(26日)(中英)新闻发布会直播:总理Ardern、Bloomfield 博士提供疫情更新,伍德部长说不打疫苗可能丢工作

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Covid-19 live: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Dr Ashley Bloomfield give Covid update

Covid-19 直播:总理 Jacinda Ardern、Ashley Bloomfield 博士提供 Covid 更新

The Prime Minister and director-general of health have arrived. Minister Workplace Relations and Safety Michael Wood is also expected to join them.

总理和卫生总干事已抵达。 工作场所关系和安全部长迈克尔.伍德也有望加入他们的行列。

Ardern said Auckland is now 11,000 first doses shy of hitting 90 per cent first doses.

Ardern 说,奥克兰现在有 11,000 次首剂,距离达到 90% 的首剂还差一点。

Ardern also has a message for New Zealanders outside of Auckland: “Don’t wait until cases come to your town, or your city, get vaccinated now.”

Ardern 还向奥克兰以外的新西兰人传达了一条信息:“不要等到病例出现在您的城镇或城市,现在就接种疫苗。

Ardern said vaccines will be mandated for staff at any businesses where vaccine passports are required for customers – this will include hospitality, hair dressers and gyms.

Ardern 表示,任何需要为客户提供疫苗护照的企业的员工都必须接种疫苗——包括酒店、美发店和健身房。

Minister Michael Wood is now providing on update on how the new mandates will work.


Wood says when the mandates will come into effect will depend on what “traffic light” we are at.


People who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons will likely be exempt from the new mandates, Wood said.


Workers in the industries covered by the new mandates who refuse to be vaccinated will be given a four week notice period. After that period they will lose their jobs.

新规定涵盖的行业中拒绝接种疫苗的工人将获得四个星期的通知期。 在那段时间之后,他们将失去工作。

Employers will be required to give workers paid  time off to enable them to get vaccinated during work hours, the minister said.

Employers will be required to keep records of employees’ vaccination status.

Cabinet will provide $4.4 million in funding for WorkSafe to help support its work in this area.

内阁将为 WorkSafe 提供 440 万纽币的资金,以帮助支持其在该领域的工作。

The PM and director-general are now taking questions from reporters.


The PM has denied the new mandates are “overreach”. She says if customers are required to be vaccinated its only fair staff are too.

总理否认新的强制接种是“过度”。 她说,如果要求顾客接种疫苗,它唯一公平的员工也是如此。

About 40 per cent of the workforce will now be covered by vaccination mandates. The current sectors covered by mandates make up 15 per cent of the workforce. The mandates announced today will cover another quarter of the workforce, Wood said.

现在,大约 40% 的劳动力将受到疫苗接种任务的保护。 任务涵盖的当前部门占劳动力的 15%。 伍德说,今天宣布的任务将涵盖另外四分之一的劳动力。

Ardern said people who refuse to get vaccinated will still be able to access Government support or benefits.

Ardern 表示,拒绝接种疫苗的人仍将能够获得政府的支持或福利。

Ardern says the Government is taking a “consistent approach” to mandates.

Ardern 表示,政府正在对强制接种采取“一致的方法”。

Wood says Ministers will look at the possibility of introducing mandates for other services – such as for public servants, particularly those who are public facing.


Ardern says employers not covered by the new mandates – such as retailers – may still choose to require vaccination certificates if they want to.

Ardern 表示,新规定未涵盖的雇主(例如零售商)可能仍会选择要求提供疫苗接种证书。

Ardern says small businesses in particular want clear guidance on whether they need to or can require staff and customers to be jabbed.

Ardern 说,小型企业尤其需要明确的指导,说明他们是否需要或可以要求员工和客户接种疫苗。

Ardern says the rights of workers must be balanced against customers’ rights.

Ardern 说,工人的权利必须与客户的权利相平衡。

The changes will come under the Covid legislation that is currently in place and needs to be renewed at periods. They will be in effect as long as the Covid legislation is in place, Wood says.

这些变化将根据当前实施的 Covid 立法进行,需要定期更新。 伍德说,只要 Covid 立法到位,它们就会有效。

Wood says when the new legislation comes into effect, employers will need to go through a “reasonable process” with employees, including considering whether unvaccinated employees’ contracts can be terminated. The four-week period before termination will begin after this process has finished.

伍德表示,当新立法生效时,雇主将需要与员工一起通过“合理程序”,包括考虑是否可以终止未接种疫苗的员工的合同。 终止前的四个星期将在此过程完成后开始。

On school’s reopening, Ardern has refused to be drawn on what decisions have been made before an announcement on the matter is made by Education Minister Chris Hipkins.

在学校重新开放时,Ardern 拒绝透露在教育部长 Chris Hipkins 就此事发表声明之前就做出了哪些决定。

The PM says the Government has been “careful and considered” when making decisions about vaccination mandates.


All workplaces that will covered by the mandate are considered high risk for the spread of Covid-19 and have been heavily affected by restrictions in the past, Ardern says.

Ardern 说,该指令涵盖的所有工作场所都被认为是 Covid-19 传播的高风险场所,并且过去一直受到限制的严重影响。

Dr Ashley Bloomfield says getting vaccinated on behalf of another person is a “very unsafe thing to do”.
Ashley Bloomfield 博士说,代表另一个人接种疫苗是“非常不安全的事情”。

“If this is happening I strongly discourage people from doing that.”

However, he doubts this problem is wide spread, he says.

Ardern says the phased steps out of level 3 are still being used before the “traffic light” system comes into effect.
Ardern 说,在“红绿灯”系统生效之前,仍在使用第 3 级的分阶段步骤。

Ardern says Cabinet has considered requiring Covid testing for people to enter the South Island but chose not to introduce this measure.

Ardern 说,内阁已经考虑要求对进入南岛的人进行 Covid 测试,但选择不采取这项措施。

The “R value” is still between 1.1 and 1.3 based on the latest modelling, Bloomfield and Ardern have confirmed.

Bloomfield 和 Ardern 证实,根据最新模型,“R 值”仍在 1.1 到 1.3 之间。

Ardern says there will be announcements on changes to MIQ and decisions on when Auckland schools will reopen “this week”.

Ardern 表示,将公布 MIQ 的变化以及奥克兰学校“本周”何时重新开放的决定。

On contact tracing, Bloomfield says when cases are vaccinated the full interview with contact tracers may no longer be required. But people who test positive when unvaccinated will likely need more thorough contact tracing.

在接触者追踪方面,布卢姆菲尔德说,当病例接种疫苗后,可能不再需要与接触者追踪者进行全面采访。 但是在未接种疫苗时检测呈阳性的人可能需要更彻底的接触者追踪。

he media conference has ended.



Here’s the full PR statement from Minister Wood’s office:


Govt backs business to vaccinate workforces

  • Vaccination will be required for all workers at businesses where customers need to show COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates, such as hospitality and close-contact businesses.
  • 在客户需要出示 COVID-19 疫苗接种证书的企业(例如酒店和密切接触企业)中,所有员工都需要接种疫苗。
  • New law to introduce a clearer and simplified risk assessment process for employers to follow when deciding whether they can require vaccination for different types of work.
  • 新法律引入了更清晰和简化的风险评估流程,供雇主在决定是否需要为不同类型的工作接种疫苗时遵循。
  • Non-vaccinated workers in roles requiring vaccination will be given a new four-week notice period to get vaccinated before employment can be terminated.
  • 需要接种疫苗的未接种疫苗的工人将获得新的 4 周通知期,以便在终止雇佣前接种疫苗。
  • Employers to be required to provide paid time off for workers to get vaccinated and will need to keep records about workers’ vaccination status.
  • 雇主必须为工人提供带薪休假以接种疫苗,并需要保留有关工人疫苗接种情况的记录。

The Government is introducing a range of measures to help protect workplaces and workers from COVID-19, Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety Michael Wood announced today.
工作场所关系和安全部长迈克尔伍德今天宣布,政府正在采取一系列措施来帮助保护工作场所和工人免受 COVID-19 的侵害。

“We’ve heard the calls from employers and employees to provide certainty on what roles need to be done by vaccinated workers under the COVID-19 Protection Framework,” Michael Wood said.

迈克尔伍德说:“我们已经听到雇主和雇员的呼吁,要求确定接种疫苗的工人在 COVID-19 保护框架下需要扮演什么角色。”

“We’re mandating vaccination for workers at businesses where customers need to show COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates to make those workplaces as safe as possible and give confidence to staff and customers.
“我们正在要求客户需要出示 COVID-19 疫苗接种证书的企业的工人接种疫苗,以确保这些工作场所尽可能安全,并给员工和客户带来信心。

“The timing of this coming into force will depend on when we move to the COVID-19 Protection Framework. We’re working with the CTU and BusinessNZ to make sure we will have robust guidance for businesses ready well in advance.

“这项生效的时间将取决于我们何时转向 COVID-19 保护框架。 我们正在与 CTU 和 BusinessNZ 合作,以确保我们能够提前为企业提供强有力的指导。

“A number of businesses have already gone through a risk assessment process to mandate vaccinations at their workplace, but we’ve had calls from both businesses and unions to make this process as clear as possible. That’s why we will introduce a risk assessment process in law for employers to follow when deciding whether they can require vaccination for different types of work.
“许多企业已经通过风险评估程序要求在其工作场所接种疫苗,但我们已经接到企业和工会的呼吁,要求尽可能明确这一过程。 这就是为什么我们将在法律中引入风险评估程序,供雇主在决定是否可以为不同类型的工作接种疫苗时遵循。

“We know though that many businesses and employers who are not covered by vaccine certificates want greater clarity on whether they can mandate vaccines. This process will provide businesses with a clear and simplified legal framework to make decisions about requiring staff to be vaccinated or not.

“但我们知道,许多不受疫苗证书涵盖的企业和雇主希望更清楚地了解他们是否可以强制接种疫苗。 该流程将为企业提供一个清晰而简化的法律框架,以决定是否要求员工接种疫苗。

“This risk assessment will build on the guidance provided by WorkSafe, with input from public health officials, business representatives and unions. It will cover factors like whether a workplace involves interaction with customers.
“这项风险评估将建立在 WorkSafe 提供的指导基础上,并听取公共卫生官员、企业代表和工会的意见。 它将涵盖诸如工作场所是否涉及与客户互动等因素。

“This new process won’t override risk assessments that businesses have already done under the existing health and safety guidelines.


“We know that these changes raise questions around what happens when mandated employees refuse to get vaccinated. To provide clarity, a new four-week notice period will apply if their employment is terminated if they choose not to be vaccinated and their work requires it.
“我们知道,这些变化引发了关于当强制员工拒绝接种疫苗时会发生什么的问题。 为明确起见,如果他们选择不接种疫苗且工作需要而终止雇佣,则将适用新的 4 周通知期。

“Our law change will require a minimum of four weeks’ paid notice for any employee who loses their job because they are not vaccinated.


“This change will only apply to employees who do not have a notice period, or whose notice periods are shorter than four weeks. Most employees will have notice periods in their employment agreement.
“这一变化仅适用于没有通知期或通知期短于四个星期的员工。 大多数员工的雇佣协议中都会有通知期。

“Employers will also be required to keep records about workers’ vaccination status. MBIE will work with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to provide practical guidance on how to ensure workers’ records are handled appropriately.

“雇主还将被要求保留有关工人疫苗接种情况的记录。 MBIE 将与隐私专员办公室合作,就如何确保适当处理工人的记录提供实用指导。

“We understand the urgency and we expect these changes to be in place to align with the COVID-19 Protection Framework coming into force.
“我们理解紧迫性,我们希望这些变化能够与生效的 COVID-19 保护框架保持一致。

“We will pass this legislation as a priority to give workplaces the certainty they need, because vaccination is one of the best tools to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading,” Michael Wood said.
“我们将优先通过这项立法,为工作场所提供所需的确定性,因为疫苗接种是降低 COVID-19 传播风险的最佳工具之一,”迈克尔伍德说。

The Restaurant Association has issued a media release in reaction to the news of hospitality businesses will be required by vaccination mandates. Here’s the full statement:

餐饮协会发布了一份新闻稿,以回应酒店企业将需要接种疫苗的消息。 这是完整的声明:


Vaccination mandates for workers in the hospitality industry will present challenges, but are welcomed, says the Restaurant Association.

“This is a tricky new area of employment law, and so ensuring that businesses owners are legally empowered to enforce vaccinations in workplaces is a positive step towards ensuring safe and healthy workplaces,” said Marisa Bidois CEO of the Restaurant Association.

“这是就业法的一个棘手的新领域,因此确保企业主在法律上有权在工作场所强制接种疫苗是朝着确保安全和健康的工作场所迈出的积极一步,”餐饮协会首席执行官 Marisa Bidois 说。

In a September survey of its members, 40 per cent of respondents indicated that they would be willing to put a vaccination policy in their workplaces whilst 25 per cent were unsure.
在 9 月份对其成员的调查中,40% 的受访者表示他们愿意在工作场所实施疫苗接种政策,而 25% 的受访者表示不确定。

“In our discussions with members, feedback has shown some concerns around enforcing a policy that could make employers liable for discrimination on the basis of vaccination status.

“Whilst mandating a policy is a welcome step towards helping to keep businesses safe and operational, there is still an ongoing concern around losing valued employees to the mandate.


“We need to remember that our industry is still suffering a skills shortage and so rolling this out is going to have to be carefully managed to reduce the risk of losing a percentage of our workforce.”


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