(24日) 新西兰今天新增 215 个社区病例,奥克兰181例,边境开放分三步走,明年4月外国人可有条件入境 (含简报会中英直播内容)

新冠疫情 滚动新闻 澳纽资讯 编辑精选


There are 215 new cases in the community today. 181 are in Auckland 

今天社区有215个新病例。 181人在奥克兰

One hundred and eighty-one cases are in Auckland, 18 in Waikato and three are in Northland.

奥克兰有 181 例,怀卡托有 18 例,北地有 3 例。

There are 87 people in hospital. All in Auckland, bar two people. 8 in ICU

住院人数为87人。 都在奥克兰,Bar 两个人。 8 重症监护病例

Bloomfield is giving a rundown of the vaccination status of those who have died from Covid-19.
布卢姆菲尔德对死于 Covid-19 的人的疫苗接种情况进行了概述。

Ten of the deaths were unvaccianted.


Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield are here. The news conference is about to get underway.

Covid-19 响应部长 Chris Hipkins 和卫生总干事 Ashley Bloomfield 博士在这里。 新闻发布会即将开始。

Hipkins is giving a rundown of what’s happening overseas and with the NZ border.

Hipkins 正在简要介绍海外和新西兰边境发生的事情。

The most restrictive border controls can be eased.

Fully vaccinated New Zealanders will find it easier to come home from January.

At midnight Sunday January 16, fully vaccinated New Zealanders can travel from Australia without MIQ
1 月 16 日星期日午夜,完全接种疫苗的新西兰人可以在没有 MIQ 的情况下从澳大利亚旅行回来。

From midnight Feb 13, fully vaccinated New Zealanders will be able to travel from all other countries.

从 2 月 13 日午夜开始,完全接种疫苗的新西兰人将可以从所有其他国家/地区旅行回来。

Travel in 2022 will look a little different, Hipkins says. We still need to be careful about reopening our border.
希普金斯说,2022 年的旅行会有所不同。 我们仍然需要小心重新开放边境。

All travellers will require a negative pre-departure test, and vaccination documentation.

They will need a day 0/1 test on arrival. There will be a requirement to self isolate on arrival, and they will need another negative test before leaving isolation.
他们在抵达时需要进行一天的 0/1 检测。 抵达时将需要自我隔离,并且在离开隔离之前,他们还需要进行另一次阴性检测。

A phased approach to reconnecting with the world is a safe approach, he says.

Our opening of borders will logically follow the traffic light system

This is a new meduim-risk pathway.

Those that don’t meet the criteria, including those unvaccinated, will continue to do 7-day MIQ.


Another announcement re high-risk countires.

New Zealand residents living in Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, India and Fiji will be able to fly directly into the country, without the need to spend 14 days in a third country from December.
从 12 月起,居住在印度尼西亚、巴基斯坦、巴西、印度和斐济的新西兰居民将能够直接飞回新西兰,而无需在第三国逗留 14 天。

These countries are being removed off the ‘very high risk’ list. The only country to stay on the list is Papua New Guinea. Travellers from PNG must spend 14 days in a non-high risk country first before coming to NZ.

这些国家正在从“非常高风险”名单中删除。 唯一留在名单上的国家是巴布亚新几内亚。 来自 PNG 的旅客必须先在非高风险国家停留 14 天,然后才能来新西兰。

Hipkins acknowledges things have been tough for Kiwis overseas.
Hipkins 承认,海外新西兰人的处境很艰难。

The path out of the pandemic is not straightforward, he says.

MIQ is not going to end anytime soon. But it is a temporary measure.
MIQ 不会很快结束。 但这是一项临时措施。

Bloomfield as brought out a powerpoint presentation and is showing a graph of Auckland’s cases in the outbreak.
Bloomfield 带来了一份 PowerPoint 演示文稿,并展示了奥克兰疫情暴发病例的图表。

Auckland’s outbreak is levelling off.


We are seeing the impact of the high vaccination rates across Auckland, he says.

On children, 42 children have been admitted to hospital throughout the outbreak, Bloomfield says.
布卢姆菲尔德说,在儿童方面,在整个疫情爆发期间,已有 42 名儿童入院。

Vaccinations of adults helps protect our young people who can’t get get vaccinated.

In response to a media question, Hipkins says we will see more and more use of rapid antigen testing going forwards.
在回答媒体问题时,Hipkins 说我们将看到越来越多的快速抗原检测使用。

The world is going to be using them more widely, he said.


Have any hospitals cancelled elective surgeries because of the vaccine mandates?

Bloomfield said Kaitaia Hospital was one that was impacted and had to cancel some general anesthetic surgeries, but they now have an arrangement in place for a locum to come in and help with this.
Bloomfield 说,Kaitaia 医院受到影响,不得不取消一些全身麻醉手术,但他们现在已经安排好了一个地方来帮助解决这个问题。

The self-isolation requirement will have an impact on tourism and will be in place from a public health perspective, and there isn’t a set time frame on this at this stage.


Bloomfield has confirmed that venues will be able to visually check vaccination passes, they don’t have to use the Government’s app to scan passes. However, he said the app is helpful and will provide assurance to businesses.
Bloomfield 已经确认,场地将能够目视检查疫苗接种通行证,他们不必使用政府的应用程序来扫描通行证。 但是,他表示该应用程序很有帮助,将为企业提供保证。

There will be extra space in our MIQ as a result of the border announcements made today, Hipkins said in response to a question about the MIQ system.
希普金斯在回答有关 MIQ 系统的问题时说,由于今天发布的边境公告,我们的 MIQ 将有额外的空间。

Is race a factor in passing over Maori vaccination data?

Bloomfield said they have been sharing data with Whānau Ora and key groups involved in this topic. He clarified that they have an obligation to consult with all relevant groups, and have made progress in this area.

Bloomfield 表示,他们一直在与 Whānau Ora 和参与该主题的关键群体共享数据。 他澄清说,他们有义务与所有相关团体协商,并在这方面取得了进展。

The 1 week home isolation period doesn’t have an end date as of yet. It will be in place for as long as the public health advice says it needs to be, Hipkins said.
1 周的居家隔离期目前还没有结束日期。 希普金斯说,只要公共卫生建议认为需要,它就会一直存在。

What about Super Rugby?

That’s a question for the Sport Minister, Hipkins said. When asked if sports teams will be able to travel, he said they “probably would be”.
希普金斯说,这是体育部长的问题。 当被问及运动队是否能够旅行时,他说他们“可能会”。

There are quite good bespoke arrangements for sports teams in place already, he added.


More on the verifier app

I think people and businesses will find the app very helpful. It gives assurance that they will be safe, Bloomfield said. This is an area that might be looked at later.
我认为人们和企业会发现该应用程序非常有用。 布卢姆菲尔德说,这保证了他们是安全的。 这是一个以后可能会考虑的领域。

Ethnicity breakdown of deaths will be available on the ministry’s website later this afternoon. On the breakdown of children in hospital, they’ll come back to media on this.
死亡的种族分类将在今天下午晚些时候在该部的网站上提供。 关于住院儿童的崩溃,他们会就此回应媒体。

That’s it for the press conference!




从 2022 年 1 月 16 日(星期日)晚上 11 点 59 分起,完全接种疫苗的新西兰人和其他符合条件的旅客可以从澳大利亚前往新西兰,而无需留在 MIQ。
从 2022 年 2 月 13 日(星期日)晚上 11 点 59 分开始,已接种疫苗的新西兰人和其他符合条件的旅客可以从所有其他国家/地区前往新西兰。
从 2022 年 4 月 30 日起,所有完全接种疫苗的人都可以前往新西兰,随着时间的推移重新开放。
印度尼西亚、斐济、印度、巴基斯坦和巴西的极高风险分类将于下月初取消。COVID-19 响应部长克里斯·希普金斯 (Chris Hipkins) 今天在一份声明中说,由于政府取消了对大多数旅客的 MIQ 要求,因此从 2022 年 1 月起,完全接种疫苗的新西兰人将更容易回家,而外国公民也将从 4 月起入境新西兰。
“关闭边境是我们为保护我们的国家免受 COVID-19 侵害而采取的第一步,这将是我们在过渡到交通灯保护框架系统和取消奥克兰边界后开放的最后一件事, ”希普金斯说。
“我们有一个明确、简单和安全的计划,包括强制性的自我隔离期。 边境将分三步开放,所有不需要进入 MIQ 的旅客仍需:
– 出发前检测阴性
– 已完全接种疫苗的证明
– 关于旅行历史的旅客声明
– 抵达时的 0/1 天检测
– 要求自我隔离 7 天,以及
– 进入社区前的最后一次阴性检测

Here’s the key info you need to know regarding today’s border announcement: 

Fully vaccinated Kiwis and other eligible travellers can travel to NZ from Australia without staying in MIQ from 11.59pm Sunday, 16 January 2022.
Fully vaccinated Kiwis and other eligible travellers can travel to NZ from all other countries from 11.59pm Sunday, 13 February 2022.
All fully vaccinated individuals will be able to travel to NZ from 30 April 2022 onwards, with the re-opening staged over time.
The Very High-Risk classification for Indonesia, Fiji, India, Pakistan and Brazil will be removed early next month.
Fully vaccinated New Zealanders will find it easier to come home from January 2022, with foreign nationals to follow from April onwards, as the Government removes the requirement for MIQ for most travellers, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today in a statement.
“Closing our border was one of the first steps we took to keep our country safe from COVID-19 and it’ll be the last thing we open up, following our transition into the traffic light protection framework system and lifting of the Auckland boundary,” Hipkins said.
“We have a clear, simple and safe plan, including a mandatory period of self-isolation. The border will open in three steps and all travellers not required to go into MIQ will still require:
– a negative pre-departure test
– proof of being fully vaccinated
– a passenger declaration about travel history
– a day 0/1 test on arrival
– a requirement to self-isolate for seven days, and
– a final negative test before entering the community


我们现在将报告在当前爆发中死于 COVID-19 的人的疫苗接种情况。这些数字将在卫生部网站上公布,并在隐私考虑允许的情况下进行更新。

有时,公开报告的死亡人数与其被纳入卫生部的官方数字之间存在滞后。迄今为止,卫生部记录的 15 例死亡病例中,有 10 例未接种疫苗,2 例在感染 COVID-19 前不到 14 天接种了一剂疫苗,3 例已完全接种疫苗(至少在感染 COVID-19前 14 天)。

有明确的证据表明 COVID-19 疫苗接种大大降低了人们最终住院或死于 COVID-19 的可能性。英国医学杂志上个月报道,根据在苏格兰进行的研究,辉瑞疫苗在预防 COVID-19 死亡方面的有效率为 90%——大多数感染是由 Delta 变体引起的。

Here’s a bit more about the vaccination status of deaths in the outbreak to date, via today’s Ministry of Health statement:
We will now be reporting on the vaccination status of those who have died with COVID-19 in the current outbreak. These numbers will be published on the Ministry of Health website and updated as privacy considerations allow.

There is sometimes a lag between the deaths being reported publicly and their inclusion in the Ministry of Health’s official numbers. Of the 15 deaths recorded by the Ministry of Health in the current outbreak to date, we can report that 10 were unvaccinated, two had one dose less than 14 days before they contracted COVID-19 and three were fully vaccinated (at least 14 days prior to contracting COVID-19).

There is clear evidence that COVID-19 vaccination greatly reduces the likelihood people will end up in hospital or die from COVID-19. A British Medical Journal study reported last month, based on research carried out in Scotland, that Pfizer vaccine was 90% effective in preventing death from COVID-19 – where most infections were caused by the Delta variant.


昨天共接种了 18,880 剂第一剂和第二剂疫苗,包括 6,496 剂第一剂和 12,384 剂第二剂。 迄今为止,新西兰 92% 的符合条件的人已经接种了第一剂疫苗,84% 的人已完全接种疫苗。

截至今天上午 9 点,已处理了超过 16640 亿份“我的疫苗通行证”请求。

Key info from today’s MOH statement:
There were 18,880 first and second vaccine doses administered yesterday, made up of 6,496 first doses and 12,384 second doses. To date, 92% of eligible people in New Zealand have had their first dose and 84% are fully vaccinated.
As of 9am today, more than 1,664,000 million requests for a My Vaccine Pass had been processed.


Here’s a look at the latest vaccination rates, including our Maori vaccination rates:

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(23日)(中英)新西兰今天新增 215 个社区病例,奥克兰196例,怀卡托11例,北地4例,丰盛湾1例, 湖区2例,新增死亡1例