官宣:12 月 2 日星期四午夜,新西兰进入红绿灯框架,本周四理发店对持有疫苗护照者试营业(含中英直播内容)

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At 11.59pm on Thursday, December 2, the whole country will move to the new traffic light framework.

12 月 2 日星期四晚上 11 点 59 分,全国将转向新的红绿灯框架。

Cabinet also decided to trial the vaccine passport at hairdressers and barbers in Auckland. They can reopen from Thursday as long as they require proof of vaccination from Aucklanders.

内阁还决定在奥克兰的美发店和理发店试用疫苗护照。 只要他们需要奥克兰人提供疫苗接种证明,他们就可以从周四开始重新开放营业。

“Delta is here and it is not going away,” Ardern said.
“Delta 就在这里,它不会消失,”Ardern 说。

She said New Zealand is prepared to tackle the virus in this next stage.


Minister Megan Wood will soon release a toolkit for businesses that choose to introduce vaccine requirements for staff and customers.

The verifier app will be launched tomorrow for businesses mandating it.

The vast majority of people who get Covid in NZ will experience mild to moderate symptoms, she said. So it’s important they have the best possible care available to them.

她说,绝大多数在新西兰感染 Covid 的人都会出现轻度至中度症状。 因此,重要的是他们可以获得最好的护理。

The new traffic light system is safer than the alert level framework, she said.

Cabinet knows businesses want greater certainty around the date for the move to the traffic light system.


On November 29, Cabinet will decide which level different parts of the country move into. Auckland will move into red. Vaccine levels will determine the rest.
11 月 29 日,内阁将决定该国不同地区迁入哪个级别。 奥克兰将变为红色。 疫苗水平将决定其余部分。

Unvaccinated people won’t be able to access a number of hospitality venues and businesses from December 3.
从 12 月 3 日起,未接种疫苗的人将无法进入一些接待场所和企业。

Hairdressers will need to operate with vaccine passes, and only take bookings (no walk-ins). Staff must also be vaccinated.
美发师将需要使用疫苗通行证进行操作,并且只接受预订(不可上门服务)。 工作人员也必须接种疫苗。

Customers can remove their face masks while getting their hair cut.


They chose to trial the pass in this setting because there’s a limit on how many people can be in a salon at one time.

So far, 1.2 million people have already downloaded their vaccine pass. Ardern encouraged everyone to download theirs and get ready.
到目前为止,已有 120 万人下载了他们的疫苗通行证。 Ardern 鼓励每个人下载他们的并做好准备。

Ardern knows some people will have anxiety about these changes, but they’ll continue to operate carefully and cautiously. The protection of lives and livelihoods is the number one priority.
Ardern 知道有些人会对这些变化感到焦虑,但他们会继续小心谨慎地运作。 保护生命和生计是第一要务。

There’s certainty now for businesses, they have a reopening date – December 3.

现在对企业来说是肯定的,他们有一个重新开放的日期——12 月 3 日。

In the meantime, the trial is just for one group where the numbers are smaller and the setting more confined. This allows them to test the vaccine pass system before it rolls out nationwide with the transition to the traffic light system.
同时,试验仅针对人数较少且设置较局限的一组。 这使他们能够在疫苗通行证系统在全国推广到交通信号灯系统之前对其进行测试。

Ardern said December 3 is when they can “confidently” move the whole country.
Ardern 说 12 月 3 日是他们可以“自信地”移动整个国家的时候。

Regarding the death reported today – a man in his 40s – Bloomfield said he had been in hospital “for a while” and died from Covid-19. He didn’t know if this was the youngest reported death.

关于今天报道的死亡事件——一名 40 多岁的男子——布卢姆菲尔德说他已经在医院“一段时间”并死于 Covid-19。 他不知道这是否是最年轻的死亡报告。

Regarding the outbreak in Auckland, Bloomfield said hospitalisations weren’t increasing last week and had dropped. “This is a really good sign,” he said. It’s a reflection of the “good work” Aucklanders have been doing.
关于奥克兰的疫情,布卢姆菲尔德表示,上周住院人数没有增加,而是有所下降。 “这是一个非常好的迹象,”他说。 这反映了奥克兰人一直在做的“好工作”。

He’ll provide an update on the modelling on Wednesday.

Regarding the vaccine pass trial, Ardern said the entire sector is able to trial it. Of all the groups, this has one of the lowest risks. She said it’s a sector where, by default, the number of people in a venue at any given time is limited. Workers are also limited.

关于疫苗通过试验,Ardern 表示,整个行业都可以进行试验。 在所有组别中,这是风险最低的组之一。 她说,这是一个默认情况下,在任何特定时间,一个场所的人数都是有限的。 工人也有限。

They believe they can safely test the passes at this stage.

Regarding the research people found level 3 steps confusing, Ardern said they needed to set out a way for the safe move to level 2, they couldn’t just go to level 2 immediately.
对于研究人员发现第 3 级步骤令人困惑,Ardern 说他们需要为安全移动到第 2 级制定一个方法,他们不能立即进入第 2 级。

In the traffic light system, if you’re vaccinated, you can do almost everything as you normally would, but there may be some gathering limits at times.

They need to be careful in school settings, sector guidance will be released this week. There will also be guidance for local government outdoor events with no specific entries and exits.
他们在学校环境中需要小心,本周将发布部门指南。 对于没有特定出入口的当地政府户外活动,也会有指导。

If people don’t want to hold events with vaccine passes, there are stricter limits on numbers. Supporting guidance will be sent to marae, Ardern said, but they expect marae to choose how they roll out the options available to them.

如果人们不想通过疫苗通行证举办活动,则对人数有更严格的限制。 Ardern 说,支持指南将发送给 marae,但他们希望 marae 选择如何推出可供他们使用的选项。

She said the framework allows for choices. People don’t have to use vaccine passes at their events, but they will be limited with numbers.
她说该框架允许选择。 人们不必在他们的活动中使用疫苗通行证,但他们的人数会受到限制。

Ardern said Māori vaccination rates are making the most progress at the moment – 79.3 per cent of the eligible population for first doses.
Ardern 说,目前毛利人的疫苗接种率取得了最大的进步——79.3% 的符合条件的人口接种了第一剂疫苗。

“Every day and every vaccine counts,” she said.

Bloomfield said there will be clear criteria for moving up and down within the traffic light framework.

Of the five new cases in the Bay of Plenty, just one was unlinked.


Ardern said Auckland can now plan for the traffic light system, rather than thinking about level 3, step 3.
Ardern 表示,奥克兰现在可以为交通信号灯系统制定计划,而不是考虑第 3 级第 3 步。

She said we’re close to the new framework which gives “far more scope for reopening” than the alert levels.

Going into this new framework gives “much more certainty”, she said.

Vaccine levels will play a “key determining factor” for which level each region moves into. Auckland is going into red, no region will start in green. They don’t want places yo-yoing, Ardern said.

疫苗水平将成为每个地区进入哪个水平的“关键决定因素”。 奥克兰将变为红色,没有任何地区会以绿色开始。 他们不想要溜溜球(yo-yoing)的地方,Ardern 说。

The decision around which level each region moves into will happen at the end of the month.

If regions have hit 90 per cent of the eligible population fully vaccinated, then that’s a good indication of where they’ll be heading, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,如果地区已达到 90% 的合格人口完全接种疫苗,那么这很好地表明了他们的发展方向。

Regional travel restrictions and hard borders won’t be the norm in the traffic light system, but there may be some limitations at times.

The vaccine pass verifier app has been trialled on a small scale.

The Auckland hairdresser and barber trial will give them more data to work with.


Bloomfield added that yes, the verifier app has been tested. It will be available for businesses this week.
Bloomfield 补充说,是的,验证器应用程序已经过测试。 它将于本周面向企业推出。

Mechanisms will be in place to ensure domestic travel is as safe as possible, Ardern said.

Ardern said anyone concerned about the traffic light framework should know there will be other measures in place, not just vaccinations, to protect those who can’t get the jab.
Ardern 说,任何关心红绿灯框架的人都应该知道将采取其他措施,而不仅仅是接种疫苗,以保护那些无法接种疫苗的人。

Regarding the Ministry of Health’s change to saliva testing requirements, Bloomfield said it’s evidence that a saliva-based PCR test is as good as a nasopharyngeal swab.

关于卫生部对唾液检测要求的改变,布卢姆菲尔德说,有证据表明基于唾液的 PCR 检测与鼻咽拭子一样好。

They’ve agreed positive and negative results from either swabbing process can be treated the same.

This change will be in place for those working in MIQ.
此更改将适用于在 MIQ 工作的人员。

A person was tested in Auckland and then travelled to Hawke’s Bay. Healthline was making daily calls to them, but it wasn’t flagged in the system to notify the local health unit. Bloomfield reiterated, however, the case was being followed up with daily.
一个人在奥克兰接受了检测,然后前往霍克湾。 Healthline 每天都会给他们打电话,但系统中没有标记它来通知当地的卫生部门。 然而,布卢姆菲尔德重申,每天都在跟进此病例。

They will step through the changes “very carefully”, Ardern said.

Ardern 说,他们将“非常小心地”逐步完成这些变化。

Looking overseas, some countries have opened up and then brought back restrictions, which makes it difficult.

“We will be careful and deliberate,” she said.

They are thinking about winter and Covid, and they are looking at what’s happening in Europe. There’s no end date for the traffic light framework, it accepts that Covid is around and it’s still problematic in some parts of the world.

他们正在考虑冬天和 Covid,他们正在研究欧洲正在发生的事情。 交通灯框架没有结束日期,它承认 Covid 已经存在,并且在世界某些地区仍然存在问题。

She said they’ve tried to think ahead and think about seasons and how they might prepare for that. It’s a benefit to us that the rest of the world is a season ahead.
她说他们已经尝试提前考虑并考虑季节以及他们如何为此做好准备。 世界其他地区比我们提前一个季度,这对我们来说是一个好处。

The Covid Protection Framework has been available for discussion and criticism since October. She said decisions on when they move is based on vaccination levels, rather than what’s happening in Parliament.
自 10 月以来,Covid 保护框架已可供讨论和批评。 她说,他们何时移动的决定是基于疫苗接种水平,而不是议会正在发生的事情。

They engaged with various sectors before the framework was announced, there’s been good engagement with it. Now it’s coming to Parliament.

在框架宣布之前,他们与各个部门进行了接触,人们对此进行了良好的互动。 现在它来到议会。

The decisions needed to be made in this pandemic have felt “weighty”, Bloomfield said.

He said they’re in a transition period now, and there are two things that keep him calm – they have access to excellent scientific advice that the Government listens to, and there is a controlled outbreak and high vaccination rates going into summer and into this next stage.

Ardern agreed. She said Cabinet always had an evidence base that extended beyond New Zealand’s borders. They’ve never been afraid to do things differently, she said.
阿德恩同意了。 她说,内阁总是有一个超越新西兰边界的证据基础。 她说,他们从不害怕以不同的方式做事。

This next phase might have more contested views, but for the most part, the vast majority of people still see that we’re doing well relative to the rest of the world, and that everything being done is with in New Zealanders’ best interests.


Regarding vaccination efforts in Northland, Ardern said she’s visited the region and seen vaccination clinics set up in the likes of rugby clubs. A lot of funding has been put into mobile vaccination options too.

关于北地的疫苗接种工作,Ardern 说她访问了该地区并看到了在橄榄球俱乐部等设立的疫苗接种诊所。 大量资金也已投入到移动疫苗接种选项中。

Regarding Austria’s decision to mandate vaccinations for everyone, Ardern said that’s not something New Zealand would do.

关于奥地利强制要求所有人接种疫苗的决定,Ardern 说新西兰不会这样做。

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(22日)(中英)新西兰今天新增 205 个社区病例,奥克兰175例,怀卡托20例,北地5例,丰盛湾5例, 湖区1 例,新增死亡1例

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