(双语)必须曝光!拒绝种族歧视!Must be exposed! No racial discrimination

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日前Jimmy construction公司老板任中杰向本报反映了他们在工程施工过程中发生的种族歧视事件。

任中杰称,他们公司的部分工程是由Astley公司发包的,他自公司成立以来一直与Astley公司合作,而Astley公司也会派现场经理跟进和配合工程工作,彼此合作愉快。但自从Astley公司派了一个叫Ron Bryant的洋人经理来后,工人们就变得不开心,变得非常紧张和感到压力。因为这位经理看他们不顺眼,对他们不友善,甚至心怀敌意,经常用脏话以及辱华言论无理取闹,还人身攻击。经常向他们投以藐视和歧视的表情,还做一些底级粗俗的动作。那位经理也藐视防疫,拒绝戴口罩,任中杰多次善意向他提醒,为了对人对己健康负责,要求他戴口罩,否则会被投诉的。但那经理不单不接受,还用脏话说:”they will complain because you are fucking Chinese!”。任中杰和工人为了大事化小都能忍则忍,但Ron Bryant变本加厉。

一次任中杰和员工在工地吃饭的时候,Ron Bryant向他们投以憎恨的目光辱骂:”two fucking yellow cum start smoko already”。直到最后一次,Ron Bryant同样的无故攻击他们说:“Chinese all the same, always useless!”还竖起中指向他们挑衅。

这时任中杰再也无法忍受了,他气愤的第一时间向媒体报披露了此事,然后以邮件方式向Ron Bryant公司报告了此事。


报社获悉此事后,记者曹正加专访了在场之一的jimmy,事后 construction的员工也证实了此事。

记者联系Astley公司,并想听听他们对事件的看法,该公司老板对于釆访一事并未作回应。虽然如此,但Astley公司老板chris却速度的发了邮件给任中杰,还专门打电话给任致歉。同时chris也表明了立场和态度,他表示:”非常遗憾派驻工地的经理Ron Bryant所做出的这种可耻的行为,这是让人作呕的,这绝对不符合本公司文化的,是不能容忍的”。chris表示,由于Ron的行为,以至让一直努力配合工作的合作方的工人受到了伤害,感到非常抱歉。他说:”新西兰是一个和平、和谐文明的国家,决不允许种族歧视行为的发生”。

chris还告诉任中杰老板,Ron Bryant巳被解雇了,将会调任新经理接手。


非常欣慰Astley公司老板chris能意识到事件的严重性,能持正确态度对待,对事件制造者Ron Bryant进行处理。我们希望当种族歧视事件发生后,能有更多象chris这样的老板正视事件,作出正确处理,以制止一切种族歧视行为和事件的漫延和发生。


 很高兴见到设计师Minna Zhu, (Queenstown)、Raymund Santos, (Auckland)以及设计师Nicholas Reid, (Wellington)和Chloe Or, (Auckland),他们四位设计师为了反对针对华人的种族歧视,用心良苦,设计了多幅反对种族歧视行为的海报作品,呼吁和平和谐,呼吁团结友爱,反对分裂,反对种族歧视。他们的做法受到了社会大众的高度赞杨,同时新西兰国家博物馆也收藏了他们的作品。这就是人心所向,这就是爱的呼唤,这就是向往文明社会的共呜。


Must be exposed! No racial discrimination

Recently, Ren Zhongjie, the owner of Jimmy Construction, reported an incident of racial discrimination that occurred during the construction process of the project.

Ren Zhongjie said that some of their company’s projects were contracted by Astley. Ren Zhongjie introduced that his company has been cooperating with Astley since its establishment. Astley will also send an on-site manager to follow up and cooperate with the engineering work, and they are happy to cooperate with each other. But everything changed since Astley sent a manager named Ron Bryant, the workers have become unhappy, very nervous and stressed. It was simply because the manager did not like them, was not friendly to them, and even hostile. Heoften threw contempt and discriminatory expressions at them and did some low-level vulgar actions.

In the midst of an outbreak of Covid Omicron.Ron despised epidemic prevention and refused to wear a mask. Ren reminded him many times in good faith that in order to be responsible for the health of others and himself, he was required to wear a mask, otherwise he would even be complained by the client as well. Ron not only refused to accept it but also used a dirty word to reply: “they will complain because you are fucking Chinese!”. Ren Zhongjie and other workers did not say anything this time, since they tried to endure in order to make big things small, but unfortunately, Ron Bryant intensified.

One time, while Ren and employees were eating at the construction site, Ron Bryant gave them a hateful expression and insultedthem: “two fucking yellow cunt started smokoalready”. Until the last time, Ron Bryant attacked them for the same reason, saying, “Chinese all the same, always useless!” and provocatively pointed at them by using the middle finger. And this time, Ren Zhongjie couldn’t bear it any longer. He disclosed the matter to the media for the first time and then reported the issue with Ron Bryant to Astley by email.

Ren said that for some people, the more you back down, the more they push, the harder they push. Ren said: “Chinese people who come to New Zealand are usually very disciplined and hard-working. Especially the compatriots who have residency, they all regard New Zealand as their home, even the Chinese who come here for work, love it. Here, they work very hard, and they all contribute to society in varying degrees. They are part of this country’s construction industry and progress; they should be praised. And no one should be discriminated against!”

After the media was informed of the incident, reporter Zhengjia Cao interviewed Ren, one of the people present, and the construction employees confirmed the incident afterwards.

The reporter contacted Astley and wanted to hear their views on the incident. The company’s director did not respond to the request. Even so, Chris, the boss of Astley, quickly sent an email to Ren Zhongjie and even called him to apologize. At the same time, Chris also expressed his position and attitude. He said: I am very sorry that Ron Bryant, as a site manager, made this kind of behaviour that is shameful and disgusting. It is definitely not in line with the company’s culture and will not be tolerated!” Chris said that because of Ron’s actions, the workers who have been working hard to cooperate have been hurt, which is sad. “New Zealand is a peaceful, harmonious and civilized country, and racial discrimination will never be tolerated,” he said.

Chris also told Ren that Ron Bryant had been fired and a new site manager would be transferred to take over the duty.

New Zealand is a pluralistic society. It has always advocated world peace and opposed racial discrimination. Everyone hopes that New Zealand can become a beautiful country that is united and harmonious, where one side is in trouble and all sides will support it.

I am very glad that Chris, the owner of Astley, realized the seriousness of the incident and took the right attitude to deal with the incident maker Ron Bryant. We hope that when a racial discrimination incident occurs, more ownerslike Chris can face up to the incident and deal with it correctly so as to stop all acts and incidents of racial discrimination from spreading and happening.

We strongly condemn all words and deeds that create division and racial discrimination! The criminal intent of terrorist attacks is not instantaneous but gradually formed by a series of discrimination, division, and hatred. We cannot allow disharmonious factors such as suspicion, discrimination, and division to contaminate the beautiful country of New Zealand.

We hope that everyone can have a kind heart and love, respect each other. Every person who contributes to society deserves public praise and respect. We want this beautiful country of New Zealand to be a little more harmonious, a little less contentious, and untainted by divisive elements.

Source: New Zealand Newspaper