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Covid-19 更新:截至 11 月 19 日当周新增 7881 例新病例、20 例死亡
截至周日,新西兰报告了 7881 例新的 Covid-19 病例,另有 20 人死于该病毒。

Covid-19 update: 7881 new cases, 20 deaths in week to 19 November

There have been 7881 new cases of Covid-19 reported in New Zealand over the week to Sunday, and 20 further deaths attributed to the virus.


Auckland restaurant owner arrested and charged with migrant exploitation

The arrest follows a four-month long investigation by Immigration NZ.

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联盟谈判:克里斯托弗·卢克森 (Christoper Luxon) 表示国家党已与行动党和新西兰优先党达成政策协议

Coalition talks: Christoper Luxon says National has agreed policy deals with Act and NZ First

The National leader and Winston Peters are set to meet to discuss ministerial positions.

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交通混乱:奥克兰海港大桥多处故障,Te Atatu Rd 入口匝道东行关闭
驾车者被要求使用替代路线,并预计会出现延误。Traffic chaos: Multiple breakdowns on Auckland Harbour Bridge, Te Atatu Rd on-ramp closed eastbound after crash
Motorists are being asked to use an alternative route and expect delays.

基督城港口山火已得到控制,但仍在燃烧Large bush fire on Christchurch’s Port Hills contained but still burning
Woman accused of killing her father in a house fire tells undercover cop: ‘Arson is the easiest thing in the world’
汉密尔顿夫妇赢得“改变人生”的 830 万纽币乐透大奖$8.3 million Lotto win ‘life-changing’ for Hamilton couple
一名青少年因涉嫌在奥克兰加油站劫车而被捕,车内载着母亲和两个年幼的女儿Teen arrested for alleged carjacking at Auckland petrol station, driving off with mother and two young daughters inside

以色列和加沙的停火呼吁在满足某些条件之前不会有帮助 – 国家党
国家党指责看守总理克里斯·希普金斯在加沙问题上玩弄政治,并表示他没有就要求停火的问题征求他们的意见。Israel-Gaza ceasefire call will not help until certain conditions met – National
The National Party is accusing caretaker Prime Minister Chris Hipkins of playing politics over Gaza and says he did not consult them over calling for a ceasefire.

被盗汽车两次逃离警察追捕,撞上红绿灯,然后撞上另一辆车 Stolen car flees police twice, crashes into traffic lights then smashes into another vehicle

费尔利火灾:FENZ支援车辆在去扑灭炸鱼薯条店大火的途中发生车祸 Fairlie fire: FENZ support vehicle crashes en route to battle fish and chip shop blaze

克里斯托弗·卢克森 (Christopher Luxon) 表示,他希望采取“英语优先”的做法,而温斯顿·彼得斯 (Winston Peters) 则承诺从政府部门中删除所有毛利的名称。 Christopher Luxon has said he wants an “English first” approach, while Winston Peters has promised to erase all Māori names from government departments.


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以色列国防军:人质在希法医院被杀; 视频显示,哈马斯于10月7日在那里劫持了另外两名人质

以色列称,该视频(英国广播公司尚未证实)显示俘虏于 10 月 7 日被带到 al-Shifa。Israel says CCTV footage shows hostages were taken to Gaza hospital
Israel says the video – which the BBC has not verified – shows captives were taken to al-Shifa on 7 October.

美国前总统吉米·卡特的妻子罗莎琳去世,享年 96 岁 US ex-President Jimmy Carter’s wife Rosalynn dies aged 96
也门胡塞武装在红海劫持货船Yemen’s Houthi rebels hijack cargo ship in Red Sea
31 名婴儿被送往加沙南部,以色列军队控制着该地区最大的医院。The 31 babies are taken to southern Gaza, as Israeli troops control the territory’s largest hospital.
澳大利亚队在艾哈迈达巴德主场迎战印度队,第六次赢得男子板球世界杯冠军。Australia stun hosts India in Ahmedabad to win the men’s Cricket World Cup for a sixth time.
以色列希望与哈马斯在“未来几天”达成协议释放人质Israel hopeful of Hamas deal to release hostages in ‘coming days’
拿破仑·波拿巴的帽子在巴黎拍卖会上以 190 万欧元成交Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat sells for €1.9m at Paris auction

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据称警方令人不安的发现后,昆士兰远北地区的 一名35 岁男子被指控犯有 200 多项儿童性犯罪行为
Far North Queensland man, 35, is charged with more than 200 child sex offences after cops allegedly made a disturbing discovery
A man accused of the indecent treatment of children has been charged with more than 200 additional offences.

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关于在 OpenAI 恢复 Altman 的谈判因董事会组成和角色陷入僵局

Talks to reinstate Altman at OpenAI reach impasse over board make-up and role

A deadline has been set for the board to accede to the demands of the fired CEO, who wants to see the removal of existing board members.

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2023 年环球小姐冠军是尼加拉瓜小姐 Sheynnis Palacios

11 月 18 日,在萨尔瓦多圣萨尔瓦多举行的第 72 届国际比赛决赛中,来自尼加拉瓜的希尼斯·帕拉西奥斯 (Sheynnis Palacios) 赢得了 2023 年冠军。

Miss Universe 2023 Winner Is Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios

Miss Universe 2023, Miss Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios, WinnerA new Miss Universe has been crowned.

Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua won the 2023 title at the international competition’s 72nd final in San Salvador, El Salvador Nov. 18. She is the…

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