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What’s Wordle and why do millions love it?

The online word game ‘Wordle’ has attracted millions of daily users – including Countdown’s Susie Dent.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:57 pm(NZT)

Indonesian militant gets 15 years in jail over Bali attacks

An Islamic militant who eluded capture for 18 years has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after an Indonesian court found him guilty of hiding information about the 2002 Bali bombings from authorities and harboring other suspects

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:52 pm(NZT)

Heavy rains in Madagascar cause flooding in capital, 10 dead

Officials in Madagascar say that heavy rains have flooded parts of the capital city, Antananarivo, killing 10 people and making more than 12,000 homeless

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:36 pm(NZT)

Ukraine: Blinken in Kyiv urges Russia to take peaceful path

Russia denies any plan to attack Ukraine but tensions are high as Russian troops carry out drills.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:26 pm(NZT)

Andre Leon Talley: Former Vogue creative director dies aged 73

Andre Leon Talley was credited with getting more black models into the fashion industry.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:24 pm(NZT)

‘Hermit’ Barty & Osaka both race through at Australian Open

World number one Ashleigh Barty says continuing to live like a “hermit” is helping her breeze through the Australian Open draw.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:20 pm(NZT)

‘Major disaster’: Tonga faces weeks cut off as volcanic activity imperils operation to repair fiber-optic cable

Though ships are already on the way to repair the cable, residual seismic activity will determine when the divers can go down.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 10:57 pm(NZT)

5G phones: How serious is the threat to US flights?

Ten leading US airlines are warning that the expansion of 5G services could be disastrous.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 10:56 pm(NZT)

Britney Spears issues cease and desist letter to sister Jamie Lynn over book

The singer accuses Jamie Lynn Spears of promoting “false or fantastical grievances” in her new book.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 10:42 pm(NZT)

UK inflation surges to highest level in 30 years

UK consumer price inflation has surged to the highest level in three decades, heaping pressure on households already facing a huge increase in energy costs.

Source: CNN.com – RSS Channel – World | 19 Jan 2022 | 10:33 pm(NZT)

Thompson finds form after 31-month lay-off as Warriors beat Pistons

Klay Thompson has his best game since returning from a 31-month injury absence as the Golden State Warriors beat the Detroit Pistons 102-86.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 9:35 pm(NZT)

Joe Biden one year: How is he doing so far?

Twelve months in, how is he doing? Here’s a visual guide to the ups and downs of the Biden presidency.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 9:31 pm(NZT)

Dallas quarterback ‘deeply regrets’ giving ‘credit’ to fans throwing items at officials

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott “deeply regrets” giving “credit” to fans seen throwing items at match officials.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 9:19 pm(NZT)

Kazakhstan’s ‘father of the nation’ resurfaces, says he’s retired after Russian intervention in bloody unrest

Analysts had suggested the recent tensions had roots in a struggle for power between factions led by former Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev and his successor, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 9:08 pm(NZT)

Tonga undersea cable needs ‘at least’ four weeks to repair: NZ

Its only undersea cable was destroyed in an eruption, cutting it off from the rest of the world.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 8:25 pm(NZT)

Covid: WHO warns pandemic not over amid Europe case records

France reports nearly half a million new daily cases, with records also broken in Italy and Denmark.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 7:58 pm(NZT)

Jose Mourinho: Is Portuguese manager running out of time at Roma?

Jose Mourinho was once dismissive of the Europa League – now Europe’s new third-tier Conference League could be key to his chances of success as manager at Roma.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 7:17 pm(NZT)

Man arrested after Australian child found dead in barrel

A man has been charged with murder after a five-day search for a girl near Sydney, police say.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 6:22 pm(NZT)

Tonga tsunami: Pita Taufatofua starts fundraiser for home island crisis relief

Pita Taufatofua has said the funds can be used to help hospitals, schools and for water purification.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 6:17 pm(NZT)

Downing Street party: How Boris Johnson’s future hangs in the balance

Many Tory MPs will be listening closely to the prime minister’s answers as he faces Prime Minster’s Questions.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 5:43 pm(NZT)

Hong Kong plans to cull 2,000 hamsters over Covid fears. Pet owners are outraged

Hong Kong will euthanize about 2,000 hamsters and other small animals after a pet store worker and several rodents tested positive for coronavirus, as the city pursues an uncompromising zero-Covid strategy two years into the pandemic.

Source: CNN.com – RSS Channel – World | 19 Jan 2022 | 5:10 pm(NZT)

Fanta Bility: US officers charged with fatally shooting girl

Prosecutors drop charges against two teens who were accused of provoking the police to open fire.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 3:46 pm(NZT)

Ingrid Betancourt: Former Farc captive announces presidential bid

Ex-Senator Ingrid Betancourt spent six years as a Farc captive after being kidnapped in 2002.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 2:59 pm(NZT)

US Capitol riot committee issues subpoena to Rudy Giuliani

The former Trump lawyer is among four aides slapped with subpoenas by the congressional inquiry.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:27 pm(NZT)

The women put on sale on Clubhouse for their views

The women say right-wing trolls in India targeted them for criticising Narendra Modi and his government.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:11 pm(NZT)

Should bad science be taken off social media?

A Royal Society report recommends against censoring scientific misinformation online.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:08 pm(NZT)

Somali survivor: The resilience of living through serial suicide attacks

Former BBC reporter Mohamed Moalimu is recovering after being targeted on Sunday in Somalia.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:07 pm(NZT)

Winter Olympics 2022: China sells Xinjiang as a winter sports hub

Many foreign firms hoping to ride the Olympics boom are investing heavily in the troubled region.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:05 pm(NZT)

Joe Biden: Scoring the US president’s first year in office

Highs and lows of the president’s first year – in six charts.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:00 pm(NZT)

Tonga tsunami: Race for vital supplies to reach volcano-hit islands

Teams work desperately to clear ash from runways so planes can deliver food and drinking water.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:34 am(NZT)

‘We have the same goal’ – Rangnick says he will play Pogba even if he wants to leave Man Utd

Interim Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick says he will continue to play Paul Pogba – even if the France midfielder is only motivated by a transfer away from the club.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:30 am(NZT)

Brighton further damage Chelsea’s fading title hopes

Brighton provide another huge blow to Chelsea’s dwindling hopes of winning this season’s Premier League title by coming from behind to claim a well-deserved draw.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:21 am(NZT)

Zak Brown: McLaren boss says no sprint events in 2022 a possibility

Formula 1 is in danger of not having any sprint events this year as a result of a stand-off over money, says McLaren boss Zak Brown.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 11:02 am(NZT)

Holders Dortmund upset by St Pauli in last 16 of German Cup

Holders Borussia Dortmund are knocked out of the German Cup suffering a shock last-16 defeat by second division side St Pauli.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 10:56 am(NZT)

Afcon 2021: Ghana dumped out by debutants Comoros

Ghana suffer a humiliating group-stage exit at the Nations Cup as the four-time champions are beaten 3-2 by debutants Comoros.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 10:53 am(NZT)

Hong Kong seizes hamsters from pet store for mass cull

A pet shop outbreak in “zero Covid” Hong Kong will result in the euthanasia of 2,000 small mammals.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 10:01 am(NZT)

Nobody told me drinks event broke rules – Johnson

Dominic Cummings – who claims PM lied about lockdown parties – is set to speak to Sue Gray’s inquiry.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 9:58 am(NZT)

Texas synagogue siege: Teens held in UK released without charge

Greater Manchester Police say the pair, detained in south Manchester, have not been charged.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 9:58 am(NZT)

Mobile firms agree another 5G delay at US airports

Airlines have pushed for postponement, saying risks from 5G will force them to cancel flights.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 9:15 am(NZT)

Nigeria shoot-to-kill order issued over jail breaks

It follows a wave of prison breaks over the past year in which more than 5,000 inmates have escaped.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 8:58 am(NZT)

US basketball player Sonny Weems racially abused by fans in China

American basketball player Sonny Weems has been subjected to racial abuse from fans while playing in China.

Source: CNN.com – RSS Channel – World | 19 Jan 2022 | 8:32 am(NZT)

Coercive behaviour: Carwyn Roberts controls girlfriend

He met his girlfriend on Plenty of Fish and also lied about a £300,00 inheritance, court hears.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 7:22 am(NZT)

Researchers say they may have uncovered who betrayed Anne Frank’s family to Nazis

The most likely scenario, according to the cold case team, was that Jewish notary Arnold van den Bergh tipped off authorities.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 6:53 am(NZT)

Rooney & Lampard in the frame for Everton job as Ferguson takes caretaker role

Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard are in the frame for the manager’s job at Everton after an initial move for Belgium coach Roberto Martinez ended in frustration.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 6:43 am(NZT)

‘World first’ vegan violin created using berries and pears in Malvern

Wild berries, steamed pear and local spring water have been used to create the instrument.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 6:31 am(NZT)

Ashling Murphy killing: Irish police arrest man

The 23-year-old teacher died after being attacked along a County Offaly canal last Wednesday.

Source: BBC News – Home | 19 Jan 2022 | 6:15 am(NZT)

FBI & European police take down computer servers used in ‘major international cyberattacks’

The FBI and police from multiple European countries and Canada have taken down 15 computer servers that were used in “major international cyberattacks,” law enforcement agencies said this week.

Source: CNN.com – RSS Channel – World | 19 Jan 2022 | 6:11 am(NZT)

The European Parliament’s new President immediately faced questions on her views on abortion

Maltese center-right politician Roberta Metsola has been elected as the new European Parliament President, a week after the body’s previous head David Sassoli died suddenly, and she immediately faced questions around her stance on abortion rights.

Source: CNN.com – RSS Channel – World | 19 Jan 2022 | 6:08 am(NZT)

Antisemitic tropes cited by the Texas synagogue hostage-taker have deep roots

Experts have long said the pervasiveness of antisemitic beliefs in society can fuel violence against Jewish people.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 5:48 am(NZT)

Analysis: A drone attack in Abu Dhabi could mark a dangerous turning point for the Middle East. Here’s what to know

A deadly drone attack in the heart of the United Arab Emirates’ capital has thrust the Middle East into uncharted waters at a time when the region’s leaders have sought to heal years-long rifts.

Source: CNN.com – RSS Channel – World | 19 Jan 2022 | 4:44 am(NZT)

Tonga races to prevent a ‘tsunami of covid’ as rescue efforts begin after underwater volcano disaster

Tonga said the “unprecedented disaster” had generated tsunami waves of up to 49 feet and destroyed all of the houses on Mango island.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 3:40 am(NZT)

Hong Kong to kill 2,000 hamsters because of suspected animal-to-human coronavirus transmission

After nearly a dozen hamsters tested positive for the coronavirus at a pet store, authorities say they may have infected the employees.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 3:38 am(NZT)

Far-right Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik gives Nazi salute at parole hearing

Prosecutors are opposing the parole request by Breivik, who has used court appearances to showcase his neo-Nazi sympathies.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 3:21 am(NZT)

Hong Kong independence activist Leung released from prison

Hong Kong activist Edward Leung, who coined the now-banned slogan “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our Times,” has been released from prison

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:28 am(NZT)

What you need to know about the Tonga volcano and the Pacific’s ‘Ring of Fire’

The weekend’s eruption and tsunami may have just been a warm-up, volcanologists say.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:23 am(NZT)

Haiti official denies more time in president’s slaying probe

A Haitian magistrate tells The Associated Press that a request for more time to investigate the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has been denied

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:22 am(NZT)

UN suspends Mali peacekeeping flights after military rules

The United Nations says the military government in Mali has blocked many flights by the U.N. peacekeeping force in the West African nation and the U.N. has grounded all non-emergency flights since Friday

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:19 am(NZT)

Judge signs plan, resolves Puerto Rico bankruptcy battle

Puerto Rico’s nearly five-year bankruptcy battle is ending after a federal judge signed a plan that slashes the U.S. territory’s public debt load as part of the largest municipal debt restructuring in U.S. history and allows the government to start repaying creditors

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:18 am(NZT)

Synagogue hostage-taker’s hometown doesn’t want to be known as a place that produces terrorists

The British man who took four hostages at a Texas synagogue grew up in a neighborhood that is predominantly immigrant, religious, aspirational.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 1:02 am(NZT)

Texas synagogue attacker was fatally shot by FBI; authorities are piecing together his movements in the U.S.

Investigators are focused on the hostage-taker’s movements inside the United States and where he purchased a weapon.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 12:21 am(NZT)

Israeli police accused of using Pegasus spyware on domestic opponents of Netanyahu

Police have denied the allegations after an investigation by an Israeli news outlet found that the military-grade spy software is being used against the country’s citizens.

Source: World | 19 Jan 2022 | 12:08 am(NZT)

More than a dozen killed in airstrikes on Yemeni capital in retaliation for Houthi attack on UAE

The United Arab Emirates said it would hold accountable the perpetrators of a strike on its port that killed three.

Source: World | 18 Jan 2022 | 11:08 pm(NZT)

Despite huge volcano blast, Tonga avoids widespread disaster

Despite sitting almost on top of the volcano that erupted so violently, the Pacific nation of Tonga appears to have avoided the widespread devastation that many initially feared

Source: World | 18 Jan 2022 | 10:42 pm(NZT)

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