新闻发布会直播(中英): 怀卡托将于周二午夜进入 2 级警报,周三宣布奥克兰边界变动,疫苗加强针月底开打

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Covid-19 live: PM Jacinda Ardern to discuss vaccine boosters and Waikato alert levels

Covid-19 直播:总理 Jacinda Ardern 将讨论疫苗加强针和怀卡托警报级别

On Wednesday an announcement will be made about greater movement at the Auckland boundary, Ardern said.


Most importantly people in Waikato got vaccinated, Ardern said.


No unexpected spread in Waikato, Ardern said.


Waikato will move to alert level 2 at 11.59pm on Tuesday, Ardern said.

阿德恩说,怀卡托将于周二晚上 11 点 59 分进入 2 级警报。

Cabinet was clear this was a temporary move. We are keen to move soon into the new protection framework, Ardern said.

内阁明确表示这是临时举措。 Ardern 说,我们渴望尽快进入新的保护框架。

Looking at whether there would be advantages from the country moving into the protection framework early, Ardern said.


Talking about boosters now


A booster vaccine programme will be rolled out, with doses being administered from November 29, Ardern said.

阿德恩说,将推出加强疫苗计划,从 11 月 29 日开始接种。

Anyone who has been vaccinated for six months or more can get a booster, with a focus on those people most at risk of getting Covid, Ardern said.

Ardern 说,任何接种了六个月或更长时间的人都可以获得加强针,重点是那些最有可能感染 Covid 的人。

It’s not to say the vaccine become ineffective after six months, but boosters keep the vaccine at the top of its game, Ardern said.

Ardern 说,这并不是说疫苗在六个月后失效,而是加强疫苗使疫苗保持在最佳状态。

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said officials had looked at the option of moving the part of Waikato at level 3 down to level 3 step 3, but it was felt it was simpler and consistent with the rest of the country to move the area directly to alert level 2.

卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德博士说,官员们已经考虑了将怀卡托的第 3 级部分降到第 3 级第 3 步的选项,但认为更简单且与该国其他地区一致,移动该地区直接进入2级警报。

Asked about the elimination strategy beyond Auckland, Ardern said the approach was still to extinguish cases when possible, but the approach was changing, so that where previously there might have been a move straight into lockdown when cases showed up, the country was moving much more to contact tracing as a way to deal with cases.

当被问及奥克兰以外的消除策略时,Ardern 表示,该方法仍然是在可能的情况下消灭病例,但方法正在发生变化,因此以前在出现病例时可能会直接进入封锁状态,现在该国正在采取更多行动。 将接触者追踪作为处理病例的一种方式。

Numerous questions about the Auckland boundary. Ardern says some answers will be provided on Wednesday.

关于奥克兰边界的许多问题。 Ardern 表示将在周三提供一些答案。

Ardern said she could not announce the decision on the Auckland boundary today because often Cabinet makes decisions that it has to be sure are ready to be operationalised.

Ardern 表示,她今天无法宣布关于奥克兰边界的决定,因为内阁经常做出必须确保已准备好实施的决定。

Ardern said she strongly agreed with the view of the director-general and the Ministry of Health that the new Covid protection framework is better suited for the future New Zealand was moving into. It was designed to give greater protections in a vaccinated environment than we have with the current system.

Ardern 表示,她非常同意总干事和卫生部的观点,即新的 Covid 保护框架更适合新西兰正在进入的未来。 它旨在在接种疫苗的环境中提供比我们当前系统更大的保护。

There was a question about whether there were any areas of the country with cases that officials were more concerned about, and what it would take for more restrictions to be put on those places.

Bloomfield said so far it had been possible to isolate the cases, and wide spread was not being seen. The area officials were “most thoughtful” about was Wairarapa, Masterton, because even though no cases have been reported, one of the people from Taupō had visited and was at a gathering of people who had come from other parts of the country. An excellent job was being done of getting those people tested.

“That’s probably one we would want to keep an eye on, but otherwise there’s nothing, and our team did a formal public health risk assessment yesterday and there’s nothing to suggest there’s any need for advice around alert levels,” Bloomfield said.

Question about raw sewage running down the walls of a medical wing at Whangarei Hospital.

Bloomfield said there was no doubt Whangarei Hospital needed remedial work. Patient care was not being compromised. A building programme for Whangarei was being actively considered.

布卢姆菲尔德说,旺格雷医院毫无疑问需要补救工作。病人护理没有受到影响。正在积极考虑 Whangarei 的建筑计划。



Woman with Covid-19 gave birth to a baby who later died
患有 Covid-19 的妇女生了一个婴儿,后来死了

One of Sunday’s positive Covid-19 cases is a woman who gave birth prematurely at Rotorua Hospital, and whose baby later died.

周日的 Covid-19 阳性病例之一是一名在罗托鲁瓦医院早产的妇女,其婴儿后来死亡了。

The woman and her partner both tested positive for Covid-19 after arriving at the hospital.

这名妇女和她的伴侣在到达医院后均检测出 Covid-19 呈阳性。

Lakes District District Health Board chief executive Nick Saville-Wood said they were a young couple going through a difficult time and there was not much more he could say for privacy reasons.


The post-Cabinet briefing has now finished




(15日)(中英) 新西兰社区新增173例, 奥克兰163例,怀卡托7例,北地2例, 陶波1例