(17日) (滚动更新) 新西兰新冠Delta爆发 – 中英双语全面报道


There are 11 new community cases to report today, all are in Auckland.


The Ministry of Health has just sent out today’s update. Here are the numbers:
卫生部刚刚发出了今天的更新。 以下是数字:

* 11 new cases, all in Auckland. Two are yet to be linked to the outbreak.
* 11 例新病例,均在奥克兰。 其中两个尚未与疫情有关。

* 14 cases are in hospital – three are in ICU.
* 14 例住院 – 3 例在重症监护病房。

* 5 new cases in MIQ
* MIQ 新增 5 个病例

* 1007 cases in this outbreak in total – 535 in Auckland and 15 in Wellington have recovered.
* 此次疫情中共有 1007 例病例——奥克兰 535 例和惠灵顿 15 例已经康复。

* 9 of yesterday’s cases were infectious in the community.
* 昨天的病例中有 9 例在社区中具有传染性。

* Tracers are actively managing 1064 contacts. 88 per cent have had at least one test result.
* Tracer 正在积极管理 1064 个联系人。 88% 的人至少有过一项测试结果。

* 135 locations of interest have been identified.
* 已确定 135 个暴露关注地点。

* 15,419 tests were processed yesterday.

* 昨天进行了 15,419 项测试。


Four new locations of interest have been identified by the Ministry of Health, three in the Tauranga area.


Contact tracing has linked an Auckland truck driver to the existing Delta outbreak and he is known to have delivered supermarket supplies to Cambridge, Hamilton and Tauranga .


The locations are BP Tauriko on Saturday 11 September, Uppercrust Bakery in Mount Maunganui also on Saturday and then again on Tuesday the 14th.

地点是的 BP Tauriko (9 月 11 日星期六),和芒格努伊山的 Uppercrust Bakery (11日星期六及14 日星期二)

The SuperValue in Flatbush Clover Park Auckland is also a new location on 14 September.

奥克兰Flatbush 三叶草公园的 SuperValue 也是 9 月 14 日的新地点。

The case was one of among 13 new community cases reported yesterday.

该病例是昨天报告的 13 例新社区病例之一



(17日) (滚动更新) 新西兰新冠Delta爆发 – 中英双语全面报道


Singapore starts booster shots


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said today he had received a Covid-19 vaccine booster shot and urged other elderly people to come forward to get a shot amid a new wave of infections across the city-state.
新加坡总理李显龙今天表示,他已经接受了 Covid-19 疫苗加强注射,并敦促其他老年人在这个城市国家出现新一波感染的情况下挺身而出接种疫苗。


The Netherlands will require proof of a Covid-19 vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test for entry to bars, restaurants, museums, theatres and other cultural events from 25 September, as almost all social distancing measures are dropped.

从 9 月 25 日起,荷兰将要求提供 Covid-19 疫苗接种证明或最近的冠状病毒检测呈阴性,才能进入酒吧、餐馆、博物馆、剧院和其他文化活动,因为几乎所有的社会疏远措施都已取消。

NSW reached another vaccine milestone today with 50 percent of people aged over 16 now fully inoculated.

新南威尔士州今天达到了另一个疫苗里程碑,现在 50% 的 16 岁以上人群已完全接种。

The state recorded 1284 new Covid infections and 12 deaths in the 24 hours to 8pm yesterday.

该州在昨天到晚上 8 点的 24 小时内记录了 1284 例新的 Covid 感染和 12 例死亡。

Infringement notices have been given to a Northlander who spent three weeks with a friend in Auckland then tried to return home yesterday, and an Aucklander who claimed to be driving north to feed stock but returned with bags of shopping.


The police say overall compliance at the lockdown borders was high – with just 119 vehicles turned around and more than 15,800 allowed through yesterday.
警方表示,封锁边界的整体合规性很高——昨天只有 119 辆车掉头,超过 15,800 辆被允许通过。

A Mount Maunganui bakery visited by a truck driver infected with Covid-19 has been forced to shut down for the next 14 days.

一名感染 Covid-19 的卡车司机造访的芒格努伊山面包店在接下来的 14 天内被迫关闭。

Anyone who visited the Uppercrust Bakery on Tuesday Sept 14 between 9.55am and 11.50am, or last Saturday September 11 between 10.10am and 12,05pm must self-isolate for 14 days after exposure.
任何在 9 月 14 日星期二上午 9 点 55 分至上午 11 点 50 分或 9 月 11 日上周六上午 10 点至下午 12 点 50 分去过 Uppercrust Bakery 的任何人都必须自我隔离 14 天。

Two cases of Covid-19 reported today were identified after they turned up at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital last night.

今天报告的两例 Covid-19 病例在昨晚出现在奥克兰的 Middlemore 医院后被确认。

There are now more than 1000 cases in the outbreak, with 11 new cases today.

Air New Zealand 纽航

Air New Zealand has cancelled all quarantine-free flights to Australia until at least December – due to the continued suspension of the trans-Tasman bubble.

由于跨塔斯曼海峡的泡泡持续暂停,新西兰航空公司已取消所有飞往澳大利亚的免检疫航班,至少要持续到 12 月。

In a press release, the airline says it will operate a limited number of quarantine flights to New Zealand in the meantime.

A Trial of  Home quarantine in Greater Sydney 


The NSW government and the federal government have announced plans to begin a trial of home quarantine in Greater Sydney that will start within weeks, the ABC reports.

据 ABC 报道,新南威尔士州政府和联邦政府已宣布计划在大悉尼地区开始在家隔离试验,该试验将在几周内开始。

The pilot, to be operated and monitored by NSW Health and NSW police, will trial a seven-day home quarantine programme for about 175 people.

该试点项目由新南威尔士州卫生部门和新南威尔士州警方运营和监督,将对约 175 人进行为期 7 天的家庭隔离计划。

Currently people coming to NSW from overseas must quarantine in a hotel for 14 days.

目前,从海外来到新南威尔士州的人必须在酒店隔离 14 天。

Participants in the pilot must have had both doses of a TGA-accredited Covid-19 vaccine.

试点的参与者必须接种过两剂经 TGA 认证的 Covid-19 疫苗。

New Zealand hockey


New Zealand hockey has withdrawn its teams from all international competition until at least June next year because of ongoing travel restrictions around Covid-19.

由于 Covid-19 旅行限制,新西兰曲棍球队已将其球队从所有国际比赛中撤出,至少要到明年 6 月。

It means both the Black Sticks men’s and women’s teams won’t compete in next year’s Hockey Pro League.

这意味着 Black Sticks 男队和女队都不会参加明年的冰球职业联赛。

New South Wales records 1284 new Covid-19 cases, 12 deaths
新南威尔士州记录了 1284 例新的 Covid-19 病例,12 人死亡
New South Wales recorded 1284 new Covid-19 cases in the 24 hours to 8pm yesterday. There were 12 fatalities in the reporting period. Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the state was “inching closer and closer” to the 70 per cent double dose rate. She said half of people in NSW aged over 16 were now fully vaccinated.
截至昨天晚上 8 点的 24 小时内,新南威尔士州记录了 1284 例新的 Covid-19 病例。 报告期内共有 12 人死亡。 州长格拉迪斯·贝雷吉克利安 (Gladys Berejiklian) 表示,该州“越来越接近”70% 的双倍剂量率。 她说,新南威尔士州 16 岁以上的人中有一半现在已经完全接种了疫苗。
SH1 checkpoint

SH1 北部检查站

Police at the northern SH1 checkpoint also noticed a woman travelling back into Auckland who was let through from Northland on the premise that she was feeding stock.

SH1 北部检查站的警察还注意到一名妇女返回奥克兰,她从北部地区被允许通过,前提是她正在饲养牲畜。

As she travelled through the checkpoint, officers spotted shopping in her vehicle, which she admitted to when questioned.


She was issued with an infringement notice for breaching COVID-19 restrictions.

她因违反 COVID-19 限制而收到了罚单。

Victoria has recorded 510 new locally acquired Covid-19 cases and one death, as the state prepares for a slight easing of restrictions.

维多利亚州已记录了 510 例新的本地感染 Covid-19 病例和 1 例死亡病例,而该州正准备略微放松限制。

Of the new infections, just 124 have been so far linked to known cases or outbreaks.

在新感染病例中,迄今为止只有 124 例与已知病例或疫情有关。

They were detected from 55,476 test results processed on Thursday.

他们是从周四处理的 55,476 份测试结果中检测出来的。

It brings the number of active infections in the state to 4697, with the vast majority of those acquired in the community rather than hotel quarantine.

它使该州的活跃感染人数达到 4697人,其中绝大多数是在社区而不是酒店隔离中感染的。


Education Minister Chris Hipkins is giving a briefing on why the government has decided not to change the school holidays despite requests from parents in locked down Auckland.

教育部长克里斯·希普金斯 (Chris Hipkins) 正在就政府为何不顾被封锁的奥克兰的家长的要求而决定不改变学校假期的原因进行了说明。

Fletcher Building companies have exemptions to make insulation and roofing steel.

Fletcher Building 公司可以豁免制造绝缘材料和屋顶钢。

A spokesperson said the extension was welcome but Level 3 is what is needed.
一位发言人表示欢迎延期,但需要的是3 级警报。

School holidays


The Government has declined to bring forward the school holidays in Auckland, despite calls from some exhaused parents.


The school break will go ahead on 2 October – meaning Auckland parents could be facing a total of at least nine weeks at home with their children.

学校假期将在 10 月 2 日进行,这意味着奥克兰的父母可能要在家中与孩子一起度过至少 9 周的时间。

Misusing essential worker documentation


Three young men are accused of misusing essential worker documentation to leave Auckland and go skiing on Mount Ruapehu.


Two 23-year-olds and an 18-year-old have been charged and will appear in Auckland District Court next week.

两名 23 岁和一名 18 岁的男子已被起诉,将于下周在奥克兰地方法院出庭。

N95 masks

N95 口罩

Research led by the prime minister’s former chief science advisor says all frontline and essential workers should be wearing the more protective N95 masks.

由总理的前首席科学顾问领导的研究表明,所有前线和基本工作人员都应该佩戴防护性更强的 N95 口罩。

The report, by Koi Tu and led by Sir Peter Gluckman, says New Zealand is not keeping up with the latest international research.

这份由 Koi Tu 和 Peter Gluckman 爵士领导的报告称,新西兰没有跟上最新的国际研究。

The original design for #ShotBro

#ShotBro 的原始设计

这是#ShotBro 的原始设计,我知道粉色注射器有点过头了。 但是很有趣。谢谢你的提名。


Mask guidelines inadequate
 group of experts have declared our mask guidelines inadequate – most notably for those working on the frontline.


The Centre for Informed Futures at Auckland University say we’re not keeping pace with the latest international studies and it’s leaving gaps that can be exploited by Covid-19’s Delta variant.

奥克兰大学的知情未来中心表示,我们没有跟上最新的国际研究,它留下了可以被 Covid-19 的 Delta 变体利用的差距。

A fresh report urges all essential and border workers don proper-fitting N95 masks – and identifies shortcomings in the general public’s mask-wearing methods.

一份新报告敦促所有基本工作人员和边境工作人员戴上合适的 N95 口罩——并指出了公众佩戴口罩方法的缺陷。

Four new locations of interest


Four new locations of interest have been identified by the Ministry of Health, three in the Tauranga area:

  • Uppercrust Bakery Mount Maunganui between 9:55am-11:55pm on 14 September
  • Uppercrust Bakery Mount Maunganui again between 10:10am-12:05pm on 11 September
  • BP Tauriko between 7:45am-9:15am on 11 September
Meanwhile, a supermarket has been added as a location of interest in Auckland:
  • SuperValue Flatbush Clover Park between 4:50pm-6pm on 14 September.

Fiji’s Government announced it was lifting the border restrictions


Just hours after Fiji’s Government announced it was lifting the border restrictions on the mainland, 197 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in the community.

就在斐济政府宣布取消对大陆的边界限制几个小时后,社区报告了 197 例新的 Covid-19 病例。

It brings the total number of cases in the Delta outbreak to just under 13,000.

它使Delta爆发的病例总数略低于 13,000。

The Health Ministry also confirmed four deaths in the past 24 hours, taking the toll to 544.

卫生部还确认在过去 24 小时内有 4 人死亡,使死亡人数达到 544。

The first fleet of Covid-19 vaccination buses hit the streets of South Auckland yesterday.

昨天,第一批 Covid-19 疫苗接种巴士在奥克兰南部的街道上行驶。

Nicknamed ‘Shot Bro’, the buses are the latest strategy by public health officials to reach the city’s goal of inoculating 80% of eligible Aucklanders with at least one Pfizer dose by Monday.

这些绰号为“Shot Bro”的公交车是公共卫生官员为实现该市在本周之前为 80% 符合条件的奥克兰人接种至少一剂辉瑞疫苗的目标而采取的最新策略。

Covid-19: Truck lobby on Auckland border testing

From today, truckies and others crossing the Alert Level 4 border between Auckland and the rest of the country must show they’ve had a Covid test within the past seven days. The Ministry of Transport says so far 176 employers have registered for saliva testing, covering 1824 workers.
从今天起,穿越奥克兰和全国其他地区之间的 4 级警报边界的卡车司机和其他人必须证明他们在过去 7 天内接受了 Covid 测试。 交通运输部表示,到目前为止,已有 176 名雇主注册了唾液检测,覆盖了 1824 名工人。

Wellington’s Bay Plaza Hotel

Wellington’s Bay Plaza Hotel will no longer be used as a managed isolation facility from the end of the year – partly because its ventilation system does not meet the standard required to deal with the more virulent Delta strain.