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Patricia McKay, 68, was killed outside Fashion Island shopping centre, in Orange County, California. Photo: ABC7/screenshot
68岁的帕特里夏·麦凯(Patricia McKay)在加利福尼亚州奥兰治县的时尚岛购物中心外遇害。照片:ABC7/截图

Patricia McKay’s family say they have no words to express their sadness after her death during a robbery at a California mall.
【澳纽网编译】帕特里夏·麦凯(Patricia McKay)的家人说,在她死于加州购物中心的抢劫事件后,他们无法用言语表达他们的悲伤。

Newport Beach Police said Patricia McKay, 68, was pulled onto the road following a struggle during an attempted robbery and was killed after being hit by a car driven by one of the offenders.
纽波特海滩警方表示,68岁的帕特里夏·麦凯(Patricia McKay)在一次未遂抢劫中挣扎后被拉上路,并在被其中一名罪犯驾驶的汽车撞死后丧生。

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McKay, 68, was the wife of businessman Doug McKay, a former chair of BNZ’s board.
现年68岁的麦凯是商人道格·麦凯(Doug McKay)的妻子,道格·麦凯是BNZ董事会的前主席。

He was reported by US media as being with her when the attack happened.

In a statement a family spokesperson asked for privacy as they worked through her death.

“No words can express their sadness as we try to come to terms with the loss of our mother, wife, and friend Patricia.”

Auckland’s Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson said in a Facebook post she was “beyond devastated” to hear of McKay’s death.
奥克兰市副市长德斯利·辛普森(Desley Simpson)在Facebook上发帖说,听到麦凯的死讯,她“非常震惊”。

This screenshot from KCAL News/CBS television shows police outside the Newport Beach mall where a New Zealand woman died.

Police outside the shopping centre in Newport Beach, California. Photo: KCAL News / CBS / Screenshot
警察在加利福尼亚州纽波特海滩的购物中心外。照片:KCAL News / CBS / 截图

“Trish was the wife of Doug McKay who was (amongst other significant roles) the inaugural CEO of the amalgamated Auckland Council
“崔西是道格·麦凯(Doug McKay)的妻子,道格·麦凯(Doug McKay)是合并后的奥克兰市议会的首任首席执行官

“Trish was amazing- funny, loyal, and loving. My absolute deepest sympathies to Doug and her family.”

Doug McKay’s former employer BNZ said it was a “tragic loss”.
道格·麦凯(Doug McKay)的前雇主BNZ表示,这是一个“悲惨的损失”。

In a statement, chief executive Dan Huggins said Doug McKay had served on the BNZ board for more than a decade, including most recently as its chairperson.
首席执行官丹·哈金斯(Dan Huggins)在一份声明中表示,道格·麦凯(Doug McKay)在BNZ董事会任职十多年,包括最近担任主席。

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“On behalf of all of us at BNZ I have conveyed our deep sadness and heartfelt condolences to the McKay family for the sudden and tragic loss of Patricia (Trish) McKay.”

He said Doug and Patricia had been a big part of the company family.

“Our thoughts at this time go out to both Trish’s family, to Doug and the McKay family, and we are doing all that we can to support them at this time.”

‘Everybody just freaked’

A fellow shopper at the mall when McKay was killed says he believes the robbers were initially after her husband’s watch.

Dan Sheen said when the shots rang out “everybody just freaked out and ran for cover”.

“I was shopping in Whole Foods and I heard some shots ring out as I was walking out.
“我在Whole Foods购物,当我走出去时,我听到一些枪声响起。

“I heard the screech of the car, and then I heard what happened afterwards,” Dan Sheen told Morning Report.
“我听到了汽车的刺耳声,然后我听到了之后发生的事情,”Dan Sheen告诉Morning Report。

Sheen believed the robbers were initially after her husband’s watch.

“They went after a watch, that he was wearing, from what I understand he was wearing, and then they turned their attention to Patricia with the bag and there was a struggle there.”

Later Sheen realised his friend had been involved in trying to hold down one of the offenders.


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Newport Police Department said the suspects robbed a 69-year-old New Zealand woman and her husband outside the Barnes and Noble, according to CBS News.

Photo: Supplied / Google Maps

“He’s the type of person that helps, he’s the type of person that will protect someone innocent when something like this is happening.

Sheen said his friend tried to hold onto the man but was shot at by one of the other offenders who was in a car.

“The person jumped in the car, the car sped away really quick and, unfortunately as I understand, ran over Patricia.”

Sheen, who has lived in Newport Beach since he was a child, said McKay’s death was shocking and nothing like that had happened there before.


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