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题图:Lulu Sun returns the ball to Croatia’s Donna Vekic during their women’s singles quarter-finals tennis match at Wimbledon. Photo: AFP

Lulu Sun’s dream run at Wimbledon was ended in the quarter-finals by Croat Donna Vekic under the Court One roof.

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Sun beat Britain’s Emma Raducanu in the fourth round and was hoping to become the first qualifier to reach the women’s semi-finals since 1999 when American Alexandra Stevenson caused a sensation.

However, the world number 123 was beaten 5-7 6-4 6-1 by Vekic who will face Jasmine Paolini or Emma Navarro in the last four.
然而,世界排名第123位的孙璐璐以5-7 6-4 6-1不敌维克奇,后者将在四强中面对贾斯敏·保利尼或艾玛·纳瓦罗。

World number 37 Vekic, at the age of 28, is into her first Grand Slam semi-final.

She set up four break points across the first set but was unable to beat Sun’s dogged defence, and then dropped serve at 5-5 as the opener tilted in her opponent’s favour.

Vekic broke to go up 5-3 in the second set but briefly lost her confidence, double-faulting three times to hand Sun a break back.

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Buoyed by the crowd, Vekic quickly recovered and levelled the match with a sublime drop shot.

She rode her momentum from there, dominating the decider.

Sun, 23, is the first New Zealand woman to reach the quarter-finals at the prestigious British tournament.

Sun, who was born in Te Anau and earlier this year switched allegiance from Switzerland to New Zealand, outplayed Raducanu 6-2 5-7 6-2 in the fourth round on Monday.
孙璐璐出生于蒂阿瑙,今年早些时候从瑞士转投新西兰,周一在第四轮比赛中以6-2 5-7 6-2击败了拉杜卡努。

She beat China’s Zhu Lin on Saturday and won against world number eight Zheng Qinwen in the first round of the women’s singles.

In a post-match interview, Sun said the Wimbledon experience had provided a career highlight.


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“I mean, even on the first day against Zheng Qinwen, I thought the court was huge and the people were loud,” she said.

“I was just, like, super happy to be able to get that experience and play against such a big player, such a great player.

“But then I played on Centre, against Emma. I don’t think I could forget that. Definitely not. So I’ve had really great matches here at Wimbledon.

“I think just energy from New Zealand fans and other fans, as well, is such a surreal moment for me that I definitely won’t forget.”

Vekic said powerful left-hander Sun was a handful to contain.

“It was a tough match, the first two sets were incredibly high level,” Vekic told a media conference.

“She was playing really well and I was struggling a little bit because I couldn’t find a way to get through her.

“I knew she was going to come out swinging and I could not find the depth in my shots. That’s why I was a little more stressed and tense, but I managed to find my game.

“In the third set I raised my level even more and managed to close it out.”

The last time a New Zealander reached the quarter-finals at Wimbledon was in 1983, where Chris Lewis went on to lose the final.

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