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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever stars sparkle at European premiere

Stars of the sequel including Michaela Coel, Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira walk the red carpet.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 10:29 pm(NZT)

Scholz in China calls for economic ties ‘as equals’

China’s Xi Jinping urges deeper economic co-operation, on a controversial trip by the German leader.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 10:14 pm(NZT)

Philadelphia Eagles beat Houston Texans 29-17 to record their best start to NFL season

The Philadelphia Eagles record their best start to an NFL season by beating the Houston Texans 29-17 to move to 8-0.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 9:30 pm(NZT)

Imran Khan: Shock and condemnation over attack on Pakistan ex-PM

Mr Khan’s party has called for nationwide protests after Friday prayers following the shooting.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 9:20 pm(NZT)

South Korea scrambles fighter jets after detecting 180 North Korean warplanes, military says

South Korea scrambled around 80 fighter jets after detecting a large number of North Korean warplanes during a four-hour period Friday, the country’s military said in a statement, in a further escalation of regional tensions.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 4 Nov 2022 | 9:05 pm(NZT)



Former Prime Minister Imran Khan shot in lower leg in reported assassination attempt in Pakistan

Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan was shot in the leg at a rally Thursday, according to an official from his party, which said the incident was an assassination attempt.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 4 Nov 2022 | 9:03 pm(NZT)

Lionel Messi: Guillem Balague on where PSG forward will be playing next season

Spanish football expert Guillem Balague takes a look at where Lionel Messi could be playing next season.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 9:02 pm(NZT)

T20 World Cup: New Zealand beat Ireland to move closer to semi-final spot

New Zealand move closer to a semi-final place at the Men’s T20 World Cup with a 35-run win over Ireland.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 8:48 pm(NZT)

Kyrie Irving suspended over anti-Semitic posts

The seven-time All-Star has been suspended for five games after sharing an anti-Semitic film online.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 6:51 pm(NZT)

Channel crossings: Albanian migrants recruited to the UK by gangs

The gangs help people to cross the Channel, with some recruiting migrants into the UK drugs trade.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 6:42 pm(NZT)

Police take control of Haiti fuel terminal

The Varreux terminal was seized by gangs in September, obstructing fuel and drinking water distribution.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 6:29 pm(NZT)

From Apple to Disney, China’s Covid curbs are again hurting business

It has been almost three years since Covid-19 first hit China, but the country’s relentless adherence to lockdowns continues to hobble business and the economy.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 4 Nov 2022 | 6:25 pm(NZT)

Twitter to make job cuts after Elon Musk takeover

The social media giant says staff will be told on Friday whether they are to be laid off.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 5:08 pm(NZT)

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan shot in lower leg in reported assassination attempt in Pakistan

Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan was shot in the leg at a rally Thursday, according to an official from his party, which said the incident was an assassination attempt.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 4 Nov 2022 | 4:40 pm(NZT)

Trump drops strong hint about 2024 White House run

The former president tells a crowd in Sioux City, Iowa, he will “very, very, very probably do it again” in 2024.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 4:05 pm(NZT)

Death of boy in lockdown fuels backlash against China’s zero-Covid policy

The death of a 3-year-old boy following a suspected gas leak at a locked down residential compound in northwestern China has triggered a fresh wave of outrage at the country’s stringent zero-Covid policy.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 4 Nov 2022 | 3:39 pm(NZT)

French parliament halted by lawmaker’s shout ‘Go back to Africa’

France’s lower house of parliament suspended its session on Thursday after a far-right MP shouted, “Go back to Africa!” as a Black legislator from the far left asked a question about immigration.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 4 Nov 2022 | 3:23 pm(NZT)



Ukraine war: Zelensky accuses Russia of ‘energy terrorism’

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky accuses the Kremlin of resorting to “energy terrorism”.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 2:51 pm(NZT)

Germany China: Why Scholz’s trip looks out of step for EU

Germany’s leader is meeting Xi Jinping on a visit that sparks controversy at home and concern in Europe.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 1:44 pm(NZT)

Itaewon crush: The policeman who tried to stop Seoul’s Halloween disaster

Inspector Kim has been praised by the public but he wants the focus to remain on the victims’ families.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 1:18 pm(NZT)

She welcomes student loan relief. He says it’s an insult

They owe thousands of dollars, but these two US voters view debt forgiveness very differently.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 1:14 pm(NZT)

Billions being spent in metaverse land grab

Corporations, speculators and individuals have spent nearly $2bn (£1.75bn) on virtual plots.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 1:11 pm(NZT)

India gambles on building a leading drone industry

A ban on imported drones has spurred Indian firms to make drones and train pilots.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 1:11 pm(NZT)

COP27: Why the latest UN climate conference matters

The summit in Egypt could be the world’s best hope of progress on the climate issue, says Justin Rowlatt.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 1:10 pm(NZT)

Africa’s week in pictures: 28 October – 2 November 2022

A selection of the best photos from across Africa and beyond this week.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 1:00 pm(NZT)

Jeremy Bowen on reporting from Ukraine’s frontline

We hear from the BBC’s international editor about the difficulties of reporting from the frontline.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 12:53 pm(NZT)

Ecuador authorities vow to regain control of prisons amid wave of violence

Ecuador is on eightened security amid an intensifying wave of violence that has left multiple police officers dead and forced president Guillermo Lasso to declare a 45-day state of emergency in provinces Guayas and Esmeraldas.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 4 Nov 2022 | 12:40 pm(NZT)


Midterms: The conspiracy theorists who want to control elections

Candidates who falsely believe the last US election was stolen could be in charge in 2024.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 12:21 pm(NZT)

Midterms turnout: Could Australia-style voting help in US?

Turnout in US elections falls below other countries. We look 10,000 miles away for a possible solution.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 12:12 pm(NZT)

Arsenal 1-0 Zurich: Gunners secure place in last 16 of Europa League

Arsenal secure their place in the last 16 of the Europa League with a narrow victory over Zurich at Emirates Stadium.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 11:56 am(NZT)

Paul Pelosi discharged from hospital after hammer attack

The husband of one of the most powerful politicians in the US is said to remain under medical care at home.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 11:41 am(NZT)

World Cup 2022: Fifa tells all competing nations to ‘focus on football’ in Qatar

Fifa writes to all 32 teams competing at the controversial World Cup in Qatar to tell them the time has come to “focus on the football”.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 11:39 am(NZT)

FBI warns of ‘credible threat’ to New Jersey synagogues

The agency urges Jews in the US state to “take all security precautions” to protect their communities.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 11:17 am(NZT)

Real Sociedad 0-1 Man Utd: Teenager Alejandro Garnacho scores but Red Devils finish second in Europa League group

Teenager Alejandro Garnacho’s outstanding goal sinks Real Sociedad, but Manchester United have to settle for second place in their Europa League group – and a knockout-round play-off.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 11:06 am(NZT)

French parliament stopped over ‘racist’ remark

A far-right MP denies telling a black colleague to “go back to Africa” as he talks about immigration.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 10:46 am(NZT)

Israel elections: Outgoing PM Lapid congratulates Netanyahu on victory

Final results confirm a dramatic comeback for the former prime minister, backed by the far right.

Source: BBC News – Home | 4 Nov 2022 | 10:20 am(NZT)

CNN spotlights 10 men and women who are making the world a better place

The smallest acts of kindness can have the biggest impact on the world, and these 10 men and women are shining examples of that.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 4 Nov 2022 | 1:56 am(NZT)



The world’s best cheese for 2022 is revealed

When you gather 4,434 cheeses from 42 countries in one room to find out which is best, there’s inevitably a sense of excitement in the air. There is, of course, inevitably also a very, very powerful smell.

Source: – RSS Channel – World | 3 Nov 2022 | 9:38 am(NZT)

2022-11-04 17:52:47
据日本时事通讯社当地时间11月4日消息,日本防卫大臣浜田靖一在当日的记者会上表示,日本正式加入北约网络防御中心。(总台记者 赛纳)
2022-11-04 17:47:37
中新社约翰内斯堡11月4日电 (记者 王曦)南非当地时间11月4日,南非国会大厦纵火案嫌疑人,49岁的赞迪雷·马菲4日在西开普省高等法院出庭受审。
2022-11-04 17:35:28
中新网11月4日电 (记者 孟湘君)11月4日上午,国家主席习近平在人民大会堂,会见来华正式访问的德国总理朔尔茨。
2022-11-04 16:59:03
参考消息网11月4日报道 据美国全国公共广播电台网站11月2日报道,随着中期选举日的临近,美国民主党籍众议院议长佩洛西的丈夫最近在家中遭到袭击,这增加了人们对选举期间政治暴力的担忧。
2022-11-04 16:56:57
参考消息网11月4日报道 多米尼加《今日报》网站10月31日发表多米尼加共和国科学院院士爱德华多·克林格·佩维达撰写的题为《促进一个更美好、更公平的世界》的文章,文章编译如下:
2022-11-04 16:16:05
梨泰院踩踏当晚韩国警方一把手在露营:汇报电话不接 短信不回
海外网11月4日电 据韩联社11月4日报道,梨泰院踩踏惨案当晚,韩国警方“一把手”——警察厅厅长尹熙根正在外地露营,熟睡中的他错过了下属的汇报电话和短信。这也导致他比韩国总统以及行政安全部长官(尹熙根上司)更晚得知消息。
2022-11-04 16:11:58
2022-11-04 16:07:18
中国日报网11月3日电 据美联社(AP)近日报道,美国亚拉巴马州一艘贩卖奴隶船的船东后人结束了几代人的沉默,称自己家族160年前的行为是“恶毒且不可原谅”的。这艘船的船主曾非法将110名非洲俘虏带到美国,是美国最后一艘奴隶船。
2022-11-04 16:00:49
2022-11-04 15:55:35
2022-11-04 15:50:13
中新网金边11月4日电 (欧阳开宇 余湘珺)“过去基本是靠天吃饭,种植稻米的产量有限,中国朋友帮我们建成了灌溉系统,稻米种植从过去的一年一造增加到一年两造甚至三造,而且换种了产量更高的品种,收入比过去提高了一倍多。”柬埔寨马德望省Kanghot灌区当地居民翁金涩这样说道。
2022-11-04 15:40:02
中新网11月4日电 综合外媒报道,推特公司在邮件中证实,大范围裁员行动将于美东时间4日启动。此消息一出,推特员工当地时间3日在美国旧金山联邦法院提起集体诉讼,指控推特在没有给予足够通知的情况下启动大规模裁员,违反联邦和加州法律。
2022-11-04 15:24:25
中新网北京11月4日电 (记者 孙自法)围绕如何结束新冠肺炎(COVID-19)对公共卫生威胁的议题,国际著名学术期刊《自然》最新发表一篇公共卫生研究论文,来自112个国家和地区的386名研究人员、临床医生和政策顾问组成的多样性专家组,就结束这一持续不断的全球性威胁提出应当采取的健康和社会举措,包括41份共识声明和57条建议。
2022-11-04 15:03:08
印度首都遭遇严重空气污染 民众呼吁关闭学校
中新网北京11月4日电 新德里消息:印度中央污染控制委员会的数据显示,印度首都新德里11月3日空气质量指数超过400,属于空气污染“严重”级别。《印度时报》报道称,秸秆焚烧、农场火灾是重要原因。受空气污染影响,民众呼吁关闭学校。
2022-11-04 15:02:14
2022-11-04 14:51:23
巴以地区安全事件频发 以军称拦截加沙地带火箭弹
中新社北京11月4日电 综合消息:近日,在以色列议会选举之际,巴以地区紧张局势有所加剧,约旦河西岸和加沙地带发生多起暴力和安全事件。
2022-11-04 14:40:46
今冬韩国日增新冠确诊数或达20万 澳官员警告新一波疫情将至
中新社北京11月4日电 综合消息:据世界卫生组织官网数据,截至欧洲中部时间11月3日17时36分,全球单日新增新冠确诊病例逾25.6万例,累计确诊628346704例,累计死亡病例6573968例。
2022-11-04 14:13:00
日本养鸡场接连发生禽流感疫情 超150万只鸡将被扑杀
中新网11月4日电 综合日媒报道,11月4日,日本农林水产省证实,茨城县和冈山县的养鸡场内发生了高病原性禽流感疫情,超150万只鸡将被扑杀。
2022-11-04 13:45:30
中新网11月4日电 据韩联社报道,韩国国务总理韩悳洙4日表示,冬季疫情再抬头或导致单日新增确诊病例最多达到20万例,并强调接种疫苗的重要性。
2022-11-04 13:36:24
民调: 经济状况不佳是秘鲁人的主要关切
中新网11月4日电 据秘鲁《公言报》4日报道,Datum最新一项民意调查,32%的秘鲁人表示国家经济状况不佳是他们的主要关切,其次是腐败(23%)、社会治安恶化(13%)、政治危机(11%)、就业难(6%)和物价上涨(4%)。

2022-11-04 12:20:13
中新社多伦多11月3日电 (记者 余瑞冬)加拿大政府11月3日公布2022年秋季经济报告。加副总理兼财政部长弗里兰向国会众议院承认,该国经济正在放缓。
2022-11-04 11:34:24
新华社内罗毕11月3日电 专访:非洲国家希望借鉴中共执政理念——访肯尼亚非洲政策研究所所长卡格万加
2022-11-04 11:29:11
中新网北京11月4日电 (记者 孙自法)施普林格·自然旗下专业学术期刊《通讯-生物学》最新发表一篇生态环境保育研究论文指出,高于10米的人造大型河坝可能会导致鸭嘴兽种群的破碎化和隔离,并威胁到鸭嘴兽物种的长期生存。
2022-11-04 11:26:35
中新网11月4日电 据路透社报道,当地时间11月3日,消息人士表示,七国集团(G7)和澳大利亚已同意在11月晚些时候确定俄罗斯石油价格上限时设定固定价格,而不是采用浮动汇率。
2022-11-04 11:18:55
“中国有约”探访未来邻里新模式 467个未来社区项目在浙全面展开
2022-11-04 11:14:29
中新网11月4日电 据美国消费者新闻与商业频道(CNBC)3日报道,亚马逊创始人贝索斯被一名西班牙裔前管家起诉,理由是工作条件差、时间长,且受到其他员工的种族歧视。
2022-11-04 11:13:23
海外博主、短视频红人、留学生主播、Vlog达人……11月2日,由外籍网红大V和媒体记者组成的 “2022中国有约·数说浙江”网络主题活动采访团来到义乌,解码当地的文化之兴、经贸之强、城乡之美。
2022-11-04 10:57:43
中新社约翰内斯堡11月4日电 (记者 王曦)针对愈演愈烈的限电措施,南非总统拉马福萨3日晚间在回应该国国民议会质询时表示,南非国家电力公司的表现理应接受全体南非民众的监督,但同时也希望民众能够给予该公司足够的空间和时间以解决当前问题。
2022-11-04 10:13:37
美国中期选举临近 选举官员警告:恐吓选民情况扩大
中新网11月4日电 综合外媒报道,距离美国中期选举只剩下最后几天,民主党籍总统拜登正在新墨西哥州和加利福尼亚州积极拉选票,共和党籍前总统特朗普到爱荷华州站台,而选举官员警告,恐吓选民的情况正在扩大。
2022-11-04 10:04:18
中新社巴黎11月4日电 联合国教科文组织当地时间3日发布的最新研究显示,世界遗产地的冰川正在加速融化,其中三分之一将在2050年前消失。这将是2022年联合国气候变化会议(COP27)面临的一项主要挑战。
2022-11-04 09:53:01
巴基斯坦前总理伊姆兰·汗遭枪击 一名嫌疑人被捕
中新社北京11月4日电 伊斯兰堡消息:巴基斯坦前总理伊姆兰·汗当地时间3日在该国东部地区的活动中遭枪击负伤。
2022-11-04 09:51:33
英国央行上调基准利率至3% 预警CPI将达40年最高位
中新社北京11月4日电 伦敦消息:当地时间11月3日,英国央行宣布将基准利率从2.25%提高至3%,为1989年以来单次最大涨幅。英国央行警告,本季度消费者价格指数(CPI)将达到40年最高位即11%左右,英国经济或面临持续两年的衰退。
2022-11-04 09:43:22
中新网圣保罗11月3日电 (记者  莫成雄)11月3日,由中国驻累西腓总领馆、中央财经大学、巴西伯南布哥大学孔子学院共同举办的“万里论坛——巴西东北部经济社会发展课题研究汇报会”线上举行。
2022-11-04 09:41:42
中新网11月4日电 据塔斯社报道,当地时间11月3日,俄罗斯总统新闻秘书佩斯科夫表示,俄罗斯决定恢复参与黑海港口农产品外运协议并不意味着准备延长该协议,俄方尚未评估该文件的执行情况。
2022-11-04 09:33:00
中新网11月4日电 据路透社4日援引消息人士称,马斯克已指示推特团队每年需节省高达10亿美元的基础设施成本,这引发了人们对推特可能在此期间倒闭的担忧。
2022-11-04 09:21:11
中新网11月4日电 综合外媒报道,当地时间11月3日,乌克兰总统泽连斯基表示,如果俄罗斯总统普京出席二十国集团(G20)峰会,乌克兰就不会参加。
2022-11-04 09:19:53
佩洛西宣布其丈夫已出院 但仍需漫长恢复过程
中新网11月4日电 据美国有线电视新闻网报道,美国众议院议长南希·佩洛西4日宣布其丈夫保罗·佩洛西已出院,此前他在家中遭袭导致颅骨骨折和手臂受伤住院治疗。
2022-11-04 09:16:51
中新网11月4日电 (记者 孟湘君)“普京正试图对乌克兰发动核打击”?对于这一在西方世界当中愈演愈烈的传言,俄罗斯再次表明立场。
2022-11-04 09:16:45
中新社圣保罗11月3日电 (记者 莫成雄)巴西汽车销售商联合会(Fenabrave)当地时间3日发布的数据显示,今年10月,巴西汽车销售量为18.08万辆,环比下降6.74%,同比增长11.44%。
2022-11-04 09:15:29
中新网布鲁塞尔11月4日电 2022“新疆是个好地方”比利时新疆文化和旅游周3日拉开帷幕,在为期一周的时间里,将通过线上线下相结合的方式,向比利时朋友介绍新疆风光、文物、非遗、艺术、美食等。

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