在和未来都“非常有用”。她说,Delta更加危险和困难,这就是他们更新应对措施的原因。

Alert level 1 will remain the same, Ardern said.
At this level, we are prepared – we scan, wear masks in places where you can’t distance.
That remains the objective of level 1 even with Delta.

Ardern 说,1 级警报将保持不变。在这个层面上,我们已经做好了准备——我们会在无法保持距离的地方进行扫描、戴口罩。即使使用 Delta,这仍然是 1 级的目标。

Ardern said this level is for an environment where there’s no risk of transmission.
So long as Auckland is in level 3 or 4, the rest of the country will remain on alert and in level 2, most likely.
While level 4 is in place in Auckland, the rest of the country is being cautious.

Ardern 说,这个级别适用于没有传播风险的环境.  只要奥克兰处于 3 级或 4 级,全国其他地区将保持警戒状态,并且很可能处于 2 级。当奥克兰还在4 级警报,其他地区应持谨慎态度。

They will consider lifting the hospitality cap to 100 people indoors in level 2 if Auckland moves to level 3. Ardern said it’s clear the alert level system has served us well. Vaccines need to be integrated into this system.

如果奥克兰降至 3 级,他们将考虑将 2 级室内接待上限提高至 100 人。Ardern 说,很明显,警报级别系统为我们提供了很好的服务。 疫苗需要整合到这个系统中。

Now, back to the truck driver who tested positive. Bloomfield said early information indicates they travelled to Hamilton, Cambridge and Tauranga. They don’t know if they were infectious at this time. Locations of interest will be made public, but there may not be any. It’s common for locations to be kept private if exposure events are contained and all people are easily identified.

现在,回到测试呈阳性的卡车司机。布卢姆菲尔德说,早期信息表明他们去过汉密尔顿、剑桥和陶朗加。 他们不知道他们此时是否具有传染性。感暴露关注地点将被公开,但可能没有。 如果暴露事件得到控制并且所有人都可以轻松识别,那么通常会将位置保密。

Ardern said nothing is fool proof, which is why using level 2 as an extra precaution is important.

Ardern 说没有什么是万无一失的,这就是为什么使用 2 级作为额外的预防措施很重要。

This person was previously tested on August 22.

此人此前于 8 月 22 日接受了测试。

Limiting indoor gatherings to 50 in level 2 was due to the need for extra caution.
If Auckland moves to level 3, Cabinet will be comfortable easing some restrictions. The indoor limit will likely be one of them.
The truck driver works stocking supermarkets. Their contact is limited to delivered and drop offs, usually.

由于需要格外小心,将第 2 级的室内聚会限制在 50 人以内。如果奥克兰降至 3 级,内阁将轻松放松一些限制。 室内限制可能是其中之一。卡车司机在超市工作。 他们的联系通常仅限于交付和交付。

Bloomfeild said the good thing is they were tested and they found the case. Their household contact also tested positive.There’s no suggestion they did anything they shouldn’t have. They went to work before they were identified as a contact.
Bloomfeild 说,好在他们接受了测试并发现了病例。 他们的家庭联系人也呈阳性。没有任何迹象表明他们做了不该做的事情。他们在被确定为联系人之前就去上班了。

Everyone in New Zealand, regardless of immigration status, can get tested at any time and can get vaccinated. This data collected is not linked to immigration status nor is it used for immigration purposes.
新西兰的每个人,无论移民身份如何,都可以随时接受检测并接种疫苗。 收集的这些数据与移民身份无关,也不用于移民目的。

“This is not linked in any way at all,” Ardern clarified.
“这根本没有任何联系,”Ardern 澄清道。

Deportations are heavily weighted to those who finished serving sentences, rather than those who are in the community.


Bloomfield said they don’t test people once they’re diagnosed and in quarantine. The procedure around release is overseen by a medical officer of health. The minimum stay is 10 days and at least 72 hours asymptomatic. They are moving to a 14-day stint.

布卢姆菲尔德说,一旦确诊并被隔离,他们就不会对人进行检测。 释放的程序由卫生医疗官员监督。 最短停留时间为 10 天,且至少 72 小时无症状。 他们正在转向为期 14 天的工作。

So positive cases in quarantine must stay for 14 days now and also be 72 hours symptom-free. Auckland units are in the process of implementing this new policy.

因此,隔离中的阳性病例现在必须停留 14 天,并且也必须 72 小时无症状。奥克兰各单位正在实施这项新政策。

PM Jacinda Ardern says NZ’s ban on nuclear power in its waters “remains unchanged”, as Australia, UK and US announce pact to provide Australia with nuclear submarines.
新西兰总理杰辛达·阿德恩 (Jacinda Ardern) 表示,随着澳大利亚、英国和美国宣布向澳大利亚提供核潜艇的协议,新西兰对其水域的核电禁令“保持不变”。

Ardern is talking about a new major defence pact between Australia, the US and UK.
Ardern 正在谈论澳大利亚、美国和英国之间的一项新的重大国防协定。

Back to Covid questions.
Ardern said we’ve seen the role level 4 has played. They’ve indicated that Auckland is likely to move to level 3 next week.
That decision will be based on the health advice they receive on Monday.
Bloomfield said the outbreak in wider Auckland appears to be under control.

回到 Covid 问题。Ardern 说我们已经看到了第 4 级所扮演的角色。 他们表示奥克兰可能会在下周降至 3 级。该决定将基于他们周一收到的健康建议。布卢姆菲尔德说,奥克兰地区的疫情似乎得到了控制。

They know the connection now and can rapidly link new cases back to households already on their radars.This gives them confidence it’s under control.


Bloomfield said they will keep using every channel they have to encourage vaccinations.

Overseas experience shows vaccinations are protecting people from hospitalisation and death.布卢姆菲尔德说,他们将继续利用所有渠道鼓励接种疫苗。海外经验表明,接种疫苗可以保护人们免于住院和死亡。

Covid-19 has become a pandemic of the unvaccinated, he said. This is “mission critical”, he said. Every New Zealander needs to take up the opportunity to get vaccinated.

他说,Covid-19 已成为未接种疫苗者的流行病。 他说,这是“关键任务”。 每个新西兰人都需要抓住机会接种疫苗。

Ardern encouraged people to do it for the kids. There’s a whole group under 12 who aren’t eligible for vaccinations yet.  “Do it for our kids,” she said.
Anyone who has an allergic reaction to the Covid vaccine and requires medical assistance will be covered by ACC.

Ardern 鼓励人们为孩子们做这件事。 有一整群未满 12 岁的人还没有资格接种疫苗。 “为我们的孩子做这件事,”她说。 任何对 Covid 疫苗有过敏反应并需要医疗援助的人都将被 ACC 承保。

Regarding the decision to keep the rest of the country in level 2 while Auckland is in a higher level, it’s all about risk, Ardern said. Where there is less risk for transmission, mask use drops off the list of necessities while contact tracing remains high. They’re looking at what other measures are needed in the community and at the border in level 1 when vaccination rates are high.

Ardern 说,关于将新西兰其他地区保持在 2 级而奥克兰处于更高级别的决定,这完全与风险有关。在传播风险较小的地方,口罩的使用从必需品清单中删除,而接触者追踪仍然很高。当疫苗接种率很高时,他们正在研究社区和 1 级边境还需要采取哪些其他措施。

On the vaccine buses, Ardern said a react poll on Facebook came up with the name Shot Bro. Around 28,000 people engaged with it。 Ardern thought the name was unique to New Zealand and it had a double meaning.

在疫苗巴士上,Ardern 说 Facebook 上的一项民意调查想出了 Shot Bro 这个名字。 大约有 28,000 人参与其中。Ardern 认为这个名字是新西兰独有的,它有双重含义。

The unlinked case who went to Middlemore Hospital was tested as part of surveillance testing. They’re looking at international evidence to see what other measures are needed alongside vaccines in order to protect those who can’t get vaccinated, like kids. Most countries are coupling vaccines with other measures, because even with high vaccine rates, there’s still a risk.

作为监测测试的一部分,对前往 Middlemore 医院的无关联病例进行了测试。他们正在查看国际证据,以了解除疫苗外还需要采取哪些其他措施来保护无法接种疫苗的人,例如儿童。大多数国家都将疫苗与其他措施结合起来,因为即使疫苗接种率很高,仍然存在风险。

Bloomfield said we should have a high expectation that the health force is vaccinated.

A further wastewater sample was taken at Snells Beach. They’re looking at how many cases from the region recovered and are now back in the community.
Testing is being focused on people who work at Southern Paprika, where some of the earlier cases worked.
At the moment, none of today’s new cases are from this region.

在斯内尔斯海滩采集了进一步的废水样本。 他们正在研究该地区有多少病例已经康复,现在又回到了社区。测试的重点是在Southern Paprika工作的人,那里有一些早期的病案例。目前,今天的新病例没有一个来自该地区。

On a GDP per capita basis, there’s been a 3.7 per cent annual change. These are some of the best numbers we’ve seen in years, Finance Minister Grant Robertson said.

They know the September quarter will show the impacts of lockdown and this outbreak.
He said the rebound on the other side of this outbreak will show the strong position we’re in.
He has confidence we’ll return to these levels of growth.

按人均国内生产总值计算,每年有 3.7% 的变化。 财政部长格兰特·罗伯逊说,这些是我们多年来看到的最好的一些数字。他们知道 9 月的季度将显示封锁和这次疫情的影响。他说,这次疫情另一端的反弹将表明我们所处的强势地位。他有信心我们会回到这些增长水平。

Robertson said it’s hard to say how much debt there will be resulting from the Delta outbreak. The predictions show the New Zealand economy was strong, relative to the rest of the world, going into this outbreak.  It’s not just areas like hospitality and accommodation that have been doing well, construction is also on the list.
This is why Robertson thinks there’ll be a “significant hit” but there’ll be a “rebound”.

Robertson thought the level 2 rules were clear for how businesses can operate. He’s welcoming public servants back into the city, and they are. Businesses are ready and willing for their business.
罗伯逊认为 2 级规则对于企业如何运作是明确的。 他正在欢迎公务员回到这座城市,他们也是。 企业已准备好并愿意开展业务。

Covid vaccines, health insurance and ACC: yes, you’re covered
Covid 疫苗、健康保险和 ACC:是的,您有保障

Ardern reiterated in the press conference that ACC will cover the cost of your treatment in the rare case of a vaccine injury – and the vaccine won’t invalidate your health insurance.
Ardern 在新闻发布会上重申,在罕见的疫苗伤害情况下,ACC 将支付您的治疗费用——并且疫苗不会使您的健康保险失效。



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