(中英)总理宣布明晚午夜(15日)进入 Omicron 响应的第二阶段(含新闻发布会直播内容)

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突发:总理说,新西兰将于 2 月 15 日(星期二)晚上 11:59进入 Omicron 响应的第二阶段。

Ardern 说,内阁确认了有关 Omicron 计划下一阶段的决定。 我们看到了我们最终预期的病例增长。 她说,我们已经为此做好了计划,而且病例还会进一步增加。

BREAKING: ​Aotearoa New Zealand to move to phase 2 of Omicron response, the prime minister says. This move will take place at 11.59pm tomorrow Tuesday Feb 15.

Cabinet confirmed decisions about the next stages of the Omicron plan, Ardern says. We’re seeing increases that we ultimately did expect. We’ve planned for this, and cases will grow further, she says.

Ardern 说,这对许多人来说标志着一个颠覆性阶段的开始。

因此,在第 2 阶段,一些关键变化围绕着隔离期展开。

例如,对于从澳大利亚旅行的人,隔离期从 10 天减少到 7 天。

企业正在做好准备,随着我们 Omicron 响应的继续,快速抗原检测将开始更广泛地使用。

Ardern 说,该国目前有 720 万份RAT,下周还会有更多。

This signals the start of a disruptive phase to many, Ardern says.

So, in phase 2 some of the key changes revolve around the period of isolation.

For those travelling from Australia for example, the period of isolation reduces from 10 days to 7.

Businesses are getting themselves ready, and rapid anti-gen tests will begin to be used more widely as our Omicron response continues.

7.2 million RATs are currently in the country, and more will arrive over the next week, Ardern says.


现在有超过 5000 例活跃的 Covid-19 病例。 其中39人在医院。 随着病例数的增加,住院人数也会增加。

Ardern 对所有新西兰人说:“如果你还没有,那就去打加强针。”



Ardern 说,对新冠病毒有点疲劳了,但“现在不是放弃的时候”。

Ardern 说,我们需要继续做我们一直在做的事情——接受检测、必要时隔离、接种加强针——并记住要友善。


Bloomfield 表示,目前 RAT 的职责将是支持密切接触计划,以帮助保持工作场所的人员配备和开放。

他说,将会有更多的 RAT 抵达,其中相当一部分将在 2 月的最后一周左右到达。

There are now more than 5000 active cases of Covid-19. And 39 of those are in hospital. As case numbers increase, so too will hospital admissions.

“Get a booster if you haven’t already,” Ardern says to all New Zealanders.

“Omicron is here.”

There is no change to the traffic light, school and businesses remain open.

There is covid fatigue, Ardern says, but “now is not the time to give up”.

Ardern says we need to keep doing what we’ve been doing – get tested, isolate if needed, get your booster -and remember to be kind.

They’re now answering media questions.

Bloomfield said for now the role for RATs will be supporting that close contact scheme to help keep workplaces staffed and open.

More RATs will be arriving, with a significant amount due around the final week of February, he said.

在抗议期间,Ardern 被问及有关在国会打开洒水装置的问题。

Ardern 说她不会去评判那些参与其中的人,但由于所表现出的骚扰程度,抗议已经进入了她的脑海,“超出了抗议”。

第三阶段并非不可避免。 布卢姆菲尔德说,他们希望使曲线变平并保持较低的峰值。

Ardern was asked about the sprinklers being turned on at Parliament amid the protest.

Ardern said she is not there to judge those involved, but the protest has stepped in her mind, “beyond protest” due to the levels of harassment shown.

Phase 3 is not an inevitability. They want to flatten the curve and keep that peak low, Bloomfield says.

在新闻发布会记者的快速抗原检测呈阳性时,Ardern 说他们正在寻求 PCR 检测。

当被问及是否有国会议员因此而被隔离时,Ardern 表示“现在就此事向他们提出建议还为时过早”。

目前,经济活动相对稳定,但并非所有行业都如此。 酒店业下滑。 Ardern 表示,财政部长正在研究具有高度针对性的短期措施。 很快就会有更多关于这方面的内容。

On the press gallery reporter’s positive rapid anti-gen test, Ardern said they’re seeking a PCR test.

When asked whether any MPs were isolating as a result of this, Ardern said it was “too early for them to be advised” regarding this.

At the moment, economic activity is relatively stable but not in all sectors. The hospitality sector is down. Highly targeted and short-term measures are being looked at by the minster of finance, Ardern says. There will be more on this soon.




As we move into phase 2, contact tracers will focus on places like aged care, and super spreader-like events, Bloomfield said.

For locations of interest like a cafe, the ministry won’t necessarily tells all people and staff at the cafe to isolate, the focus will be on those people in that group with the positive case, he said.
It will be less disruptive for people, Bloomfield says.
Yes this is a different phase, but New Zealanders are ready for it. We have protections now that we didn’t have before, Ardern says.


它从有观点转变为恐吓和骚扰,这是不能容忍的。但最终这取决于警察,Ardern 说。

Ardern 说,超过 60% 的符合条件的人口现在已经接种了疫苗加强剂。

Ardern 说,永远不会强制儿童接种疫苗,她反驳了她最近看到的关于这个话题的一些错误信息。

PCR 测试 – 你有多担心人们不想排长队等待这些?



Ardern 说,我们还没有达到我们实验室的产能,这很好,当我们达到这个产能时,我们会考虑使用 RAT。

关于接触者追踪者和涉疫地点,国家接触者追踪小组正在跟进接触事件。正如 Bloomfield 之前提到的,在第 2 阶段,高风险暴露事件将成为焦点。

Ardern 重申,在第二阶段——密切接触者的自我隔离期从十天减少到七天。


Have police moved quick enough regarding the anti-mandate protest?
It’s moved from having a view, to there being intimidation and harassment and that’s not to be tolerated. But ultimately that sits with police, Ardern said.

More than 60 per cent of the eligible population have now received their vaccine boosters, Ardern says.

Children will never be mandated to have a vaccine Ardern says, countering some misinformation she’s seen recently on the topic.

PCR tests – how concerned are you that people won’t want to wait in long queues for these?
Speaking about Auckland where there was congestion, Bloomfield said it’s good people are going out and getting tested.
“There is still capacity in the system,” he said, and we want to use that capacity.
Ardern says we’re not yet at a point we’re we’ve hit capacity in our labs which is good, and when we hit that capacity, then we’ll look to RATs.

On the topic of contact tracers and locations of interests, the national contact tracing teams are following up with exposure events. In phase 2, high-risk exposure events will be the focus, as Bloomfield mentioned earlier.

Under phase 2 – the period of self-isolation for close contacts reduces from ten days to seven, Ardern reiterated.
People will be getting electronic notifications regarding locations of interest. Bloomfield added that if people are checking the location of interest website and there is advice there for a location you’ve been too, yes follow that advice.

关于市长菲尔.戈夫在任期结束时下台,阿德恩说她知道他的计划。 他是她个人认识很长时间的人。

没有人应该在车里隔离 – Ardern 说。 如果有人住在他们的车里并且检测呈阳性,那么是的,他们会尽其所能来帮助他们解决问题。
布卢姆菲尔德说,在 tamariki Māori(ma (毛利儿童) 疫苗接种中,26% 的人接种了疫苗。
回到抗议活动中,Ardern 的重点是该地区每个人的安全。

On Mayor Phil Goff stepping down at the end of his term, Ardern said she was aware of his plans. He’s someone that she’s known personally for a very long time.
“Today, I’d just like to acknowledge his service.”
She said he’s a man of great integrity, she said.

No-one should isolate in a car – Ardern said. If someone is living in their car and tests positive, then yes, they will do what they can to help their situation.
On tamariki Māori vaccinations, 26 per cent are vaccinated, Bloomfield said.
Back on the protest, Ardern’s focus is on the safety of everybody in the area.
That’s it for the post-Cabinet update, thanks for joining us.



Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern met with Cabinet today, after 981 new Covid-19 community cases were reported.
在报告了 981 例新的 Covid-19 社区病例后,总理 Jacinda Ardern 今天与内阁开会。


在今天的病例数略低于 1000 例后,预计政府将在何时进入 Omicron 应对措施的第二阶段时,总理 Jacinda Ardern 和卫生总干事 Ashley Bloomfield 博士将发表讲话。

Ardern 的内阁后新闻发布会于下午 4 点开始,而反疫苗、反强制令和 Covid-19 限制抗议者仍在国会外扎营。

此前,今天社区报告了 981 例新的 Covid-19 病例——根据政府的疫情三阶段计划,预计一旦病例数超过 1000 例,第二阶段就会启动。

Ardern 今天早些时候表示,企业应该开始为未来几天即将到来的第二阶段做准备,尤其是那些使用密切接触者豁免计划的企业。



虽然有 39 人在医院,但没有人在 ICU 或高度依赖病房。

在第 2 阶段,重点开始从密集的接触者追踪和更短的隔离期(阳性病例 10 天和密切接触者 7 天)开始转移。

阿德恩还将面临有关奥克兰市长 Phil Goff 决定不参选连任以及国会外持续抗议的问题。尽管许多抗议者呼吁取消适用于许多劳动力的强制令,但阿德恩表示,她认为主要立场是反疫苗接种。


“当我们可以的时候,我们会的,但是当我们处于 Omicron 爆发的曲线上行时——现在不是时候,”她说。




警方已敦促抗议者在下午 6 点 30 分之前将车辆停在附近的天空体育场。

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