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Deputy PM Grant Robertson and Dr Caroline McElnay give Covid-19 update

副总理格兰特·罗伯逊 (Grant Robertson) 和卡罗琳·麦克尔奈 (Caroline McElnay) 博士提供 Covid-19 更新

11 new community case today – all in Auckland.

今天有 11 个新的社区病例——都在奥克兰。

29 cases are unlinked – 6 of which are from today.
29 例未关联 – 包括来自今天的6例。
13 cases are contacts, and 12 or those our household contacts. Just one case was infectious in the community.

13例是接触者,12例是我们的家庭接触者。 只有一例在社区中具有传染性。

The Crown Plaza vaccination centre is now a location of interest. Date: August 23.皇冠酒店疫苗接种中心现在是一个暴露关注地点。 日期:8 月 23 日。

The advice is for people to get tested whether you have symptoms or not. This is part of the source investigation into specific cases. 建议是让人们接受检测,无论您是否有症状。 这是对特定病例的来源调查的一部分。

More info will be on the ministry’s website today regarding this.
27 people in hospital, 4 of whom are in ICU and they require ventilation.
14,181 swabs take across NZ yesterday, more than 7000 in Auckland
Saliva testing. The 1000th border worker has opted into this.

27 人住院,其中 4 人在重症监护病房,需要呼吸机。
昨天新西兰取样了14,181 个拭子,奥克兰有 7000 多个
唾液检测。 第 1000 名边境工作人员选择了这个。

Just over 38,000 contacts, and just over 92 per cent have been tested to date.
Middlemore case 迄今为止,仅对 38,000 多个联系人进行了测试,其中 92% 以上已接受测试。


This is one of the cases of interest they are investigating. There were 30 other patients in the ED at the time – 17 of those are in hospital currently and have been. Others who were discharged have been contacted and told to isolate

这是他们正在调查的暴露的病例之一。 当时急诊室还有其他 30 名患者——其中 17 名目前一直在住院。 已联系其他出院者并被告知隔离

Economic update 经济更新

Our economy has proved to be relatively resilient. Robertson has thanked all NZ employers and employees, especially those in Auckland who are doing it tough. We will get through it.事实证明,我们的经济相对具有弹性。 罗伯逊感谢新西兰的所有雇主和雇员,尤其是那些在奥克兰努力工作的雇主和雇员。 我们会度过难关。

The wage subsidy is still open nationally, he’s reiterated. A reminder: If Auckland stays at level 4 or goes to level 3, then a third round of subsidy becomes available.
他重申,工资补贴仍在全国范围内开放。 提醒:如果奥克兰保持在第 4 级或降至第 3 级,则可以获得第三轮补贴。

$1.7b in payments in wage subsidy to date. A second round of the resurgence support payment will be opened, he’s confirmed. Applications begin Friday 17, there is criteria for this.
迄今为止支付的工资补贴为 $1.7b。 他确认,将开启第二轮复苏支持付款。 申请于 17 日星期五开始,对此有标准。

The NZ economy is continuing to outperform its peers, Robertson said.


Robertson has given a quick weather update, reading out the weather watches and warnings in place, specifically some of the strong winds in the South Island.

“Please stay safe over this weekend,” he’s urged New Zealanders.

Robertson and Bloomfield are now answering media questions.


Middlemore cases Middlemore 病例

All the cases to date are clearly linked genomically to the Delta outbreak. These two specific Middlemore cases are clearly linked to the outbreak. Bloomfield clarified that they’re looking to see if there is an intermediate case between these two cases.

迄今为止,所有病例在基因组上都与Delta爆发明显相关。 这两个特定的 Middlemore 病例显然与疫情有关。 Bloomfield 澄清说,他们正在寻找这两种情况之间是否存在中间情况。

Testing and mystery cases 测试和神秘病例

We need surveillance testing to help these investigations, Robertson said.

They drill down into outbreak numbers. The higher testing numbers are, alongside lowering daily case number, the more confidence they have that the outbreak is getting under control.

他们深入研究爆发数字。 检测数量越高,每日病例数越低,他们就越有信心疫情得到控制。

“The more mystery cases there are, the more challenging it is to come to that conclusion,” Robertson said. “神秘病例越多,得出这个结论就越具有挑战性,”罗伯逊说。

Vaccines 疫苗

The vaccines from Spain have arrived, Robertson has confirmed, saying he saw a photo of the wheels hitting the tarmac. 罗伯逊证实,来自西班牙的疫苗已经到货,他说他看到了一张车轮撞击停机坪的照片。

There’s plenty of opportunity for people to go get their jabs this weekend. 这个周末人们有很多机会去接种疫苗。

Resurgence Support Payment 复兴支持付款

The Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) has been introduced as part of the Government’s COVID support initiatives to help cover business expenses such as wages and fixed costs.

Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) 已被引入作为政府 COVID 支持计划的一部分,以帮助支付工资和固定成本等业务费用。

Support and assistance 支持与协助

Robertson said the resurgence support payment applies at level 2 and above, which is applicable for many businesses now. 罗伯逊说,复苏支持金适用于2级及以上,现在适用于许多企业。

For more information on this, please see IRDs website here:

有关这方面的更多信息,请参阅此处的 IRD 网站:

Middlemore ED 米德莫尔医院急诊

Bloomfield said he was confident the patient sought care and was open and honest about symptoms. The swab was surveillance testing, which ultimately came back positive.

布卢姆菲尔德说,他对患者寻求治疗充满信心,并且对症状持开放和诚实的态度。 拭子是监视测试,最终结果呈阳性。

Vaccinations 疫苗接种

We’ve got a higher vaccination rate than what we expected some time ago. Robertson has reemphasised again that everyone over 12 can now get vaccinated. There is going to be targeted messaging for some groups, but right now, they want everyone to come forward and get their jab.

我们的疫苗接种率比我们之前预期的要高。 罗伯逊再次强调,12 岁以上的人现在都可以接种疫苗。 将有针对某些群体的针对性消息传递,但现在,他们希望每个人都挺身而出。

Te reo Maori 毛利语

Bloomfield says he thinks its a real privilege to be able to use te reo Maori in daily life. Robertson added that he also tried to use te reo as often as he can and will continue to next week.Bloomfield 说他认为能够在日常生活中使用 te reo Maori (毛利语)是一种真正的荣幸。 罗伯逊补充说,他还尝试尽可能多地使用 te reo(毛利语),并将在下周继续使用。

Auckland’s levels 奥克兰的(警报)级别

Robertson said they will wait for the very latest advice on Monday before making any decisions. Things they’ll be looking for include lowering case numbers, and that the cases are connected, testing numbers are high. 罗伯逊说,他们将等到周一的最新建议后再做出任何决定。 他们会关注一些事情包括较低病例数量,以及该病例是否相关,测试数字都很高。

He said he absolutely understands Aucklanders want to alert levels to come down. He said it’s important we listen to the experts and when we do a job, we do it once and we do it right.他说,当然明白奥克兰想警报级别降下来。 他说,重要的是我们要听专家们的意见,我们做的工作,我们每做一次这样做都是正确的。



And here’s the last part of today’s press release from the ministry



1,389,172 people have now been fully vaccinated. Yesterday, 66,935 doses were administered. Of these 48,491 were first doses and 18,444 were second doses. More than 4.1 million doses have been administered to date.

1389172人现在已经完全接种疫苗。 昨天,已接种了66.935剂。 其中为48.491人接种了第一剂,18.444人接种了第二剂。 至今已接种410多万剂。


Covid-19: Rest of NZ unlikely to move to Level 1 while Auckland remains in lockdown

Experts think a drop to level 1 for everyone outside of Auckland is unlikely while the city remains in level 4, with one leading commentator calling for the status quo to continue until New Zealand has a purpose-built quarantine facility.

Public health expert Professor Nick Wilson said he favoured all areas outside Auckland remaining in alert level 2 until there was a purpose-built managed isolation quarantine (MIQ) facility in either Ohakea or Burnham military bases and tighter regional and national borders.

Wilson was involved in a study analysing 32 MIQ system failures in Australia and New Zealand. It concluded there was a need for ongoing improvements in infection controls or for alternatives to hotel-based quarantine.

Wilson believed the business community needed to tell the Government to remove repurposed MIQ facilities from cities in order to move to level 1 with certainty.