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Auckland will remain in level 4 until midnight Tuesday next week, and then ideally, will go down to level 3. 

奥克兰将保持在4 级警报直到下周二午夜,然后理想情况下将降至3级警报。

In terms of the rest of the country, NZ will remain at level 2 until at least Tuesday September 21 as well.

新西兰其他地区,也将至少保持在 2 级,直到至少 9 月 21 日星期二。

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield are here. The press conference is about to get underway.

总理杰辛达·阿德恩 (Jacinda Ardern) 和卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德 (Ashley Bloomfield) 博士在这里。 新闻发布会即将开始。

Ardern is welcoming everyone in te reo Maori, acknowledging Maori language week.

Ardern 在 te reo Maori (毛利语)中欢迎大家,感谢毛利语周。

Ardern is talking about the handful of unlinked cases and the rate of transmission within households that we’re seeing with the Delta variant.
Ardern 正在谈论我们在 Delta 变体中看到的少数无关联病例以及家庭内的传播率。

She’s thanked all those in Auckland, including suburbs in South Auckland, who are coming forward to get tested.

There is not widespread transmission of the virus in Auckland, Ardern said.
Cases are still emerging from three clusters.

Of all the cases from the last two weeks, only 17 remain unlinked. But mystery cases are still coming through and these are being found through surveillance testing rather than through contract tracing. This is the concern.
在过去两周的所有病例中,只有 17 例仍未联系起来。 但神秘病例仍在发生,这些病例是通过监视测试而不是通过合同追踪发现的。 这是十分担心的。

Level 4 is working, Ardern said and is one of our best tools.

4 级正在发挥作用,Ardern 说,它是我们最好的工具之一。

R value has reduced to being under 1.
R 值已降至 1 以下。

Ardern has reiterated the seven suburbs of interest in Auckland:  Mt Eden, Massey, Māngere, Favona, Papatoetoe, Ōtara and Manurewa.
Ardern 重申了奥克兰的七个关注的郊区:Mt Eden、Massey、Māngere、Favona、Papatoetoe、Ōtara 和 Manurewa。

Our strategy is to vaccinate, vaccinate vaccinate, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,我们的策略是接种疫苗、接种疫苗。

Bloomfield reiterate how important vaccinating to the highest level possible is. Overseas, countries with high vaccination rates are still having to use restrictions.
Bloomfield 重申尽可能高水平地接种疫苗的重要性。 在海外,疫苗接种率高的国家仍然需要使用限制。
Vaccinations make all the difference, Ardern said. “Get vaccinated today.”

Ardern 说,疫苗接种使一切变得不同。 “今天就去接种疫苗吧。”

More on vaccines

This is a call to action because we need everyone vaccinated in New Zealand, Ardern said.

At level 4 in Auckland, you can leave your house to go get your jab.


What might level 1 look like?
1 级可能是什么样子?
Early discussions have taken place, but this is something they’ll look at over the next wee while.


Surveillance testing 监控测试

General surveillance testing in the community hasn’t thrown up more cases, the cases that have emerged through this testing are the ones via Middlemore for example, Bloomfield said.
布卢姆菲尔德说,社区的一般监测检测并没有引发更多病例,这次检测出现的病例是通过 Middlemore 人检测出来的病例。
The unlinked case that came in overnight is still being investigated, and they’ll likely have more to say on this tomorrow.


Why an increase in cases today

We’re seeing household transmission with Delta and in some cases, this includes large families who are all testing positive. Also results from day 12 testing are coming back for some people.
我们看到 Delta 的家庭传播,在某些情况下,这包括全部检测呈阳性的大家庭。 对于某些人来说,第 12 天的测试结果也会回来。

A bit more on the mystery cases


There are 17 mystery cases in the last 14 days. 过去14天有17起神秘病例。

Bloomfield said there are two cases here of particular interest. One is the unwell case who went to Middlemore Hopsital on Saturday evening who has 7 household contacts. Ardern said part of the investigation is working out who was sick first in this household.
布卢姆菲尔德说,这里有两个病例特别令人感兴趣。 一个是周六晚上去了 Middlemore 医院的不适病例,他有 7 个家庭联系人。 Ardern 说,调查的一部分是找出这个家庭中谁先生病。

The other case of interest is the unlinked case reported today.


Alleged travellers from Auckland to Wanaka

Ardern didn’t comment much on this, saying it’s currently with police.
Ardern 没有对此发表太多评论,称目前正在与警方联系。

“Everyone need to do their part,” she said in reference to following the rules, and noting that Aucklanders are currently doing their part in this outbreak.

Ardern noted the possibility of spread via gathering and density rules, which we’ve learnt from overseas.
Ardern 指出了通过聚集和密度规则传播的可能性,这是我们从海外学到的。

Bloomfield added that they’re trying to stop any possibility of spread via Auckland.


Ardern said freight and some basic services around the country require movement.
Ardern 说,全国各地的货运和一些基本服务需要流动。

Ardern gave an example of the thought process around what would happen if a case was to emerge in the South Island for example, following a media question. She said, if a case did pop up, she would quickly want to know where that person had been. We have a much better chance managing the consequences of a possible case emerging in the South Island if there are some restrictions in place on gatherings and well as masks being worn.
在媒体提问如果南岛出现一个病例会是怎么样,Ardern 举了一个思考过程的例子,她说,如果真的有病例出现,她会很快想知道那个人去了哪里。 如果对聚会和戴口罩有一些限制,我们就有更好的机会来应对在南岛出现的可能病例的后果。

We do remain committed and we do remain determined, Ardern said, in response to a question on the outbreak.

“We are doing everything right,” Bloomfield said.

Learning from other countries

Bloomfield said they are watching very closely what’s happening overseas, especially countries that do have high vaccination rates. The UK is one they’re watching. We can learn from these countries including the impact on the health system.
布卢姆菲尔德说,他们正在密切关注海外发生的事情,尤其是疫苗接种率很高的国家。 英国是他们正在关注的一个。 我们可以向这些国家学习,包括对卫生系统的影响。

The aim for us as it as always been, is for the highest possible vaccination rates in Aotearoa New Zealand.

我们一如既往的目标是在新西兰 Aotearoa 实现尽可能高的疫苗接种率。

Vaccination rates among Maori

We’ve got more work to do, Bloomfield said. However, they have seen progress, especially in Auckland which is good to see.
布卢姆菲尔德说,我们还有更多工作要做。 然而,他们已经看到了进展,尤其是在奥克兰,这是值得一看的。

The challenge and focus here needs to be on getting vaccination rates up among young Maori people.


Is it human nature to bend the rules?

Ardern responded to this saying that she’s probably the wrong person to ask because that’s not in her nature.
Ardern 对此回应说,她可能不是要问这个问题的人,因为这不是她的本性。

Contact tracing process


This process is done carefully and thoughtfully, but also with a careful eye to ensure safety of all those in the household of a new positive case.

Any more in principle decisions around alert levels


So for Auckland, a in principle decision has been made to go down to level 3 Wednesday next week – but this obviously depends on what happens over the course of the next week and has to be confirmed by Cabinet.
因此,对于奥克兰,原则上已做出下周周三降到 3 级的决定——但这显然取决于下周发生的情况,并且必须得到内阁的确认。

In terms of the rest of the country, Ardern said they’ve made no indicative decisions about level 1 yet.
就该国其他地区而言,Ardern 表示,他们尚未就级别 1 做出指示性决定。


We don’t want to be using lockdowns forever. Last year we had lockdowns. Right now, we have vaccinations. This is what makes the difference here. We need people to be vaccinated, she said.

我们不想永远使用封锁。 去年我们进行了封锁。 现在,我们已经接种了疫苗。 这就是这里的不同之处。 她说,我们需要人们接种疫苗。

What support is there for frontline workers possibly suffering burn-out

Bloomfield said they’re working with the DHBs to support the workforce. They’ve had staff from other DHBs go to Auckland to help.
Bloomfield 表示,他们正在与 DHB 合作以支持工作人员。 他们已经让其他 DHB 的工作人员前往奥克兰提供帮助。

Staff at community providers have been working hard and long hours and there is support for them, including from other providers.


MIQ space

There are currently 150 available quarantine spaces, Ardern said. She’s not aware of a backlog.

Ardern 说,目前有 150 个可用的隔离空间。 她不知道有任何积压。

Types of exposure events

The most common exposure events of the cases emerging in Auckland still are visits to the supermarket, dairies, laundromats and healthcare facilities. On the odd occasion, there’s a bubble breach but this is “rare” and usually involves someone visiting a family member, Ardern said.

在奥克兰出现的病例中,最常见的接触事件仍然是去超市、奶制品店、自助洗衣店和医疗机构。 Ardern 说,在奇怪的情况下,会出现(隔离)“泡泡”破裂,但这种情况“很少见”,通常涉及某人拜访家人。

Maori language week

Ardern hopes her generation is the last one that hasn’t had the same exposure of te reo Maori in education when compared to the younger generations coming through.
Ardern 希望她这一代是最后一个在教育方面没有像年轻一代那样接触 te reo Maori (毛利语)的人。

She said she thinks the next generation will have a lot of confidence with te reo.

她说她认为下一代会对te reo(毛利语)充满信心。

That’s it for the press conference. Thanks for joining us!

以上就是新闻发布会的内容。 感谢您加入我们!




33 new community cases, all in Auckland

Here’s the latest on the Covid-19 outbreak from the Ministry of Health.
这是卫生部关于 Covid-19 爆发的最新消息。

* There are 33 new community cases, all are in Auckland.
* 新增社区病例 33 例,均在奥克兰。
* One of these new cases has no known epidemiological links to the outbreak.
* 其中一个新病例与疫情没有已知的流行病学联系。
* 928 of the 955 total cases have links.
* 955 个病例中有 928 个有相关。
* There are 21 people in hospital, four of which are in ICU.
* 有21人住院,其中4人在ICU。
* Seven of yesterday’s cases were infectious in the community.
* 昨天的七个病例在社区中具有传染性。
* There are three new cases in MIQ – two active, one historical.
* MIQ 中有三个新病例 – 两个活跃病例,一个历史病例。
* 8657 tests were processed yesterday, 4250 of these were in Auckland.
* 昨天进行了 8657 项测试,其中 有4250 项在奥克兰。
* 126 locations of interest and 38,681 contacts have been identified. Ninety-two per cent of contacts have returned at least one test result.
* 已确定 126 个暴露关注点和 38,681名接触者。 92% 的接触者至少返回了一项测试结果。
* Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield are hosting a post-Cabinet press conference at 4pm.
*总理 Jacinda Ardern 和卫生总干事 Ashley Bloomfield 博士将在下午 4 点主持内阁会议后的新闻发布会。
* Auckland remains in alert level 4 until at least September 14. The rest of NZ is in level 2.
* 奥克兰至少在 9 月 14 日之前仍处于 4 级警戒状态。新西兰其他地区处于 2 级警戒状态。
* Experts warn Auckland is highly unlikely to move down alert levels soon.
* 专家警告奥克兰极不可能很快降低警报级别。

Locations of interest


As of 10am this morning, 126 locations of interest have been confirmed.

截至今天上午 10 点,已经确认了 126 个暴露关注点。

Two supermarkets, one in Botany Downs and one in Ōtara, are the latest locations of interest added to the list in relation to community cases of Covid-19.

两家超市,一家位于 Botany Downs,一家位于 Ōtara,是最近添加到与 Covid-19 社区病例相关的名单的关注地点。

Countdown in Botany Downs was visited by a person who tested positive for the virus on Saturday, September 4, between 10.07am and 10.45am.

9 月 4 日星期六上午 10 时 07 分至上午 10 时 45 分,一名病毒检测呈阳性的人访问了 Botany Downs 的 Countdown。

Ōtara Mini Supermarket was visited three times on Wednesday, September 8, and Friday, September 3, twice.

Ōtara Mini Supermarket 在 9 月 8 日星期三和 9 月 3 日星期五两次访问了 3 次。

They visited between 4.13pm and 5.30pm on the Wednesday, and 11.40am to 12.58pm and again at 6.55pm to 8pm on Friday.

他们在周三下午 4.13 点到下午 5.30 点、上午 11.40 点到下午 12.58 点以及周五下午 6.55 点到晚上 8 点再次访问。

Chemist Warehouse in Manukau’s Westfield mall and Pak’ N Save in Manukau were also added to the list on Monday morning.

周一早上,Manukau 的 Westfield 购物中心的 Chemist Warehouse 和 Manukau 的 Pak’ N Save 也被添加到名单中。

Essential services such as pharmacies, supermarkets and laundromats make up the list. There are 127 locations of interest as of Monday 12.30pm.

药房、超市和自助洗衣店等基本服务都在名单之列。 截至周一中午 12 点 30 分,有 127 个感兴趣的地点。

On Friday, the Ministry of Health revealed a new list of locations of interest as part of a source investigation into unlinked cases.


Advice from the ministry is for people visiting these locations at the stated time to get tested immediately, with no requirements to self-isolate unless showing symptoms.


Locations of interest – source investigation

  • Farro Fresh Mt Eden, 422 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden: August 21 from 1.30pm-3.30pm
  • Federal St Car Park, 65 Federal St, Auckland Central: August 23 from 5pm-7pm
  • Crowne Plaza vaccination site, 128 Albert St, Auckland Central: August 23 from 4.30pm-7pm
  • Commonsense Mt Eden, 284 Dominion Rd, Mount Eden: August 24 from 3pm-5pm
  • Hertz Auckland City, 154 Victoria St West, Auckland Central: August 30 from 4.30pm-7pm.


The Ministry of Health is reminding people that testing nationwide remains an essential part of our response to this outbreak, in particular providing confidence for understanding the extent of any spread of Covid-19.

卫生部提醒人们,在全国范围内进行检测仍然是我们应对此次疫情的重要组成部分,尤其是为了解 Covid-19 的任何传播范围提供信心。

“We are continuing to remind people across Auckland to get tested, especially if you live in and around Massey, Favona, Henderson, Ôtara, Papatoetoe, Mângere and Manurewa.”


Three new cases at the border

Three Covid cases have been confirmed at the border – two active, one historical.
在边境确认了三例 Covid 病例——两例活跃病例,一例历史病例。

Of the two active cases, one travelled from Serbia and Montenegro via the United Arab Emirates on September 4. They tested positive on day 7 in MIQ in Auckland.
在两名活跃病例中,一名于 9 月 4 日从塞尔维亚和黑山经阿拉伯联合酋长国转机回来。他们在第 7 天在奥克兰 MIQ 检测呈阳性。

The other travelled from India via the UAE on September 7. They tested positive during routine day zero testing in a Christchurch facility.
另一人于 9 月 7 日从印度经阿联酋转机回来。他们在基督城的一家设施进行的例行第零天测试中检测呈阳性。

The historical case travelled from Sweden via Denmark and the UAE on September 7. They tested positive on day zero in Christchurch.
一例历史病例于 9 月 7 日从瑞典经丹麦和阿联酋转机回来。他们在基督城第零天检测呈阳性。


Media release

13 September 2021


  • Number of new community cases: 33
  • Number of new cases identified at the border: Three
  • Location of new cases: Auckland
  • Location of community cases (total): Auckland 938 (360 of whom have recovered); Wellington 17 (12 of whom have recovered)
  • Number of community cases (total): 955 (in current community outbreak)
  • Cases infectious in the community: Seven (35%) of yesterday’s 20 cases have exposure events
  • Cases in isolation throughout the period they were infected: 13 (65%) of yesterday’s 20 cases
  • Cases epidemiologically linked: 32 of today’s cases
  • Cases to be epidemiologically linked: One of today’s cases *
  • Cases epidemiologically linked (total): 928 (in current cluster)
  • Number of sub-clusters: Eight epidemiologically linked subclusters. The two largest subclusters are the Mangere church group: 381; and Birkdale social network cluster: 76.
  • There are nine epidemiologically unlinked subclusters.
  • Cases in hospital: 21 (total): North Shore (4); Auckland (7); Middlemore (10)
  • Cases in ICU or HDU: Four
  • Confirmed cases (total): 3,593 since pandemic began
  • Historical cases, since 1 Jan 2021 (total): 137 out of 1,775 since 1 Jan 2021 **


  • Number of contacts identified (total): 38,681
  • Percentage who have received outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements): 87%
  • Percentage with at least one test result: 92%

Locations of interest

  • Locations of interest (total): 126 (as at 10am 13 September)


  • Number of tests (total): 3,148,945
  • Number of tests total (last 24 hours): 8,657
  • Tests rolling average (last 7 days): 12,443
  • Tests in Auckland (last 24 hours): 4,250
  • Testing centres in Auckland: 22


  • Wastewater detections: No unexpected detections in past 24 hours

COVID-19 vaccine update

  • Vaccines administered to date (total): 4,325,490; 1st doses: 2,862,765; 2nd doses: 1,462,725
  • Vaccines administered yesterday (total): 33,866; 1st doses: 20,490; 2nd doses: 13,376
  • Māori: 1st doses: 265,875; 2nd doses: 128,017
  • Pacific Peoples: 1st doses: 172,628; 2nd doses: 88,493

NZ COVID-19 tracer

  • Registered users (total): 3,209,541
  • Poster scans (total): 354,094,377
  • Manual diary entries (total): 16,130,697
  • Poster scans in 24 hours to midday yesterday: 2,200,284
New cases identified at the border
Arrival date From Via Positive test day/reason Managed isolation/quarantine location
4 September Serbia and Montenegro United Arab Emirates Day 7 / routine Auckland
7 September India United Arab Emirates Day 0 / routine Christchurch
Historical cases identified at the border
Arrival date From Via Positive test day/reason Managed isolation/quarantine location
7 September Sweden Denmark and United Arab Emirates Day 0 / routine Christchurch

* 32 of the 33 cases reported today are epidemiologically linked. The one case yet to be linked is a person who presented to Middlemore Hospital on Saturday. There are seven others in their household. All seven are included in today’s 33.

** Four previously reported historical cases now have an ‘active’ health status – they have now been removed from our tally, which is why the number has reduced.

Testing reminder

Testing nationwide remains an essential part of our response to this outbreak, in particular providing confidence for understanding the extent of any spread of COVID-19.

We are continuing to remind people across Auckland to get tested, especially if you live in and around Massey, Favona, Henderson, Ōtara, Papatoetoe, Māngere and Manurewa.