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What you need to know/ Kia mōhio mai koe:

您需要知道的/ Kia mōhio mai koe:

* Another 20 Covid-19 cases have been found in the community.
* 在社区中又发现了 20 个 Covid-19 病例。

* An Auckland couple have been caught crossing the border using exemptions to fly to a Wanaka holiday home.
* 一对奥克兰夫妇因使用豁免飞往瓦纳卡的度假屋而被抓获。

* 18 people are now in hospitals with the virus, four in intensive care.

* 现在有 18 人因感染病毒在医院接受治疗,其中 4 人在重症监护室。

* 500,000 Pfizer vaccine doses have been bought from Denmark.
* 已从丹麦购买了500,000 剂辉瑞疫苗。

* Three more mystery cases have been found at Middlemore Hospital.

* 在 Middlemore 医院发现了另外三个神秘病例。

* Experts warn Auckland is now highly unlikely to move down alert levels soon.

* 专家警告奥克兰现在极不可能很快降低警报级别。

* Auckland leaders are calling for rethink about how the city handles outbreaks.

* 奥克兰领导人呼吁重新考虑该市应对疫情的方式。

* Auckland remains in alert level 4 until at least September 14. The rest of NZ is in le
vel 2.
*奥克兰至少在 9 月 14 日之前仍处于 4 级警报。新西兰其他地区处于 2 级。

* See all the latest locations of interest here.
* 在此处查看所有暴露关注的最新地点。

* Here’s a map of Auckland’s Delta outbreak.

* 奥克兰Delta爆发的地图


PM Jacinda Ardern and Dr Ashley Bloomfield give Covid-19 update

PM Jacinda Ardern 和 Ashley Bloomfield 博士提供 Covid-19 更新信息

There are 20 new community cases of Covid-19 in Auckland. There are now 922 cases linked to the outbreak,

奥克兰有 20 例新的 Covid-19 社区病例。 现在有 922 例与疫情有关的病例,

No staff or patients from Middlemore Hospital have tested positive after 3 people who were at the hospital tested  positive for the virus. Middlemore

医院的 3 人病毒检测呈阳性后,该医院的工作人员或患者均未检测出阳性。

There are 34 unlinked cases in the current outbreak. Eight of them are cases announced today.

在当前的疫情中,有 34 例无关联病例。 其中8例是今天宣布的病例。

There are 16 sub-clusters in the current outbreak. Seven are cnsidered contained and a further 6 only have transmission in household or close contacts.

本次疫情有16个亚群。 7 人被认为已被控制,另外 6 人仅在家庭或密切接触者中传播。

Another 50 cases could be expected in close contacts who are yet to return day 12 tests.

在尚未返回第 12 天测试的密切接触者中,预计还会出现另外 50 例病例。

From yesterday’s mystery cases. just three remain unlinked.

从昨天的神秘病例来看。 只有三个未关连。

New locations on interest continue to be identified. Bloomfield said to keep looking at the website to follow these.

继续确定暴露的新地点。 布卢姆菲尔德说要继续查看网站以关注这些。

18 people are in hospitals with the virus and 4 are in ICU.

有 18 人因感染病毒在医院接受治疗,4 人在重症监护病房。

Bloomfield said testing is needed to detect any unknown transmission.

“If you have symptoms of any kind, please go and get a test.”

In the past 24 hours, 10,958 tests have been done. Almost 5000 of these were done in Auckland.
在过去的 24 小时内,已经完成了 10,958 次测试。 其中近 5000 次是在奥克兰完成的。

More than 3.14 million tests have been taken in total.

总共进行了超过 314 万次测试。

Bloomfield thanked essential workers for being tested. More than 13,000 of them have been tested.
布卢姆菲尔德感谢基本工作人员接受检测。 其中超过 13,000 个已经过测试。


With the current level 4 restrictions in Auckland, Bloomfield said strict conditions are in place to allow people to leave the city.

布卢姆菲尔德说,鉴于奥克兰目前的第 4 级限制,已经制定了严格的条件,允许人们离开这座城市。

The ongoing risk of transmisison remained high and these were in place to prevent it transmitting further, Bloomfield said.


Ardern said the case numbers show Delta is harder to manage.

Those on the ground say we still know where the majority of cases are coming from, she said.


Ardern said what is often reported as a mystery case will likely be linked back to the outbreak – but it might just take a little longer.

Ardern 说,经常被报道的神秘病例很可能与疫情爆发有关——但可能需要更长的时间。


Ardern announced the Government has secured 500,000 more doses of the Pfizer vaccine from Denmark.

Ardern 宣布,政府已从丹麦获得了 50 万剂辉瑞疫苗。

They will arrive in the country from the middle of the week, she said.


It would help bolster vaccines to the end of September.
这将有助于将疫苗接种到 9 月底。


More deliveries of the vaccine are expected in October.
预计 10 月份将交付更多疫苗。


Ardern said there would be vaccines available for everyone who wanted it.
Ardern 说,每个想要疫苗的人都可以获得疫苗。


On Saturday, 61,000 doses were given out. Ardern said half a million Aucklanders are now fully vaccinated.

周六,发放了 61,000 剂。 Ardern 说,现在有 50 万奥克兰人完全接种了疫苗。


There is capcity for 10,000 vaccines a day at drive-through centres in Auckland, she said.

她说,奥克兰的免下车中心每天可以接种 10,000 剂疫苗。


Ardern said she wouldn’t speculate on Monday’s decision for Auckland moving alert levels.
Ardern 表示,她不会对周一奥克兰调整警报级别的决定进行猜测。


She said Cabinet waited for the last possible advice.


Ardern said there is high testing rates in the areas of concern that may have undetected cases in the community.
Ardern 说,在社区中关注地区检测率很高,可能有未被发现的病例的,


Three sub-clusters of the community outbreak remain uncontained.


Four possible exposure events have happened recently when people should have been isolating, Bloomfield said.


Bloomfield said there is “no widespread community transmission in Auckland”.


The volume of testing is reassuring but needs to continue over the coming days.


Ardern said of the unlinked cases, there are just a “handful” they are really focused on trying to find a connection to the current outbreak.
Ardern 说,对于没有关联的病例,他们真正专注于试图找到与当前疫情的联系的“少数”病例。

Links to the current cluster have been found for two people who presented at Middlemore Hospital last week, Bloomfield said.


One is linked to the Māngere church cluster – but they are working through the person-to-person link.

一个与 Māngere 教堂集群相关联——但他们正在通过人与人之间的联系工作。

Ardern said she wanted people to get vaccinated as soon as possible as it is the best form of protection.
Ardern 说她希望人们尽快接种疫苗,因为这是最好的保护形式。


It would also mean lockdowns as have happened in the past wouldn’t need to continue in the event of an outbreak.


In relation to the woman who went to Middlemore Hospital’s birthing centre for a routine antenatal appointment, Bloomfield said further information was being collected.
关于前往 Middlemore 医院分娩中心进行常规产前预约的妇女,Bloomfield 表示正在收集更多信息。


There was nothing more to say at this stage about the link to the wider outbreak. He said this was likely to come in the next couple of days.
在这个阶段,关于与更广泛爆发的联系没有什么可说的。 他说这可能会在未来几天内出现。


Two of today’s cases are essential workers, Bloomfield said.


Ardern said it just so happened that Middlemore Hospital is in a location where there have been a number of Covid-19 cases.
Ardern 说,恰巧 Middlemore 医院所在的地方发生了许多 Covid-19 病例


But the best place for people unwell was in the hospital.


People who need care should still go to the hospital.


“It is safe,” Ardern said,


Ardern said she believed Kiwis understood that we are in these restrictions so we can soon get back to our freedoms.
Ardern 说,她相信新西兰人了解我们受到这些限制,因此我们可以很快恢复自由。


She acknowledged it was hard – and how tough it was for those in Auckland.


But by and large, compliance of the restrictions was good, she said,


Fonterra and Main Freight were early on to get staff vaccinated, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,恒天然和 Main Freight 很早就为员工接种了疫苗。


On moving alert levels, Ardern said she always looked for how likely it was to find a link to the main outbreak if the case remained a mystery.
在改变警报级别上,Ardern 说,如果病例仍然是个谜,她总是在寻找与主要爆发有联系的可能性有多大。


Bloomfield said of 16 sub-clusters, there are only 3 that could possibly see further transmission outside of households etc.
布卢姆菲尔德说,在 16 个子集群中,只有 3 个可能会在家庭以外的地方进一步传播。


As long as good testing is maintained, it would help officials confirm there weren’t ongoing chains of transmission.


He said they know a lot more than they did yesterday morning and they will know a lot more tomorrow morning.



On Auckland Hospital’s visitor policy, Bloomfield said he had confidence the DHB would be speaking to unions and staff on the round to make sure staff were safe.
关于奥克兰医院的访客政策,Bloomfield 表示他有信心 DHB 会与工会和工作人员进行全面沟通,以确保工作人员的安全。


Ardern said no decision had been made at this stage about any alert level changes. That would only happen tomorrow.
Ardern 表示,现阶段尚未就任何警报级别的变化做出任何决定。 那只有明天才能定。



Here is a press release from Counties Manukau Health regarding south Aucklanders who need medical treatment.
这是 Counties Manukau Health 关于需要医疗的奥克兰南部居民的新闻稿。


South Aucklanders urged to get medical care at Middlemore Emergency Department

South Aucklanders who need urgent medical help are being urged to go to Middlemore Hospital as soon as possible.
需要紧急医疗帮助的南奥克兰人被敦促尽快前往 Middlemore 医院。


Counties Manukau Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr Pete Watson, says the Emergency Department is open and it is critical that anybody needing urgent medical help gets it as soon as possible.
Counties Manukau Health 首席医疗官 Pete Watson 博士说,急诊科是开放的,任何需要紧急医疗帮助的人都尽快得到它至关重要。


“The hospital is safe to attend. People should not delay seeking medical help – if they wait too long their condition may deteriorate,” he says.


“We know that Alert Level 4 and recent news about Covid patients at the hospital can be worrying. But we have strict processes in place to keep everyone safe.”
“我们知道,4 级警报和最近有关医院 Covid 患者的消息可能令人担忧。但我们有严格的流程来确保每个人的安全。”


He says that when a patient arrives at the hospital’s emergency department they are carefully and fully assessed. If a patient has any Covid type symptoms, is a known positive or is suspected of having been exposed to Covid-19 either through contacts or locations of interest, they are managed in a dedicated pathway.
他说,当病人到达医院的急诊室时,他们会得到仔细和全面的评估。如果患者有任何 Covid 类型的症状、已知呈阳性或怀疑通过接触者或感兴趣的地点接触过 Covid-19,则将通过专用途径对其进行管理。


This pathway ensures all patients are kept separate from other patients for their hospital assessment and treatment, including in the Emergency Department, wards and intensive care units.


In line with Covid-19 guidelines all presentations to ED are socially distanced and adults are required to wear a mask. All staff are also required to wear the appropriate PPE, including N95 masks and goggles.
根据 Covid-19 指南,所有向 ED 的介绍都与社会保持距离,并且成年人必须戴口罩。还要求所有员工佩戴适当的 PPE,包括 N95 口罩和护目镜。


Dr Watson says that Middlemore Hospital is also testing a higher proportion of patients presenting to the ED than previously as a result of the greater precautionary approach required at this time.


 “We are urging any of our community who are very unwell, to come to see the Emergency Department as soon as possible. We are here to provide safe, high level care to anyone who needs it, no matter what their medical requirements are.”



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