(15日) (滚动更新) 新西兰Delta 疫情中英双语简报


What you need to know / Kia mōhio mai koe: 你需要知道的 :

* There were 14 new Covid-19 cases in the community today, all in Auckland and all household contacts of existing cases.
* 周二社区中有 14 例新的 Covid-19 病例,全部发生在奥克兰以及现有病例的所有家庭联系人。
* 22 people are in hospital, four of them in ICU.
* 22 人住院,其中 4 人在 ICU。
* The first lot of 500,000 Pfizer vaccines have arrived in Auckland from Denmark.
* 第一批 500,000 支辉瑞疫苗已从丹麦运抵奥克兰。
* The Auckland couple who breached lockdown to travel to Wānaka have been named and apologised for their ‘irresponsible and inexcusable’ actions.
* 违反封锁前往瓦纳卡的奥克兰夫妇因“不负责任和不可原谅”的行为而被点名并道歉。
* Auckland will stay in level 4, and the rest of NZ at level 2, until 11.59pm next Tuesday
*奥克兰将保持在 4 级,新西兰其他地区将保持在 2 级,直到下周二晚上 11 点 59 分

The Ministry of Health has released several new locations of interest including:


  • Chapel Park Superette and Lotto Flat Bush
  • Gull East Tamaki Otara
  • SuperValue Supermarket Clover Park
  • Mayfield Superette Otara
  • Tripoli Super Seven Panmure
  • Mobil Glen Innes
  • Bus 325 from Preston Road to Dawson Road
  • Bus 325 Dawson Road to Preston Road


Covid-19: More than half of cases in Auckland Delta outbreak linked to church group


More than half of all cases in the current Covid-19 community outbreak can be traced back to one superspreader event, which an expert says is a “devastating” and textbook example of the Delta variant at work.

当前 Covid-19 社区爆发的所有病例中有一半以上可以追溯到一个超级传播者事件,专家称这是 Delta 变体在工作中的“毁灭性”和教科书示例。

Of the 18 sub-clusters in the current Covid-19 outbreak, one linked to Assembly of God church in Māngere quickly emerged as the largest, with 381 confirmed cases to date.

在当前 Covid-19 爆发的 18 个子集群中,一个与 Māngere 的神召会相关的子集群迅速成为最大的集群,迄今为止已确诊 381 例。


People getting Covid-19 jabs at New Zealand’s largest drive-through vaccination centre will now be in to win prizes such as phones, washing machines, and pounamu pendants.

在新西兰最大的免下车疫苗接种中心接受 Covid-19 疫苗接种的人们现在将有机会赢取奖品,例如电话、洗衣机和 pounamu 吊坠。

Auckland Airport and a group of Kiwi businesses are working together to boost vaccination rates among 20- to 35-year-olds.

奥克兰机场和一群新西兰企业正在共同努力,提高 20 至 35 岁人群的疫苗接种率。

The Auckland Airport drive-through vaccination centre is offering prizes for those getting a jab. (File photo)


The ACT Party is urging the Ministry of Health to be more transparent with the data it’s collecting on vaccinations and the Covid-19 response.

行动党敦促卫生部对其收集的有关疫苗接种和 Covid-19 反应的数据更加透明。

The Ministry of Health posts data and updates on the Covid-19 government website.

卫生部在 Covid-19 政府网站上发布数据和更新。

But Act’s David Seymour says the government has collated a lot of taxpayer funded data that it is not releasing.


Seymour says the government is releasing information only when it is favourable.


Chris Hipkins tells Checkpoint there will be further news for Kiwis stuck in Australia within the next couple of days.

Chris Hipkins 告诉 Checkpoint,未来几天内会有更多关于滞留在澳大利亚的新西兰人的消息。

He warns those in Australia reluctant to try out for MIQ rooms and instead waiting for the trans-Tasman bubble to resume that they may be waiting quite some time.
他警告那些不愿尝试预订 MIQ 房间,而是等待跨塔斯曼海峡泡泡恢复的澳大利亚人,他们可能要等待很长时间。

At present the government is considering Australia as a whole, rather than state by state, he says.



Just over a thousand people have been turned away trying to cross Auckland’s boundary checkpoints in the last two weeks.


Seventy-five people have been charged for breaking lockdown restrictions in Auckland and police have received over 8000 breach reports.

奥克兰有 75 人因违反封锁限制而被起诉,警方收到了 8000 多份违规报告。


No decision yet on school holidays


The government is yet to decide whether the school holidays will be shifted forward, as a result of the covid-19 lockdown.

School holidays are due to start from 2 October- by that date Auckland parents may have had their children learning from home for nine weeks.
学校假期将于 10 月 2 日开始——到那时奥克兰的父母可能已经让孩子在家学习了九周。

Education Minister Chris Hipkins says deciding whether or not to move the school holidays is a complex choice to make.
教育部长克里斯·希普金斯 (Chris Hipkins) 表示,决定是否取消学校假期是一个复杂的选择。

He says the best place for students is school, but there’s no timeframe for that yet.


Hospitality NZ says some cafes and restaurants outside of Auckland cannot afford to remain open without the wage subsidy, even as alert levels drop.

Hospitality NZ 表示,即使警报级别下降,奥克兰以外的一些咖啡馆和餐馆也无法在没有工资补贴的情况下继续营业。

Its chief executive Julie White says there is confusion over how long the subsidy will be available to businesses around the rest of the country, and that is creating uncertainty.

其首席执行官朱莉·怀特(Julie White)表示,对于该国其他地区的企业可以获得补贴的时间存在混淆,这造成了不确定性。

She has asked the Finance Minister Grant Robertson to clarify the matter.



There were 26,000 people vaccinated in Auckland yesterday, a day after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called for as many people as possible to come forward for one this week.

昨天,在新西兰总理杰辛达·阿德恩 (Jacinda Ardern) 呼吁尽可能多的人在本周挺身而出接种疫苗的第二天,奥克兰有 26,000 人接种了疫苗。

The number put the city on track to equal its second highest week of vaccination – about 180,000.

该数字使该市有望达到其第二高的疫苗接种周 – 约 180,000。

But it is well short of the 31,000 it has capacity to do every day.

但这远远低于它每天可以完成的 31,000 次。

Mobile vaccinations are starting to go street to street in some areas tomorrow to boost numbers.


Ardern says she wants to see 80 percent of eligible Aucklanders with at least one dose by Monday.

Ardern 表示,她希望在周一之前让 80% 符合条件的奥克兰人至少接种一剂。

Testing numbers were strong yesterday, at more than 10,000.

昨天的检测数字很强劲,超过了 10,000。

Health bosses want to see at least 7000 a day to help them feel confident Covid-19 is not hiding in the city as it heads towards level 3 next week.

卫生主管希望每天至少看到 7000 例,以帮助他们确信 Covid-19 在下周降至 3 级时不会在城市躲起来。


An Auckland catering company is preparing to trial a new way of food delivery in level 3 that delivers meals right from the kitchen to your door.

And it’s sustainable too – the mobile kitchen is electric and removes the need for takeaway packaging.

奥克兰一家餐饮公司正准备在 3 级警报尝试一种新的送餐方式,将餐点从厨房送到您家门口。


Health officials are investigating new medications for Covid-19 that may reduce the severity of illness and length of time people are hospitalised.

卫生官员正在研究 Covid-19 的新药物,这些药物可能会降低疾病的严重程度和人们住院的时间。

The Director-General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield, says the medications include antiviral drugs, steroids and antibody treatments.

卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德 (Ashley Bloomfield) 说,这些药物包括抗病毒药物、类固醇和抗体治疗。

Dr Bloomfield says Pharmac recently finished consulting on funding the antibody treatment to use in moderate to severe cases of Covid-19, with a decision on continued funding expected soon.
Bloomfield 博士说,Pharmac 最近完成了关于资助抗体治疗以用于中度至重度 Covid-19 病例的咨询,预计很快就会决定继续资助。

More than 30 people have already received the treatments through an exceptions-based process.

已经有 30 多人通过基于例外的流程接受了治疗。


There were 12 deaths and 1259 new community infections of Covid-19 in NSW over the 24 hours to 8pm yesterday, the premier has announced, the ABC reports.

据 ABC 报道,州长宣布,在昨天晚上 8 点之前的 24 小时内,新南威尔士州有 12 人死亡和 1259 例新的 Covid-19 社区感染。

The bright spot was that the state has given at least one vaccination to 80 percent of its eligible population.

亮点是该州已为其 80% 的符合条件的人口接种了至少一种疫苗。

Meanwhile, there were 423 new community cases and two more deaths in Victoria.

与此同时,维多利亚州有 423 例新社区病例和 2 例死亡病例。


The south-eastern Chinese province of Fujian, the focus of the country’s latest Covid outbreak, has reported its fifth straight day of new local infections.

中国东南部的福建省是该国最近一次 Covid 爆发的焦点,该省连续第五天报告了新的本地感染。

The National Health Commission says 50 cases were reported yesterday, compared with 59 a day earlier. All of them were in Fujian.

国家卫生委员会表示,昨天报告了 50 例病例,而一天前为 59 例。 他们都在福建。

That brings the total number in the cities of Putian, Xiamen and Quanzhou to 152.

No new deaths were reported.


The Union of Students’ Associations is calling for a temporary allowance for all tertiary students.
The union wants the government to give students between three and four hundred dollars a week until the end of the year.
It says students’ casual work and one-off jobs have dried up because of the pandemic and they are often not eligible for other income support.


The student grouping says hardship funds are not sufficient for the level of need among students, some of whom are living on food parcels.



Vaccination buses will be out on the roads in Auckland this week as the Prime Minister says there is ‘nothing holding us back’ in Auckland for vaccines.


Fifteen new cases were reported yesterday in Auckland, all household contacts, and the number of unlinked cases over the last fortnight fell to 10

奥克兰昨天报告了 15 例新病例,所有家庭接触者,过去两周未关联的病例数下降到 10 例。

From tomorrow, six buses will be out on the roads delivering vaccinations in areas where inoculation rates have been low or where people find it hard to get to centres.


One of the country’s largest steel building product providers, Steel and Tube, is paying a $150 bonus to workers if they get fully vaccinated by mid-November.

如果工人在 11 月中旬之前完全接种疫苗,本国最大的钢铁建筑产品供应商之一 Steel and Tube 将向他们支付 150 纽币的奖金。

Meanwhile, Hospitality New Zealand says Auckland businesses are at breaking point and they need extra support from the government. It is calling for the wage subsidy to be available even when Auckland moves to alert level 2.

与此同时,Hospitality New Zealand 表示奥克兰的企业正处于临界点,他们需要政府的额外支持。 它呼吁即使奥克兰进入 2 级警报,也能提供工资补贴。

Auckland Council says it should be able to weather the financial hit from the current lockdown without raising rates.


Mayor Phil Goff estimates alert level four will cost the council between 65-million and 160-million dollars, depending on how long it lasts.

市长 Phil Goff 估计,4 级警报将花费市议会 6500 万至 1.6 亿纽币,具体取决于警报持续的时间长短。

At this point, he doesn’t anticipate raising rates beyond the 3.5 percent increase set out in the 10-year budget.

在这一点上,他预计利率不会超过 10 年预算中设定的 3.5%。

However, Goff says further lockdowns could increase budget pressures.


Businesses around Mount Ruapehu are missing their Auckland visitors with the supercity still at Covid-19 alert level 4.

由于这座超级城市仍处于 Covid-19 四级别警报,鲁阿佩胡山周围的企业正在错过来自奥克兰的游客。

Ruapehu Alpine Lifts chief operating officer Travis Donoghue says lockdown couldn’t have hit at a worse time.

Ruapehu Alpine Lifts 首席运营官 Travis Donoghue 表示,封锁的时机再糟糕不过了。


Officials will consider whether to add more building materials to the list of what is allowed to be made or moved out of Auckland.


So far the Government has authorised 99 workers at eight insulation, plasterboard and steel roofing companies to operate.

迄今为止,政府已授权 8 家绝缘、石膏板和钢屋顶公司的 99 名工人开展业务。

Auckland’s university students are learning online for the rest of the year regardless of what happens with the city’s alert levels.


Auckland University medical student Daniel Lavin told RNZ remote learning is going well but he has some concerns around online exams.

奥克兰大学医学生 Daniel Lavin 告诉 RNZ 远程学习进展顺利,但他对在线考试有些担忧。


The government is being asked to hurry up and buy a type of drug that can fire up the immune system of people already sick from Covid-19.

政府被要求尽快购买一种药物,这种药物可以激活已经因 Covid-19 感染的人的免疫系统。

Different from vaccines, Monoclonal antibodies boost immunity to help prevent symptoms from getting serious.


Already approved in Europe, the US and Australia, they are being labelled a “gamechanger” for at-risk populations.



A workers at the SO Hotel managed isolation facility in Auckland has tested positive for the virus and health officials are working to determine the source of the infection.

奥克兰 SO Hotel 管理隔离设施的一名工人的病毒检测呈阳性,卫生官员正在努力确定感染源。

At this stage there is no clear evidence of in-facility transmission.


The worker is fully vaccinated and has been regularly tested.


They are now isolating in a quarantine facility and have two close household contacts.


The Ministry of Health says the hours worked by the person means they had limited contact with guests at the hotel.



新西兰新冠Delta 爆发:So/Auckland MIQ 酒店的员工 Covid 检测呈阳性

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