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There are 15 new community cases. 新增社区病例15例。

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield will update the media today at 1pm.


There are 15 new community cases. 新增社区病例15例。

All the new cases are in Auckland. 所有新病例都在奥克兰。

All 15 cases are household contacts of existing cases. 所有15例病例均为现有病例的家庭接触者。
* There are 10 unlinked cases in total. * 总共有 10 个未关联的案例。
* 78 per cent of cases in the outbreak eligible to be vaccinated weren’t, 4 per cent were fully vaccinated. 此次爆发中 78% 有资格接种疫苗的病例未接种疫苗,4% 的病例已完全接种疫苗。

There are 22 cases in hospital today, four are in ICU. 今天有22例住院,其中4例在ICU。

Eight of yesterday’s cases were infectious in the community. 昨天的八例病例在社区中具有传染性。

There are now 970 cases linked to this outbreak – 382 of those in Auckland have recovered and 12 in Wellington.

现在有 970 例病例与这次疫情有关——奥克兰有 382 例已经康复,惠灵顿有 12 例。


Ardern and Bloomfield are here now.

Ardern 和 Bloomfield 现在来了。

Here’s running through today’s case update.

There are 15 new cases, all are in Auckland and all are household contacts of existing cases.

There are now 970 cases in total linked to this outbreak – 370 people have recovered.

现在共有 970 例与此次疫情有关的病例 – 370 人已经康复。

Bloomfield said it’s “encouraging” there are no unlinked cases. The majority of today’s cases are linked to just three households. Some households haven’t been linked to the wider outbreak but they haven’t popped up unexpectedly, he said.
布卢姆菲尔德说,“令人鼓舞”的是,没有无关联的病例。 今天的大多数病例仅与三个家庭有关。 他说,一些家庭并未与更广泛的疫情爆发有关,但它们并没有出人意料地出现。

Yesterday’s one unlinked case has now been linked.

There are just 10 unlinked cases.
High testing rates will help Auckland get out of lockdown as planned, and stay out.
只有 10 个未关联的案例。

They want to test as many people as possible in the coming days.
People invited to get a test should take up that invitation even if they don’t have symptoms.


There are low influenza rates in the community so anyone with Covid-like symptoms should get tested.

社区的流感发病率很低,因此任何有类似 Covid 症状的人都应该接受检测。

Bloomfield encouraged testing of children too.


1242 contacts are being actively managed.
1242 联系人正在被积极管理中。

They aren’t generating significant numbers of new contacts outside of household contacts.


One wastewater sample from Pukekohe detected Covid. Further tests are underway. Bloomfield encouraged anyone in the region with symptoms to get tested.
来自 Pukekohe 的一份废水样本检测到 Covid。 进一步的测试正在进行中。 布卢姆菲尔德鼓励该地区任何有症状的人接受检测。

Bloomfield said our hospitals are safe, and people in south Auckland are reminded to go to the emergency department if they need care. All staff use N95 masks, goggles and gowns.
Bloomfield 说,我们的医院是安全的,奥克兰南部的人们如果需要护理,请前往急诊室。 所有员工都使用 N95 口罩、护目镜和防护服。

Arrivals are assessed to see if they have had exposure to Covid, if in doubt, they’re treated as suspected cases.

对抵达者进行评估,看他们是否接触过 Covid,如果有疑问,他们将被视为疑似病例。

The theme of the last few days has been “vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate”, Ardern said.

She said there’s nothing holding them back when it comes to vaccinations in Auckland.

Aucklanders could hit 80 per cent coverage of first doses in one week.

奥克兰人可能会在一周内达到 80% 的第一剂接种率。

“It literally saves lives,” Ardern said.
“它确实可以挽救生命,”Ardern 说。

Getting vaccinated protects you and your whānau. It’s important for everyone, especially those in Auckland, to get vaccinated.
接种疫苗可以保护您和您的家庭。 接种疫苗对每个人都很重要,尤其是奥克兰的人。

She recommended people make a booking as soon as the press conference finishes.

Some future bookings can be brought forward to this week.

There are around 90,000 spaces in Auckland this week.
本周奥克兰约有 90,000 个位置。

There are over 100 GPs and pharmacies across Auckland offering vaccinations.
奥克兰有超过 100 家全科医生和药房提供疫苗接种服务。

The two drive-through sites in the region can do over 5000 jabs a day, no booking is required.
该地区的两个免下车站点每天可以进行 5000 多次接种,无需预订。

There’s a pop up clinic at the University of Auckland for staff and students.


There are also sites at four specialist schools in Auckland with hundreds of students and their families vaccinated there over the last two weeks.

Hutt Valley DHB and Autism NZ provided an autism-friendly vaccination session in Petone.

Hutt Valley DHB 和 Autism NZ 在 Petone 提供了对自闭症友好的疫苗接种课程。

Ardern said there’s been talk of a “Mister Whippy style” mobile vaccination site, this will start in Northland this Thursday.
Ardern 说,有传言称,“Whippy 先生风格”的移动疫苗接种站点将于本周四在北地启动。

Ardern thinks we can come up with a better name for these buses than Australia’s Jabba the Bus.
Ardern 认为我们可以为这些公交车取一个比澳大利亚的 Jabba the Bus 更好的名字。

Ardern wants New Zealand to be world leading for health and wellbeing and vaccinations is how we will do that.

Ardern 希望新西兰在健康和福祉方面处于世界领先地位,而接种疫苗就是我们将要做到的。

September 3 was the last date there was the highest vaccination rate in Auckland. Ardern reminded Aucklanders they don’t need to wait to get their jab – you can bring appointments forward and book new ones as soon as possible.
9月3日是奥克兰疫苗接种率最高的一天。 Ardern 提醒奥克兰人,他们不需要等待打针——你可以提前预约并尽快预订新的。

The Government has discussed random surveillance testing. Supermarkets have been the site of these testing campaigns in the past. For now, the testing sites that have been running already are reaching the majority of people.
政府已经讨论了随机监视检测。 超市过去一直是这些测试活动的场所。 目前,已经运行的测试站点已经覆盖了大多数人。

Bloomfield said Auckland testing is targeting specific suburbs, they’re not randomly picking people out.
Bloomfield 表示,奥克兰的测试是针对特定郊区的,他们不会随机挑选人。

There’s a Pak’NSave store in Auckland that has been a location of interest numerous times. Bloomfield said the local public health team is confident in the testing regime in that region.
奥克兰有一家 Pak’NSave 商店,曾多次成为暴露关注点。 布卢姆菲尔德说,当地公共卫生团队对该地区的检测制度充满信心。

Ardern said they did not decide to delay vaccinations for price purposes. “Absolutely not,” she told a reporter.

Ardern 表示,他们并未出于价格原因决定推迟接种疫苗。 “绝对不是,”她告诉记者。

They never said they would delay ordering doses so it would be cheaper.

They entered into discussions for vaccines in the portfolio as soon as they could. This was so they were covered if one vaccine proved unsuccessful.

他们尽快就投资组合中的疫苗进行了讨论。 如果一种疫苗被证明不成功,他们就会被包括进来。

This was because Cabinet wanted to secure the best vaccine possible, price didn’t come into it.


Ardern wouldn’t say how police should act if they see a tangihanga or funeral taking place with more than 50 people.
Ardern 不会说如果警察看到超过 50 人的 tangihanga 或葬礼应该怎么做。

The ability to enforce exists, but if that happens is at the discretion of the Police.


Regarding the couple who breached Auckland restrictions and travelled to Wanaka, Bloomfield said they haven’t been asked to provide advice to Police.


Bloomfield said there are efforts to follow evidence around emerging treatments. Pharmac is part of these efforts.

布卢姆菲尔德说,正在努力追踪有关新兴治疗方法的证据。 Pharmac 是这些努力的一部分。

An application for one drug is with Medsafe now and is moving through the processes.
一种药物的申请现在与 Medsafe 一起进行,并且正在通过流程。

Yesterday, 54,877 doses were administered –  1st doses: 34,145; 2nd doses: 20,732.

昨天,共施打了 54,877 剂 – 其中第 1 剂:34,145; 第二剂:20,732。

Ardern said we have the capacity to go much higher. Everyone booked in and waiting their turn is once again reminded to bring their appointment forward.
People operating at level 4 are essential services that people rely on. That often falls around food production.
Ardern 说我们有能力走得更高。 再次提醒所有预订并等待轮到他们的人提前预约。
在4 级警报下的工作的人员是人们依赖的基本服务。 这通常与粮食生产有关。

Bloomfield is concerned about Aucklanders’ mental wellbeing with the extended lockdown.

They aren’t seeing big spikes with helplines.

He encouraged anyone who is stressed, anxious or struggling to reach out and get support.


Having Covid-19 carries with it a stigma, Bloomfield said. He knows public health teams are in contact with individuals and their whānau who return to the community once they’ve recovered. This ensures those people get the support they need.
布卢姆菲尔德说,患了Covid-19 名声不好。 他知道公共卫生团队正在与康复后返回社区的个人及其家庭保持联系。 这可以确保这些人得到他们需要的支持。

Bloomfield said household contacts are still testing positive because some have only been identified in the last week or two.

On top of this, the incubation period can also be quite lengthy for some people.

The reconnecting strategy factored in that the Delta variant changed things.
重新连接策略考虑到 Delta 变体改变了事情。

There are different rates of transmission in vaccinated people with the Delta variant compared to other variants.

与其他变体相比,接种了疫苗的人对 Delta 变体的的传播率不同。

Countries around the world are changing their strategies and restrictions as a result of Delta. New Zealand is also reflecting on this.
由于Delta,世界各国正在改变其战略和限制。 新西兰也在反思这一点。

The next stage is continuing vaccinations and getting the highest rates possible. They will pair this with other measures to protect New Zealanders.
下一阶段是继续接种疫苗并尽可能提高接种率。 他们将把这与其他保护新西兰人的措施结合起来。

Bussy McBus Face is one name to rule out, Ardern said. She’ll share something to social media to encourage people to vote for names.

阿德恩说,Bussy McBus Face 是一个需要排除的名字。 她会在社交媒体上分享一些东西,以鼓励人们为名字投票。

Ardern is open minded to ideas or incentives that might encourage vaccinations.
Ardern 对可能鼓励接种疫苗的想法或激励措施持开放态度。

Bloomfield said it’s “very very important” we get a higher rate of vaccinations to perform well against the Delta variant.
布卢姆菲尔德说,我们获得更高的疫苗接种率“非常非常重要”,以对抗 Delta 变体。

No fully vaccinated people in this outbreak are hospitalised.


Around 78 per cent of cases in this outbreak who are eligible to be vaccinated were unvaccinated, and just 4 per cent were fully vaccinated, Bloomfield said.
Bloomfield 说,在这次疫情中,大约 78% 的有资格接种疫苗的病例没有接种疫苗,只有 4% 的病例完全接种了疫苗。

Bloomfield said existing medications have been shown to be helpful for Covid cases with severe illness, Ivermectin isn’t one of them. He encouraged people not to take this.

布卢姆菲尔德说,现有的药物已被证明对患有严重疾病的 Covid 病例有帮助,但伊维菌素(Ivermectin)不是其中之一。 他鼓励人们不要接受这个。

Regardless of what might happen over summer, they want to look at what they can do to allow activities to continue safely. They’re looking into this now.

不管夏天会发生什么,他们都想看看他们可以做些什么来让活动安全地继续进行。 他们现在正在调查此事。

No decisions have been made about who will participate in the home isolation trial later this year. They’ve left open the possibility of government officials taking part.
关于谁将参加今年晚些时候的家庭隔离试验,尚未做出任何决定。 他们留下了政府官员参与的可能性。

There’s a small number of government officials who do have to travel overseas.


Between 4000 and 5000 people are coming into managed isolation over the course of a fortnight.
在两周的时间里,有 4000 到 5000 人进入管理隔离状态。

Some government officials need to be part of that cohort after they’ve travelled abroad. These delegations have scaled back, Ardern said. So far one minister has used the managed isolation facilities.

一些政府官员在出国旅行后需要成为该群体的一部分。 Ardern 说,这些代表团已经缩减了规模。 到目前为止,一位部长已经使用了管理隔离设施。

The regular release of MIQ vouchers hasn’t happened because New Zealanders needing to stay in MIQ have been prioritised.
MIQ 票券没有定期发放,因为需要留在 MIQ 的新西兰人已被优先考虑。

So a breakdown of the vaccination data in this outbreak

* 78 per cent of people eligible to be vaccinated aren’t vaccinated
* 有资格接种疫苗的人中有 78% 未接种疫苗
* 4 per cent are fully vaccinated
* 4% 已完全接种疫苗

Ardern said they want to see Auckland in a better position than it’s in now before the home isolation trial begins.
Ardern 表示,在居家隔离试验开始之前,他们希望奥克兰处于比现在更好的位置。

Ardern is encouraging people to come back into the city in level 2, visit their favourite cafe or retailer and support local.
Ardern 鼓励人们回到2级警报的城市,去他们最喜欢的咖啡馆或零售商并支持当地人。

Double Jab Ute and the Jabbin’ Wagon are two name options for the vaccination bus.
Double Jab Ute 和 Jabbin’ Wagon 是疫苗接种巴士的两个名称选项。




Supermarket, pharmacy latest places of interest
Two new locations of interest linked to the current Delta outbreak, a pharmacy and a supermarket, have been released on Tuesday.
与当前Delta 疫情有关的两个新地点,一家药店和一家超市,已于周二公布。
Supervalue Flat Bush and Māngere Pharmacy in Māngere Town Centre were added to the list.
Supervalue Flat Bush 和 Māngere 中心的 Māngere Pharmacy 被添加到列表中。
A person who later tested positive for Covid-19 visited the SuperValue grocery store on Thursday, September 9, between 2.07pm and 2.15pm.
后来一名 Covid-19 检测呈阳性的人于 9 月 9 日星期四下午 2 点至 2 点 15 分去过了 SuperValue 杂货店。

The Māngere pharmacy was visited on Saturday, September 11, between 11am and 11.15am.
9 月 11 日星期六上午 11 点至 11 点 15 分,去过了 Māngere 药房。

On Monday evening a number of train lines, bus lines and supermarkets were added to the list.



  • Farro Fresh Mt Eden, 422 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden: August 21 from 1.30pm-3.30pm
  • Federal St Car Park, 65 Federal St, Auckland Central: August 23 from 5pm-7pm
  • Crowne Plaza vaccination site, 128 Albert St, Auckland Central: August 23 from 4.30pm-7pm
  • Commonsense Mt Eden, 284 Dominion Rd, Mount Eden: August 24 from 3pm-5pm
  • Hertz Auckland City, 154 Victoria St West, Auckland Central: August 30 from 4.30pm-7pm.


If you were at a location of interest at one of the specified times, you will likely need to self-isolate and be tested. Follow the instructions for that location on the Ministry of Health website and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice on testing.

如果您在指定时间之一去过暴露关注点,您可能需要自我隔离并接受测测。 按照卫生部网站上该位置的说明进行操作,并致电 Healthline 0800 358 5453 获取有关检测的建议。


Lockdown has not stopped house prices rising

House prices were 25 per cent higher in August than the same time the year before, despite a nationwide level 4 lockdown, new Real Estate Institute figures show.

新的房地产协会数据显示,尽管全国范围内实施了 4 级封锁,但 8 月份的房价仍比去年同期高出 25%。

The national median price hit a record $850,000 last month, an increase of 25.5 per cent from $677,400 in August 2020. It was also up by 3 per cent on July’s price.

上个月全国中位数价格达到创纪录的 850,000 纽币,比 2020 年 8 月的 677,400 纽币上涨了 25.5%。它也比 7 月的价格上涨了 3%。