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US Open: Carlos Alcaraz beats Casper Ruud in New York to win first major

Spanish teenager Carlos Alcaraz fulfils his potential to become a Grand Slam champion and world number one by beating Casper Ruud in the US Open final.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 1:12 pm(NZT)

Sweden election: Result could take days as vote too close to call

Anti-immigration Sweden Democrats set to become the second largest party with vote too close to call.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 12:36 pm(NZT)

Queen Elizabeth II: Details revealed for Queen’s lying-in-state at Westminster

Details of how people can pay their final respects at the Palace of Westminster have been revealed.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 11:44 am(NZT)

Uhuru Kenyatta: How will Kenya’s outgoing president be remembered?

President Uhuru Kenyatta promised national cohesion and to fight corruption. He made some progress.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 11:27 am(NZT)

Queen Elizabeth II: A day-by-day guide from now to the funeral

The Queen’s coffin will lie in state in Westminster Hall as King Charles III embarks on a trip around the UK.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 11:11 am(NZT)

Ukraine war: Kharkiv blackouts caused by targeted Russian attacks – Zelensky

Power cuts have affected nine million people in revenge for a successful counter-attack, Ukraine says.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 10:52 am(NZT)

‘One for the good guys’ – Lowry on beating LIV players

Ireland’s Shane Lowry says his victory over a BMW PGA Championship field featuring several LIV Golf Series players was “one for the good guys”.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 10:13 am(NZT)

Juventus 2-2 Salernitana: Serie A game ends in incredible finale

Juventus score a dramatic equaliser, have another goal ruled out and have two players sent off in an incredible finish against Salernitana.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 9:24 am(NZT)

Sweden’s ruling center-left in slim election lead, exit poll shows

Sweden’s center-left bloc looked set for a narrow victory over right-wing opponents, an exit poll showed after voting ended on Sunday, although the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats made gains and could become the second-largest party in parliament.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 12 Sep 2022 | 7:45 am(NZT)



England v South Africa: Broad, Stokes, Robinson & Anderson set up victory push

England are closing in on a series-clinching victory over South Africa after a supreme bowling display on the fourth day of the third Test at The Oval.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 6:36 am(NZT)

Queen Elizabeth II’s cortege met by huge crowds in Edinburgh

Thousands pay their respects as the late monarch’s coffin makes a six-hour journey from Balmoral.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 5:51 am(NZT)

Prince Andrew to care for Queen’s beloved corgis

The Queen’s second son and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York will now look after her iconic dogs.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 5:36 am(NZT)

Max Verstappen claims fifth-straight victory at Italian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen tightened his grip on the Formula One drivers’ championship with victory ahead of Charles Leclerc at the Italian Grand Prix.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 12 Sep 2022 | 4:59 am(NZT)

Antigua and Barbuda to vote on whether to remove British monarch as head of state, PM says

The prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda said the Caribbean country will hold a referendum on whether to become a republic and remove King Charles III as the head of state within the next few years.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 12 Sep 2022 | 4:40 am(NZT)

President Biden references Queen in 9/11 remembrance speech

The president pays tribute to the thousands of people who died 21 years after the attacks on US soil.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 4:34 am(NZT)

Tunisia: Eleven migrants die in latest Mediterranean accident

Over 1,000 migrants are thought to have died this year trying to cross the central Mediterranean.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 4:11 am(NZT)

Prince of Wales: William speaks of honour after getting title

Prince William speaks of his “honour” in being named Prince of Wales by King Charles III.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 4:11 am(NZT)

St Leger: Racing honours the Queen as Eldar Eldarov wins at Doncaster

Eldar Eldarov wins the rescheduled St Leger as British horse racing resumes at Doncaster and pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 4:03 am(NZT)

Italian Grand Prix: Max Verstappen wins after late safety car

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen inflicts a home defeat on Charles Leclerc and Ferrari in the Italian Grand Prix to continue his cruise to a second title.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 2:32 am(NZT)


Corgis: How the Queen fell in love and started a phenomenon

How a young princess’s love for her dog turned into a life’s passion.

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 2:28 am(NZT)

Ukraine war: Shock and joy in newly liberated villages

“They asked ‘is anyone alive?’ and I realised they were ours,” says one woman. “They were so beautiful.”

Source: BBC News – Home | 12 Sep 2022 | 12:34 am(NZT)

Charles III: Antigua and Barbuda plans vote on King’s role as head of state

The country’s PM says the poll will be held within three years, but Australia rules out a vote.

Source: BBC News – Home | 11 Sep 2022 | 11:06 pm(NZT)

Aerials show Queen’s last journey from Scotland

Helicopter footage shows the procession travelling through Scotland from Balmoral to Edinburgh.

Source: BBC News – Home | 11 Sep 2022 | 10:21 pm(NZT)

2022-09-12 09:04:43
【环球网报道 记者 张晓雅】据“今日俄罗斯”(RT)报道,匈牙利总理欧尔班当地时间10日公开发文表示,欧洲已耗尽了能源,而这要归咎于原教旨环保主义者和那些官僚们。但匈牙利不会出现任何能源短缺问题。此前,匈牙利已与俄罗斯能源巨头签署合作协议。
2022-09-12 09:00:45
联合国秘书长结束对巴基斯坦洪水灾区的访问 巴总理发文感谢
2022-09-12 08:58:10
美财长:汽油价格或持续上涨 通胀仍存在风险
2022-09-12 08:44:22
英女王灵柩抵达苏格兰首府爱丁堡 沿途民众致意默哀
中新网9月12日电 综合外媒报道,当地时间9月11日上午,英国女王伊丽莎白二世的灵柩离开巴尔莫勒尔堡,于数小时后抵达苏格兰首府爱丁堡。灵柩在爱丁堡停数时供民众瞻仰后,将空运回伦敦。
2022-09-12 07:31:53
2022-09-12 05:58:11
2022-09-12 05:56:41
2022-09-12 05:52:36
中新社纽约9月11日电 (记者 王帆 廖攀)“我的表哥鲁本·卡雷亚是一名消防员,他21年前参与救援时在此丧生。”11日早晨,站在纽约世贸中心遗址广场,陆军中士埃德温·莫拉莱斯如是说。
2022-09-12 05:51:44
中新社洛杉矶9月11日电 (记者 张朔)刚刚过去的这个周末,好莱坞最新惊悚恐怖片《野蛮人》(Barbarian)力拔本轮北美票房排行榜头筹。
2022-09-12 05:23:57
中新社莫斯科9月11日电 (田冰 刘璟瑶)俄罗斯总统普京11日应约与法国总统马克龙通电话,双方就乌克兰局势详细并坦诚地交换了意见,并重点谈论了确保扎波罗热核电站安全的问题。
2022-09-12 01:00:41
当地时间9月11日,美国参议院情报委员会主席马克·华纳表示,由于佛罗里达地区法官允许一名特别主管审查联邦调查局在前总统特朗普海湖庄园查获的记录,对相关被查获机密文件进行损害评估的国会简报会已暂停。他表示,希望法官尽快对此进行澄清,以恢复简报会的进行。“我们需要该法官尽快澄清这一点,因为情报界,至少是领导层,必须得到损害评估的相关简报。”(央视记者 许弢)
2022-09-12 00:53:23
2022-09-12 00:51:57
2022-09-12 00:44:04
2022-09-11 23:19:45
中新社雅加达9月11日电 (记者 林永传)11日,世界泉州青年联谊会(简称“世泉青”)印尼分会暨印尼泉州青年商会一行人,到西爪哇省茂物县乡下一家儿童福利院捐赠爱心物资。
2022-09-11 22:57:14
新华社基辅9月11日电(记者李东旭 李铭)乌克兰国家核电公司11日在社交媒体发文说,扎波罗热核电站已停止运转。俄罗斯媒体当天援引扎波罗热当地行政机构代表的话也报道了此事。
2022-09-11 22:44:51
“9•11”恐袭21周年:拜登致敬遇难者 阴影仍笼罩美国
中新网9月11日电 综合报道,当地时间11日,美国总统拜登参加“9#8226;11”恐袭事件21周年纪念活动并发表讲话。
2022-09-11 21:56:52
参考消息网9月10日报道 《巴基斯坦观察家报》网站9月7日刊登文章,文章称中国的“一带一路”倡议已成为世界经济的均衡器和工业化的激励器,它进一步增加了区域互联互通、基础设施发展、综合交通体系、经济走廊、大规模工业化以及消除贫穷等方面的机会。
2022-09-11 21:55:56
参考消息网9月11日报道 美国《时代》周刊网站9月9日刊发题为《亚洲不同国家如何庆祝中秋节》的文章,介绍亚洲不同国家如何庆祝中秋节。全文摘编如下:
2022-09-11 21:53:46
新华社北京9月11日电 以伊朗对阿尔巴尼亚发动网络攻击为由,美国9日宣布制裁伊朗情报部。伊朗外交部10日强烈谴责美方决定,认为美国构陷伊朗,是推动阿方与伊朗断交的幕后黑手。
2022-09-11 21:52:42
阿富汗官员:美军撤离一年后 阿安全状况改善
2022-09-11 21:51:40
“9·11”恐袭事件21年后 美国更乱了
独家视频丨“9·11”恐袭事件21年后 美国更乱了
2022-09-11 21:09:57
俄乌局势进展:扎波罗热核电站停运 乌方称控制哈尔科夫多个重镇
中新社北京9月11日电 综合消息:乌克兰国家核电公司宣布,当地时间11日凌晨,扎波罗热核电站已完全停运,为进入“冷停堆”状态做准备。乌克兰媒体当地时间10日援引乌军方消息报道称,乌军已控制哈尔科夫地区多个重镇。俄国防部则称,俄军在哈尔科夫地区完成战略调整,部队重新集结并部署到顿涅茨克方向。
2022-09-11 21:02:17
新华社斯德哥尔摩9月11日电(记者和苗 付一鸣)瑞典议会选举11日开始投票。能源危机、难民移民和社会治安是本次选举中选民最关心的三大议题。
2022-09-11 20:34:15
新华社日内瓦9月10日电 综述:美国生物军事化活动在多边国际会议上引发担忧

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