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由于事故,St Lukes 东行出口匝道和 SH16 入口匝道关闭了四个多小时,导致西北高速公路长时间延误。One dead, another seriously injured after car crashes into traffic light in Auckland
As a result of the crash, St Lukes eastbound off-ramp and the SH16 on-ramp were closed for over four hours, causing long delays on the northwestern motorway.

商业创新和就业部上周在收到投诉后检查了 80 多家企业。

Crackdown on Auckland hospitality and retail sectors for exploiting migrant workers

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment inspected more than 80 businesses last week after complaints.

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WorkSafe 花费近 1600 万纽币对怀特岛灾难进行调查和审判

WorkSafe spent almost $16 million on investigation and trial of Whakaari White Island disaster

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陶朗加港集​​装箱内发现足够 吸食350,000 次毒品的可卡因 Enough cocaine for 350,000 hits found in shipping container at Port of Tauranga

分享儿童性虐待材料的罗托鲁瓦男子被判入狱 Rotorua man who shared child sex abuse material jailed

就连新西兰优先党的一位资深议员也表示,随着党魁之间的联合谈判仍在继续,她也不知道自己的党魁在哪里。Live: Where’s Winston? Government coalition talks ramp up but no sign of Peters
Even a senior NZ First MP says she doesn’t know where her leader is as coalition talks between party leaders continue.

为寻找失踪的马罗科帕父亲汤姆·菲利普斯和孩子,呼吁人们提供目击被盗红色四轮摩托车 的信息Appeal for sightings of stolen red quad bike in hunt for missing Marokopa dad Tom Phillips and kids

LynnMall 抢劫案:勇敢的“娜娜”坚守岗位,拍摄挥舞大锤的小偷袭击西联汇款的画面 LynnMall robbery: Brave ‘nana’ stands ground, films as sledgehammer-wielding thief raids Western Union

两名徒步旅行者在启动信标后从塔拉鲁阿森林公园获救 Two trampers rescued from Tararua Forest Park after activating beacon

85家企业存在严重违规行为 High levels of non-compliance were found at the 85 businesses

Herald 网络连续剧《TransGenerations》荣获国际短片奖 Herald web series TransGenerations wins international short film award

Arohaina Henare谋杀案:内皮尔三岁就失去母亲的女子被刺死,留下六名孩子 Arohaina Henare murder: Napier woman who lost her mother aged 3 stabbed to death, leaving six children

亲巴勒斯坦抗议者向美国驻奥克兰领事馆和外交部大楼泼红漆后,一人被捕。Pro-Palestinian protesters splash red paint on US consulate, MFAT buildings in Auckland
One person has been arrested after Pro-Palestinian protesters splashed red paint on the US Consulate and Ministry of Foreign Affairs buildings in Auckland.

奥克兰市议会:消除无家可归是一个“不合理的目标” Eliminating homelessness an ‘unreasonable goal’ – Auckland Council

毛利部落集体计划接管鲁阿佩胡高山缆车的管理 Iwi collective has plans to take over management of Ruapehu Alpine Lifts

房地产市场价值继续走强,首次购房者继续推动价格小幅上涨。 House values strengthen, especially in larger cities
Housing market values continue to strengthen, with first time buyers continuing to drive modest price growth.

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影子移民和公民部长丹·特汉 (Dan Tehan) 告诉《澳大利亚每日邮报》,寻求庇护者人数的激增是“对工党展示真正领导力的考验”。

Revealed: Number of foreigners who sought protection visas in Australia in last month alone – and where they’re coming from – after High Court ruling freed a paedophile and a hitman

Dan Tehan, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, told Daily Mail Australia the surging number of asylum seekers is ‘a test for Labor’ to show true leadership.

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BioCeuticals 50mL 锌滴剂  从 Chemist Warehouse 和 Priceline 召回


BioCeuticals Zinc Drops 50mL recalled from Chemist Warehouse and Priceline

One of Australia’s largest healthcare companies has recalled a product over an issue that has lead to varying doses being administered.

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I am disgusted by a ‘gross’ Australian hygiene confession I learned when I had friends stay over – so how normal is it?

A British woman was disgusted to discover a hygiene mistake most Australians make – and it could cause life-long health issues.

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随着战斗日益临近,数千人被困在加沙为数不多的仍在运转的医院里。 Gaza hospitals caught on front line of Israel-Hamas war
Thousands of people are trapped in Gaza’s few functioning hospitals as fighting draws ever closer.

美国邮票卖了创纪录的200万美元 US stamp sells for a record-breaking $2m

大卫·卡梅伦誓言在意外内阁复出后支持里希·苏纳克 David Cameron vows to support Rishi Sunak after surprise cabinet comeback

美国空袭目标是叙利亚境内更多伊朗支持的基地 US airstrikes target more Iran-backed bases in Syria

乌干达袭击:因蜜月死亡案件一男子被控恐怖主义Uganda attack: Man charged with terrorism over honeymoon deaths

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中国工商银行纽约分行在其系统遭到入侵后提议使用 USB 记忆棒来传输数据

Wall Street and Beijing fight fallout of ransomware attack on China’s biggest bank

New York arm of ICBC proposed using a USB stick to transmit data after its systems were compromised



Xi enlists Flying Tigers as China’s propagandists seek friendlier tone on US

Beijing fetes wartime pilots ahead of Biden meeting but underlying narrative of America as rival unchanged


举报人称医院院长与“网上中介”勾结,以约 10,750 英镑的价格出售出生证明


有关襄阳笕桥医院的指控于 11 月 6 日首次通过一位名叫上官正义的微博用户曝光,他自称是“反拐志愿者”。 上官发布了一系列针对该医院院长叶友志的指控,他指控叶友志“与网上中介”勾结,以 96,000 元(10,750 英镑)的价格出售出生证明。

Six people arrested in China’s Hubei province over ‘baby-trafficking ring’

Whistleblower claims hospital director colluded with ‘online intermediaries’ to sell birth certificates for about £10,750

Six people have been arrested in central China’s Hubei province over alleged involvement in a baby-trafficking ring linked to a hospital in one of the province’s biggest cities.

The allegations about Xiangyang Jianqiao hospital first came to light on 6 November via a Weibo user by the name of Shangguan Zhengyi, who describes himself as an “anti-trafficking volunteer”. Shangguan posted a series of claims about the hospital’s director, Ye Youzhi, whom he accused of colluding “with online intermediaries” to sell birth certificates for 96,000 yuan (£10,750).

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Guangdong authorities unveil new data transfer guidelines amid push to build Greater Bay Area AI hub

Provincial government will accelerate the establishment of a ‘Digital Bay Area’ by looking at two-way, cross-border data transfers and building a special data zone.

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由于华为打算切断与 Android 的联系,中国大型科技公司京东、网易和美团纷纷聘请基于 HarmonyOS 的应用程序开发人员

据华为称,目前有超过 7 亿台设备运行在 HarmonyOS 上,超过 220 万第三方开发者为该平台开发应用程序。

Chinese Big Tech firms JD.com, NetEase and Meituan in rush to hire HarmonyOS-based app developers as Huawei aims to sever Android ties

More than 700 million devices currently run on HarmonyOS, with more than 2.2 million third-party developers creating apps for the platform, according to Huawei.

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Alibaba Cloud service failure hits shopping app Taobao a day after Singles’ Day, in second major outage in a year

The 3.5-hour system breakdown also affected other Alibaba apps such as DingTalk, as well as the company’s cloud storage services.

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受到制裁的中国芯片制造商长江存储声称,美光“受到长江存储崛起的威胁”,侵犯了其八项专利,其中包括 232 层 NAND 内存专利。

Top Chinese memory chip maker YMTC sues Micron for patent infringement, bringing semiconductor battle to the US

Sanctioned Chinese chip maker YMTC alleges that Micron, ‘threatened by YMTC’s ascension’, infringed on eight of its patents, including for 232-layer NAND memory.

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