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24 new cases discovered, all in Auckland



Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Dr Caroline McElnay are here.

McElnay said there are 24 new cases – all in Auckland.
McElnay 说有 24 例新病例——全部在奥克兰。

Total outbreak number is 1050.
总爆发数为 1050。

688 cases have now recovered, including all cases in Wellington. All active cases are in Auckland.

现在已经康复了 688 例,包括惠灵顿的所有病例。 所有活跃病例都在奥克兰。

Of today’s new cases – 21 have a known connection. Of this group 19 are household contacts.
在今天的新病例中 – 21 例有已知联系。 该组中有 19 名是家庭联系人。

The other three cases are still being investigated.


They expect more cases due to the large households involved, she said.

Of yesterday’s cases, all 20 have been linked to known cases.
在昨天的病例中,所有 20 例都与已知病例有关。

13 people in hospital, 4 of which are in ICU.

5028 swabs taken in Auckland on Saturday, which is a good result for a weekend day.

周六在奥克兰采集了 5028 份拭子,这对于周末来说是一个不错的结果。

About 1100 swabs were taken in the 7 Auckland suburbs of interest. McElnay has urged people to please look out for symptoms.
在奥克兰的 7 个暴露关注的地区采集了大约 1100 份拭子。 McElnay 敦促人们注意症状。

13,833 swabs processed throughout NZ yesterday.
昨天在整个新西兰处理了 13,833 份拭子。

The prison case

He came from Thames, and was travelling with another person.

Two locations of interest have been added to the ministry’s location of interest website.


4 police staff are now isolating due to contact with this case. 5 corrections staff and 6 prisoners are also isolating.
4名警务人员因接触此病例,目前正在隔离。 5名惩教人员和6名囚犯也被隔离。

The person is being co-operative.


Positive result from Pukekohe wastewater, but there are known cases from this area. No other detections of interest.

Pukekohe 废水的阳性结果,但该地区已有已知病例。 没有其他暴露关注点的阳性结果。

Ardern is now speaking. Ardern 正在发言。

There is a “tentative” link involved in the prisoner case, however they are still investigating.

There are some challenges going forward, Ardern said, on our outbreak front. The tail is long and it is tough.
Ardern 说,在我们的疫情爆发方面,未来存在一些挑战。 (疫情)尾巴又长又硬。

Stay at home and get vaccinated. Aucklanders are doing this.
78% 符合条件的奥克兰人现在已经接种了第一剂疫苗。

78 per cent of eligible Aucklanders have now had their first dose of a vaccine.

待在家里并接种疫苗。 奥克兰人正在这样做。

Two more buses are set to hit Auckland roads, and a Pasifika event run by providers is set to take place.

Not vaccinated? You have one thing to do today – get vaccinated, Ardern said.
没打疫苗? 阿德恩说,你今天要做一件事——接种疫苗。

We all have a role to play in supporting others to get our vaccination rates up, she said.

Science and research announcement

Ardern said the Govt is announcing an investment $36 million for response and preparedness around infectious diseases.

Ardern 说,政府将宣布投资 3600 万纽币用于传染病的应对和准备。

They’re now answering media questions

Delta is highly infectious and infects people across households. Sometimes there is a domino effect, Ardern said in reference to the higher case numbers today.
Delta 具有高度传染性,可以感染各个家庭的人。 有时会出现多米诺骨牌效应,Ardern 在提到今天更高的病例数时说。

“Delta’s tail is long and it is hard,” she said.
“Delta 的尾巴又长又硬,”她说。

McElnay said they will be preparing advice today ahead of decision tomorrow.

McElnay 表示,他们将在明天做出决定之前准备今天的建议。

Ardern said level 4 is working, we’re seeing this.
Ardern 说 4 级正在发挥作用,我们正在看到这一点。

So long as we have a level 3 or 4 situation in Auckland, there is risk, she said.
她说,只要奥克兰出现 3 级或 4 级情况,就存在风险。

Extra measures in other parts of the country are there in case of covid entering the community.

Mystery cases, the number is down to 4 now I believe, with interviews underway with those three other cases announced today. They are linking cases usually within a 24 hour period.

神秘病例,我相信现在这个数字下降到 4 起,对今天宣布的另外三起病例的采访正在进行中。 他们通常在 24 小时内将病例联系起来

Rule breakers – here’s the PM’s message:
规则破坏者 – 这是 PM 的信息:

Think about those you put at risk by travelling, as well as everyone in Auckland right now, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,想想那些因旅行而面临风险的人,以及现在奥克兰的每个人。

For the most part many of the activities of people infectious in the community, are essential visits.

They haven’t tended to see cases spin-off from locations of interest such as pharmacies and supermarkets. They’re seeing transmission within households.

他们还没有看到从药店和超市等暴露关注的地方衍生出的病例。 他们看到了家庭内部的传播。

How’s the outbreak being managed?

In real-time they are undertaking assessments on the response, Ardern said, in response to a question on this.

The corrections case is believed to have been symptomatic.

“I believe so,” Ardern said in response to a media question.


Can we get to 0 daily cases?
我们可以达到每天 0 例吗?

Ardern said we can get to a point of bringing these cases down.
Ardern 说我们可以将这些病例减少到一定程度。

“Yes I do believe it’s possible,” but we have to weigh up the best place to be.


Corrections case

Newly arrived prisoners wear masks and staff are in full PPE. There are cleaning protcols also in place, Ardern said.
新来的囚犯戴着口罩,工作人员穿着全套 PPE。 Ardern 说,还制定了清洁协议。

The person arrived at 6.45pm Friday night, and were tested on arrival. Had limited contact with others but they did have someone in the cell with them, who is now a contact. Once that positive result came back, they were moved to isolation with fully vaccinated staff.

该人于周五晚上 6 点 45 分抵达,并在抵达时接受了测试。 与其他人的接触有限,但他们确实在牢房里有人和他们在一起,现在是接触者。 一旦出现阳性结果,他们就会被转移到完全接种疫苗的工作人员管理的隔离设施。

The person was tested due to routine protocols, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,由于常规程序,该人接受了测试。

There aren’t a lot of details around whether this person has appeared in court yet or not, and the vaccination status in not known.

About 67 per cent of the prison population have received 1 dose of the vaccine

大约 67% 的囚犯接种了 1 剂疫苗

More on the corrections case

Officials are currently following up with all household contacts and arranging tests for these people.

“We have a very good understanding of where this individual has been,” Ardern said in response to that corrections case.


Is Auckland’s boundary failing?

“No,” Ardern said. There are documents needed to cross this. But we’re seeing some instances were people are being dishonest.
“不,”阿登说。 有文件需要跨越这个。 但我们看到有些情况是人们不诚实。

“We are dealing with human behaviour.” This is why we have level 2 in place to protect others.

“我们正在处理些人的行为。” 这就是为什么我们设置了 2 级来保护他人。

Truck driver

The rest of results from contacts are expected to come in in the next few days.



Ardern hasn’t added much more to this, referring to official comments already made.
Ardern 没有对此添加更多内容,参考官方已经发表的评论。

“We really do support the decision that was ultimately made to bring the team home.”

MIQ are working with NZ Cricket to find additional capacity for these players. They are finding ways to accommodate them.

MIQ 正在与 NZ Cricket 合作,为这些球员寻找额外的(MIQ)房间。 他们正在寻找适应他们的方法。

Did five eyes tip us off? Ardern didn’t answer this directly but said:
五眼联盟给我们提示了吗? Ardern 没有直接回答这个问题,而是说:

“It was a direct threat and it was a credible threat,” she said. They made the right decision to come home, she said.
“这是一个直接的威胁,也是一个可信的威胁,”她说。 她说,他们做出了回家的正确决定。

More on the Blackcaps quickly
快速了解有关 Blackcaps 的更多信息

Additional information came to light and Ardern said she believed they made the right decision.

其他信息曝光后,Ardern 说她相信他们做出了正确的决定。

On the nuclear-free stance

We have ongoing engagement with US and UK, Ardern said in response to questions on this.

“I believe our relationships are strong,” she said.

Our nuclear-free stance is a longstanding stance.

Correction case

Oh just to clarify, the corrections case had travelled in the Firth of Thames.

“He was essentially on parole,” Ardern said.

Nature of conversation with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Ardern said she spoke twice with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. The spoke about the nature of the concerns and gathered an understanding of the situation.
阿德恩说,她与巴基斯坦总理伊姆兰汗进行了两次交谈。 他们谈到了担忧的性质并收集了对情况的了解。

Associate Health Minister Ayesha Verrall is currently speaking about the $36m announcement around science and innovation which Ardern announced before.
卫生部副部长 Ayesha Verrall 目前正在谈论 Ardern 之前宣布的 3600 万纽币关于科学和创新的公告。

The fund is for three years and is for spending in New Zealand.

It was important to provide this funding now to get research underway, Verrall said.
Verrall 说,现在提供这笔资金以进行研究非常重要。

Future funding decisions will be made when the time comes, she said, in response to media questions.

The scientists involved will be our very best in NZ.


“We have plenty of supply,” Verrall said on the vaccine front.
关于疫苗,“我们有充足的供应,” Verrall说。

There is “plenty of capacity and plenty of stock”, she said.

And that’s it for the press conference.



Here’s a bit of info about the funding announced today to fight infectious diseases:
* $36 million for research into Covid-19 and other infectious diseases has been announced on Sunday.
* 周日宣布了 3600 万纽币用于 Covid-19 和其他传染病的研究。

* The investment will improve our readiness for future pandemics.
* 投资将提高我们对未来流行病的准备。

* Research will focus on prevention, control, and management of infectious diseases.

* 研究将侧重于传染病的预防、控制和管理。





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