(12日)新西兰 DELTA 爆发:社区新增43例, 奥克兰 40 例,怀卡托 3 例,内含中英疫情简报会内容



There are 43 new community cases – 40 are in Auckland, three are in Waikato.

新增社区病例 43 例,其中奥克兰 40 例,怀卡托 3 例。

There are also three new cases in MIQ.


19 of today’s new cases are unlinked.
今天的新病例中有 19 个没有关联。

All three of the Waikato cases are household contacts already in isolation.

Of yesterday’s cases, 14 are still unlinked.
在昨天的病例中,仍有 14 例未建立联系。

There are 18 close contacts of the original Northland case – 17 have been located and tested and are isolating. The other is being followed up.
北地初始病例有 18 名密切接触者 – 17 名已被定位和检测并正在隔离。 另一个正在跟进。

Both Northland cases are now in quarantine in Auckland.


Any new locations of interest will be added to the Ministry of Health website as they’re confirmed.

Whole genome sequencing for the original Northland case links it to the Auckland outbreak, as expected.

There are 34 people in hospital – 5 are in ICU, one of these requires ventilation.
医院有 34 人,其中 5 人在 ICU,其中 1 人需要呼吸机。


Of the 158 people hospitalised, to date, since this outbreak started, only three were fully vaccinated with sufficient time (14 days passed after their second dose).

迄今为止,在住院的 158 人中,自此次疫情爆发以来,只有 3 人在足够的时间(第二次接种后 14 天)完全接种了疫苗。

The Fijian UN worker who was transferred to and treated in NZ has recovered and been discharged from hospital after 76 days in care. Bloomfield thanked the staff for providing “outstanding care”.

被转移到新西兰接受治疗的斐济联合国工作人员在接受治疗 76 天后已经康复并出院。 布卢姆菲尔德感谢工作人员提供的“无微不至的关怀”。

There have been a number of exposure events in hospitals in Auckland. These are managed by hospitals that have processes in place.
奥克兰的医院发生了多起暴露事件。 这些由有流程的医院管理。

They have liberal use of rapid antigen testing on anyone they see value in testing. Anyone who is unwell is encouraged to go to hospital.
他们对任何他们认为在有检测价值的人都可以自由使用快速抗原检测。 任何身体不适的人都被鼓励去医院。

Just under 14,000 swabs were taken in Auckland and over 1200 in Northland.
奥克兰采集了不到 14,000 个拭子,而北地则采集了 1200 多个。

Bloomfield said high testing rates need to be kept up.

Now to Ardern. She’s talking about vaccinations and how they can get us back to a life that feels a little more normal.
现在到阿登。 她在谈论疫苗接种以及它们如何让我们回到感觉更正常的生活。

Super Saturday – which is happening this weekend – is a national push to get vaccination rates up.

At the moment, 82 per cent of eligible Kiwis 12+ have had their first dose, and 58 per cent have had their second.
目前,符合条件的 12 岁以上新西兰人中有 82% 接种了第一剂,58% 接种了第二剂。

In Auckland – 87 per cent first dose, and 63 per cent second dose.
在奥克兰——第一剂接种率为 87%,第二剂接种率为 63%。

These are good figures, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,这些都是很好的数字。

A blast from the past – to support the roll out, between 12pm and 8pm on channel 200 and screened on Three and Maori TV, there will be a vax-a-thon.

来自过去的Blast – 为了支持推广(疫苗接种),下午 12 点和晚上 8 点之间将有一个vax-a-thon在 200 频道,电视3台和毛利电视上播放。

It will go live across the country highlighting vaccine initiatives.

It will include real-time data on how each region is tracking throughout the day.

There’ll be prizes for those getting vaccinated and will encourage healthy competition amongst towns.

Vaccinations will be available throughout the day and night at GPS, churches, mosques, and community centres.

Covid19.govt.nz/supersaturday – that’s the website for businesses eager to support Super Saturday.

Covid19.govt.nz/supersaturday – 这是渴望支持超级星期六的企业的网站。

The current daily record for vaccine doses is 93,334 on August 26.
目前接种疫苗日记录是 8 月 26 日的 93,334。

Auckland should aim to get first doses over 90 per cent by the end of Saturday, Ardern said.
阿德恩说,奥克兰的目标应该是在周六结束前达到 90% 以上的首次接种率。

“I believe we can be world-leading on vaccines too,” she said.

This would get us “back on track” to safely reduce restrictions and get back to something that feels a bit more normal.

Ardern urged everyone, especially young people, to help get the job done for kids and vulnerable people who can’t get vaccinated.

Ardern 敦促所有人,尤其是年轻人,帮助无法接种疫苗的儿童和弱势群体完成这项工作。

Ardern wasn’t aware if either of the Northland cases attended a tangi. Details are still being pieced together.
Ardern 不知道 Northland 的两个病例是否都参加了tangi。 细节仍在拼凑中。

She believed they got fake documents to pass the border through the MBIE process.
她相信他们通过 MBIE 程序获得了伪造文件以通过边界。

Close contacts of the first case – 17 have returned negative tests.
第一个病例的密切接触者 – 17 人的检测结果呈阴性。

Ardern said this is someone who came through the system and falsely acquired the ability to travel. They were picked up through the fact they were required to be tested.
Ardern 说,这是通过系统来错误地获得旅行能力的人。 他们是因为被要求接受检测而被确诊的。

“Testing is a really important part of that,” Ardern said.

“检测是其中非常重要的一部分,”Ardern 说。

One of the contacts is in Wellington. They are among the group that have tested negative.

其中一位接触者在惠灵顿。 他们是在检测结果呈阴性的人群中。

Ardern said the original individual wasn’t sharing the information they needed to contact trace, they were reliant on CCTV footage and talking to people at places they knew the cases had been.
Ardern 说,最初的人没有分享他们追踪联系所需的信息,他们依赖闭路电视录像,并在他们知道病例去过的地方与人交谈。

They’ve been advised they’re getting information through a follow-up individual with the case.

This is “rather extraordinary” in the fact that they have “complete silence” from the individual at the centre of this, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,这是“相当不同寻常的”,因为他们对处于此中心的个人“完全沉默”。

Bloomfield said police have gathered information about the places the cases were.


Any new locations of interest will be shared. Bloomfield said they need to test people who know they had contact with either of the cases.
将共享任何新的暴露关注点。 布卢姆菲尔德说,他们需要对知道自己与其中任何一个病例有过接触的人进行检测。

It’s helpful to get all the information as soon as possible, but the teams have been able to adapt to different situations. Sometimes, third parties have helped get information and get key people tested. This has been hugely helpful to date, Bloomfield said.
尽快获得所有信息是有帮助的,但团队已经能够适应不同的情况。 有时,第三方会帮助获取信息并对关键人员进行测试。 Bloomfield 说,迄今为止,这非常有帮助。

Ardern said later this afternoon they might be able to identify additional locations of interest if they do exist.


They didn’t know if either of the Northland cases were vaccinated.

Bloomfield said they’re looking at whether testing requirements for border workers crossing the borders be increased.

Rapid antigen testing is “quite a process”, he said, but they’re keen to make sure the boundary is “as tight as possible”.

Northland DHB has increased the number of testing sites in recent days.
最近几天,Northland DHB 增加了检测点的数量。

Bloomfield said the team is responding to requests for additional testing access and they have put in a lot of effort in recent days to increase capacity.
Bloomfield 表示,该团队正在响应增加额外检测的请求,并且最近几天他们付出了很多努力来增加检测能力。

Ardern added pop-up sites have been rolled out in the areas the cases went.

Ardern 补充说,已经在病例去过的地区推出了随到随检检测站。

Onto vaccine mandates for teachers, Ardern encouraged Maori educators looking to leave the job rather than getting the jab to reconsider.
关于教师的疫苗规定,Ardern 鼓励毛利教育工作者寻求离职,而不是重新考虑是否接种疫苗。

Bloomfield said Cabinet’s decision to mandate vaccines in the health sector covers a wide range of professions. There is “very wide support” across both sectors for this mandate and he predicts “high uptake”.
布卢姆菲尔德说,内阁决定在卫生部门强制接种疫苗,这一决定涵盖了广泛的职业。 这两个部门都“非常广泛地支持”这项任务,他预测“高度接受”。

Ardern said they have guidance for employers considering whether or not to introduce a vaccine mandate in their workplace. This will support them as they explore that option.

Ardern 表示,他们为雇主提供了考虑是否在其工作场所强制实施疫苗接种的指南。 这将支持他们探索该选项。

At this stage, they’re not looking to change any other legislation around vaccine mandates. Ardern repeated this was “at this stage”.
在现阶段,他们不打算改变任何其他有关强制接种疫苗的立法。 Ardern 重申这是“在这个阶段”。

Bloomfield said they’re expecting “very few people” across the country who cannot get the Pfizer jab for health reasons.

Ardern said the vaxx-a-thon will bring a bit of nostalgia for people watching who have watched similar efforts in the past.

Ardern 说,vaxx-a-thon 会给过去看过类似努力的人带来一些怀旧情绪。

There are thousands of people legitimately travelling across the Auckland border to deliver goods, Ardern said. The situation is complex.

阿德恩说,有数千人合法穿越奥克兰边界运送货物。 情况很复杂。

Ardern said they targeted freight companies with vaccine programmes earlier. They have been cooperative.

Ardern 说,他们早些时候针对货运公司制定了疫苗计划。 他们一直合作。

The modelling suggests the R-value sits between 1.2 and 1.3. This means there’ll be growth in the outbreak.

建模表明 R 值介于 1.2 和 1.3 之间。 这意味着疫情将有增长。

This is why they’re asking everyone to help by following all restrictions and getting vaccinated.

Over two weeks, there may be a doubling in cases, but this depends on whether we sit closer to 1.2 or 1.3.
两周后,病例可能会翻一番,但这取决于我们是接近 1.2 还是 1.3。

A slow vaccine uptake could see the R-number rise and case numbers explode, experts warn.
专家警告说,缓慢的疫苗接种可能会导致 R 值上升和病例数激增。

Ardern said they’re seeking to “control this outbreak”. Vaccinations will help control its growth, giving us more time for vaccines to have a greater impact.
阿德恩说,他们正在寻求“控制这次疫情”。 疫苗接种将有助于控制其增长,让我们有更多时间让疫苗产生更大的影响。

Ardern wasn’t familiar with the requirements around documentation to prove mask exemptions. Bloomfield understands people are issued a document and required to carry that with them.

Ardern 不熟悉有关证明口罩豁免的文件要求。 Bloomfield 了解人们会收到一份文件,并被要求随身携带。

Back to the Northland cases and the fraudulent exemptions – they went through the MBIE essential worker exemption process.

回到 Northland 病例和欺诈性豁免——他们通过了 MBIE 必须工人豁免程序。

Ardern said it requires people to submit documentation online in order to secure one.
Ardern 表示,它要求人们在线提交文件以确保安全。

Ardern said, on average, roughly 95 per cent of people are coming forward for their second dose. This is a “relatively good rate”, she said.
Ardern 说,平均而言,大约 95% 的人会主动接种第二剂。 她说,这是一个“相对较好的比率”。

The second dose has an impact and sits on the foundation of the first, it will give extra protection. Pfizer isn’t a one-dose vaccine.
在第一剂的基础上接种第二剂有很好效果,它会提供额外的保护。 辉瑞不是单剂量疫苗。

All hospitals in Northland have the ability to do a small amount of rapid PCR testing. Most swabs are couriered down to Auckland, that process has been expedited.

Northland的所有医院都有能力进行少量的快速PCR检测。 大多数拭子都被快递到奥克兰,这个过程已经加快了。

Anyone who is a close contact or suspected to be infected will have their swab processed rapidly at the hospital.

Ardern said summarising this outbreak quickly is difficult, but Delta has played a role. Almost no other countries have crushed Delta outbreaks quickly. Its transmissibility poses a challenge for contact tracing.
Ardern 表示,很难快速总结这次疫情,但Delta很难搞。 几乎没有其他国家能迅速压制Delta疫情。 它的可传播性对接触者追踪提出了挑战。

This outbreak has reached into communities that are vulnerable and sometimes hard to reach. There have been outbreaks in communities where life is difficult, she said Covid might not be the biggest challenge in their life.

此次疫情已蔓延至脆弱且有时难以触及的社区。 她说,在生活困难的社区爆发了疫情,Covid 可能不是他们生活中最大的挑战。

“For me, the ultimate landing point is that no-one is to blame here for the situation with which we find ourselves, other than Covid-19.”
“对我来说,最终的着陆点是,除了 Covid-19 之外,没有人应该为我们发现自己的所处的情况负责。”

Bloomfield said alert level 4 and 3 saw the vast majority of people do what was asked of them. Teams have been aggressively testing and contact tracing during this outbreak.
布卢姆菲尔德说,在 4 级和 3 级警报下,绝大多数人都按照要求去做。 在这次爆发期间,团队一直在积极进行检测和接触者追踪。

He said getting vaccination rates up is the way to move down alert levels in the future and control this outbreak.


Australia has seen much higher case numbers, Ardern said. They’re looking at the case numbers and vaccination rates over there to help inform them.
阿德恩说,澳大利亚的病例数要高得多。 他们正在查看那边的病例数和疫苗接种率,以帮助他们了解情况。

Ardern understands a man flew from Whangarei to Wellington on October 9. They travelled for employment but didn’t have the necessary documentation.
Ardern 了解到,一名男子于 10 月 9 日从旺格雷飞往惠灵顿。他们是为了工作而旅行,但没有必要的文件。

They are now self-isolating and the Ministry of Health is working with police on the issue.

First and foremost, people are asked to follow the rules.


Ardern said it’s “highly abnormal” to hear from a reporter that someone has waited five days for their test.

Ardern 说,从记者那里听到有人等了五天才进行检测是“非常不正常的”。

And that’s it from Ardern and Bloomfield.

这就是来自 Ardern 和 Bloomfield 的(信息)。



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