(17日)(中英直播内容)新西兰今天新增 194 个社区病例,奥克兰180例,怀卡托5例,北地3例, 湖区6例,新增死亡1例,奥克兰边界从12月15日重新开放

新冠疫情 滚动新闻 澳纽资讯 编辑精选


Today’s cases have been released:

* 194 new community cases ( 180 in Auckland, five Waikato, three Northland and six in Lakes) and one new death
* 194 例新社区病例(奥克兰 180 例,怀卡托 5 例,北地 3 例,湖区 6 例)和新增1 例死亡

* 88 hospitalised, seven in ICU/HDU

* 88 人住院,7 人在 ICU/HDU

Auckland border reopening from December 15, vaccination or pre-departure tests required
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed there will be changes to Auckland’s boundary from December 15.

总理杰辛达·阿德恩(Jacinda Ardern)已确认,从 12 月 15 日起奥克兰的边界将发生变化

“Aucklanders have faced restrictions for an extended period of time to keep the rest of New Zealand safe. But with increased rates of vaccination, it’s time to open up the ability to travel again.”

“奥克兰人在很长一段时间内都面临限制,以确保新西兰其他地区的安全。 但随着疫苗接种率的提高,是时候重新开放旅行了。”

People travelling out of Auckland will have to be either fully vaccinated or have a negative test within 72 hours of departure. This requirement will be in place for the core summer period of December 15, 2021, to January 17, 2022.
。从奥克兰出发的人必须在出发前 72 小时内接种完疫苗或进行阴性测试。 该要求将在 2021 年 12 月 15 日至 2022 年 1 月 17 日的核心夏季期间实施。


Traffic light framework decision on November 29, whole country moving with Auckland


Under 12s exempt from Auckland border requirements

12 岁以下免于奥克兰边界要求

Under 12s are exempt from the vaccination and testing requirement to cross the Auckland border when it reopens from December 15.
从 12 月 15 日起重新开放时,12 岁以下儿童可免于穿越奥克兰边境的疫苗接种和检测要求。

Here’s a recap of the key dates:

29 November – Cabinet will confirm the decision to move Auckland and the rest of New Zealand into the new traffic light system.
* 11 月 29 日——内阁将确认将奥克兰和新西兰其他地区迁入新交通灯系统的决定。

* 15 December – People travelling out of Auckland will need to be fully vaccinated, or have a negative test 72 hours prior to departure, to leave Auckland and visit other parts of the country. This requirement will remain in place during the core summer period, until 17 January 2022.

* 12 月 15 日 – 从奥克兰出发的人员需要在出发前 72 小时内接种完疫苗或进行阴性测试,才能离开奥克兰并前往该国其他地区。 这一要求将在核心夏季期间保持不变,直到 2022 年 1 月 17 日。

Ardern said Cabinet will confirm on November 29 its decision to move Auckland to the new traffic light framework. She expects this transition to happen “soon” after that meeting. Auckland will move into Red, the highest level.

Ardern 表示,内阁将在 11 月 29 日确认将奥克兰迁移到新的交通灯框架的决定。 她预计这种转变将在会议结束后“很快”发生。 奥克兰将进入红色,最高级别。

The rest of the country will move to the new framework at the same time.

The new system recognises disparities in vaccination rates, Ardern said. Government is working with iwi and Māori health providers to keep supporting the vaccination campaign.
Ardern 说,新系统认识到疫苗接种率的差异。 政府正在与 iwi 和 Māori 卫生提供者合作,以继续支持疫苗接种运动。

She said the job isn’t done until everyone has the opportunity to get vaccinated.

The boundary is two ways, so people can also travel to Auckland and reconnect with whānau.

边界是两条路,因此人们也可以前往奥克兰并与 whānau (家庭)重新联系。

“Police will have operational discretion on the enforcement of these rules,” she said


There will be an infringement fine of $1000.


Ardern said in a statement Police will undertake random spot checks to enforce a range of laws on our roads, such as drink driving, and will take the same approach here.

Ardern 在一份声明中表示,警方将进行随机抽查,以在我们的道路上执行一系列法律,例如酒后驾驶,并将在此处采取相同的方法。

“On the northern boundary, and the gateway to Northland, Police will work with Iwi to ensure people can move, but also that the people of Northland have confidence in the checks that are in place.”

“在北部边界和通往北地的门户,警方将与 Iwi 合作,以确保人们可以行动,同时也让北地人民对现有的检查充满信心。”

Checks for travellers out of Auckland Airport will be done at check-in, she said. Air NZ already has vaccination and testing requirements in place.

她说,将在办理登机手续时对离开奥克兰机场的旅客进行检查。 新西兰航空公司已经制定了疫苗接种和检测要求。

Inter-islander ferries will be allowed to require proof of vaccination or a negative test to travel between Wellington and Picton.


“As you can see we have given special consideration to the South Island. The combination of the vaccine or testing requirement for Air New Zealand combined with the ability for the inter-islander to operate the same regime will mean all entry points to the South Island will be well covered with checks.”

“如您所见,我们特别考虑了南岛。 新西兰航空公司的疫苗或检测要求,加上岛内人员能够运行相同的制度,这意味着南岛的所有入境点都将得到很好的检查。”

Ardern encouraged people to get their vaccine and vaccine pass ready.
Ardern 鼓励人们准备好他们的疫苗和疫苗通行证。

The vaccine pass is “your ticket to summer”, she said. It’s essential under the traffic light system.
她说,疫苗通行证是“您的夏季门票”。 在交通灯系统下是必不可少的。

Over 60,000 people have already downloaded their vaccination pass this morning.
今天早上已有超过 60,000 人下载了他们的疫苗接种通行证。

Ardern said they’ll release detailed sector guidance for the new traffic light system.

Ardern 表示,他们将发布有关新交通信号灯系统的详细行业指南。

Ardern thanked New Zealanders for rising to the challenges this pandemic has thrown our way. The alert level system allowed us to avoid the worst of the pandemic.
阿德恩感谢新西兰人迎接这场大流行病给我们带来的挑战。 警报级别系统使我们能够避免大流行的最坏情况。

This updated plan will protect us over the next stage. It starts with high vaccination rates, the My Vaccine Pass and the traffic light framework.
更新后的计划将在下一阶段保护我们。 它始于高疫苗接种率、我的疫苗通行证和交通灯框架。

This may be one of our toughest periods to date, Ardern said.

Ardern 说,这可能是我们迄今为止最艰难的时期之一。

She said some will think the move is too fast or too slow, but she has “no doubt” it’s the best plan to keep us safe and allow us to reconnect with loved ones.

Why wait until December to reopen Auckland?
为什么要等到 12 月才重新开放奥克兰?

Ardern said they needed the whole country to be in the new traffic light framework. This also gives people time to familiarise themselves with the system.

Ardern 表示,他们需要整个国家都加入新的红绿灯框架中。 这也让人们有时间熟悉系统。

Ardern said Aucklanders will experience a change and lowering of restrictions before the border reopens from December 15.
Ardern 表示,在 12 月 15 日边境重新开放之前,奥克兰人将经历一些变化和限制的降低。

Further changes to the international border haven’t been decided yet, Hipkins said. He repeated what he told the Health Select Committee this morning – they have to weigh up the accumulative risk.
希普金斯说,国际边界的进一步变化尚未决定。 他今天早上重复了他告诉健康特别委员会的话——他们必须权衡累积的风险。

They have to make sure they’re ready for more cases coming across the border when restrictions ease.


“We can’t just simply throw the flood gates open, we want to do this in a managed way,” he said.

Hospitality businesses already have systems in place for age checks, Hipkins said. Ardern jumped in to say the scanning requirement has been applied more broadly than the incoming vaccination mandate.

希普金斯说,酒店业已经建立了年龄检查系统。 Ardern 表示,扫描要求的应用范围比即将到来的疫苗接种要求更广泛。

There isn’t a vaccine requirement for retail, she said. This is a lower risk environment.
她说,零售业没有疫苗要求。 这是一个风险较低的环境。

They thought carefully about its application, she said.

Hipkins added police can provide enforcement support. The infringement regime is expected to move through Parliament this week.
Hipkins 补充说,警方可以提供执法支持。 预计违规制度将在本周通过议会。

A large portion of the eligible population has had one vaccine dose. Ardern said many other countries have introduced similar vaccine passes, which they’ll look at.

大部分符合条件的人群接种了一次疫苗。 Ardern 说,许多其他国家/地区已经推出了类似的疫苗通行证,他们将对其进行研究。

Vaccination rates will be a determining factor for which colour in the traffic light framework each region immediately moves into.

Auckland will be moving straight into red.

No area will step into this framework at green, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,没有任何地区会在绿色区域进入这个框架。

On shortened stays in MIQ, Hipkins said cutting it down to seven days doesn’t mean double the amount of people can come in. The rooms still need to be cleaned etc. before being released again.
关于缩短在 MIQ 的逗留时间,Hipkins 表示,将其缩短到 7 天并不意味着可以进来的人数增加一倍。在再次释放之前,房间仍然需要打扫等。

He said there would be another MIQ room release soon.
他说很快就会有另一个 MIQ 房间发布。

The verifying app for the vaccine pass is in development now, but the system will work without the app as well.

No requirements around booster shots have been decided yet.


People will be able to go to a specific location to get their vaccine pass printed, if required.

There’s been new modelling on patterns of travel and where people are likely to go when Auckland reopens to the rest of the country.

The requirements in the new framework have been designed to slow the spread of transmission.

To stop fraudulent activity, businesses can check IDs against vaccine passes, Hipkins said.

Hipkins 说,为了阻止欺诈活动,企业可以根据疫苗通行证检查 ID。

A number of cases are associated with the Killer Beez gang, Bloomfield said. They are getting a good testing response from these cases.
布卢姆菲尔德说,许多病例与 Killer Beez 帮派有关。 他们从这些病例中得到了很好的检测响应。

Another case in Masterton isn’t associated to the other cases outside of Auckland linked to the gang. It is linked to a tangi.
马斯特顿的另一个病件与奥克兰以外与该帮派有关的其他病例无关。 它与tangi相连。

Ardern said they need to continue to put out as much vaccine information on as many channels as possible and make sure there are many voices talking about vaccinations. She said we’re in a phase where people are getting their information from untrustworthy sources.

Ardern 说,他们需要继续在尽可能多的渠道上发布尽可能多的疫苗信息,并确保有很多声音在谈论疫苗接种。 她说我们正处于人们从不可信来源获取信息的阶段。

She said misinformation is an area where everyone is learning how to approach it. She described it as a “new-ish phenomenon”.
她说错误信息是每个人都在学习如何处理它的领域。 她将其描述为一种“新现象”。

Auckland has helped the country in “immeasurable ways”, Ardern said at the end of the press conference.



Aucklanders are poised to discover when they can return to travelling outside the region as the Government unveils plans for the city’s borders.


The months-long Auckland lockdown has been central to recent debates.


The Government has faces sustained attacks on the MIQ system and self-isolation policies lately – but Auckland’s future is the issue looming largest.

政府最近面临着对 MIQ 系统和自我隔离政策的持续攻击——但奥克兰的未来是迫在眉睫的最大问题。



(16日)(中英)新西兰今天创纪录新增 222 个新的社区病例,奥克兰197例,怀卡托20例,北地1例, 湖区2例,新增死亡1例