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Polls open in high-stakes parliamentary election in Lebanon

Polls in crisis-ridden Lebanon opened for a high-stakes parliamentary election on Sunday morning.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 15 May 2022 | 7:33 pm(NZT)

China tensions loom as Japan’s Okinawa marks 50 years since US handover

The Japanese island chain of Okinawa marked the 50th anniversary on Sunday of the end of US occupation and its return to Japan with ceremonies and celebrations amid growing worry about its proximity to an increasingly assertive China.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 15 May 2022 | 7:18 pm(NZT)

Buffalo shooting: Ten dead in suspected race attack at New York state store

An 18-year-old is charged over the New York state attack, which is being investigated as a racial hate crime.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 7:04 pm(NZT)

Jermell Charlo knocks out Brian Castano to become undisputed champion

American Jermell Charlo becomes the first undisputed light-middleweight champion in history with a 10th-round knock out of Argentina’s Brian Castano.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 6:31 pm(NZT)

Former Australian cricketer dies in car crash

Former Australia all-rounder Andrew Symonds dies aged 46 after being involved in a car crash.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 6:07 pm(NZT)

Eurovision win brings ‘incredible happiness’ to Ukraine

Public support helped push Kalush Orchestra and their song Stefania on to win with 631 points.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 4:07 pm(NZT)

Israeli police will investigate ‘events’ surrounding funeral of Palestinian journalist: Minister

Israeli police say they will hold an investigation “into the events that ensued during the funeral” procession of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on Friday.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 15 May 2022 | 2:51 pm(NZT)

Young, Famous & African’s Peace Hyde: From teacher to Netflix hitmaker

Meet Peace Hyde, the British-Ghanaian creator of reality TV series Young, Famous & African.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 2:07 pm(NZT)

Full lunar eclipse to bring super blood Moon

The Moon will slowly darken and turn red as it falls into Earth’s shadow.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 2:05 pm(NZT)

Nova Scotia shooting: First-hand accounts heard in probe of Canada tragedy

A probe into Canada’s worst mass shooting has revealed new details about killer and police response.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 2:01 pm(NZT)

Ukraine conflict: Russian chemical attack claim fact-checked

Moscow has a history of falsely accusing its enemies of attacks that could be defined as war crimes.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 1:54 pm(NZT)

Croatia abortion: Thousands protest against termination

A fierce debate about reproductive rights has been reignited in the strongly Catholic country.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 1:47 pm(NZT)

‘I searched for my sister for 30 years, but Covid took her from me’

As a child Steve Ellis uncovered a family secret, 60 years later it led to an unexpected friendship.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 1:42 pm(NZT)

Former Australian cricket icon Andrew Symonds dies at the age of 46

Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds has died at the age of 46, Cricket Australia announced Sunday.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 15 May 2022 | 1:36 pm(NZT)

Afghanistan face veil decree: ‘It feels like being a woman is a crime’

Afghan women speak out against compulsory male chaperones and new mandate to wear all-covering veils.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 1:35 pm(NZT)

Australia election 2022: Are Australia’s refugee releases an election ploy?

As refugees detained for years are abruptly released, some think the upcoming election is the reason.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 12:26 pm(NZT)

Eurovision 2022: Highlights of Ukraine’s winning night

Ukraine won the Eurovision song contest 2022, with the UK coming second, its best result since 1998.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 12:08 pm(NZT)

Britney Spears announces ‘devastating’ miscarriage

The singer reveals she and personal trainer partner Sam Asghari have “lost our miracle baby”.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 11:45 am(NZT)

Liverpool win FA Cup: How Jurgen Klopp sets the tone for everything Reds do – Alan Shearer

There is so much to admire about FA Cup winners Liverpool at the moment, and all of it is down to one man – Jurgen Klopp, says MOTD pundit Alan Shearer.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 11:41 am(NZT)

Eurovision 2022: Ukraine wins, while the UK’s Sam Ryder comes second

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra triumphs, while Sam Ryder gives the UK its best result since 1998.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 11:30 am(NZT)

Fleeing Syria 10 years on: ‘We cried all the way to Jordan’

A family looks back after a decade living in the world’s largest Syrian refugee camp.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 11:03 am(NZT)

Abortion rights rallies held around the US

Pro-choice supporters are concerned that the Supreme Court could overturn the legal right to abortion.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 10:29 am(NZT)

Brexit trade deal change must result in NI government – PM

Boris Johnson is to visit Northern Ireland amid a political crisis sparked by tensions over the protocol.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 9:30 am(NZT)

Seven dead in shooting at Buffalo supermarket – reports

Police have arrested a suspect after multiple people were shot at a supermarket in upstate New York.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 9:00 am(NZT)

Novak Djokovic wins 1,000th Tour-level match with semi-final win at Italian Open

Novak Djokovic becomes the fifth man to win 1,000 Tour-level matches by beating Casper Ruud in the semi-final of the Italian Open.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 8:52 am(NZT)

FA Cup final: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp says he ‘could not be more proud’ after beating Chelsea

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp “could not be prouder” of his side after they again outlast Chelsea on penalties to win the FA Cup.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 8:41 am(NZT)

Ukraine round-up: Putin’s message to Finland and Kharkiv battle ‘won’

Russia’s president warns Finland against joining Nato and Ukraine bids for Eurovision glory.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 7:29 am(NZT)

Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to win FA Cup and keep quadruple hopes alive

Liverpool keep alive hopes of an unprecedented quadruple with a sudden-death shootout victory over Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 7:29 am(NZT)

Rome Open: Iga Swiatek beats Aryna Sabalenka to reach Rome Open final

Iga Swiatek extends her winning run to 27 matches and moves within one victory of a fifth consecutive title by reaching the Italian Open final.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 6:17 am(NZT)

Ukraine war: Putin warns Finland joining Nato would be ‘mistake’

Finland and Sweden have indicated they want to become Nato members following Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 6:10 am(NZT)

Robert Lewandowski: Bayern Munich striker will not sign new contract at Bayern

Striker Robert Lewandowksi confirms he will not sign a new contract at Bayern Munich after the club said he wanted to leave.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 5:55 am(NZT)

Covid: What will the pandemic look like in North Korea?

North Korea is uniquely vulnerable to the virus, and the options to control its spread are limited.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 4:55 am(NZT)

Nigeria student killing: Round-the-clock curfew in Sokoto after protests

Demonstrators have been demanding the release of two suspects held over the murder of a Christian student.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 4:39 am(NZT)

Sheffield United 1-2 Nottingham Forest: Reds take lead into second leg

A late Sander Berge goal gives Sheffield United some hope going into the second leg of their play-off semi-final against Nottingham Forest.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 4:27 am(NZT)

India bans wheat exports as heat wave hurts crop, domestic prices soar

India banned wheat exports on Saturday — days after saying it was targeting record shipments this year — as a scorching heat wave curtailed output and domestic prices hit a record high.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 15 May 2022 | 2:25 am(NZT)

Delhi office fire: Dozens killed as fire sweeps through building

Most of those inside were women, leaving families frantically searching for news of their fate.

Source: BBC News – Home | 15 May 2022 | 1:17 am(NZT)

2022-05-15 16:18:31
美密尔沃基市12小时内发生10起枪击案 致3死25伤
中新网5月15日电 综合美媒报道,当地时间13日,美国威斯康星州密尔沃基市在不到12小时的时间内发生10起枪击案件,导致3人死亡,25人受伤。
2022-05-15 15:59:32
中新网多伦多5月15日电 经过公众在线投票评选,加拿大最大城市多伦多市5月14日宣布,橡树获选为该市的官方“市树”。
2022-05-15 15:58:24
加拿大累计确诊病例超总人口10% 日本新冠累计死亡病例逾3万
(抗击新冠肺炎)加拿大累计确诊病例超总人口10% 日本新冠累计死亡病例逾3万
2022-05-15 15:50:41
中新网柏林5月15日电 中国驻德国大使馆消息:七国集团外长会14日发布公报,无视中方的严正立场,在一系列涉华问题上继续发表错误和不实言论,并再次借俄乌冲突等对中方施压。中方对此强烈不满和坚决反对,再次重申我严正立场如下:
2022-05-15 15:48:17
中新网努尔苏丹5月15日电 受俄乌冲突影响,乌克兰多地文化遗产、文物藏品濒临损毁,一场保护行动正在多方努力下展开。
2022-05-15 14:45:03
2022-05-15 14:04:28
中新网5月15日电 北京时间15日,中国驻乌克兰大使馆发布关于请乌克兰境内所有中国公民进行备案的通知。
2022-05-15 13:20:23
俄罗斯停止对芬兰供电 芬兰:电力供应未受威胁
中新网5月15日电 据法新社报道,当地时间14日,俄罗斯统一电力进出口公司(Inter RAO)旗下北欧子公司停止了向芬兰的电力供应。
2022-05-15 11:35:52
2022-05-15 11:33:00
俄国防部:俄军一天袭击乌方28个炮兵部队 消灭乌军90人
海外网5月15日电 俄罗斯国防部官网14日发布简报称,俄罗斯军队一天内袭击乌方6个指挥所、178个有生力量及军事装备聚集区、28个炮兵部队,消灭乌军90人。俄军还击落6架无人机,拦截了3枚火箭弹。
2022-05-15 11:22:12
中新网5月15日电 据英国广播公司(BBC)报道,英国劳资审裁法庭11日公布的一项裁决中称,在职场中称男性为“秃头”构成性骚扰。
2022-05-15 10:35:12
巴西已报告44例不明原因儿童肝炎病例 卫生部设立应对办公室
2022-05-15 10:32:24
2022-05-15 10:28:04
又一位美国高官访乌会见泽连斯基 透露这些信息……
中新网5月15日电 据美联社报道,当地时间14日,美国国会参议院共和党领袖麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)率代表团在乌克兰首都基辅与乌总统泽连斯基会面。
2022-05-15 09:31:28
纽约布法罗一超市发生枪击案 致10死3伤
中新社纽约5月14日电 美国纽约州布法罗市一家超市14日发生一起枪击案,造成10人死亡、3人受伤。警方称,枪手已被逮捕,其动机被认为是涉种族因素的仇恨犯罪。
2022-05-15 09:29:22
美国佛罗里达州一小型飞机坠毁 1人死亡5人受伤
2022-05-15 09:25:36
2022-05-15 09:24:20
美国布法罗大规模枪击事件10死3伤 嫌犯进行现场直播
中新网5月15日电 综合美联社、美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)报道,当地时间14日,美国纽约州布法罗市一家超市发生大规模枪击事件,造成至少10人死亡,3人受伤。
2022-05-15 07:11:11
2022-05-15 07:11:08

2022-05-15 05:38:05
2022-05-15 02:01:17
通讯:缅怀中巴文化交流使者 共同谴责恐怖主义行径——记巴基斯坦卡拉奇大学孔子学院恐袭遇难中方教师追思会
通讯:缅怀中巴文化交流使者 共同谴责恐怖主义行径——记巴基斯坦卡拉奇大学孔子学院恐袭遇难中方教师追思会
2022-05-15 02:01:13
2022-05-15 01:57:54
中新社纽约5月14日电 美国威斯康星州密尔沃基市警方14日通报称,13日晚该市发生一起大规模枪击事件,造成17人受伤。这是该市过去十年中伤亡人数最多的枪击案。
2022-05-15 01:56:58
芬兰瑞典加快步伐“入约” 俄方密集发声“警告”
(国际观察)芬兰瑞典加快步伐“入约” 俄方密集发声“警告”
2022-05-15 00:02:56
中新网北京5月15日电 (甘甜)这两天,美国总统拜登亲自“组局”,试图拉拢东盟国家,入伙“印太战略”——不仅让美国政界高官、商界领袖陪着东盟领导人共进午餐、举行会谈,还宣布了约1.5亿美元的新投资,试图“兜售”其“印太经济框架”。
2022-05-14 21:52:40
俄罗斯通胀创20年新高 经济前景蒙阴影
中新社北京5月14日电 (记者 刘亮)俄乌冲突发生以来,在美西方层层加码的经济制裁下,俄罗斯通胀率再创新高,经济前景也蒙上阴影。
2022-05-14 21:47:05
中新社华盛顿5月14日电 中国驻美使馆发言人13日发表谈话说,美方不当涉港表态严重干涉中国内政和司法主权。中方对此坚决反对。
2022-05-14 21:34:05
普京:芬兰放弃军事中立将是错误 俄乌谈判实际已暂停
中新网5月14日电 综合报道,当地时间14日,芬兰总统尼尼斯托与俄罗斯总统普京进行电话交谈,双方就俄乌局势以及芬兰加入北约一事进行交谈。
2022-05-14 20:49:37
新华社北京5月13日电 题:揭穿“第二中情局”的真面目
2022-05-14 20:48:19
新华社日内瓦5月13日电 专访:美国已沦为“监狱国家”——访美国历史学家罗宾·凯利
2022-05-14 20:47:32
2022-05-14 20:42:40
2022-05-14 20:42:16
2022-05-14 20:41:21
2022-05-14 20:36:51
【环球时报特约记者 甄翔】美国内政部11日公布一项调查报告,称联邦政府于1819至1969年针对原住民实施同化政策期间,强制将原住民儿童送往联邦政府或教会运营的寄宿学校,校内爆发诸多虐童案件,甚至造成至少500名学生死亡。
2022-05-14 20:35:41
2022-05-14 20:30:54
2022-05-14 20:20:02
印度南部暴发“番茄热”疫情 已有80多名儿童感染
2022-05-14 20:07:21

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