(28日)新西兰 DELTA 爆发:社区新增8例,陶朗加的废水检测呈阳性。内含中英疫情简报会内容

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What you need to know / Kia mōhio mai koe:

你需要知道的 / Kia mōhio mai koe:

There are eight new Covid-19 cases in the community today, 12 cases on Monday.

* 今天社区中有 8 例新的 Covid-19 病例,周一为 12 例

* There is a positive wastewater test from Tauranga.

* 陶朗加的废水检测呈阳性。

Today was the lowest case number total in 40 days.

* 今天是 40 天以来最低的病例总数。

About 3000 MIQ vouchers for October, November and December will be released this evening from 5pm.

* 约3000张10月、11月和12月的MIQ房间券将于今晚5pm开始发放。

* In special situations people will be able to travel across the Auckland border from midnight.

* 在特殊情况下,人们可以从午夜开始穿越奥克兰边境。

* All 12 have been in isolation at home or in an MIQ. Two of the cases are yet to be linked, the Ministry of Health said.

* 所有 12 人都在家中或在 MIQ 中隔离。 卫生部表示,其中两个病例尚未建立联系。

* The Government will review the alert levels at next Monday’s Cabinet meeting.

* 政府将在下周一的内阁会议上审查警报级别。


Covid-19 NZ update: Jacinda Ardern & Ashley Bloomfield on Delta outbreak

Covid-19 NZ 更新:Jacinda Ardern 和 Ashley Bloomfield 提供 Delta 爆发的最新信息

There are 8 new cases of Covid-19 – all in Auckland.

有 8 例新的 Covid-19 病例——都在奥克兰。


Seven cases are known cases, Bloomfield says.

Some of the sub-clusters are still active, but we are making good progress.

One of the cases – the only case unlinked – presented in Waitākere Hospital last night. Five ED staff have been stood down and 8 patients are being treated as contacts at this stage.

其中一个病例 – 唯一未关联的病例 – 昨晚出现在怀塔凯尔医院。 五名急诊室工作人员已被停职,现阶段正在将 8 名患者作为接触者进行治疗。

There is a positive wastewater test from Tauranga to report today, Bloomfield says. Anyone in the greater area with symptoms is asked to get a test as a precaution. Testing centre hours are being extended.

布卢姆菲尔德说,今天有一项来自陶朗加的废水检测呈阳性。 作为预防措施,要求更大区域内出现症状的任何人进行检测。 测试中心的时间正在延长。

On surveillance of essential workers – more than 50,000 essential workers have been tested. A request has been made over the next two weeks – 2 tests at least 5 days apart as part of this testing.

在对基本工作人员的监测方面——超过 50,000 名基本工作人员接受了检测。 已在接下来的两周内提出请求 – 作为此测试的一部分,至少间隔 5 天进行 2 次测试。

There are now 1185 cases to date in this outbreak, of which 260 children have been infected which “is significant” Bloomfield says.
迄今为止,此次疫情中已有 1185 例病例,其中 260 名儿童已被感染,这“很重要”,布卢姆菲尔德说。

78 per cent of those eligible had no vaccinations.
78% 的符合条件的人没有接种疫苗。

4 per cent were fully immunised

4% 的人已完全免疫

There is some more confidence around the outbreak. Ardern is explaining there are changes happening at the Auckland boundary.
人们对疫情有了更多的信心。 Ardern 解释说奥克兰边界正在发生变化。

From 11.59pm tonight people will be able to travel from level 3 across the boundary into a level 2 area if:
从今晚 11 点 59 分开始,如果出现以下情况,人们将能够从 3 级穿越边界进入 2 级区域
– if they are permanently moving
– 如果他们永久搬家
– if they have shared caring arrangements around children
– 如果他们对孩子有共同的照顾安排
– if they are returning home

– 如果他们要回家

There are rules. You need a negative test. You need proof of while you are travelling and you must not be sick.
是有规则的。 你需要一个阴性测试。 您需要旅行期间的证明,并且您不得生病。

Ardern is now talking about the MIQ system. Between 5pm-6pm an extra 3000 rooms will be released tonight, meaning many Kiwis will be coming home for Christmas.

Ardern 现在正在谈论 MIQ 系统。 今晚 5 点至 6 点之间将新增 3000 间客房,这意味着许多新西兰人将回家过圣诞节。


Please get vaccinated this week especially if you are a level 3 worker, Ardern urges. Your vaccination could be significant for your workplace being able to open, as Cabinet reviews the alert level settings next week.
Ardern 敦促,请在本周接种疫苗,特别是如果您是 3 级警报下的工人。 随着内阁下周审查警报级别设置,您的疫苗接种对于您的工作场所能够开放可能具有重要意义。

They’re now answering media questions

Unlinked case – why isn’t there more detail on these cases?
未关联的案例 – 为什么没有关于这些病例的更多细节?

Ardern said often when they announce unlinked cases, the interviews are already underway and they’re learning about what’s happened.

Ardern 经常说,当他们宣布无关联病例时,采访已经在进行中,他们正在了解发生了什么。

Bloomfield said the number of unlinked cases is small, and information regarding these cases is received over a few days through interviews etc as they try to establish a picture.

Boundary changes – what documentation do you need?
边界变化 – 您需要什么文件?

Ardern says something like a purchase agreement, a job offer, enrollment information in an education facility, for example, that you can physically show those officials at the boundary before you cross it. You also need a negative test result.

阿德恩说,例如购买协议、工作机会、教育机构的入学信息等,你可以在越过边界之前亲自向这些官员展示。 您还需要阴性测试结果。

Question about National’s Covid plan
关于国家党 Covid 计划的问题

Ardern said our priority is New Zealanders having the best summer possible. The border arrangements will stay as they are as we focus on vaccinations. Ardern mentioned some progress in this area – the trial, she announced yesterday.
Ardern 说,我们的首要任务是让新西兰人度过最好的夏天。 由于我们专注于疫苗接种,边境安排将保持原样。 Ardern 提到了这方面的一些进展——她昨天宣布的试验。

On a question on MIQ, Ardern said they have to balance people coming home, with getting settings right in the NY so harsh restrictions aren’t needed going forwards.

在关于 MIQ 的问题上,Ardern 表示,他们必须在人们回家与在NY进行正确设置之间取得平衡,因此未来不需要严格的限制。

Question on the three active sub-clusters

On these, Bloomfield said these are largely in South Auckland. Household transmission has occurred.  They require intensive support, have good testing and are showing interest in vaccinations.
关于这些,Bloomfield 说这些主要在奥克兰南部。 发生了家庭传播。 他们需要广泛的支持,进行良好的测试,并且对疫苗接种表现出兴趣。

On the topic of protests

Ardern said they’re desperate to get rid of restrictions, but they need help doing so and this is where high vaccination rates come in.
Ardern 说,他们迫切希望摆脱限制,但他们需要帮助,这就是为什么我们需要高疫苗接种率。

As soon as we feel comfortable to remove them, “we will”, she said.

Auckland’s vaccination rates

There’s no question that the more people vaccinated, the more protection there is for future outbreaks. The rate might not be critical ahead of Cabinet’s decision, but it will certainly help in the future too.
毫无疑问,接种疫苗的人越多,对未来爆发的保护就越多。 在内阁做出决定之前,接种率率可能并不重要,但在未来肯定也会有所帮助。

Vaccination rates and vaccine passports

We have the ability to get those vaccination rates up among Maori, Ardern said. Providers are doing great work. There will likely be conversations among Maori leaders regarding the possibility of vaccine passports – which the Government is currently looking at.
阿德恩说,我们有能力提高毛利人的疫苗接种率。 供应商做得很好。 毛利领导人之间可能会就疫苗护照的可能性进行对话——政府目前正在考虑这一问题。

Questions about anti-vaxer comments on Ardern’s FB live last night
关于昨晚Ardern FB直播的反vaxer评论的问题

Ardern said a lot of what Facebook does is automated.
Ardern 说 Facebook 所做的很多事情都是自动化的。

“I’m not particularly worried” by it, Ardern said. It’s not going to stop her sharing correct information.
“我并不特别担心”,Ardern 说。 这不会阻止她分享正确的信息。

She said she would rather push on through and be available, than not. She said it is a particular group, some of it probably comes in from overseas.

她说她宁愿继续分享, 并维持在线,也不愿没有。 她说这是一个特殊的群体,其中一些可能来自海外。

Does Tauranga need to be wary of an alert level change?

“No,” Ardern said.

Bloomfield added that there was nothing to indicate anything is happening. The testing they’ve asked people with symptoms to do is precautionary.
布卢姆菲尔德补充说,没有任何迹象表明正在发生任何事情。 他们要求有症状的人进行的测试是预防性的。

On this, they’re looking at MIQ workers, there are more than 50 of them in the area, and two are being followed up with regarding their testing history.
在这一点上,他们正在关注 MIQ 工作人员,该地区有 50 多名工作人员,其中有两人正在跟进他们的测试历史。

It’s not being attributed to a truck driver – that seems too far down the track, Bloomfield said.
Bloomfield 说,这不是卡车司机造成的——这似乎离赛道太远了。

People can help us by getting tested, Ardern said.

Ardern 说,人们可以通过接受检测来帮助我们。

Overseas vaccinations

They are working on providing details around which overseas vaccinations will be recognised here.

At the moment, if people have had either their first or second doses abroad, it’s not easy to recognise in our systems but they are working on this. It’s a work in progress, Bloomfield said.
目前,如果人们在国外接种了第一剂或第二剂疫苗,在我们的系统中不容易识别,但他们正在努力解决这个问题。 布卢姆菲尔德说,这是一项正在进行的工作。

Ideally, people in the future will be able to go to their GP and show proof of vaccination.

Bloomfield added that this isn’t dependent on the country, it’s dependent on the proof of vaccination being able to be identified.

On the Governor-General’s last day today

NZ has been through a tragedy and she has been there as a constant, reassuring face. She’s done a great job.
NZ 经历了一场悲剧,她一直在那里,作为一张始终如一、令人安心的面孔。 她做得很好。

“From me I would just say thank you,” Ardern said.
That’s it for the 1pm press conference. Thanks for joining us today!
以上就是下午1点的新闻发布会内容。 感谢您今天加入我们!






Pfizer rebuts John Key’s vaccine payment claim 辉瑞反驳 John Key 的疫苗付款索赔

As John Key took to the airwaves to take on the Government over its Covid-19 response, he said we could have paid for priority delivery of the Pfizer vaccine – a claim the company says is ‘incorrect and baseless’.

当约翰·基在电视上就 Covid-19 应对措施与政府进行较量时,他说我们本可以为辉瑞疫苗的优先交付付费——该公司称这一说法“不正确且毫无根据”。